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$50 Billion Wall Street Fraud

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Just in time for the holidays, more self-inflicted economic catastrophe. Yes, that is a B in the post title.

Brought to you courtesy of a former NASDAQ chairman. McCain’s Wall Street greed sermonizing suddenly sounds too mild.

A Wall Street powerbroker for nearly 50 years who built an influential firm has confessed to a massive fraud scheme that will cost investors at least $50 billion, federal authorities say.

h/t Hot Air

PS – Where’s their bailout?

PPS – Watch as this drives Blagojevich out of the news

PPPS – Dang, Patterico already posted on this. I missed it.

What else need be said?

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One light saber equals two droid heads

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A number of Star Wars and other movie memorabilia were auctioned off yesterday.  The light saber that Luke Skywalker used in Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back sold for $240,000, while the C3PO droid helmet fetched $120,000.

Personally, I’m holding out for the R2D2 unit.

Leading Gay Magazine Criticizes “Milk” Star Sean Penn For His Love Of Leftist Dictators

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Advocate writer James Kirchick tells the gay community to think twice about this airhead trying to masquerade as an intellectual.

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