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Weekend Open Thread

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[guest post by Dana]

Here are a few interesting news items to chew over. Feel free to share anything that you think readers might find interesting. Make sure to include links.

First news item

Mask shaming:

Second news item

How not to stop stop the spread of a highly contagious virus:

A Great Clips hairstylist exposed dozens of clients to coronavirus while showing symptoms, Missouri health officials say.

The stylist at a salon franchise in Springfield served 84 clients and exposed seven coworkers, the Springfield-Greene County Health Department said Friday. The hairstylist also visited a Dairy Queen, Walmart and fitness center, officials said.

Third news item

Trump serves reporters confusing word salad about coronavirus test results:

“I tested very positively in another sense,” Trump added. “I tested positively toward negative, right? So no, I tested perfectly this morning. Meaning I tested negative. But that’s a way of saying it. Positively toward the negative.”

Given the above, I’m thinking sooner rather than later :

It’s been more than six months since President Donald Trump claimed to have started his annual physical at Walter Reed hospital but the White House is declining to explain why he has yet to complete the yearly doctor’s examination.

Senior administration officials did not immediately respond to NBC News’ request for comment about the delay — despite Trump announcing this week he was taking an unproven and potentially dangerous drug after being exposed to an aide who tested positive for coronavirus.

Fourth news item

Two old white guys have a slap fest:

Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions fired back at President Trump on Twitter late Friday night after the president again scolded his former ally for recusing himself from the investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election. Mr. Trump has thrown his support behind Session’s Senate rival Tommy Tuberville in Alabama’s upcoming election.

“3 years ago, after Jeff Sessions recused himself, the Fraudulent Mueller Scam began,” Mr. Trump tweeted. “Alabama, do not trust Jeff Sessions. He let our Country down. That’s why I endorsed Coach Tommy Tuberville… the true supporter of our #MAGA agenda!”

Sessions responded with a fiery tweet of his own: “Look, I know your anger, but recusal was required by law. I did my duty & you’re damn fortunate I did. It protected the rule of law & resulted in your exoneration. Your personal feelings don’t dictate who Alabama picks as their senator, the people of Alabama do.”

Fifth news item

Oh, come on!:

President Trump is considering establishing a panel to review complaints of anticonservative bias on social media, according to people familiar with the matter, in a move that would likely draw pushback from technology companies and others.

The plans are still under discussion but could include the establishment of a White House-created commission that would examine allegations of online bias and censorship, these people said. The administration could also encourage similar reviews by federal regulatory agencies, such as the Federal Communications Commission and the Federal Election Commission, they said.

“Left-wing bias in the tech world is a concern that definitely needs to be addressed from our vantage point, and at least exposed [so] that Americans have clear eyes about what we’re dealing with,” a White House official said.

Sixth news item

Remember them still:

Millions of us have been there on the battlefield. We saw the aircraft get hit. We were on the bridge when last contact with the submarine was made. We saw the tank after it exploded in flames. I lost two of my captain commanders two weeks apart in Vietnam. Wonderful officers in their late 20s, older men in the eyes of an infantry lieutenant. The first killed as we extracted under fire was hit in the small of the back by the only rounds to strike the Chinook helicopter. The second killed during an all-night barrage of enemy artillery on our battalion. I crawled over to him and retrieved his .357 Magnum revolver since I was wounded and could not load my M16. His mother wrote me several beautiful letters in later weeks. In the last communication she asked if I had “prayed with her son as death approached.” I could not recreate for her the scene. The whiplash of machine gun fire across the landing zone. The pouring rain and the mud, and the hundreds of casualties hoping to survive. The ongoing combat mayhem that is incompatible with prayer.

Our troops are out there today in harm’s way across the face of the Earth. Sixty thousand have been killed or wounded since the 9/11 attacks to protect us from the terrorists who wish to destroy us and our freedom. In this war, 1,000 of our casualties have been women. They now join their brothers in shedding their blood.

So, on this Memorial Day, as we face such sadness for our threatened way of life, let us also honor the memories of those courageous young Americans who disappeared into history so that we could remain free and live under our Constitution.

I am reminded of a passage in the famous 1914 poem by Laurence Binyon:

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:

Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.

At the going down of the sun and in the morning

We will remember them.

Don’t be these people:

(h/t Paul Montagu)

Have a good weekend.


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  1. Good morning.

    Dana (0feb77)

  2. What surprises me is the number of women who are behaving badly.

    Paul Montagu (b3f51b)

  3. Seeing Sessions finally show the merest hint of anger is fascinating. He got in with the wrong crowd and he will pay with his career. Wonder what Lindsey Graham and others in the Senate are thinking watching their colleague get thrown under the bus?

    JRH (52aed3)

  4. Not yet having had his physical, like many facing dimished access to non-Covid focused health services, might be an accidental “suffer with the people” empathy play.

    Admittedly item 2 gives me great consternation as it describes one weekend day a month down to a tee—it also cinches that I’ll be in full mullet come Christmas.

    urbanleftbehind (d85d17)

  5. I thought Paul meant the monster who killed her little boy, dumped his body, and said it was two strangers who robbed her.

    nk (1d9030)

  6. Not sure what your issue with the 5th item is. Anti-conservative bias is route on tech platforms and often results in shadow bans or full bans just for expressing conservative thought.

    NJRob (4d595c)

  7. President Trump is considering establishing a panel to review complaints of anticonservative bias on social media

    He’s also “looking very strongly at sinks and showers and other elements of bathrooms.”

    Dave (1bb933)

  8. The autism angle caught my attnetion, nk. Just yesterday, while hiking through the woods with Nellie, I was listening to an NPR segment about a mom with an autistic child and how she’s dealing during the pandemic. She was barely holding it together. Better to listen to the segment than read it. Ms. Ripley won’t be the last mother to throw a kid off a bridge before society reopens. I suspect there’re a lot of moms on that ledge.

    Paul Montagu (117081)

  9. Thanks, Paul Montagu, I added that video to the post.

    I went to my neighborhood market this week, and was surprised to see about half of the customers without masks. I was talking to the owner, and he said he heard from all sides, and felt that he didn’t want to put his clerks at further risk by having a mask requirement because there are angry idiots out there who behave badly (as seen at the video Paul linked to at 2, and now in post). The clerks wear masks and have plexiglass shields in front of them when dealing with customers. The average age of the shoppers in the store tend to run around 60+. On one hand, I understand not wanting to put your clerks in an even riskier position by having to confront someone not wearing a mask, and yet on the other hand, with a giant sign out front stating No Mask, No Entry and a 911 call if there is a commotion, it could protect the clerks from increased risk.

    Dana (0feb77)

  10. routine*

    NJRob (4d595c)

  11. Not sure what your issue with the 5th item is. Anti-conservative bias is route on tech platforms and often results in shadow bans or full bans just for expressing conservative thought.

    Maybe think about the rights of a private company, again. This isn’t new, this conversation has happened every few months over the last 10 years. Review the dozens of other threads, nothing has changed in the least.

    Colonel Klink (Ret) (305827)

  12. Iran update. Dexter Filkins has a great piece on his visit to Persia. It’s worth the long read; he’s a gifted writer with the gift of clarity. He starts with the regime's handling of CV19 but the narrative moves to Khameini, the man who has had a stranglehold on the political, military and economic scene for decades. At 89, there will be new leadership fairly soon, and who knows which character will come forward. It could be a continuation of the current theocratic autocracy or it could morph into more of a standard military dictatorship. Either way, the people of Iran will only suffer for it, IMO.
    Their WuFlu numbers can't be trusted, and it's probably more real to take what they reported and multiply by four. While I disagreed with Trump bailing on the Iran deal, I do agree with sanctions, especially against the Republican Guards and clerical leadership. I also agree with Trump's pronouncement that the US Navy would "shoot down and destroy any and all Iranian gunboats if they harass our ships at sea." Takes a bully to know a bully.

    Paul Montagu (117081)

  13. Thanks, Dana!

    Paul Montagu (117081)

  14. Our autistic son has had issues with the changes in his routine. We struggled with it for weeks and ended up dramatically changing our lives to please him. I don’t like doing that. Autism takes a big toll on families and focusing solely on the autistic family member punishes everyone else. But these are special times and for now he needs the most help.

    DRJ (15874d)

  15. He has also had health problems since last Summer and getting medical help has been a challenge.

    DRJ (15874d)

  16. Yeah, Kayleigh is a righteous genius, only hiring the best with old Trumpy.

    Colonel Klink (Ret) (305827)

  17. Poor Alyssa Milano. All she wanted was to be a thought leader among progressives, yet she just doesn’t have the intellectual firepower.

    JVW (54fd0b)

  18. You’re not alone, DRJ. Mrs. Montagu teaches middle school special needs kids, and they need the routine and socialization of being at school. Parents really need that outside help.
    The Mrs. is teaching math via Zoom, but it’s only a fraction of the time she would otherwise ordinarily spend.

    Paul Montagu (f6f419)

  19. Bless her, Paul. It takes special people to do that. Parents have to but she doesn’t.

    DRJ (15874d)

  20. Customer: “I have a medical condition and according to HIPPA I don’t have to wear a mask.”
    Manager: “OK, can we shop for you?”
    Customer: “I have private items I want to buy that I don’t want you to see.”

    Uh, ma’am, you do realize that you would have to take your “private items” to the checkout stand and the checker is going to scan them, unless of course the store has self-checkout scanners (but this appears to be a Gelson’s Market and I don’t know if they offer that service). But even in that case there’s a pretty strong likelihood that someone is going to see you take the private items off of the shelf and they might see them in your shopping cart as you work your way through the store.

    JVW (54fd0b)

  21. What surprises me is the number of women who are behaving badly.

    As a woman, I’m surprised that you’re surprised.

    Radegunda (89f220)

  22. GOP governor offers emotional plea to the anti-mask crowd: Stop this senseless culture war
    As states across the country have gradually pushed forward with reopening in recent weeks, protesters representing a small but apparently growing movement — especially within the Republican Party — have continued to push for it to go faster. And one very visible thing has somehow turned into a perceived political statement: wearing a mask.
    ….]I]n North Dakota, though, GOP Gov. Doug Burgum on Friday offered a plea to stop the madness.
    Burgum suggested the debate over masks was being needlessly politicized and that those who are bucking federal health officials’ guidance should rethink their posture.

    “I would really love to see in North Dakota that we could just skip this thing that other parts of the nation are going through where they’re trading a divide — either it’s ideological or political or something — around masks versus no mask,” Burgum said. “This is a, I would say, senseless dividing line, and I would ask people to try to dial up your empathy and your understanding.”

    “If someone is wearing a mask, they’re not doing it to represent what political party they’re in or what candidates they support,” Burgum said, before his voice began breaking. “They might be doing it because they’ve got a 5-year-old child who’s been going through cancer treatments. They might have vulnerable adults in their life who currently have covid, and they’re fighting.”
    Burgum concluded his thought: “I would just love to see our state, as part of being North Dakota Smart, also be North Dakota Kind, North Dakota Empathetic.”
    President Trump has conspicuously declined to wear a mask during his travels in recent weeks, even as those he was meeting with did so. He eventually donned one, but only for part of the time and away from his interactions with reporters. Trump has also stressed that the wearing of masks is voluntary, which it is. But critics have alleged he’s sending the wrong message about a very simple precaution — or even subtly promoting a culture war over masks.

