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What about Hama?

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In a column entitled “Howled down by closed minds“, Peter Hitchens asks a anti-Israel protester where she was in February 1982, a time in which two war crimes occurred, one in Lebanon under the auspices of the Israeli occupation, and the other in Hama, Syria, and ruminates on the problem of false moral equivalence and how some people just don’t want to know.

Hitchens writes,

Was I, they inquired, arguing about the numbers?

No, I replied, certainly not. It wasn’t a question of numbers. The question was about the nature and intention of the events. Explaining ( repeatedly) that I opposed the Israeli bombing of Gaza, I asked if it wasn’t important to use powerful words such as ‘Holocaust’ only when they were justified. A systematic industrialised extermination of an ethnic group on the basis of homicidal hatred was different from a bombing attack on a city, however bad.

Shame on the AP

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How can you possibly run an obituary of Ricardo Montalban and not mention his role as Star Trek’s ‘Khan’ even once?

For shame!  

Rest in peace Ricardo… 

– Justin Levine

You could be excused for not knowing this

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Today, apparently, the House will be holding a vote on SCHiP with little to no debate.

Oh, these next two years are going to be awesome

The pants will not be ignored

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How many of you remember Roy Pearson, the (now former) DC judge who sued for $54 million over a pair of pants?

Well, it appears he’s way, WAY too stupid to know when to go away.

Roy Pearson has filed a petition with the D.C. Court of Appeals, requesting the case be reheard — this time by a nine-judge panel.

The guy lost his job because he pounded away at a lawsuit that would have made for great small-claims court fodder if not for the fact that ol’ Roy is apparently completely freaking insane.

Didn’t the Chung’s end up closing their place because of this judge?

And now a nine-judge panel will have to take the time to tell this guy to screw off.

There are days I hate the legal system…

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