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Court to decide if illegal California residents can pay in-state tuition

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The California Supreme Court has agreed to hear a case challenging a state law that allows illegal immigrant students who attended a California high school for at least three years to pay the in-state tuition rate.  Residents of other states can be charged more than three times the in-state rate.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the decision in Martinez v Regents of the University of California “could affect hundreds of illegal immigrant students who attend community colleges, Cal State and UC campuses and who say they would not be able to afford a higher education if required to pay out-of-state tuition.”  The case is being watched closely, as nine other states have similar laws.  A federal law prohibits special tuition rates for illegal immigrants unless the same benefit is extended to all U.S. citizens.

Plaintiffs don’t think it’s fair that U.S. citizens should pay a higher rate than illegal aliens.  Illegal immigrant students fear that they would not be able to afford the higher tuition.

That the affected students are even allowed to enroll in California schools at any tuition rate is a travesty.  If the plaintiffs prevail, then presumably many illegal resident students will drop out, freeing space in taxpayer-funded schools for citizens and legal residents.

UPDATE: Facing budget cuts, the UC Regents voted last week to reduce freshman enrollment this fall by 6%, or 2300 students.  This despite the fact that UC freshman applications have increased by about 3%.  The CSU system is considering a similar cut.

I am surrounded by Damned Idiots…

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To quote one such moron…

“Out of the 2 main parties since 1980, they spend less.

Cold. Hard. Fact.”

Boy…  Sure was hard for THOSE numbers to come out how he liked…  Considering over the last 28 years the Dems have only held the Presidency for 8…

I wonder…  What would the numbers look like if we went by who controlled congress over the last 28 years?

Lets start a list

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I was wondering if we could compile a list…  A list of things that President Barack “I Cause Tingles” Obama has promised during the campaign that have since become null and void by either his words or his actions.

My personal favorite, frankly, was the oath to at first bar lobbyists from working within his administration, then saying they could work in his administration – just not in areas in which they used to lobby – to appointing William Lynn (a lobbyist for the 3rd largest defense contractor) to the position of Deputy Secretary of Defense, William Corr (a recent anti-tobacco lobbyist) to Deputy Secretary of Health and Human Services, and appointing as Energy Czar (I swear to God I must be the only person creeped out by these “czar” titles) someone married to an energy lobbyist…

And that’s just three.

So go.  Gather for me examples.  Sources for the original statement would be great, and then citation for the violating or modifying act.

I’ll update as you provide (once a day at least), and I’ll see about keeping this at least on the front page.  I suspect it will become long, and I suspect it will be a project that keeps us all busy for months…

Got News to Bury?

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Today’s the day.  No one will notice.  The ultimate Take Out the Trash Day.

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