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New Music from the Grapes of Wrath

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There might only be two of you who know this band, but if you’re one of them, this is Big News.

For the rest of you, listen and enjoy.


Thursday Night Music: The Sighs, Super Deluxe, Flying Burrito Brothers

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Situations, by The Sighs:

Great song, horrible video. The same could be said of:

Famous, by Super Deluxe:

But perhaps the visuals are more pleasing at times.

And for a change of pace:

Sin City, by the Flying Burrito Brothers:


Sunday Afternoon Music

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Braden Blake, formerly of Super Deluxe:

And the first track from the upcoming album from The Sun Sawed in 1/2:

And because I can’t resist it, here is the same band, Sun Sawed in 1/2, performing an acoustic version of “Come Sail Away” by Styx — in a living room. It’s goofy and spontaneous and stripped down — but this is seriously worth your time, if only to hear someone sound exactly like Dennis DeYoung who, well, isn’t Dennis DeYoung.


Saturday Night Music

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The Tories, “Gladys Kravitz”:

The Tories, “All the World’s for Sale”:

Cross Canadian Ragweed: “Dimebag”

Saving the best for the last: a song from the upcoming Jayhawks album “Mockingbird Time”:

Karl will like that one.

You can buy that one here. It will benefit my sister’s site and mine. (California has done away with the Amazon Associates program, but my sister lives in Texas. So feel free to keep using the Amazon search box on the right.)


Friday Night Music

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Something to take your mind off the stuff happening in Japan.

Got a fever today called rodeo.

Go on and pin another number to the back of my shirt.

I saw Foster and Lloyd back in the day at Billy Bob’s in Fort Worth, when they looked like this. Snagged the playlist and got it signed after the show. Still have it.

It wasn’t too much later that they went their separate ways, like most bands I have ever liked.

Turns out they’re getting back together for another album — the first in 21 years. (Am I that old?) If you’re interested, the details are at Radney’s site. I just preordered it myself.

UPDATE: As a bonus, here is this absolutely lovely acoustic performance of “Two Hearts” by the Jayhawks:

They too are making their first album in ages — the first collaboration of Mark Olson and Gary Louris to bear the name “Jayhawks” since 1995′s landmark “Tomorrow the Green Grass.” They say they’re picking up right where they left off, and what a great place to pick up that is. Look for the new album in late spring or early summer. And you can listen to more like the above at this link for a show they did on . . . well, NPR.


Wednesday Night Roy Harper

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You probably know him best as the vocalist on Pink Floyd’s “Have a Cigar,” but Roy Harper is much more.

One of the best performances I have seen of one of his best songs:

Several years ago, Roy came out to Los Angeles and performed several nights at Largo on Fairfax. Around the same time he played McCabe’s in Santa Monica. I saw every show. I talked to him after the McCabe’s show, and he said he might be coming to Los Angeles more, because his son was out here.

He never came back to Los Angeles to perform. He officially announced his retirement from touring a while back, but then recently did a short tour with Joanna Newson in Europe. We can always hope for more.

Here he is covering Jethro Tull’s song “Up the Pool”:

How could I not post this one:

YouTube has plenty more excellent cuts from this genius.


Some Thursday Night Music: Brad Delp Edition

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Brad Delp fans, gather ’round.

First we have an amazing clip of Delp’s Beatles cover band doing the Abbey Road medley . . . at a high school.


Then we have a video of the classic track “Dreams” from the Barry Goudreau solo album. It’s a video made from a wobbly VCR recording and it goes all wompy-jawed at a couple of moments, including right at the beginning. You can listen to a cleaner recording of the song here, but I prefer this version because you can see Brad belting it out:

Let’s close strong, with an unreleased demo of “More Than A Feelin’”:

The range this guy had is beyond the capacity of words to describe.

This version has additional harmonies and a raw, real feeling that makes it a real find. The video has only 3500 views on YouTube, which is hard to understand.


Any Fans of Parthenon Huxley (aka P. Hux) in L.A.? (UPDATE: Plus Wasted Tape News!)

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If so, there’s a pretty special event coming up later this month: a living room concert. Mrs. P and I are the first two on the list. There are probably only 25-30 spots total. I have no idea how many spots are left (if any).

We went to a P. Hux living room show at this host’s house several years back, and he made an album out of the evening. We were there for history.

If you’re interested, send me an e-mail and I’ll put you in touch with the host.

UPDATE: Some Parthenon Huxley for you. Language warning:

UPDATE: In addition, one of my favorite bands of the 1990s, Wasted Tape, is coming out with a new double album — and currently has available for free download their amazing first album. I heartily recommend it to anyone with musical taste. A combination of Beatles and Rush — my two favorite bands — and I’ve never heard another band even try to pull off that combo.

They’re also newly on Facebook. I’m one of their oldest fans, and their newest Facebook fan.

Go download that album now. I seriously love this band.

UPDATE x2: You don’t even have to download it. You can just click the link and stream it to see what you think.


This Guy’s Pretty Good

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Way better than these clowns:


Garth Brooks

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[Guest post by DRJ]

Garth Brooks retired 9 years ago from his country music career but he’s returning for a series of weekend concerts in Las Vegas:

“Brooks has three daughters — 17, 15 and 13 — to whom he’s devoted, and he told [Las Vegas hotel-owner Steve] Wynn he wanted to make sure he was home in Oklahoma to be with his children until the last one graduates from high school. So Wynn got Brooks a plane; the singer will work one show Fridays, two shows on Saturdays and one Sundays, and be back home for Monday morning.

“Did I tell you about the plane?” Brooks asked, more than once, when reporters inquired how he would pull things off.

The Vegas engagement is not a kickoff to a tour, according to spokeswoman Nancy Seltzer.

“If he tours again, it still won’t be until his youngest goes to college,” Seltzer told CNN via text message.

Brooks stressed that situation at the press conference. He won’t be recording new albums or touring, he said: “The only place you’ll see me is here.”

I like Garth but I hope he leaves Chris at home in Oklahoma.


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