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Dr. Henry Lee – Going…Going…Gone

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[posted by Justin Levine] 

We all know that O.J. spinmeister Dr. Henry Lee can distort evidence and  concoct some amazing tales to help get the guilty off. But he also plays both sides of the criminal fence in testifying about his “forensic science”.

Note to Patterico: If you are ever so tempted, you might want to think twice about calling him as a witness to prove your case. 

How did this guy get such a big reputation again?

15 Responses to “Dr. Henry Lee – Going…Going…Gone”

  1. After the OJ trial, I had the pleasure of listening to a talk at Loyola Law School by Hank Goldberg who did the cross examination of Lee. Goldberg was explaining how during the cross examination he had refuted everything that Lee had testified to in direct, unfortunately the jury did not understand what was going on at all.

    Robin Roberts (6c18fd)

  2. This guy is a phony but is anyone shocked? Well, maybe Larry King.

    Judge Fidler put a fork in Dr. Lee and he’s done!

    Alta Bob (3a3406)

  3. Henry Lee is a complete sellout for money or political power.

    He totally screwed up a case in Connecticut that wasted taxpayers money, and ended up finding against the rich Republicans that paid him off.

    Meg (5eb31e)

  4. I thought he did jump on the celebrity train a little too quickly after OJ… Sic transit gloria!

    Patricia (824fa1)

  5. I hope all you prosecutors are aware that the last person you want doing an autopsy, or trying to figure out what happened, is the chief medical examiner. They are politicians. Witness the pitiful testimony of the LA County Coroner at the OJ trial. The deputy coroners do all the work and some of them are very good. I take students to the coroners every year because that is the only place where autopsies are done anymore. Lee and Baden are probably of that ilk although I have no personal experience with them. I do have a lot of experience testifying in court, however. The old TV show with Jack Klugman was the best thing that ever happened to them. I did have lots of experience with Thomas Noguchi and he was a bit of an embarrassment.

    Mike K (86bddb)

  6. Since artificial nails come off with “no reason at all”, according to my wife, and “I don’t know when I lost it”, I’m at a loss to understand what finding one somewhere means (other than that maybe that the wearer had been nearby.)

    htom (412a17)

  7. htom –

    Who said that the fingernail was “artificial” in this instance?? The importance of finding a real nail is explained in the provided link – it would indicate that Clarkson didn’t have her own finger on the trigger (hence – did not commit suicide as the defense suggests).

    Justin Levine (ea6def)

  8. I jumped to the conclusion that it was artificial because the allegation was that it was “part of” a fingernail. I suppose if you found propellent remnants or gun oil on it, you could claim that it had been involved with a gun. Maybe show it was hers. But such human fragments scatter throughout the world, and I would hesitate to think that finding it was any demonstration of much of anything. Real (or fake) fingernail with her blood on it, and her finger bleeding could tighten the time line … but there is no such allegation.

    How it shows her hand was in front of her face, or that she couldn’t have fired the gun, I don’t understand.

    htom (412a17)

  9. I am not an attorney, but it seems that who ever fired that weapon would have gunshot residue on the hand that fired the gun. None on Spector and some on Clarkson. Seems pretty obvious who fired the gun.

    Zelsdorf Ragshaft III (8ed764)

  10. Photographic evidence on CourtTV shows a blood-soaked rag in the bathroom with Clarkson’s blood on it and the prosecution claims that Spector made a pathetic clean up attempt instead of calling an ambulance. I’m sure that he washed his own hands. I doubt he tried to clean the gun residue off of Clarkson’s hand.

    As for Dr. Lee hiding evidence, I believe it. I don’t know why he tries to help these wealthy celebrity men get away with brutally killing women.

    Unless….he did it on purpose to thwart the defense.

    Dana Herbert (f2f998)

  11. htom –

    I will concede one aspect. The L.A. Time is now reporting that it was part of an “acrylic” fingernail. This fact wasn’t in their original report.

    Justin Levine (ea6def)

  12. Zelsdorf –

    You are mistaken. They BOTH tested positive for gunshot residue.

    Justin Levine (ea6def)

  13. Well then, if they BOTH tested positive for gunshot residue, it’s obvious that Spector did it.

    It is a very sad case and I think Spector should have just stuck to his original confession. He would have saved a lot of money and he’s gonna end up spending a lot more time in jail now if the jury decides he is guilty.

    Dana Herbert (f2f998)

  14. I never could stand Dr. Lee. It’s amazing to me how someone with such pathetic grammar could possibly have earned a Ph.D. This is typical of how he speaks, “Something wrong with evidence. Suspect not leave evidence behind…” He still hasn’t learned to us “the” or “is” after all these years in this country???? Of course I think he’s a big sell out and phony too.

    Karen Quentin (56854f)

  15. Well, if he gets up on the stand now on Tuesday and tries to convince us that Lana Clarkson committed suicide, I will just fall out of my chair….

    “Something wrong with forensic scientist.”

    Dana Herbert (f2f998)

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