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So you’ve decided to screw the US Economy…

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So, the National Bureau of Economic Research has decided to completely ignore the definition we’ve used for, well, for a long time, an declared that we’re in a recession.  Not only that, but we’ve been in one since the start of the first quarter of 2007 (Q1 2007).

This is, frankly, bullshit.  I’m sorry, that’s all I can call it.  A recession, by definition (or at least until just recently), has been two or more consecutive quarters of negative GDP growth.

Say it with me, kids: “two or more consecutive quarters of negative GDP growth”.

Very good.  I knew you could do it.

Now, why do I belabour this point?  Why do I harp upon it?

Well, because of stuff like this:

You’ll need to click on that to get a decent view of it…  Sorry.

Now, I know, that only goes back to Q3 2007, so how about this one?

Wow.  Sure doesn’t look like a recession trend, does it?  Isn’t that interesting?

And why is this important?

Dow Plunges 680 Points as Recession Is Declared

The evidence of a recession has been widespread for months: slower production, stagnant wages and hundreds of thousands of lost jobs.

Sure it has, if you’re a drooling moron.  Someone who slept through that day of Econ 110.

Well done, NBER.  You cost the DOW 7.7%.

Very well done.  Assholes.

Andrew Sullivan Gets It Wrong About KFI and Bill Handel

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[by Justin Levine]

Facts:  KFI host Bill Handel is in favor of socialized medicine, is the most pro-gay rights host in terms of major radio personalities, and voted for Obama in the last election.

He did a segment commenting on this article and a viral e-mail that was going around suggesting that Obama was the anti-Christ. Handel naturally debunked it, but with his typical sense of irony.

You can listen to what he said for yourselves here. Pretty sedate stuff if you ask me. If anything, it needed to be much more hyperbolic and humorous. Bill treated it more as a ‘newsy’ segment rather than a platform for opinions (probably a mistake in this instance — but he still rocks).

So the KFI promo people put together a clever attention-getting, tabloid-style headline to promote the segment, and what does it result in? People assuming that Handel must be some right-wing nutcase who actually believes that Obama is the anti-Christ.

I think I’m probably the only blogger on this site that retains some respect for Andrew Sullivan, but it’s still pretty lazy on his part if you ask me. Regardless, I’m glad to get the increased publicity for the show. This kind of reaction will simply give the station incentives to keep up with this style of advertising.

If you aren’t familiar with the Bill Handel Show, give it a listen. In my [very biased] opinion, it remains one of the best morning radio shows on the air.

[Full disclosure: Long time readers already know this. But in case you are relatively new, I am a producer for the Bill Handel Show. My comment that Bill Handel ‘rocks’ is simultaneously ass-kissing and a statement of objective fact, as most listerners to the show already know.]

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