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Blago Considered Appointing Oprah As Illinois Senator

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ABC News reports:

Illinois’ beleaguered Gov. Rod Blagojevich said today that when he was deciding who would take President Obama’s Senate seat he considered appointing talk show queen Oprah Winfrey, a suggestion that Winfrey says left her “amused.”

It makes sense to me. Who has more money than Oprah?

P.S. I heard a guy on the radio today mocking this as ridiculous. Of course, it is. But what’s more ridiculous is that, if she ran, she’d probably win.

Laugh if you like . . . but then explain to me why anyone took Caroline Kennedy seriously as a possible Senator.


Quote of the Day

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“Let’s talk straight here. This is the network that has opened its heart to change. To change and its possibilities. Let’s be honest about it.”


Chris Matthews Will Not Run for Senate

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Reading the news, I felt this thrill going up my leg.


Andrew Sullivan Still Hot on the Case of Trig Palin’s Parentage

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Even at this late date, Excitable Andy can’t let Trig Trutherism go:

Maybe Michelle Malkin is right that this is truther, tin-foil hat territory. . . . Maybe I am crazy to even wonder.

Ain’t no “maybe” about it, son.


A Couple of Simple Suggestions On How To Build Support For the Bailout Package

Posted by WLS:

One of the great weaknesses of the bailout package as proposed was its lack of specificity about where the money was going. It was too easy to simply demagogue the package as a bailout of Wall Street “Fat Cats.”

Treasury should provide a list of institutions that will be considered for relief under the proposed legislation, and an estimate of how much in bad debt each institution will be trying to sell to the Treasury.

The reality is that not all this money is going to Wall Street “Fat Cats.” As an example — and this is simply a hypothetical made to make a point — I think public sector employees in California might view this issue differently if they knew that CalPERS (California Public Employee Retirement System) owned $20 billion in bad mortgage bonds. That would be a huge drag on CalPERS’ ability to generate earnings in the future.

Right now those bonds have a value of $0.00 because there are no ready buyers in the market. But, if a given bond is backed by $5 million in real estate as collateral, then the bond — even with no buyers — has an inherent value of $5 million. If the Treasury buys that bond from CalPERS for $2.5 million, CalPERS has to take a 50% hit on its balance sheet, but at least it gets the $2.5 million to invest elsewhere on behalf of its retiree members in an effort to generate earnings/income for its beneficiaries. Right now that bond is nothing more than wallpaper.

So, if Treasury had a tangible list of institutions that are likely to be the recipients of bailout money in exchange for collateralized debt instruments they cannot sell in the current market conditions, a large segment of people who are viscerally opposed to this approach may begin to understand that they have a financial interest in seeing these institutions be able to un-tangle themselves from this mess.

Second suggestion — have the legislation require that in an agreement that each selling institution must sign in order to participate, that the money they receive be held in a separate blocked account which can be used for no other purpose than to reinvest in their core business functions. It cannot be used for ancillary business needs such as compensation, dividends, etc. This would be subject to both regulatory and congressional oversight. If the businesses want the billions to take the bad debt off their books, then they are going to have to commit to using the money they receive in a constructive fashion. They can make the specific decision about where they put it to use, but certain types of uses would be prohibited.



Andrew Sullivan: A Huge, Stinking Pile of Course Not

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Andrew Sullivan is full of course not.

The link goes to Dan Riehl — not because of some fastidiousness about linking Sullivan, but because Sullivan has removed his idiot post. In the post that Sullivan has taken down, Power Glutes claimed that McCain had “clearly” said “horseshit” . . . when (as Sullivan now acknowledges) McCain actually said “Course not.” If you want to read Sullivan’s original language, which he has now taken down like a coward, you have to read Riehl.

My God, this guy does nothing but write course not.



Flashback: Sullivan Praises Judgment of Presidential Candidate in Picking Fresh, Youthful, Uplifting, Positive (But Inexperienced) VP Candidate with Broad Grin

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Hot Air Headlines has Sullivan’s praise for this VP candidate:

THE RIGHT CHOICE: Well, this is just what I had hoped for – and it’s easily the best choice available to Kerry, who now passes his first presidential judgment test. Edwards is uplifting, while Kerry is a downer; he can touch the Democrats’ heart, not just their minds and their wallets; he’s fresh and youthful in a way that will only contrast sharply with Cheney; he can speak – and we need more in politics who have his kind of rhetorical skill; he’s positive, which is important in a rancid political atmosphere. Substantively, I don’t like his background among the trial lawyers, nor his protectionism. But I’ve come to think of him as a decent man, who shied from the easy snarl in the primaries, and who believes in this country’s promise in ways that some on the left have lost touch with. He’s the anti-bitterness candidate. And his presence will change the dynamic. The trouble with Bush’s and Cheney’s fundamental position – you cannot trust anyone else to wage this war – is that it must inevitably conjure fear and danger. Americans also like broad grins and happy futures. Edwards will give them plenty.

Me, I like Sarah Palin’s broad grin better than John Edwards’s. But then, I’m not Rielle Hunter or Andrew Sullivan.


Equal Justice for All, But More Equal for Some Than Others

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People accused of crimes should be treated the same whether or not they are famous.

Someone tell Las Vegas Detective Andy Caldwell, who was dispatched to investigate the O.J. Simpson robbery.

“If it was anybody else, we would have arrested him that night,” Caldwell said. “Because of who he was, we wanted to make sure we had everything right.”



Only In America Could Charles Rangel Keep His Chairmanship of House Ways and Means Committee

[Posted by WLS]

Come on — how much of an idiot does a guy have to demonstrate himself to be before election officials in the Democrat party conclude that leading one of the most important Committees in the House of Representatives outweighs the spoils system of Congressional seniority?

Here’s the latest on Lord Charles:



Sully Continues the Vetting

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Andrew “Glutes” Sullivan (Motto: “To see what is up one’s ass needs a constant struggle”) continues to highlight the slipshod vetting of Sarah Palin with this critical piece of information: Wasilla has a meth problem. [UPDATE: Actually, that’s another lie by Sullivan. The truth is that the region where Wasilla is located has one. I considered the allegation to be so trivial that I didn’t even click Sullivan’s link to check his facts. That’ll learn me.]

How could the McCain campaign have missed this?

Also, I hope everyone caught Sully’s insightful live-blogging of the Sarah Palin speech last night. Some actual excerpts, which I swear I am not making up:

11.00 pm Styrofoam pillars; and self-designed seals. And her lip curls.

. . . .

10.49 pm. Piper is poking Trig in the eye!

. . . .

10.47 pm. She has this weird tick of scrunching up her face to make a forceful point. Kinda Tracy Flicky.

It is simply beyond me how the McCain camp could have picked this face-scrunching, lip-curling mother of spawn who poke special needs children in the eye, and former mayor of a town where people use drugs. Where’s the vetting? Thank God for Andrew Sullivan and his unwavering honesty!

P.S. Sullivan has really been on Palin’s case for seeking money for the Bridge to Nowhere and then spending it on something else. Indeed: how dare someone seek money for one purpose, and then suddenly decide not to use it for that purpose. Why, it would be almost like . . . holding a pledge drive for your blog, raking in six figures, and then going on a blog hiatus!

P.P.S. Sarah Palin can give a great speech, but how is she without a teleprompter? Here’s a recent interview. Judge for yourself.

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