    Ripmurdock (b867aa)

  23. Zuck’s a businessman whose website tracks you all around the internet and then sells your data to the highest bidder. He isn’t some wild-eyed leftist.

    Nic (896fdf)

  24. While it’s certainly true that some individuals have a more difficult time adjusting to a change of lifestyle/circumstances/habits (e.g. autistic individuals), there certainly seem to be a lot of people in general who are having a difficult time adjusting to the overall changes due to the pandemic. We all tend to get set in our ways, and once we have become entrenched in a pattern or habit, it’s difficult to pivot away from it, even if it’s necessary to our good health. Obviously this gets worse with age. Covid-19 has sure revealed these truths about human nature. Creatures of habit, indeed.

    Dana (0feb77)

  25. I’ll have trouble adjusting to the return to normal. I’ve enjoyed going to the office and being the only one there.

    Ripmurdock (b867aa)

  26. “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.” – Joe Biden, 2020

    Political Piggy: sweet Jesus, JoeyBee, open your mouth, eat your words…

    “If you ain’t eatin’ Wham, you ain’t eatin’ ham.” – Black Maid Gussie [Louise Beavers] ‘Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House’ 1948

    DCSCA (797bc0)

  27. Behind Trump’s demand to reopen churches: Slipping poll numbers and alarm inside his campaign
    A sudden shift in support for Donald Trump among religious conservatives is triggering alarm bells inside his reelection campaign, where top aides have long banked on expanding the president’s evangelical base as a key part of their strategy for victory this November.
    The polls paint a bleak picture for Trump, who has counted on broadening his religious support by at least a few percentage points to compensate for weakened appeal with women and suburban populations. …….[A] person close to the campaign described an April survey by the Public Religion Research Institute, which showed a double-digit decline in Trump’s favorability among white evangelicals (-11), white Catholics (-12) and white mainline protestants (-18) from the previous month, as “pretty concerning.”

    To safeguard his relationship with religious conservatives, Trump on Friday demanded that America‘s governors permit houses of worship to immediately reopen, and threatened to “override“ state leaders who decline to obey his directive. The announcement …….featured clear appeals to white evangelicals, many of whom have long supported Trump’s socially conservative agenda.

    On Thursday, Trump also floated a potential move by his administration to reopen houses of worship in the near future.

    “The churches are not being treated with respect by a lot of Democratic governors,” Trump said as he left the White House to visit a ventilator factory in Michigan. “I want to get our churches open. We will take a very strong position on that very soon.”
    It was not immediately clear whether the president’s order on Friday — that state and local officials must take immediate action to reopen religious institutions — was legally permissible, nor was it clear how administration officials planned to enforce the guidance.

    Ripmurdock (b867aa)

  28. Politico… NYT… WaPo…

    #expandedhorizons /sarc

    Colonel Haiku (2601c0)

  29. Trump ordered states to open churches. Can he do that?
    President Donald Trump is making a show of siding with religious groups in their clashes with state and local authorities — but his own Justice Department’s actions are exposing the challenges involved in trying to bring the federal government’s power to bear on the issue.
    “The president doesn’t have that power,” said Rachel Laser of Americans United for Separation of Church and State. “The Tenth Amendment to the Constitution forbids the federal government from strongarming the states. These are reckless exaggerations that are obviously aimed at pandering to his base.”
    “ Allow these very important, essential places of faith to open right now for this weekend. If they don’t do it, I will override the governors,” he insisted, before departing as reporters clamored for answers about the purported federal mandate.
    Even his Harvard Law-trained press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, struggled to explain about how the president would implement such an order, dismissing questions about the idea as “hypothetical” and lashing out at reporters for their supposed lack of faith.
    So far, Trump’s promise to come to the rescue of beleaguered congregations has translated into only modest action. The Justice Department has yet to file a lawsuit on behalf of any church, organization or individual over the impact of state or local lockdown orders. …….

    …… DOJ attorneys have made the narrower argument that some churches are being subject to an unfair double-standard, especially when compared to businesses deemed essential and allowed to remain open, like liquor stores.
    Trump’s drive to re-open churches comes despite a growing body of evidence tying church services to serious outbreaks of coronavirus. Just Tuesday, the Centers for Disease Control released a warning about Arkansas church meetings in March where more than a third of 92 attendees wound up infected. Another 26 members of the community wound up hit by the virus. Four people died.

    Similar church-focused outbreaks have been reported in Washington state, South Korea and France. Experts theorize that hand-holding, singing and the fellowship typical of church services create robust vectors to transmit the virus, particularly through airborne droplets.

    Laser said those episodes undercut the notion that going to church is just like going to the liquor store or Home Depot. “If you start to think about the activity, it’s very different than going to purchase whiskey,” she said. “Liquor stores don’t exist as community places of gathering where there are going to be exchanges of germs…The distinction is based in public safety.”

    Ripmurdock (b867aa)

  30. Maybe we should make a deal with the pastors. They can open their church, but they personally have to pay for the medical care for anyone exposed to the corona virus by a member of that church and they will personally be charged with manslaughter/reckless endangerment/similar if anyone dies.

    Nic (896fdf)

  31. Coronavirus cluster traced to German church
    A cluster of 40 coronavirus infections in the city of Frankfurt am Main and the surrounding area have been linked back to a Baptist church service that took place on May 10, reported German news outlet der Tagesspiegel on Saturday.

    “The vast majority of them are not especially ill,” said the newspaper, citing Rene Gottschalk, the Frankfurt health authority’s chief. “According to our current information, only one person has been hospitalized,” added Gottschalk.
    At least 16 infection cases in the town of Hanau, 25 kilometers (15.5 miles) east of Frankfurt, have been traced back to the May 10 church service, said Hanau authorities.
    As a result of the new infections, the town has called off a fasting and prayer gathering for more than 1,000 participants from several Muslim institutions in the Rhine-Main region. The risk for further infections was “too high,” explained Hanau mayor Claus Kaminsky.

    Ripmurdock (b867aa)

  32. @31-
    Also the COVID-19 infected person, who has been tested and knows they are infected but asymptomatic, or show active symptoms, should be charged.

    Ripmurdock (b867aa)

  33. what are a few hundred thousand failmerican lives when weighed against the reelection of mr donald

    we to keep things in perspective

    Dave (1bb933)

  34. Your a super human, DRJ. I want to thank you for always being sane.
    Paul, your wife does the work of a saint as well. My daughter teaches at a special needs school and it has been brutal not being able to have the kids in class. But teaching online. They had the last day, my daughter was sad she couldn’t see the kids, but some of the families got together and did a driveway for my daughter, waving and cheering honking horns. Made her feel extremely special. Hope your wife gets the same response, Paul.

    mg (8cbc69)

  35. drive by.

    mg (8cbc69)

  36. 34, he whom you mock got kicked off of Instapundit!!

    urbanleftbehind (0594f9)

  37. That’s awesome mg!

    Paul I just finished a semester on Zoom and it’s a challenge for the teacher to make it work well.

    Mg, I agree that drj’s consistent composure is beyond what most (myself included certainly) can bring to the discussion.

    Dustin (d59cff)

  38. .357 Magnum

    Why not just call it a 4?

    norcal (a5428a)

  39. With regard to mask wearing: do you think had Trump worn one from the moment the recommendation was made, that there would be less of a kerfuffle about it from his supporters, who seem to liken it as not wanting the economy to reopen and/or being anti-freedom? And, had he worn one, would the Democrats then rebel and refuse to wear one because Trump did? IOW, how much of this is tribal loyalty rather than any commitment to principles and fear of civil liberties being denied?

    Dana (0feb77)

  40. I think it would have really set a good example for his supporters, Dana. It’s become a political symbol and he could really make a difference for the better.

    Dustin (d59cff)

  41. he whom you mock got kicked off of Instapundit!!


    Although Instapundit is (no longer) a place I frequent, I had the impression that our Pikachu was a perfect exemplar of the core audience there.

    Dave (1bb933)

  42. I guess maybe his rants about tranny tatters might ruffle some feathers.

    Dave (1bb933)

  43. @35 very cool for your daughter!

    Nic (896fdf)

  44. Vote for the “moderate” socialist.

    Much better to just keep borrowing and spending money we don’t have.

    What could go wrong?

    “Yeah but I won’t be here.
    Donald Trump, on the future debt crisis

    Dave (1bb933)

  45. @41-
    Trump and his supporters have no principles to commit to. It’s whatever pops into Donald’s head. If Trump suddenly started wearing a mask, he would deny ever not wearing one, or claim he wore in private, and release photos of him wearing one (photoshopped of course), and his acolytes would do the same.

    Ripmurdock (b867aa)

  46. Dave,

    So you support reopening and getting the economy restarted. Bravo.

    NJRob (40aabe)

  47. Under the heading What’s A Pandemic Without A Few Rats-

    With restaurants closed, CDC warns of increasingly aggressive rodents looking for new food sources
    …… [M]any restaurants and cafes are closed or limited to takeout and delivery, and with the reduced sales, the restaurants’ trash bins are no longer overflowing with scrumptious leftovers hordes of rodents subsisted on. Finding slimmer pickings, critters have become more aggressive, prompting the CDC to issue guidance on how to deter them.

    Since the start of the pandemic, there have been increased reports of rat cannibalism and infanticide in New York, as well as more rat complaints in residential areas — including in Chicago — as humans produce more food waste at home. Roving rat armies, including one caught on camera scavenging New Orleans’ empty streets, are concerning to the CDC, which says rodents can carry disease.
    Rats pose an additional threat to those working from home: they can devour cars. Rats gnawing at car engines and tires have caused fires, cost car owners fortunes and goaded officials to seek do-it-yourself solutions.
    [Urban rodentologist Bobby] Corrigan told The Post that a pest expert sent him a photo after a gruesome rat battle in Queens: A nest of rats had left to scrounge for food at their usual city block of restaurants but turned on each other when they couldn’t find enough scraps, Corrigan believes. A pile of rat limbs on the sidewalk was all that remained.

    “Many of these rats in our cities depend on their nightly food, which is the restaurants and hotels and bars and doughnut shops and everything that we consume on the go,” Corrigan said.

    When I lived in DC in the ‘80s, I was having dinner out with some friends. I was sitting facing the rear of restaurant with a clear view of an open door to the alley. Will eating I saw two or three rats stroll in looking for something to eat. Never went back.

    Ripmurdock (b867aa)

  48. Max Boot-
    If Trump had been in charge during World War II, this column would be in German
    …… Roosevelt focused with single-minded devotion on defeating the United States’ enemies until the day of his death. Old political battles and agendas fell by the wayside. “Dr. New Deal” had been transformed, he explained, into “Dr. Win-the-War.”

