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More on Early Release

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Independent Sources looks again at the sheriff’s early release program, recently modified to look more closely at the records of inmates before release, and asks: was it really a surprise that letting criminals go early could result in more crime? The answer, of course, is no — Philadelphia had tried the same thing in the early 1990s, with similar results. Why didn’t Baca and the Supervisors look at Philadelphia?

Remember: it’s your fault for continuing to vote these people into office.

6 Responses to “More on Early Release”

  1. In Japanese, “Baca” translates to Idiot.

    PCD (6aa617)

  2. As I read yesterday’s article, I couldn’t help but think that Baca is nothing but a reactionary sheriff. He is incapable of coming up with anything original. He is only capable of reacting to situations as they arise.

    And once again it’s not his fault. It is always the wrongdoings of the “court” that puts him in the hot seat. About a year ago the “courts”/D.A.’s were told not to adjust the sentence to make up for the Sheriff’s early release program. This was done presumably to bring up just this controversy.

    It’s sad that he will win this election again. My vote is going to Don Meredith.

    MOG (59bfb8)

  3. Not quite on topic, but early release concerns mostly minor offenders, sentenced on misdemeanors, who get their sentences reduced by weeks to correct overcrowding and inept priorities.

    Ken Lay and Jeff Skilling were accused, today convicted, of numerous crimes costing hundreds of millions of dollars, victimizing hundreds. Yet they remain out of custody, with sentencing scheduled in SEPTEMBER, and no doubt will spend most of their remaining days living in luxury awaiting appeal.

    Oh, wait. I forgot that the stress and inconvenience that their greed caused their families, and the damage to their reputations (as they continue to claim innocence and express no remorse) is punishment enough.

    nosh (d8da01)

  4. If you combine an incumbent sheriff (and I ask Potterico who might have an informed opinion whether there were any worthwhile challengers to Sheriff Baca in the last election) with a County Board of Supervisors who can take infinite pains and time to remove a cross from the county seal, congratulate various supporters for insignificant accomplishments etc, but who seem unable to deal with real world problems, and a doddering old judge who worries about the rights or privileges of prisoners and who has the power to issue rather stupid rulings, what do you expect? It’s a perfect storm of incompetence and unwillingness to deal with real issues.

    Mike Myers (3a4363)

  5. Believe me, no one wants to look at foul, fetid, fuming, foggy, filthy Philadelphia as an example of anything.

    Dana (3e4784)

  6. […] Patterico wants to know why the Californistanis didn’t do a bit of homework and look to the disastrous early release program in Philly. I’d say this is one of those things that don’t need research or homework. […]

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