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Foster Brooks as a Dentist

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I had forgotten about this guy but someone reminded me about him on Twitter.

If you can get through this without laughing you have a colder heart than I.


7 Responses to “Foster Brooks as a Dentist”

  1. I remember watching Foster Brooks growing up in the 70s. I thought he was very funny. Now not so much now. I didn’t find canned laughter annoying back then either.

    Mattsky (3d03e0)

  2. If you really want to see a classic Dean Martin segment, find (if you can) the Dean Martin roast of Don Rickles where Adolf Hitler comes on to say a few words.

    Believe it not, Hitler was played by Casey Kasem.

    harkin (f58543)

  3. “ I thought he was very funny. Now not so much now”

    I’m the same regarding his humor but his drunk routine was so convincing you could almost smell his breath.

    harkin (f58543)

  4. 1. I thought he was very funny. Now not so much now.

    Perhaps because he died in 2001.

    DCSCA (797bc0)

  5. Why are you guys talking about the old days just now?

    Yep, that was great comedy.

    JVW (ee64e4)

  6. It’s not actually realistic and the humor is all one liners, and I suppose, it’s supposed to be funny because it’s unusual to see someone imitate a drunk. Except he doesn’t. But it;s an excuse for saying wrong or incongruous things.

    I think I saw Foster Brouks on some late night talk show once, and that’s about all.

    Sammy Finkelman (3102d6)

  7. I didn’t really recognize Brooks’ name. I don’t think my mom was really a Dean Martin fan when I was growing up either.

    Brooks had an interesting history. He apparently didn’t really get his big break until 1969, when he was 57 (older than I am…).

    Wikipedia says that in the 80’s he stopped doing his original act because attitudes toward public drunkenness had changed.

    Dave (1bb933)

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