    Trump, by contrast, cannot focus on a single subject for the length of a paragraph. So it is no surprise that he has already gotten bored with a war against the coronavirus that isn’t going his way. He is taking his cues not from FDR but from Sen. George Aiken, the Vermont Republican whose plan for the Vietnam War was summed up as “declare victory and get out.” In Trump’s case, that means getting Americans out of the home whether it’s safe to do so or not.
    Rather than turn into “Dr. Defeat the Virus,” Trump has become Dr. Demento trying to distract the public by replaying golden oldies. Have you heard the one about Joe Scarborough killing an aide (who actually collapsed because of a heart problem)? Play it again, Sam.

    And rewind “Obamagate” while we’re at it. “This is the greatest political scam, hoax in the history of our country. … People should be going to jail for this stuff,” Trump thundered on Thursday, even though a few days earlier he was unable to explain what law President Barack Obama supposedly violated. “You know what the crime is,” he told a Post reporter. “The crime is very obvious to everybody. All you have to do is read the newspapers, except yours.”

    Actually no one knows what the crime is, because there isn’t one. ……..

    It remains to be seen whether the “very stable genius” will succeed in distracting the public. He has definitely distracted himself. ……..

    If FDR had taken Trump’s approach, this column would be in German.

    Ripmurdock (b867aa)

  49. 1) As someone who was wearing a mask since March 15th, I have to say that the reporter’s response should have been GIY (Go infect yourself). Or words to that effect.

    2) The genderless hairdresser will find a shortage of repeat clients, I suspect. Assuming the salon owner doesn’t kick “their” ass to the curb.

    3) I know that there are people praying for Trump’s health. One way or the other.

    4) Because that’s how all recent AGs have rolled. No one ever accused Holder of failing to appoint a special counsel! Right? RIGHT?!?!

    Oh, well, it’s at least ironic that Trump might be the only one to appoint an ethical AG.

    5) Holy nattering nabobs of negativism, Batman! Call it the Agnew Commission, after that sainted former VP.

    6) What part of “Get the F out without a mask” did they miss? Also, you note the people doing the coughing and spitting are women. Men would get punched out for that.

    Kevin M (ab1c11)

  50. OK, that last was #6.5

    Kevin M (ab1c11)

  51. It could be a continuation of the current theocratic autocracy

    Like third parties, ideological dictatorships tend to be driven towards purity of thought. I expect an even more rigid leadership will emerge and this will last until it suddenly doesn’t.

    Kevin M (ab1c11)

  52. 34, he whom you mock got kicked off of Instapundit!!

    urbanleftbehind (0594f9) — 5/23/2020 @ 2:28 pm

    What’s the story, if you know, urbanleftbehind? Did he say something bad about Amazon?

    nk (1d9030)

  53. “Not sure what your issue with the 5th item is. Anti-conservative bias is route on tech platforms and often results in shadow bans or full bans just for expressing conservative thought.”

    Maybe think about the rights of a private company, again. This isn’t new, this conversation has happened every few months over the last 10 years. Review the dozens of other threads, nothing has changed in the least.

    I go back and forth on this. To the extent that a service has monopoly power, and this power is permitted by the government, it’s a problem. To say that it’s a private company keeping “the marketplace of ideas” all spic and span and not the government has the potential to turn the 1st Amendment into a dead letter. Yet, having the government police the private company’s censorship doesn’t seem like a great solution (in fact it makes it worse).

    The degree to which they control the marketplace of ideas is important, too. Ma Bell was not allowed to censor content on its monopoly wires, or bar disreputable persons from getting a phone line. Are Facebook and Twitter in the same class? Does their dominance make them an effective monopoly?

    If you DID want to have some limitation on how they could prune speech, how would you do it?

    Kevin M (ab1c11)

  54. But even in that case there’s a pretty strong likelihood that someone is going to see you take the private items off of the shelf and they might see them in your shopping cart as you work your way through the store.

    Or, when you pay for it with a card, our computers will log your purchases against your dossier and you’ll get emails for similar products from our associated firms.

    Kevin M (ab1c11)

  55. he whom you mock got kicked off of Instapundit!!

    How is that possible? A woman-hating antisemetic Klansman could post there with impunity.

    Kevin M (ab1c11)

  56. 58. I’m sure that’s true, but even Glenn has his limits. 😛

    Gryph (08c844)

  57. “Yeah but I won’t be here.
    – Donald Trump, on the future debt crisis

    One of the many moments when Trump tells us with blazing clarity how he sees his job — and the Trumpsters plug their ears.

    I grant that most politicians have taken this approach to the debt as a practical matter, but no one else actually thinks that saying it out loud is morally unproblematic.

    Then there’s the whole Tea Party movement, which started out by seeing the debt as a really, really urgent issue. Most of those people apparently stopped caring about the debt when Trump made it clear that he doesn’t.

    Radegunda (89f220)

  58. Ah, so maybe the outcry will have an impact on the president who loves our military with super, duper Big Love:

    Trump administration officials are preparing plans to extend the federal deployment of more than 40,000 National Guard members performing coronavirus relief work across the country, after scores of lawmakers moved to pressure President Donald Trump to keep the Guards in place past June.

    Four people familiar with the matter said the administration is prepared to extend the deployments through July, which would maintain federal funding for troops administering Covid-19 tests, disinfecting nursing homes and performing other public safety duties in nearly every state and federal territory. An extension would also help thousands of Guard members qualify for federal retirement and education benefits for which they would otherwise fall only one day short of obtaining.

    The White House:

    “We will continue monitoring the impact of coronavirus in the states and will work to ensure they are equipped to respond.”

    Dana (0feb77)

  59. “Yeah but I won’t be here.
    – Donald Trump, on the future debt crisis

    Kicking the can – whatever the can may be – down the road it S.O.P. for presidents on both sides of the aisle.

    Dana (0feb77)

  60. So you support reopening and getting the economy restarted. Bravo.

    NJRob (40aabe) — 5/23/2020 @ 4:16 pm

    I have yet to read anyone here say they are against reopening the economy.

    Dana (0feb77)

  61. 64. I am against reopening the economy!/

    Gryph (08c844)

  62. So you support reopening and getting the economy restarted. Bravo.

    Yes, Rob. I fully support the guidelines announced by the White House Coronavirus Task Force.

    Do you?

    Dave (1bb933)

  63. Ms. Ripley won’t be the last mother to throw a kid off a bridge before society reopens. I suspect there’re a lot of moms on that ledge.

    If we don’t get all the women back to their office make-work and socializing, you might even end up having to re-normalize the 50s model of ‘moms raising kids as primary job’, and nobody wants that, imagine the horror of ‘neighborhood mom collective replacing day care’ or ‘single-income families’ coming back to haunt us like reactionary ghosts from the past.

    Mandamanous (b05aca)

  64. 66. While these guidelines will take *some* of the pressure off of businesses, no restaurant or beauty parlor can survive indefinitely at 35-50% capacity

    Gryph (08c844)

  65. @63
    It’s not a bug but a feature. I’m sure the CDC is following orders (paging Dr. Kushner!) to put the best possible spin on the numbers. And not only is the CDC manipulating the numbers, so are states like Texas and Georgia to justify their fast reopening policies.

    Ripmurdock (32617c)

  66. 64. I am against reopening the economy!/

    Gryph (08c844) — 5/23/2020 @ 5:39 pm

    I don’t understand what this means??

    Dana (0feb77)

  67. Meanwhile:

    U.S. District Court Judge Emmett G. Sullivan has taken the unusual step of hiring an attorney to represent him as an appeals court reviews his decision not to immediately grant the Justice Department’s (DOJ’s) request to dismiss its case against former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.

    Kevin M (ab1c11)

  68. 70. It’s sarcasm, Dana.

    Gryph (08c844)

  69. 69. That’s just it. I don’t think the CDC would be cooking the books to encourage fast reopening, even if Texas and Georgia theoretically are. I think it’s far more likely that the CDC is headed by a bunch of incompetents with an agenda, and Texas and Georgia are following the testing protocols that the CDC itself recommends.

    Gryph (08c844)

  70. I dont know why or when, only that one poster on a Thursday post stated “I sure do miss that happyfeet47 guy”

    urbanleftbehind (0594f9)

  71. As a woman, I’m surprised that you’re surprised.

    I’m surprised you’re a woman. 😉
    Lots of surprises today.

    Paul Montagu (f6f419)

  72. I appreciate the sentiments, mg and DRJ. It’s all the more a calling to teach special needs kids, and probably over half are on the autism spectrum. I married up.

    Paul Montagu (f6f419)

  73. I’m surprised you’re a woman.

    I also come from your neck of the woods. I was delighted awhile back to see your reference to some eatery in the great city of Snohomish.

    Radegunda (89f220)

  74. …’s far more likely that the CDC is headed by a bunch of incompetents with an agenda, and Texas and Georgia are following the testing protocols that the CDC itself recommends.

    All appointed by Trump, and probably following his (unspoken) wishes.

    Ripmurdock (32617c)

  75. I’m not sure why Sullivan is hiring a lawyer to explain his own actions to the Federal Appeals Court. That’s rather odd. Doesn’t he have a law clerk to help him?

    rcocean (846d30)

  76. The whole case is Twilight Zone, rcocean. But, no, that’s not in either the law clerks’ or staff attorneys’ job description.

    nk (1d9030)

  77. 78. Fauci and Birx weren’t appointed by Trump. Of course, Fauci’s response to the AIDS crisis under Reagan back in the early 1980s didn’t exactly clothe him in glory back then, either.

    Gryph (08c844)

  78. @81-
    We were talking about the CDC. Fauci is with the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and Birx is with the State Department.

    Ripmurdock (32617c)

  79. A cluster of coronavirus cases was reported in Arkansas after a swim party

    Several people who attended a high school swim party in Arkansas have contracted Covid-19, Gov. Asa Hutchinson told reporters on Saturday.

    “A high school swim party that I’m sure everybody thought was harmless. They’re young, they’re swimming, they’re just having activity and positive cases resulted from that,” Hutchinson said.
    The case described by the governor highlights the threats of community spread in the United States as cities and states continue relaxing social distancing measures and businesses reopen.
    On Saturday, Hutchinson said Arkansas is seeing an increase of Covid-19 cases in what the governor calls a second peak.

    Health officials reported 163 new cases of the virus on Saturday. There are at least 5,612 cases in the state, according to a tally by Johns Hopkins University.

    Ripmurdock (32617c)

  80. 82. The current director of the CDC isn’t a Trump appointee either.

    Gryph (08c844)

  81. Sorry, Gryph, I still don’t get your sarcasm, but thanks for replying.

    Dana (0feb77)

  82. Wow, Sully’s case for not allowing a withdrawal was so clear and well-established by precedent that he couldn’t even be bothered to make the case himself, but had to hire a high-powered lawyer to write his own personal and independent legal opinion for him. I smell the aroma of political corruption on the judicial side! I demand an investigation! He’s connected to too many Democrats to let this stand!

    The writ being granted would be MUCH better than a simple Presidential pardon, since we’ve already had the withholding of exculpatory evidence from the defendant, now we’ve got clearer-than-ever grounds to sue the US government (which I’m sure P will refer to as the ‘Trump Administration’ in all references to the case) for malicious prosecution, with all the discovery, damages, hilarious insider depositions, and shining a light on the political corruption of all the DC swamp creatures.

