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Fear-mongering at the LA Times

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According the the LA Times banner headline article today:

“The reason why employers are letting people go is not the traditional reason that employees are costing more than they are bringing in,” said Lee Ohanian, an economist at UCLA.

“It’s the fear factor. The crisis of confidence is having a big impact on employer decisions to hire and invest, and on consumer decisions to purchase. This is the first recession I’ve seen that has that characteristic.”

Where is this fear coming from?  We need look no further than the headline on the same article:

Job losses at highest level since 1945

and it isn’t until well past the jump that we are told that this is in absolute numbers in a country with double the population that it had in 1945.

Bogus statistics in scare headlines are pure and simple fear-mongering.  If, as the Times says, this recession is driven by fear, what the f— do they think they are doing at the Times?  Wake up!  Obama won.  You can stop now.

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