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Moonbats over Gaza

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You can’t make this stuff up…

A Jew-hater at an anti-Israel rally (almost redundant) on Sunday in Manhattan held up this telling sign: “Death to All Juice“. (via LGF)

Meanwhile a British newspaper featured this headline above a cool photo of an F-16: “What Israel is doing is nothing to do with peace but its own selfish security concerns”. (via Meryl Yourish)

Blago to name Burris to Senate

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More as I have time.  Just wanted to call dibs.  :)

Update (aka the actual post):

Ok, it seems that Soon-to-be convict Blago has decided to name former Illinois AG Roland Burris to P.E. Obama’s vacant Senate Seat. The picture of Blago they use, btw, is priceless.

Roland Burris is, in case you didn’t know (and I had to google him), a guy that has tried for MANY different Illinois jobs, losing all but two (Comptroller and AG).  He’s lost bids for the Dem part slate for Senator (lost to Paul Simon), Governor a couple of times, and even tried to run against Mayor Daley for that man’s job (which Daley has basicly until he decides he doesn’t want it any more, or dies – and even then I’m not sure Daley would lose).

I really have no idea what to make of it.

My dad can’t recall anything bad about the guy, but he was only AG from ’91 thru ’95 (under Republican Gov. Jim Edger), so I guess he’s a good enough pic.  I mean, it isn’t like a republican or libertarian was going to have a chance in hell at the seat.

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