    Flynn was wrong to take the plea deal, but coming to the truth late is still better than never. Those NeverTrumpers who decided to practice to deceive, however, aren’t looking so hot, maybe this was why P was so morose about it earlier in the week.

    Silly Sully (6c886f)

  83. Given how well the CDC didn’t handle testing in the first weeks of the pandemic, it’s not illogical to suspect more displays of the same level of incompetence.

    Kishnevi (30d0bc)

  84. Cluster of Coronavirus Disease Associated with Fitness Dance Classes, South Korea
    ……. On February 25, a COVID-19 case was detected in Cheonan, a city ≈200 km from Daegu. In response, public health and government officials from Cheonan and South Chungcheong Province activated the emergency response system. We began active surveillance and focused on identifying possible COVID-19 cases and contacts. We interviewed consecutive confirmed cases and found all had participated in a fitness dance class. We traced contacts back to a nationwide fitness dance instructor workshop that was held on February 15 in Cheonan.
    By March 9, we identified 112 COVID-19 cases associated with fitness dance classes in 12 different sports facilities in Cheonan (Figure). All cases were confirmed by RT-PCR; 82 (73.2%) were symptomatic and 30 (26.8%) were asymptomatic at the time of laboratory confirmation. Instructors with very mild symptoms, such as coughs, taught classes for ≈1 week after attending the workshop (Appendix). The instructors and students met only during classes, which lasted for 50 minutes 2 times per week, and did not have contact outside of class. On average, students developed symptoms 3.5 days after participating in a fitness dance class (3). Most (50.9%) cases were the result of transmission from instructors to fitness class participants; 38 cases (33.9%) were in-family transmission from instructors and students; and 17 cases (15.2%) were from transmission during meetings with coworkers or acquaintances.
    Characteristics that might have led to transmission from the instructors in Cheonan include large class sizes, small spaces, and intensity of the workouts. The moist, warm atmosphere in a sports facility coupled with turbulent air flow generated by intense physical exercise can cause more dense transmission of isolated droplets (6,7). Classes from which secondary COVID-19 cases were identified included 5–22 students in a room ≈60 m2 during 50 minutes of intense exercise. We did not identify cases among classes with <5 participants in the same space. Of note, instructor C taught Pilates and yoga for classes of 7–8 students in the same facility at the same time as instructor B (Figure; Appendix Table 2), but none of her students tested positive for the virus. We hypothesize that the lower intensity of Pilates and yoga did not cause the same transmission effects as those of the more intense fitness dance classes.

    Ripmurdock (32617c)

  85. 85. Didn’t mean anything except goofiness in this particular instance, Dana. I just said (sarcastically) what you said nobody here had said. I figured I’d be the first or something. It’s all good. 😉

    Gryph (08c844)

  86. 87. And given the CDC’s blistering, withering incompetence, I don’t know why so many people are saying we should be doing this, that, or the other things based on the CDC’s recommendations.

    Gryph (08c844)

  87. The fish rots from the head down. Just what exactly has the most worthless President ever done competently?

    nk (1d9030)

  88. Gotcha, Gryph. It’s nice to remember that amidst the snapping and debating, we can still joke. (Unfortunately, they might be wasted on a slow-on-the-draw me.)

    Dana (0feb77)

  89. So Nothern California wasn’t hit too badly by Coronavirus, and decided to open up, and now they’re pumpinf the breaks a bit because of an outbreak:

    Humboldt County on California’s North Coast was among the first in the state to get the governor’s green light to open up restaurants and stores after a two-month statewide coronavirus lockdown.

    With only about 50 cases confirmed in the whole month of April in the county of 130,000, many breathed a sigh of relief that they’d survived the worst of it. Soon, though, county officials saw a worrisome trend: nearly 30 new cases in a two-week period and the first two deaths.

    That has prompted Humboldt County officials to take a more cautious approach to reopening, in what may be a harbinger of the “toggle switch” local officials are likely to negotiate as they emerge from the lockdown.

    “We have to recognize that due to some pretty serious increases that we’ve seen in cases and recently, two deaths, that it’s prudent to take a really careful approach and open up things a little more slowly than we’d really like to,” said Supervisor Virginia Bass, whose district includes Eureka, the county’s biggest city with 27,000 people.

    Humboldt County’s health officer cited out of town trips by residents and out of towners coming into town as the source for the outbreak:

    Frankovich said in the video that the new cases are due to several virus clusters, mostly the result of people gathering outside their households and making nonessential trips out of the county.

    “People are moving about more in our community in spite of our shelter-in-place order, and people are gathering to some extent,” she said. “And some people are traveling, for nonessential travel.”

    Dana (0feb77)

  90. @84-Actually, he is. The position doesn’t require Senate confirmation.

    Trump’s pick to lead CDC both celebrated and censured
    Robert Redfield, an HIV/AIDS researcher and clinician who has weathered his share of controversies over a long career, will soon become the next director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta.
    …… Redfield was investigated in 1993 by the Army for allegedly misrepresenting data from a trial of an experimental AIDS vaccine meant to treat infected people. Redfield had claimed supposedly promising results from a small clinical trial of the vaccine, which at the time was at the center of a high-powered congressional lobbying campaign, first revealed by Science, that attempted to side-step peer review and fund its expanded testing. ……

    Apparently he does have experience in data manipulation…..

    Ripmurdock (32617c)

  91. The Covid and Flynn stuff is nice and all, but do any of the tip-top foreign policy guys hereabouts have any comment on China sending 5000 troops into India? Or does no one here have any Indian bank accounts or interests to motivate an interest in such unprovoked aggression?

    Silly Sully (ea066b)

  92. @95-
    Not our fight. A war between the two could greatly lessen the overpopulation of both. /s

    Ripmurdock (32617c)

  93. Short memory, Sully, does you no good. India and China have been arguing over this since 1962.

    Kishnevi (30d0bc)

  94. @95-
    Also a very lightly sourced story. A single tweet?

    Ripmurdock (32617c)

  95. It links to a Times of India story.

    Kishnevi (30d0bc)

  96. Still a single source.

    Ripmurdock (32617c)

  97. Short memory, Sully, does you no good. India and China have been arguing over this since 1962.

    Somewhere in my set of World Book Encyclopedia there is a picture of young Indian women in saris, lined up like soldiers with SMLE rifles, ostensibly called up to fight the Chinese. Then India went and made hydrogen bombs and missiles to carry them. Ah, the good old days.

    nk (1d9030)

  98. Oh Steve 57…its a good time for thise Indian fighting club posts.

    urbanleftbehind (0594f9)

  99. News item number 3a (word salad)

    Q Sir, how long do you expect take hydroxychloroquine?

    THE PRESIDENT: I think it’s another day. I had a two-week regimen of hydroxychloroquine. And I’ve taken it, I think, just about two weeks. I think it’s another day. And I’m still here. I’m still here. And I tested very positively in a — in another sense.

    So, this morning —

    Q Negatively?

    THE PRESIDENT: Yeah. I tested positively toward negative, right? So, no, I tested perfectly this morning, meaning — meaning I tested negative.

    Q Have you taken the antibody test yet?

    THE PRESIDENT: But that’s a way of saying it: positively toward the negative.

    Q Have you taken the antibody test yet, sir?

    THE PRESIDENT: No, I have not.

    WHO’s on first? Stephen Colbert ran that, I think, one night.

    Sammy Finkelman (b4888e)

  100. nk @91. Just what exactly has the most worthless President ever done competently?

    Nominate Supreme Court justices and other federal judges?

    Of course, he didn’t pick them himself.

    There are some other laces he did the right thing, or it worked out, anyway. He scared Kim Jong UN out of firing more long distance rockets.

    Sammy Finkelman (b4888e)

  101. The other day he had a meeting with restaurant executives, the same one where he revealed that he as taking hydroxychloriquine, and discussed the quality of butter. (he was interested in that, and had an opportunity to ask)

    MR. KELLER: On the other hand, our consumer product goods division, where we have four different businesses, has been thriving. And we have taken our PPP money and then rehired 100 percent of the staff in those four companies….

    ….Finally, I just want to — I want to talk about a small farm in Orwell, Vermont — a small farmer named Diane St. Clair, who is by herself with her husband. And this is about the supply chain and how important restaurants are in so many different aspects…

    …..This is a woman who has eight cows, who gets up every morning, seven days a week, to milk her cows, let them out to pasture, begin to make her butter, bring her cows back at four or five o’clock, milk them again, and put them to bed — every day. I am — I am the sole source of her revenue. She’s not able to sell her butter anywhere else, so she’s not making butter today…

    ….THE PRESIDENT: Thank you very much. Beautiful story with a woman with the eight cows.

    MR. KELLER: Yeah.

    THE PRESIDENT: You wouldn’t think that. Restauranteurs do — especially, I guess, some with an individual restaurant or a couple of restaurants. They do that a lot, don’t they? They buy directly.

    MR. KELLER: They do. Yeah. We support so many small farms around the country.,,,

    [Not long after]

    THE PRESIDENT: What’s the difference in butter? Tell me. The difference in butter between what she sells you and what you would normally be able to buy. Out of curio- — I don’t want to —

    MR. KELLER: It’s — it is extraordinary because it is — it is truly a seasonal product, so the butter changes flavor and color depending on the season. So in the early —

    THE VICE PRESIDENT: There’s no comparison.

    MR. KELLER: — in the spring, when they’re eating green, when they’re grazing on grass — green grass — the butter is —

    THE PRESIDENT: That’s fantastic.

    MR. KELLER: — a beautiful orange hue. And, of course, in the summertime, it turns lighter because they’re eating hay. So — and the flavors taste —

    THE PRESIDENT: Mike just said there is no comparison. He knows. (Laughter.)

    MR. KELLER: There’s a —

    THE PRESIDENT: He knows. (Inaudible) from Indiana. He knows.

    MR. KELLER: There’s a tremendous — a tremendous difference in the butter from —

    THE PRESIDENT: No kidding. So, that’s good.

    MR. KELLER: Oh, yeah. It’s extraordinary.

    THE PRESIDENT: And — and you probably pay less too, right?

    MR. KELLER: Well, I don’t know how much I pay. It’s not about how much I pay —

    THE PRESIDENT: Would — no, but would —

    MR. KELLER: — it’s about supporting her and what she’s trying to do.

    THE PRESIDENT: Right. But would you pay less, generally speaking, when you do those things you do directly with a farm?

    MR. KELLER: You know, when we deal directly with the farmers, I never talk about price; it’s always about quality.


    MR. KELLER: Because we’re — we’re about quality —

    THE PRESIDENT: Okay. Good.

    MR. KELLER: — and building relationships with people, building — I’ve been buying Diane’s butter for — for over 20 years.

    THE PRESIDENT: No kidding.

    MR. KELLER: She — she did tell me one time — I’ll tell you a little story again, if I can — that she had to raise the price of her butter. And I said, “Diane, I really don’t know how much your butter costs, but I appreciate you telling me this.” And she says, “But I also want to tell you why.” And I said, “Okay, tell me why, Diane.” She said, “My son was accepted at NYU, and I need to pay for his tuition.”

    This is what happens when a guest goes into a restaurant and spends a dollar.

    THE VICE PRESIDENT: That’s right.


    THE VICE PRESIDENT: That’s right.

