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Road Rage Blog

Filed under: General,Humor — Patterico @ 11:19 pm

This is pretty funny: a road rage blog about idiot L.A. drivers, complete with descriptions of their driving, and photographs. (H/t: the L.A. Times‘s Bottleneck Blog.)

2 Responses to “Road Rage Blog”

  1. Road rage make those idiots pay a big fine

    krazy kagu (91408b)

  2. Patterico, you’re way late on this one. There’s been a website called on the internet for some time, highlighting the bozos who drive like idiots. The little “vignettes” of poor driving skills are shown with the appropriate license tag number, and sorted (if you want) by state and date.

    Some of the stories are absolutely hilarious; however, eminently possible with the collection of drivers that are on the road these days.

    You should check this one out — you can even search by plate number — maybe your car is in there too!

    Drewski (4603b6)

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