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Two on one is it now?

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Lebanon, not wanting to feel left out of the fun and games, has opted to chuck a few rockets Israel’s way.

Now, I have hear tell that it’s more than 4 rockets, and at least one has has hit a nursing home.

Two on one?  Hardly a fair fighht, mates…

Israel’s going to clean your clocks.

The bailout is going too far.

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You know the bailout has gone too far when Larry Flynt is asking for a $5 billion bailout of the adult entertainment industry, claiming “people are too depressed to be sexually active.”

A Creeping Anti-Semitism Within Andrew Sullivan?

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[by Justin Levine]

For those who have been frustrated by the fact that I have been the one holdout admirer of Andrew Sullivan’s among bloggers on this site, you might find some comfort in this post. 

First I was baffled by his continued tirade against male circumcision, even after strong scientific and medical evidence developed to show that it helps prevent a disease that has killed millions (including many of Sullivan’s own friends).

Then I grew frustrated by his emphasis on “proportionality” theory with regards to Israel’s current battle against Hamas in Gaza. My frustration stemmed not only from its flawed reasoning, and the complete malleability of the philosophy which renders it irrelevant in this instance, but also from the fact that I couldn’t seem to find in depth discussions of “proportionality” from Sullivan in the past with regards to other conflicts around the world – only when the Jews seem to be involved.

But I was REALLY forced to do a double take today when Sullivan seemed to put the blame on “Zionism” for a “constant state of war”. Am I misinterpreting him here? Read his post and decide for yourself. 

Abe Greenwald joins the international Jewish conspiracy to decipher Sullivan’s thoughts here, along with unearthing Sullivan’s contradictory views from an earlier era. Very insightful (on Abe Greenwald’s part).

Naturally, this debate will devolve into the usual cycle that we all have come to know and grow tired of – Israel’s critics throwing out the canard that they always get unfairly tagged with the “Anti-Semitism” label whenever they legitimately criticize Israel; then the subsequent response that this supposedly “legitimate” criticism is never directed at Israel’s enemies with the same force, frequency or detail, thus creating a seeming double-standard that reeks of….well, Anti-Semistism. Not Anti-Semitism of the Hitler/Ahmadinejad variety, but certainly of the Mel Gibson variety.

Either way, I’ll leave it up to you to peruse through the collective evidence in Sullivan’s posts and decide which side of the usual cycle you would care to agree with.

I still have vague hope for Sullivan in that the overall history of his blog shows that he is still willing to challenge his own thoughts and suppositions and seemingly has the courage to let that messy, evolutionary process spill out in real time in his writings.  It’s that quality that makes me compelled to keep visiting his site. Perhaps he can evolve back to a mindset that can better synthesize his own contradictory opinions that Abe Greenwald shows he once held.

With that, I’ll just leave you with 2 other quotes for now – 

Martin Luther King, Jr.: “When people criticize Zionism, they mean Jews–make no mistake about it.” [UPDATE BY PATTERICO: aunursa passes along word that this letter is a hoax. aunursa adds: “While the letter is a hoax, King’s support of Israel was genuine. Rep. John Lewis reports that King made a similar statement less than two weeks before his death, “When people criticize Zionists they mean Jews, you are talking anti-Semitism.”]

Lee Smith:  “European officials and Western journalists have wondered about the ‘disproportionate’ Israeli response to the abduction of two IDF troops and the killing of another eight. Obviously, the Israeli siege is about much more than the events of recent weeks, but the more important point is that to talk of proportionality” is a brutal calculus. It assumes that it is acceptable to trade one life for another, so long as no one overdoes it and upsets the balance sheets.

This is the mindset of the vendetta, the blood-debt; it is tribal thinking and it is repugnant to hear the citizens of Western democracies submit to it. Democracies wage wars to show that the cost of taking another human life, any human life, is so high that no one should dare try it. This is why the Europeans are afraid of conflict; they regard the lives of their own dearly even while they seem to reckon the existence of others on a ledger sheet.”

The Kevlar President

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Reagan was the Teflon President, where all attacks just slid off.  Is Obama the Kevlar President, where all attacks just hit his solid MSM armor and rebound?  Just a thought.

Almost exactly on point…

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Penny Arcade is, for me, one of the best web-comics out there.  Yes it’s vulgar.  Yes it’s crass.

Do you expect any less from me?  Seriously?

But the following (which contains nothing worse than a “Goddamn”) expresses very well how I start to feel when talking to people who condemn Israel’s attacks because Hamas isn’t very good at fulfilling it’s dream of destroying Israel, and thus Israel is being, like, totally unfair.


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