    MR. KELLER: You’re supporting all of these people. You’re supporting this young man who’s going to get a degree from NYU. Do I — do my — should I — should I, you know, negotiate with her on price?


    MR. KELLER: No.

    THE PRESIDENT: I think it’s great. Thank you very much. Beautiful.

    MR. KELLER: Thank you.

    THE PRESIDENT: Okay, Mike.


    THE PRESIDENT: I think the — I think the media wants us to go quickly. Look at Jon. He’s, “Oh…”

    THE VICE PRESIDENT: Yeah. I’ll be — I’ll go very quick.

    THE PRESIDENT: He wants to hit us with a question so badly.

    THE VICE PRESIDENT: (Laughs.) Well, thank you, Mr. President. And I have had the great privilege of sitting in this room, alongside the President, on many occasions over the last three and a half years.

    I don’t know that I’ve ever been more inspired by the optimism, the resilience, the love of what you do, and the people that you employ, and the people that you serve than I’ve been today.

    So thank you all for sharing your stories. The President has brought together here the — our top economic team, Secretary of the Treasury, Secretary of the Labor, all the people that have been involved in standing up the whole-of-government response.

    But from the standpoint of the White House Coronavirus Task Force, let me just say thank you. This industry — 650,000 restaurants strong — had to make very, very hard choices. I want to assure you — you said, Sean, that you all consider the President to be one of you. And I can tell you, my friend considers himself to be one of you, and he always will…..

    Sammy Finkelman (b4888e)

  102. When should these lockdowns cease? Well, our windsock oracle Dr. Anthony Fauci said on March 12 that there’d be “suffering and death” if we reopened too early and 10 days later offered up that staying closed too long could lead to “irreparable damage.” With guidance like that and his earlier flip-flops –like the wear masks now-we don’t need masks then — and all his murky Delphic musings, it’s time to ignore him and listen to the doctors on the ground and your own pragmatic observations of the devastation people like Fauci and the governors caused.

    thanks, Clarice.

    mg (8cbc69)

  103. Yes, yes, President Dr. Anthony Fauci, President of the United States of America, has shown poor leadership.

    nk (1d9030)

  104. Predictable. Donald Trump has become too easy to read after four years of this. Will it matter? I am not sure his supporters are allowing themselves to see his obvious motives.

    Pandering to the base. Demanding churches open up for large, in-person services during a pandemic. And, right on cue, the “election is rigged” routine is started up again with the mail-in ballot scare tactics. Somebody is always out to get him and his supporters. Someone is stealing the election, trying to take your guns or keep you from going to church. Tweeting up another bogeyman.

    IMO… The biggest a**holes always play the victim.

    noel (4d3313)

  105. Last week, I saw that Russia vaulted to #2 in reported CV19 cases after spending a couple months of being way down the list, so Putin has been lying about the effect of the virus on his people. Lawfare documented their uneven response. While the number of cases now appears closer to the truth, the number of deaths (2,972) is not believable. However, if doctors speak up, they may just get disoriented and fall out of windows. Common thing in Russia, it seems.
    There’s also good reason to still question the denominator (total reported cases). Why? Because the percentage of healthcare workers who died (6.83%) is way higher than in other countries (graph here)
    However, this morning I was looking at the numbers and now Brazil is #2. In the last seven days, 6,380 Brazilians have perished from the virus, and the trends are looking bad. All this is on Bolsonaro and his lassez faire approach.

    Paul Montagu (e4f713)

  106. Sullivan told by the higher court to explain his actions and he lawyers up. Shocking.

    NJRob (4d595c)

  107. Sorry, I added one link too many to my Russia comment. Pretty please take it out of moderation?
    Montagu at the Movies. With this WuFlu thing, I’ve been watching a bit more on the telly. A few nights ago, Mrs. Montagu and I saw Best of Enemies and enjoyed it. It was about a Klansman and black woman activist who got onto the same committee, arguing over school integration, and it was especially good because it was about real events, real people, and real bravery. Inspiring.
    Right after that, we saw Rush, which came out in 2013. It’s a Ron Howard film that I completely forgot about, but it was also about real events, real people and real bravery. Recommended, probably because I had no expectations going in. Like in Best of Enemies, it was cool seeing the actual characters at the end. It brought back memories of watching ABC’s Wide World of Sports on Sunday afternoons.
    On Prime, I just finished Season One of Upload, which was funny and creative. Looking forward to the 2nd season. There are many possibilities and many directions this series could go. Two thumbs up from PM.
    Finally, a new Montague favorite is Yesterday, about an unsuccessful musician who, after getting hit by a bus during a 12-second worldwide blackout, wakes up in a world that never heard of the Beatles. Nice story. Kate McKinnon played–actually, overplayed–a Hollywood agent, and she did it well (not unlike Tom Cruise’s performance in Tropic Thunder). It was nice to hear some Beatles tunes, to mention admiring the lovely and talented Lily James.

    Paul Montagu (e4f713)

  108. Er, Montagu, not Montague, and not to mention. Argh, typos.

    Paul Montagu (e4f713)

  109. 114,


    Dana (0feb77)

  110. Paul Montague, one of my kids worked on Upload. I’ll pass on your positive review.

    Dana (0feb77)

  111. @ mg (8cbc69) — 5/24/2020 @ 3:20 am,

    Every state is already in the process of reopening. No state is closed. So is it the fact that they aren’t reopening fast enough for you that is the problem, or that they are erring on the side of caution and reopening slowly and safely? Because if you see my comment at 93, even a county with a relatively low population that reopens too quickly, or where people are not conscientious about their contacts (or disregard safety measures), can face a setback and have to put on the brakes. There is an advantage to practicing a measured reopening, rather than ripping the band-aid off all at once.

    Pre-emptive strike: Believeing that a slower, considered reopening does not equal being anti-reopening.

    Dana (0feb77)

  112. noel (4d3313) — 5/24/2020 @ 6:35 am

    The biggest a**holes always play the victim.

    You mean like Alexandra McCabe alias Tara Reade?

    Who; (and this is just what broke in the last few days)

    o Got her Social Security Number changed, apparently on the grounds she had been abused by her husband, and needed to hide from him, the same man whose filing in a divorce case has been cited as proof that something happened to her in Senator Biden’s office, and other people mistreated her.

    o Applied to a law school with a faked college degree. (she graduated – the BA requirement in an unnecessary credential.)

    o Became a semi-professional expert witness (about 20 cases) in California on domestic violence for the prosecution.

    o Misstatated the title of the job she held while working for Senator Biden.

    (Her lawyer quit)

    …While not providing a reason for leaving, Mr. Wigdor said his decision was “by no means a reflection on whether then-Senator Biden sexually assaulted Ms. Reade,” adding that he was among the 55 percent of Americans who believe her, according to a Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll….

    …“Much of what has been written about Ms. Reade is not probative of whether then-Senator Biden sexually assaulted her, but rather is intended to victim-shame and attack her credibility on unrelated and irrelevant matters,” he said. “We have and will continue to represent survivors regardless of their alleged predator’s status or politics.”…

    …He is leaving as her credibility is coming under harsh scrutiny. On Thursday in California, lawyers who had faced off against her in court began raising questions about the legitimacy of her testimony, and the verdicts that followed, after news reports that Antioch University had disputed her claim of receiving a bachelor’s degree from its Seattle campus.

    Then known as Alexandra McCabe, Ms. Reade testified as a government witness in Monterey County courts for nearly a decade, describing herself as an expert in the dynamics of domestic violence who had counseled hundreds of victims.

    The public defender’s office in Monterey County has begun scrutinizing cases involving Ms. Reade and compiling a list of clients who may have been affected by her testimony, according to Jeremy Dzubay, an assistant public defender in the office…

    ..Ms. Reade told The New York Times that she had obtained her degree through a “protected program” for victims of spousal abuse, which, court records show, she suffered at the hands of her ex-husband in the mid-1990s. That history, she said, caused her to change her name, leading to confusion about her status at the school. She later received a law degree from Seattle University.

    But an Antioch spokeswoman, Karen Hamilton, told The Times that while Ms. Reade had attended classes, she was certain Ms. Reade had not received a degree. She testified in 2018 that she was a “legislative assistant” while actually, staff lists published in 1993 said she wasa “staff assistant” and she also has described her job as managing the interns.

    She only has 35 credits from that college and a maximum of 45 from outside can be applied to the 180 (?) needed to graduate from Antioch, says the New York Times. She claim she was fast tracked to law school. She testified she worked as a substitute teacher, which sounds like maybe she was not admitted to the bar.


    She sent The Times a screenshot of a transcript showing her with 35 course credits, her department as “BA Completion” and nothing listed under “date conferred” or “degree conferred.” According to the photo, she entered school on Oct. 2, 2000.

    Sammy Finkelman (b4888e)

  113. the china indian war didn’t work out too well in 1962, mind you they didn’t have the nuke till 64

    narciso (7404b5)


    …The records, part of more than 500 pages filed in connection with Ms. Reade’s 1996 divorce in California, do not specifically say that Mr. Biden, the former vice president and presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, was the perpetrator, nor do they allege that she was sexually assaulted, her most recent claim.

    “On several occasions petitioner related a problem that she was having at work regarding sexual harassment in U.S. Senator Joe Biden’s office,” Ms. Reade’s ex-husband, Theodore Dronen, said in a court declaration in which he responded to her request for a temporary restraining order against him…

    …“It was obvious that this event had a very traumatic effect,” he said, according to the court document, arguing that it led her to make exaggerated claims against him, “and that she is still sensitive and effected by it today.” …

    ….In a filing denying many of the claims Ms. Reade made against him, Mr. Dronen cataloged her claims of having been victimized, first by her separated parents and up to her Senate experience — an account he said that she had first told him when they worked in Washington.

    “Petitioner told me that she eventually struck a deal with the chief of staff of the Senator’s office and left her position,” Mr. Dronen said, according to the document. “I was sympathetic to her needs when she asked me for help, and assisted her financially, and allowed her to stay at my apartment with my roommate while she looked for work.”

    Sammy Finkelman (b4888e)

  115. Dana – I am living in a time of anarchy from the top down.

    mg (8cbc69)

  116. Wow, The NYT/WaPo/MSM sure are CURIOUS about Ms. Reade and any skeletons in her past. And they sure were INCURIOUS about Blowsey-Ford’s past. IRC, they were full of “Blowey-Ford’s apolitical, so she’s not doing it for politics” reporting – that was based on nothing – and was proven to be wrong. The were even more incurious about why Feinstein sat on her accusation for weeks, or how Blowsey-Ford wrote the letter and who helped her.

    But that was then. THAT WAS DIFFERENT. Now its a Democrat has been charged, so we’d better go through the accuser’s past and dig up all the dirt. Because we wouldn’t want someone to be falsely accused, would we? Especially, if they’re a Democrat.

    rcocean (846d30)

  117. 112. Paul Montagu (e4f713) — 5/24/2020 @ 8:05 am

    Last week, I saw that Russia vaulted to #2 in reported CV19 cases after spending a couple months of being way down the list, so Putin has been lying about the effect of the virus on his people.

    he champion liar about the number of cases may be Mexico.

