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Verdict reached in Fort Dix trial

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A spokesman for the US Attorney’s Office says that the verdict in the Fort Dix terrorism trial will be read at 1:15pm local time (Eastern).

I wish I had Flash installed on my work PC…  I would so love to watch this live.

Update: All 5 guilty of conspiracy to kill military personnel.

The five foreign-born defendants were charged with conspiring to kill military personnel and attempted murder. The men were acquitted on the attempted murder charges. They all face life in prison.

Recycled News

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Prepare yourselves for the onslaught of recycled news.

You know what I mean. This is the season when reporters do their year in review stories and print them as news. It is a great time for them to take a break from the hard work of reporting and just cut what they think was relevant and paste it into new stories. This just in – a year is ending and stuff has happened.

It also provides a great opportunity to spin old stories and make sure the public got the point. I suppose they print it because people like it. Fine, just please don’t portray it as news.

Note – Patterico’s LA Times year in review is different. He is not paid for fresh copy.

Lying to Children

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People lie to their kids all the time. Sometimes, it’s to get them to comply with orders. Sometimes, it’s with the assumption that the kids will forget the lie. And sometimes, it’s just to amuse themselves.

Wouldn’t it be better not to lie just to amuse oneself? It’s said that lying to them might amuse the children, too, but if you want to amuse kids you can tell them fiction is fiction. I loved fictional stories that I knew were fictional when I was a kid.

And that’s why I hate Santa Claus. Deceiving children to – let’s face it – amuse ourselves and try to bring back our own childhoods is just wrong. The justifications are rationalizations.

Tell the story of Santa, but tell it as fiction. Let children get smarter; understanding the real world helps that. At the very least sake, when the kid asks if Santa is real, stop lying to her. Stop it. Stop it now.

Really. I’m serious. The societal glee in fooling children is unseemly at best, and harmful to their long-term mental health at worst.


California magnet schools can consider race

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A three-judge panel ruled that, despite the election of Barack Obama, Americans are still not entitled to enter a post-racial society.

Okay, that wasn’t the actual court statement. The state appelate court panel ruled that the Los Angeles Unified School District could use race as a factor in admissions to magnet schools, contrary to the Proposition 209 ban.  Magnet schools use academics or specialized curricula (such as a specific focus on science or mathematics) to draw students from outside the normal school boundary.  California Proposition 209, passed by voters in 1996, prohibits state and local schools and employers from considering race, sex, or ethnicity in admissions.  The Pacific Legal Foundation, which argued the case, is considering an appeal.

ACLU attorney Catherine Lhamon was delighted.  “It’s an unequivocal victory for students in this district and terrific news for students statewide,” she said.

Catherine, it’s not a victory for those students who will continue to face discrimination based on their race.

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