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AG Conservative’s Obnoxious Responses to the Main Post

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AG Conservative responded to this piece on Twitter this morning by calling me “too lazy to Google to find other instances” of Cruz saying this, therefore I was “not serious.” I pointed out that his links all dealt with the same quote made on the same occasion; that none of the links provide audio or video; and that none of them provide the context for the statement. He then proceeded me that my entire post — in other words, this post right here, meaning the one you’re reading — was totally predicated on an assertion that Cruz never made the statement, and that I had no other arguments to combat his assertion that Cruz’s statement is a “blatant lie.”

I’ll let you scroll up to see if my post says, in essence: if Cruz actually said this, then the Rubio backers have got me! Cruz lied!

Me, I could swear I made the points that: 1) Cruz generally qualifies this statement by saying Rubio would not do it on “day one” (which means that if he happened to omit the qualifier one time, which we still don’t know without better evidence, it could be a mistake and not a “lie”); and 2) Rubio consistently contrasts DAPA (which he “would revoke” on day one) with DACA (which he never explicitly promises to revoke, and which he clearly hopes will never be revoked in reality . . . because he hopes it will be replaced by legislative amnesty.

By the way, AG Conservative assures me he has heard Cruz make this accusation without the qualifier on several occasions. I have challenged him to find me proof. He said he would look for it. So far? Nothing. He has instead spent his day furiously tweeting about Rubio’s endorsements, Rick Tyler’s resignation, and writing a disingenuous spin piece pretending that the back-and-forth between Rubio and Cruz was all started by Cruz.

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