    Sammy Finkelman (b4888e)

  118. how goes it in the island kingdom, mg,

    narciso (7404b5)

  119. Its funny how all the Pundits and Columnists and Op-ed writers, who were claimed Blowsey-Ford’s accusation was CREDIBLE, and they BELIEVED HER, because WHY WOULD SHE LIE? Have changed their tune.


    Seriously. What is the POINT of caring what the MSM/WaPo/NYT say about anything? They all march in lockstep, they’re all incredible biased, and now they just make up things and lie on a regular basis. Its like living in the old USSR and trying to tweeze the truth out of Pravda.

    rcocean (846d30)

  120. It doesn’t prove anything about the truth or falsity of her accusation against Kavanaugh, but Blasey-Ford is a professor with an established career history.

    Perhaps there was no reporting about Blasey-Ford claiming to have degrees she didn’t earn, or job titles she didn’t hold, because she hasn’t done so. Just throwing that out there as a possibility.

    Reade, on the other hand, is looking like a grifter who has falsified easily-verifiable information about her background and left behind a trail of people who got burned by trusting her.

    Dave (1bb933)

  121. and now they just make up things and lie on a regular basis

    I’m afraid you’re thinking of someone else.

    Dave (1bb933)

  122. CNN story about Alexandra McCabe, alias Tara Reade:

    As Tara Reade was leaving her job at Joe Biden’s Senate office in 1993, she told a close colleague that she believed she was being let go for an unfair reason — that she was being terminated because of a medical issue she had been dealing with.

    The former colleague, Ben Savage, described this decades-old alleged exchange with Reade in an interview with CNN. He declined to be quoted on the specific medical condition that he said Reade shared with him around that time…..

    …In years past, Reade described reasons for leaving Washington that were unrelated to Biden; she now says she left after being fired from Biden’s office as retaliation for reporting sexual harassment. She has also previously described Biden as having been a good boss, sometimes speaking with pride about having worked for him….

    …According to court records from 1996, Reade claimed that Dronen was abusive to her and their then-15-month-old daughter. She described violent episodes including one altercation that left her bruised. Reade was granted a temporary restraining order against Dronen in 1996.

    …Dronen opposed the order with regards to his daughter and, according to the court documents, denied that he did not care for their daughter. He also denied many of Reade’s statements about his own childhood history. While he acknowledged that he was violent with Reade in February 1996 and said he apologized for that, he did not acknowledge other violent incidents Reade mentioned in her own testimony….

    …Reade told CNN that she received a bachelor of arts degree from Antioch University in Seattle under the auspices of a “protected program,” personally working with the former president of the school to ensure her identity was protected while she obtained credits for her degree. She also said that she was a visiting professor at the school, on and off for five years.

    Presented with this, Karen Hamilton, an Antioch University spokesperson, told CNN that “Alexandra McCabe attended but did not graduate from Antioch University. She was never a faculty member. She did provide several hours of administrative work.”

    An Antioch University official told CNN that such a “protected program” does not exist and never has…

    [She was admitted to the Seattle University School of Law in 2004 through its Alternative Admission Program.]

    ….Reade’s own writings offer yet other reasons for why she left Biden’s office — and ultimately Washington. In one deleted Medium post, she said she “resigned” to pursue acting and writing, and also because she was tired of the US government’s “deception and xenophobia.” In another since deleted post, Reade wrote that she left Washington and returned to the Midwest so her then-boyfriend could manage a congressman’s campaign.

    Asked about these conflicting accounts, Reade said she had written some “stupid blog posts” while working on a novel, and that she wrote conflicting accounts at a time when she “wasn’t ready to talk about Biden.” She said she did not remember writing about the US government’s xenophobia…

    …And a close friend who told CNN and other media outlets this year that Reade had shared with her details of the alleged sexual assault in 1993, said to a Vox reporter last year that Biden “never tried to kiss her directly. He never went for one of those touches.” The friend then told Vox this year that the reason she gave a different account in 2019 was that she had not wanted to betray Reade’s desire at the time to only share the harassment allegation.

    That friend recently offered an additional explanation to CNN. When she insisted a year ago that Biden had never tried to kiss Reade, she had meant that Biden never tried to kiss Reade in front of other staff, she said….

    …. A writer living in Bolivia, Dale said she got to know Reade around 2003. She found Reade’s story of surviving domestic abuse and fleeing her ex-husband so compelling that she wanted to write a book about it. In their many extensive interviews, Dale said, Reade never mentioned sexual harassment or assault allegations against Biden.

    Dale said she and Reade made a satire video last year to try to make light of the backlash.[to hher Medium post about Russia] Dale posed as a reporter interviewing Reade, who played a Russian agent. “I pretend to interview her and she talks about how she vehemently denies being a Russian agent. In the meantime, someone passes her a bowl of caviar and hands her her lunch, a glass of vodka,” Dale said. (The video has since been taken down, Dale said. The YouTube account they created called “Nyet Productions” is still online.)

    Dale said it was only at the end of last year — some six months after Reade first reached out last spring — that Reade told her she had also been sexually assaulted by Biden.

    So that’s when she invented it.

    Sammy Finkelman (b4888e)

  123. There are no questions about CBF educational credentials.

    Yhere might be some questions about how she earned some income, if you looked.

    One of the things she did was fix up scientific papers. That doesn’t sound good.

    Sammy Finkelman (b4888e)

  124. doctors speak up, they may just get disoriented and fall out of windows. Common thing in Russia, it seems.

    CNN or MSNBC had a clip last week in which another dissident doctor implied that those were suicides by MDs overwhelmed by the situation, and not murders by the regime.

    Kishnevi (0acdcd)

  125. rcocean (846d30) — 5/24/2020 @ 8:48 am

    Blasey Ford didn’t come out with two significantly dufferent versions of the event, whereas Reade did. Which means Reade gave everyone a reason to doubt her from the start, unlike Blasey Ford.

    Kishnevi (0acdcd)

  126. CNN or MSNBC had a clip last week in which another dissident doctor implied that those were suicides by MDs overwhelmed by the situation, and not murders by the regime.

    Maybe he has a fear of heights.

    Dave (1bb933)

  127. At least two of the people prosecuted in cases she testified in were women;

    From the New York Times story:

    Roland Soltesz, a criminal defense lawyer, says he believes Ms. Reade’s testimony made a significant difference in the outcome of the 2018 trial of his client Victoria Ramirez. Both Ms. Ramirez and her co-defendant, Jennifer Vasquez, received life sentences for attempted murder, arson and armed robbery.

    Their defense was probably false because two women together doesn’t sound like domestic violence would have anything to do with. The prosecution probably just wanted someone to make an obvious argument.

    She was among about ten people used by Monterrey County. She had been used as an expert for for about nine years. She was running a mobile food pantry for pets (a charity?)

    Sammy Finkelman (b4888e)

  128. CNN or MSNBC had a clip last week in which another dissident doctor implied that those were suicides by MDs overwhelmed by the situation, and not murders by the regime.

    It would seem unwise to say anything but this.

    Dana (0feb77)

  129. 135. To say that they were suicides by MDs overwhelmed by the situation implies an awful lot that goes unsaid, doesn’t it?

    Gryph (08c844)

  130. Kishnevi (0acdcd) — 5/24/2020 @ 9:22 am

    Blasey Ford didn’t come out with two significantly dufferent versions of the event, whereas Reade did.

    Actually she did, but the Democrats obscured that and kept evidence away – and we had Amy Klobuchar asking her questions based on the idea that therapists notes are good evidence which implied that her story didn’t change.

    In her first version, it happened during her “late teens” and there were four boys involved. She later said her therapist got the details wrong.

    Sammy Finkelman (b4888e)

  131. NRO Editors-
    Against Jo Rae Perkins
    On Tuesday, Jo Rae Perkins won the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate in Oregon. The Oregon GOP says it will back her candidacy notwithstanding her associations with the “QAnon” movement. That’s a mistake. Perkins is an unreconstructed exponent of a batty and corrosive conspiracy theory running a longshot campaign that carries only political downside for Republicans. They should do what they can to distance themselves from her candidacy.

    This isn’t a matter of the mainstream media smearing a Republican. Perkins touted the QAnon conspiracy in no uncertain terms until she won the primary. As Oregonians were voting on Tuesday, Perkins uploaded a video to Twitter in which she held up a sticker bearing a QAnon slogan and said, “I stand with Q and the team. Thank you Anons, and thank you patriots. And together, we can save our republic.” Her campaign removed the video, but she later told Oregon Public Broadcasting that she was “bummed” that a consultant “whose job it is to ‘protect’” her had taken the video down. Perkins also said in that interview that she had been following QAnon messages for years, and that the president has secretly signaled to QAnon followers in public appearances.
    Continuing to associate with Jo Rae Perkins would be a political error and more importantly a moral error — and an entirely avoidable one.

    Ripmurdock (32617c)

  132. It would seem unwise to say anything but this.

    “In Russia is freedom of speech. In America is also freedom after speech.”
    – Yakov Smirnoff

    Dave (1bb933)

  133. A second hairstylist who worked while symptomatic potentially exposed 56 clients to Covid-19, officials say

    Two Missouri hairstylists potentially exposed 140 clients to coronavirus when they worked for up to eight days this month while symptomatic, health officials said.

    The Springfield-Greene Health Department announced Saturday that a second hairstylist tested positive for coronavirus, and may have exposed 56 clients at the same Great Clips salon.
    Both stylists had symptoms while at work, officials said. They did not provide details on their conditions or when they tested positive.
    Both stylists worked from the second week of May to Wednesday. The clients and the stylists all wore face coverings, the Health Department said. At the time, businesses like barbershops and hair salons were allowed to operate in the state.

    Ripmurdock (32617c)

  134. on cape cod, narciso.
    full of massholes and debris from new york city!

    mg (8cbc69)

  135. So whoever manages that salon (or owns it, if it’s a franchise) must have turned a blind eye to the situation.

    I tried the local Great Clips twice. Both times it was a very cheap, and not very good, haircut. And I’m not a complicated customer: number 2 razor, even all the way around.

    Kishnevi (0acdcd)

  136. Fox News Poll: Biden tops Trump in Michigan, where Gov. Whitmer is more popular than president
    Majorities of Michigan voters are concerned about coronavirus, think President Trump was too slow reacting to it, and favor waiting to reopen the economy. That contributes to Joe Biden leading the presidential race in a Fox News Poll of Michigan registered voters released Wednesday.

    Biden’s 8-point advantage over Trump, 49-41 percent, is slightly larger than the poll’s margin of sampling error. However, both candidates remain below 50 percent and 10 percent of voters are still up for grabs.

    Trump is preferred among white men (+17 points), white evangelical Christians (+51), and whites without a college degree (+8). In 2016, he won whites without a degree by 31 points.

    The former vice president owes his lead to women (+20 points), non-whites (+63), and voters over age 65 (+19).
    But likeability could be the key. By a 10-point margin, more have a favorable (53 percent) than unfavorable (43 percent) opinion of Biden. Views of Trump are net negative by 8 points (44 favorable, 52 unfavorable).

