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Comments on Twitter Posts: 2-24-09

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I may not even write any today. But if I do, you can find them at this link, and you can comment on them at this page.

3 Responses to “Comments on Twitter Posts: 2-24-09”

  1. FYI – I’m the fella who suggested twhirl. I didn’t quite get twitter until I got twhirl. Using it in conjunction with twitterfeed (which automatically sends links to your blog posts out in a twitter friendly manner) have made me more active on twitter. Not sure what use it all portends, but I’ve been swayed to the overall benefit of twitter as an immediate news/information dissemination tool.

    Joe (a6bb2f)

  2. I just got a Facebook, and I only have a MySpace for monitoring the kid. I sure as hell ain’t getting a Twitter :) .

    carlitos (ebd4ab)

  3. Careful carlitos, or the FaceBook stalkers will be after you!

    Seriously, the students all use FB. And some of them will have many hundreds of “friends.” Really?

    But it is a good way for me to keep track of former students (though, again, they post some pretty alarming stuff from time to time).

    And yes, Patterico, people like me need to stay on topic. Mea maxima culpa. Tweet at will!

    Eric Blair (9671e0)

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