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AP now attacking Palin for protecting her children

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Unable to hide their contempt for Sarah Palin, the Associated Press put out another biased attack piece posing as a news story — this time going after the Alaska governor for attempting to shield her children from unfair media scrutiny.

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is going on the offensive against news organizations and bloggers she says are perpetuating malicious gossip about her and her children.  But political observers say the former Republican vice presidential candidate can’t have it both ways, trotting out the children to showcase her family values, then trying to shield them from scrutiny.

Palin’s statements are dismissed or deliberately misconstrued, and critics get the last word on every issue.  The writer makes no attempt to hide her bias.  To give just one example, the writer compares the vicious attacks on Palin’s children to media photographers taking pictures of Sasha and Malia Obama when they entered their new school two weeks ago.

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