    Ripmurdock (32617c)

  137. my sister hasn’t missed a day of surfing on the big island

    mg (8cbc69)

  138. @142-
    If you read the article, local authorities had great praise for the salon. But isn’t this what freedom is about, the freedom to take risks? You take your chances in a pandemic.

    Ripmurdock (32617c)


    Ahh the joys of living in socialist California. You think that’s your property? Silly subject.

    NJRob (4d595c)

  140. You may be right about Mexico, Sammy, to a degree. They probably are understating their numbers, but I don’t see them being higher than Iran or India, which would move them from 17th to 12th.

    Paul Montagu (e4f713)

  141. More on Brazil here. That HCQ plan by Bolsonaro is really paying off.

    Paul Montagu (e4f713)

  142. @146 why is it that no one knows what communism is any more? I don’t like it, it MUST BE COMMUNISM. EVERYTHING I DON’T LIKE IS COMMUNISM!! What he’s complaining about is having the police overly interested in his business. That would be a police state, not “communism”.

    Of course then he would be in agreement with the idiot I was arguing with elsewhere yesterday about recreational drug use (no) and how OMG it’s a police state that the country doesn’t provide fresh needles, a place to use, and good quality heroin because people should have the right to get high (no) and I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t be pleased with that.

    Nic (896fdf)

  143. “ Actually she did, but the Democrats obscured that and kept evidence away”

    Everyone saying CBF was more believable also keeps omitting that everyone she named as a witness to the crime couldn’t even remember the party it supposedly happened at, much less a crime.

    Interesting that the msm never writes articles comparing Biden’s and Kavanaugh’s patterns of creepy behavior.

    harkin (8f4a6f)

  144. Trump, in Michigan: ‘We’re not going to close the country’ if there’s a 2nd wave of coronavirus cases

    President Trump acknowledged Thursday that there could be a second wave of the coronavirus epidemic later this year, but flatly stated he wouldn’t let any further outbreaks shutter the economy again.

    “People say that’s a very distinct possibility,” Trump said when asked a possible second wave while in Michigan. “It’s standard. And, we’re going put out the fires. We’re not going to close the country.”

    Not that he has any power to open or close, especially since he has surrendered dealing with pandemic to the states.

    Ripmurdock (32617c)

  145. Despite Trump opposition, it’s ‘difficult to tell’ if country may need to close again: Birx
    As Americans continue to emerge from quarantines and stay-at-home orders amid the coronavirus pandemic, President Donald Trump declared this week that “we are not closing our country” if the United States is hit by a second wave of infections.

    But in an interview on ABC’s “This Week” Sunday, one of the leaders of the government’s response to the virus, said it is “difficult to tell” whether such a step may be necessary.

    “We’re trying to understand during this period of coming out of the closure: How do we maintain openness and safety? And I think that’s what we’re going to be learning through May, June and July,” said Dr. Deborah Birx, the White House coronavirus response coordinator.

    Ripmurdock (32617c)

  146. Rick Scott says he’s fine with absentee voting as long as laws prevent fraud
    “ I think as long as you can do it safely, and as long as you can make sure there’s no fraud, we ought to be able to do absentee ballots like we do it in Florida,” Scott said Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union.” “If you follow the law, and you enforce the law, and you set up the laws the right way you can do it.”

    Ripmurdock (32617c)

  147. North Carolina Reports Highest Daily Coronavirus Infection Increase as State Enters Phase 2 of Reopening
    North Carolina reported its highest number of new confirmed cases in a single day Saturday, as the state enters phase two of reopening.

    The state saw 1,017 new confirmed coronavirus cases reported, according to a press release by the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services, bringing the total confirmed cases to 22,725.
    North Carolina saw an increase of nine deaths since Governor Roy Cooper’s briefing, bringing the total number of deaths to 737, according the health department’s website. The state also has 589 patients with COVID-19 who are currently hospitalized.

    The report comes after North Carolina entered into phase two of its three-phased approach to reopen the economy Friday, after spending two weeks in phase one. Cooper and Cohen announced the phase two protocols in a statement Wednesday

    Ripmurdock (32617c)

  148. Well, the mystery is solved, at least if you can believe what the usual sieves — those courageously anonymous “former U.S. officials” — have told their notetakers at the Washington Post. As I surmised in last weekend’s column, Michael Flynn was not “unmasked” in connection with his controversial phone call with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak. He was never masked in the first place. The Post reported that on Wednesday afternoon.

    Meanwhile, the Post is leading the media–Democrat effort to contort the fact that many Republicans were wrong in assuming Flynn had been unmasked prior to his name’s being leaked to the Post in early 2017 into a storyline that those Republicans must have been wrong to claim the leak was illegal. To the contrary, the leak is a felony, regardless of whether an American’s identity should have been concealed. Information collected under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) is classified. The point of classifying information is to keep all of it concealed, not just the names.

    Though I was right that Flynn was never masked in connection with the Kislyak call on December 29, 2016, I was off the mark in hypothesizing that the conversation may be been intercepted by an intelligence agency other than the FBI — perhaps the CIA or a foreign intelligence service. Sadly, this owes to my giving the FBI the benefit of the doubt: Had Flynn been picked up on a FISA surveillance of which he was not the target (i.e., a surveillance of Kislyak), I reasoned that the FBI would have masked his identity under statutorily required “minimization instructions.” Indeed, we now know that Flynn’s identity was masked (and then unmasked) dozens of times before and after December 29, precisely because the government knew those minimization rules applied to him.

    Alas, in this as in so much else throughout the Trump–Russia farce, the Bureau played fast and loose with the rules. When investigators are so inclined, it turns out the privacy vouchsafed by the minimization rules is illusory. FBI officials — if they thought about it at all — figured Flynn need not be masked because they did not see him as an innocent American incidentally caught up in foreign surveillance. They purported to suspect that he was a clandestine agent of Russia.

    Of course, they had no proof of that. And they knew they had no proof. That’s why they never sought a FISA-court warrant targeting Flynn. Doing so would have required showing probable cause that he was an operative of Russia; and as to Flynn, they didn’t even have a fabulist “dossier” to rely on for such a smear…

    Colonel Haiku (2601c0)

  149. Good tune for a relaxing Sunday afternoon…

    Colonel Haiku (2601c0)

  150. food lines, bloc committees, (you might call them next door in your neck of the woods) hyperaggressive police enforcers, just three that come to mind,

    narciso (7404b5)

  151. I wasn’t familiar with that one, coronello, I knew casbah and London calling,

    narciso (7404b5)

  152. You’ll like the melody, the instruments, and the voice, even if you don’t understand the lyrics.

    The words were good
    Good and honorable
    Golden the cross
    With no chain

    Open the window
    And let in May’s cool breeze
    We headed for elsewhere
    And elsewhere life is taking us

    For crying out loud, you guys, we’re still alive, aren’t we?

    nk (1d9030)

  153. Headline I was not expecting:


    harkin (8f4a6f)

  154. Not that he has any power to open or close, especially since he has surrendered dealing with pandemic to the states.

    Look, for America we are not looking for a second wave, the first wave hasn’t even happened yet, it’s still rolling along. It has broken in NYC metro, but it’s still building all around the country.

    Now once the first wave breaks, a second will build, but the first one isn’t over.

    Colonel Klink (Ret) (305827)


    In 2014, Trump attacked Obama for playing golf when there were a total of two (2) Ebola cases in the US, saying “it sends the wrong signal” and that Obama should have given up golf “to really focus on the job.”

    Well alright then.

    Dave (1bb933)

  156. 158… they have a wealth of great songs, narciso!

    Colonel Haiku (2601c0)

  157. Now once the first wave breaks, a second will build, but the first one isn’t over.

    It’s a hard rain’s a-gonna fall.

    Dave (1bb933)

  158. Spreading fear and doubt wherever, whenever…

    Colonel Haiku (2601c0)

  159. Well, the Libertarian Party nominated Jo Jorgenson as their nominee for president. She’s a psychology lecturer and was the vice-presidential nominee in 1996. No word yet on who the LP will nominate for vice-president this year, as the delegates are still voting.

    Does it matter? Not really, Jorgenson has zero chance of winning the general election. She’ll be lucky to get 1% of the vote. The Libertarian Party should have embraced Amash, but they didn’t. He could have gotten at least 3% of the vote. I would have donated and voted for him.

    Now I am a man without a party. I can not and will not vote for Trump or Biden. A vote for Jorgenson would be a protest vote, but I can’t reasonably vote for her either. I’ve been a libertarian all of my life, since I was fifteen, but the Libertarian Party always lets me down.

    So I have no one to vote for this year. I will vote at the city, county and state level, but at the federal level there is no one I can support. Trumpism has corrupted everything.

    Today is my birthday. You only turn 59 once, so last week I stocked up on Omaha Steaks, Jack Daniel’s and Marlboro Lights (soft pack). Tonight I’m having filet mignon and stuffed baked potatoes.

    The ideal way to grill a steak is over an open fire, with charcoal and mesquite wood chips. That option is no longer available, because the last time I tried it someone called the fire department. All of this smoke coming out of my patio, these firemen burst in. I was just grilling a steak, so they left.

    Never again. I could broil these steaks, but that’s not my style. Pan seer in a cast iron skillet, with a little oil, lots of butter, salt and pepper, onion, garlic, and green pepper. Maybe add some sautéed mushrooms on the side, along with some steamed broccoli and carrots. Or just some canned green beans or corn.

    I don’t know, I don’t care. What I do know is that I have to prepare a meal. It will be a nice meal.

    So what all of you Trumpfranatics are out there spouting, doesn’t mean a thing to me.

    Gawain's Ghost (b25cd1)

  160. That’s the spirit, Gawain’s Ghost!

    nk (1d9030)

  161. Happy Birthday GG. I hope your steaks turn out great!

    Nic (896fdf)

  162. the previews for tenet, look interesting, figuring that Nolan has a twist or two up his sleeve, no Westworld ended up a burning dumpsterfire,

    narciso (7404b5)

  163. Florida family grieves as Trump spreads debunked conspiracy theory to attack MSNBC host
    A little after 8 a.m. on July 20, 2001, a couple arriving for an appointment opened an unlocked front door at an office in the Florida panhandle town of Fort Walton Beach and discovered a woman lying on the floor, dead. Her name was Lori Kaye Klausutis and she was just 28.

    The police said they found no signs of foul play. The medical examiner concluded her lonely death was an accident. She had fainted, the result of a heart condition, and hit her head on a desk, he said.
    “ A lot of interest in this story about Psycho Joe Scarborough,” Trump tweeted Sunday, the latest in a string of recent tweets on the matter in which the president has unleashed a torrent of false allegations, mischaracterizations and baseless rumors. “So a young marathon runner just happened to faint in his office, hit her head on his desk, & die? I would think there is a lot more to this story than that? An affair? What about the so-called investigator?”

    A day earlier, Trump claimed without evidence that the case was now a “big topic of discussion in Florida,” calling Scarborough a “Nut Job (with bad ratings)” and declaring to his followers: “Keep digging, use forensic geniuses!” In a tweet earlier last week, Trump mused: “Did he get away with murder? Some people think so.”

