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A Modest Proposal Regarding the ADA

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The story so far: Since departing my legal alma mater FN1 as the editor of the law review, I have submitted the below article and received 18 rejections from law review committees. FN2

Footnote 1: Bob’s Waffle House and Law College (Free breakfast with tuition!)

Footnote 2: This is especially unusual, since I have only submitted it to seven law reviews.

(Note on Footnotes: They’re interspersed. This shows erudition. They’re not actually at the foot of the paper, but rather more in the midsection.)

Despite the rejections, this is clearly a masterpiece; I anticipate Congressional testimony by the world’s foremost expert on the subject (me). I’m frankly shocked that a Google search has shown this to have been overlooked by almost everyone else. I am not shocked that I am smarter than everyone else – that’s already clearly established by my repeatedly pointing it out. I am only surprised at the degree, and the fact that the only person who has otherwise observed this is a folk-rock singer of political and documentary songs.

So, here it is, the actual paper. How do I send it to SSRN?

A Proposed Extension of the Americans with Disabilities Act

“We’re not unreasonable.” – Jonathan Coulton.

Summary: The Americans with Disabilities Act described the isolation and segregation of individuals with disabilities as a serious and pervasive form of discrimination. Those with either physical or mental problems or both must have reasonable accommodations made for their disabilities. One particular group has been isolated, discriminated against, and relentlessly mocked in media, documentaries, and elsewhere, and the government has permitted and even encouraged this discrimination.

When a group is asking for reasonable accommodations, they must be accommodated. The failure to do so for zombies continues to be one of America’s many shames.


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