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Huckabee Administration to Prosecutor Concerned About Clemency Process: LOL

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Allahpundit lays out the amazing timeline. First Huckabee releases a rapist who rapes again and is convicted and then we get this:

Huckabee Prosecutor Letter

Which leads us to the punchline:

Huckabee Chief of Staff Response

Mr. Huckabee, I have read “you” Chief of Staff’s letter. While I wish I could say that I am LOL — ROTFLMFAO, in fact — I’m not. We have four dead police officers here. And the stunning evidence of the cavalier manner in which your Chief of Staff blew off the polite and valid concerns of a prosecutor will, I hope, convince voters that you are not someone who can be trusted with another executive position. Surely not the top one in the land.

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