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AP now attacking Palin for protecting her children

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Unable to hide their contempt for Sarah Palin, the Associated Press put out another biased attack piece posing as a news story — this time going after the Alaska governor for attempting to shield her children from unfair media scrutiny.

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is going on the offensive against news organizations and bloggers she says are perpetuating malicious gossip about her and her children.  But political observers say the former Republican vice presidential candidate can’t have it both ways, trotting out the children to showcase her family values, then trying to shield them from scrutiny.

Palin’s statements are dismissed or deliberately misconstrued, and critics get the last word on every issue.  The writer makes no attempt to hide her bias.  To give just one example, the writer compares the vicious attacks on Palin’s children to media photographers taking pictures of Sasha and Malia Obama when they entered their new school two weeks ago.


  1. I hear good things about Belize… :)

    Comment by Buzz Killington — 1/22/2009 @ 10:09 am

  2. In point of fact, it is the AP who is trying to have it both ways, by shading the difference between “scrutiny” and “lies”. Trig wasn’t the one who gave birth to their 5th child, that was a fact and those who reported otherwise — Andrew Sullivan first among them — flat out lied.

    That said, do we REALLY want to nominate this woman in 2012 for the GOP nomination? Her performance on Lauer and Couric’s shows was terrible, her resume isn’t going to get that much thicker between now and 2012, she turns off moderates (admittedly through a combination of lies like the AP story and her inability to respond to them, but the damage is done) and she really wasn’t all that successful in bringing disgruntled conservatives to the polls — which was the whole point of her nomination. She’s better than Huckabee, but that’s about it. Hell, Romney is looking pretty good compared to her, and I’m not to keen on him either.

    Comment by Sean P — 1/22/2009 @ 10:30 am

  3. Sean, you need only to review what McCain’s poll numbers among the GOP were before he selected Palin, and afterwards.
    Were there still conservatives that stayed home?
    You betcha, there were.
    But, you can’t lay the disillushionment of the faithful by the National Republican Leadership (Congress, and a compassionate-[non]conservative President) on a heretofore obscure Governor from the hinterlands.
    If you don’t think that she brought conservatives to the polling booths to vote for someone they only tolerated, you have no idea what goes on within GOP politics.

    Comment by AD — 1/22/2009 @ 6:13 pm

  4. Palin Derrangement Syndrome is alive and well. Remember, we are dealing with Neo-Facist Journalistic Nazi Stormtroopers.

    I think Palin was not conservative enough! I think we need a new party to the right of the liberal, modern day republicans who are really simply “Dem lite.”

    If you are interested in this idea, go here to read more:

    Comment by J. Raymond Wright — 1/23/2009 @ 7:48 am

  5. But political observers say the former Republican vice presidential candidate can’t have it both ways, trotting out the children to showcase her family values, then trying to shield them from scrutiny.

    Because everybody remembers how Chelsea Clinton was criticized and mocked while stumping for her mother this past winter when she refused to address questions about her father’s dalliance with Monica Lewinsky, citing the family’s right to privacy.

    [The above was, of course, pure sarcasm. Of course big media supported Chelsea when she told off the college student who brought up la affaire Lewinsky.]

    Comment by JVW — 1/23/2009 @ 11:17 am

  6. #3: The problem with that argument is that she was selected the day before the Republican convention, and almost all candidates receive a bump from their convention. I frankly think arguing that in this one case and one case only the bump didn’t occurr because of the convention is a much less plausible argument.

    Comment by Sean P — 1/23/2009 @ 12:10 pm

  7. But, there was a bump.
    McCain’s #’s went up when he announced he was selecting Palin, they went up again after the Dayton airport appearance, and they went up all through the convention until, just before the economic crash, he was 3 points up on Obama.
    When he announced he was suspending his campaign to return to DC, and would skip the first debate (which he actually appeared for), his numbers started to go south, from which he never recovered.
    Everything positive in that campaign was closely associated with Palin.
    The whole point of having her on the ticket was to firm up a base that just didn’t care for HIM: Conservatives.
    John McCain has never been a Conservative, he just happened to be a Republican War-Hero who was elected to the Senate to replace Barry Goldwater.

    Comment by The original AD (previously known as Another Drew) — 1/23/2009 @ 7:15 pm

  8. Interestingly, no one has been speculating about the parentage of Sasha and Malia.

    Comment by Steven Den Beste — 1/24/2009 @ 12:24 pm

  9. Get with the program.

    There are 2 sets of rules out there.

    Comment by Dr. K — 1/26/2009 @ 6:58 pm

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