The Jury Talks Back


How surprising…

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I love this stuff.  I’m not going to quote it, just link you.  Read it, it’s priceless.

Long story short, Obama used to say the economy would NOT get worse, and now says it will.

Lots of epic win from Redstate.

While California sinks deeper into debt, reps get shiny new wheels

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The state of California currently suffers from an $18 billion budget deficit.  Yet the San Francisco Chronicle reports that several California state senators and half of the state assembly, including most of the 28 newly elected members, have leased new vehicles from the state.

The fleet includes a brand-new $32,000 Toyota Camry for new Sen. Mark Leno (D), a pair of $34,000 Nissan Altimas for new Sen. Mark DeSaulnier (D) and Sen. Joe Simitian (D), and a $46,000 Cadillac CTS for Sen. Bob Huff (R).  While the rest of the state is expected to pinch our pennies, the lawmakers will use $1.3 million of taxpayers’ hard-earned dollars to provide themselves with these luxuries, including free gas and maintenance.

Keep this in mind when California lawmakers complain that they can’t cut any more waste from the state budget.  Remind them that during these difficult economic times, they could save money by leasing pre-owned used cars instead of new ones.  Or better yet, while many of them lecture their constituents to get out of our cars, they should set examples by riding the bus (and the train … and the light rail.)

I Hope It’s Not Inflammatory Even to Ask …

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I know the Obama birth certificate outcry hasn’t gotten traction here. And obviously the Palin pregnancy conspiracy theory hasn’t gotten traction, coming as it does from the other side (and from Sullivan, of course).

But for those of you who *do* think either issue is at least semi-legitimate (a la the argument “If there’s nothing to these rumors, why doesn’t he/she just produce the records already and squelch them?”): What is the difference, if any? Besides the fact that Obama is going to be president, I mean. Do you see a difference, other than that? Or do you think both of them should turn over the documents to put the questions to rest?

Oh the irony…

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The days of pork are over…

Really.  This from the guy that wants to pump billions into construction of highways and bridges?

The guy from freaking CHICAGO says this?  Was he not paying attention when Daley was talking??

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