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San Francisco issues ID cards to illegal residents

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The city of San Francisco began issuing identification cards today to illegal immigrants who are city residents.  The SF City ID Card provides holders with access to services and other benefits available to city residents.  The cards are modeled after a similar program in New Haven, Conn.

Each card is valid for two years and contains the holder’s name, address, photograph, and emergency medical information.  The card is accepted as valid identification at city agencies.  Cardholders can check out books free at public libraries and receive services at city health clinics, cultural attractions, and parks.  Eight banks and credit unions will accept the card as primary identification to open a checking account, and so far nearly three dozen San Francisco shops, restaurants, and other merchants have signed up to offer discounts to cardholders.

Bear in mind that with the city facing a $576 million budget deficit, Mayor Gavin Newsom has directed that department heads slash 12.5% and possibly as much as 25% of the city budget for 2009.  Proposed cuts, on top of a 6% cut already instituted last year, include layoffs of firefighters and cancellation of two police academy classes.  The health department has already made sharp cuts in programs that provide care for drug addicts and the mentally ill.

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