    No one in Klausutis’s family would talk about Trump’s tweets for this article, fearing retaliation by online trolls of the type who went after parents of the Sandy Hook massacre victims. ……..
    The attacks from Trump come as the country’s death toll from the virus nears the 100,000 mark and the ensuing economic devastation worsens. As criticism of Trump’s handling of the crisis has mounted, he has turned to his Twitter feed to air grievances and settle scores. He has baselessly accused a stream of perceived opponents of committing crimes, including illegal espionage and election rigging.
    Trump’s tweets offer a reminder of the remarkable nature of the Trump era — that a sitting president can traffic in incendiary and false allegations while the political world around him remains largely silent, accustomed to Trump’s modern-day definition of presidential behavior. …… A White House spokesman declined to comment.

    Rip Murdock (32617c)

  164. Trump’s pitch to voters: Trust me, economy will soar in 2021
    “It’s a transition to greatness,” Trump says over and over, predicting a burgeoning economy come the fall. “You’re going to see some great numbers in the fourth quarter, and you’re going to end up doing a great year next year.”

    His chief economic adviser, Larry Kudlow, echoes the wait-until-next-year sentiment, holding out hope for a “big bang 2021.”

    It’s a delayed-reward tactic Trump was using long before the global pandemic gut-punched the country. He has turned to it with new urgency as the coronavirus has robbed him of the booming economy that was to be the core of his reelection message.

    Trump had already pledged to finally release a Republican health care plan after the polls closed — despite having served more than three years in office — along with a postelection tax cut and a “Phase 2” trade deal with China.
    “Unfortunately, I think it’s likely to be double-digit unemployment through the end of this year,” Rosengren told CBS’ “Face the Nation.” To bring back the low jobless levels seen at the end of last February, he said it would probably take a vaccine or “other medical innovations that make it much less risky to go out.”
    Economists, however, warn that the “snap back” Trump’s advisers have been talking up is unlikely, given the severity of the recession. It will take years for the economy to recover, according to the Congressional Budget Office.

    Rip Murdock (32617c)

  165. 160. Found in he ruins of the Berlin zoo in 1946 and taken to the Moscow zoo. A rumor spread as to what it was. But it was just an animal that had been in the Berlin zoo since it was shipped from the United States in the 1930s.

    Sammy Finkelman (d542b2)

  166. Court upholds Newsom’s coronavirus ban on in-person church services in California
    The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld Gov. Gavin Newsom’s ban on in-person church services, in a split ruling that landed Friday night and is likely to further anger pastors who claim that California is trampling on religious freedoms.

    The South Bay United Pentecostal Church in San Diego cannot reopen immediately, the two judges in the majority wrote in their order, because in this case “constitutional standards that would normally govern our review of a Free Exercise claim should not be applied.”

    “We’re dealing here with a highly contagious and often fatal disease for which there presently is no known cure. In the words of Justice Robert Jackson, if a “[c]ourt does not temper its doctrinaire logic with a little practical wisdom, it will convert the constitutional Bill of Rights into a suicide pact,’” they wrote.

    Rip Murdock (32617c)

  167. Happy birthday, Gawain’s Ghost. Enjoy your feast.

    Dana (0feb77)

  168. “ Trump’s tweets offer a reminder of the remarkable nature of the Trump era — that a sitting president can traffic in incendiary and false allegations while the political world around him remains largely silent”

    Now do the ‘Benghazi was about a video’ President’s minions pushing the collusion hoax while the political and media world cheered them on.

    harkin (8f4a6f)

  169. Buon appetito, G.G.

    mg (8cbc69)

  170. I’m Joe Biden and I need your help to beat Joe Biden.” -joe biden

    mg (8cbc69)

  171. “ But it was just an animal that had been in the Berlin zoo since it was shipped from the United States in the 1930s.”

    Kinda strange – most nazi reptiles who survived ended up in S America.

    harkin (8f4a6f)

  172. 147. In both Mexixo and India suspected carriers of coronavirus are attacked on the streets. In India., it can be various kinds of many non-Hindus, particularly Muslims, but it can be anyone suspected of having had contact with an infected person. This is probably partially because of organized lying that builds on truth.

    In Mexico, it’s people who work in hospitals. like nurses.

    MEXICO CITY — The senior nurse went on national television to make a plea on behalf of her fellow health care workers: Please stop assaulting us.

    Nurses working under her auspices had been viciously attacked around Mexico at least 21 times, accused of spreading the coronavirus. Many were no longer wearing their uniforms as they traveled to or from work for fear of being hurt, said the official, Fabiana Zepeda Arias, chief of nursing programs for Mexico’s Social Security Institute.

    “We can save your lives,” she said, addressing the assailants. “Please help us take care of you, and for that we need you to take care of us.”

    In many cities, doctors, nurses and other health care workers have been celebrated with choruses of applause and cheers from windows and rooftops for providing the front-line defense against the pandemic….

    Not everywhere.

    In the Philippines, attackers doused a nurse with bleach, blinding him. In India, a group of medical workers was chased by a stone-throwing mob.

    In Pakistan, a nurse and her children were evicted from their apartment building.

    Dozens of attacks on health care workers have been reported in Mexico, where intense outbreaks among hospital staff of Covid-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, have unnerved residents and members of the medical community alike. Scores of doctors and nurses have fallen ill in several hospitals around the country, and widespread demonstrations have erupted among health care workers complaining about inadequate protective equipment.

    Nurses in the state of Jalisco reported being blocked from public transportation because of their occupation. A nurse in Culiacán, the capital of the state of Sinaloa in Mexico’s northwest, said she was drenched with chlorine while walking along the street…..

    Sammy Finkelman (0cf810)

  173. #171 Trump didn’t “Spread a conspiracy theory”. He said an article about the death was “interesting” and said “people should read it”. Judas priest, the left/liberal press is getting so boring. Now everything they don’t like is a “Conspiracy theory” while everything they do like – like Trump Russia – is NOT a conspiracy theory. No, we need to look into THAT.

    Everything in the Press and put out by liberals/leftists on twitter and social media is motivated by one thing: Orange Man bad. BORING!

    rcocean (846d30)

  174. What the actual numbers in Mexico put it I don’t know, but the president of Mexico is lying about it.

    Mexicans Against Corruption and Impunity says it found 4,577 cases in the Mexican capital in which death certificates linked the coronavirus to fatalities between March 18, when the country’s first coronavirus-related death was confirmed, and May 12.

    The official number of confirmed and suspected COVID-19 deaths in Mexico City during that period was 1,060 — less than one-quarter of the cases cited in the new report. Mexicans Against Corruption and Impunity said it was opting to go with a more conservative estimate of a toll at least three times greater than the official numbers….

    ….Mexican health officials have long recognized that official tallies don’t capture the totality of coronavirus-related cases. That is the case in many countries, Mexican authorities note.

    But the magnitude of the disparity in Mexico has become a matter of intense debate and has drawn fire from Lopez Obrador, who has denied that authorities are “hiding the dead.”

    Sammy Finkelman (7b1b59)

  175. 171.

    “So a young marathon runner just happened to faint in his office, hit her head on his desk, & die? I would think there is a lot more to this story than that? An affair? What about the so-called investigator?”

    If they got the cause of death somewhat wrong, it doesn’t mean Joe Scarborough killed her. He wasn’t there. It happens sometimes with athletes when they have an undetected defect in their heart.

    Sammy Finkelman (7b1b59)

  176. What did Joe Biden forget, and when did he forget it?

    Colonel Haiku (2601c0)

  177. Thank you all for your well wishes, and yes I will enjoy a feast. I happen to be a very good cook, so these steaks will turn out magnificent. I would rather cook them on an open grill, but that’s not an option anymore. So I perfected the cast iron pan seer method.

    It is Memorial Day, what a coincidence. A lot of war movies on TV. I think Patton is the best, but I’ll wait for Kelly’s Heroes, because that’s my favorite.

    Of all the anti-war protest songs, this was the best.

    Gawain's Ghost (b25cd1)

  178. Trump didn’t “Spread a conspiracy theory”.


    “So a young marathon runner just happened to faint in his office, hit her head on his desk, & die? I would think there is a lot more to this story than that? An affair? What about the so-called investigator?”

    Dave (1bb933)

  179. 184. at the Yahoo-sponsored virtual town-hall gathering:

    According to this New York Post writer, he forgot the word “coronavirus,” forgot the size of the 2009 stimulus bill (was off by a factor of 10) and forgot it was no longer the Twentieth Century.

    Also said “I don’t recall” when asked about an inspector general fired when he was vice president.

    I don’t know how fair that is.

    Sammy Finkelman (7b1b59)

  180. Now do the ‘Benghazi was about a video’ President’s minions pushing the collusion hoax while the political and media world cheered them on.
    Wrong election. Like Trump himself, his minions long for the past.

    Rip Murdock (32617c)

  181. If they got the cause of death somewhat wrong, it doesn’t mean Joe Scarborough killed her. He wasn’t there. It happens sometimes with athletes when they have an undetected defect in their heart.

    Apparently she wasn’t a marathon runner, like the rest of tweet, Trump just made it up.

    Rip Murdock (32617c)

  182. (Trump) said an article about the death was “interesting” and said “people should read it”.

    Trump was being his usual passive aggressive self. He also didn’t cite a particular story, he’s made the “story” as he goes along.

    Rip Murdock (32617c)

  183. On weekend dedicated to war dead, Trump tweets insults, promotes baseless claims and plays golf
    As the death toll in the novel coronavirus pandemic neared 100,000 Americans this Memorial Day weekend, President Trump derided and insulted perceived enemies and promoted a baseless conspiracy theory, in between rounds of golf.

    In a flurry of tweets and retweets Saturday and Sunday, Trump mocked former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams’s weight, ridiculed the looks of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and called former Democratic presidential rival Hillary Clinton a “skank.”
    He made little mention of the sacrifice Americans honor on Memorial Day or the grim toll of the virus.

    In fact, Trump’s barrage of social media attacks stood in sharp contrast to a sober reality on a weekend for mourning military dead — the number of Americans whose lives have been claimed by the coronavirus has eclipsed the combined total of U.S. deaths from wars in Vietnam, the Persian Gulf, Iraq and Afghanistan.
    Although Trump on Friday had called for worshipers to return to church in person this holiday weekend, Trump himself did not. He played golf on Sunday morning.

    Rip Murdock (32617c)

  184. “ Wrong election. Like Trump himself, his minions long for the past.”

    Nice to know the ‘Trump Era’ isn’t so remarkable after all.

    harkin (8f4a6f)

  185. Crowds pack venues in Missouri’s Lake of the Ozarks, ignoring social distancing

    Vacationers flocked to the Lake of the Ozarks over the holiday weekend, flouting social distancing guidelines as they packed into yacht clubs, outdoor bars and resort pools in the Missouri tourist hot spot.

    Images of the revelry rippled across social media, showing people eating, drinking and swimming in close quarters. In one picture shared by the news station KSDK, dozens of people could be seen crammed on an outdoor patio underneath a sign reading, “Please practice social distancing.”
    In videos shared widely on social media, people could be seen lined up outside Backwater Jack’s, waiting to enter the already packed bar and grill.

    “Corona-free,” one man in line shouted in as the camera panned to him.

    The waterfront establishment hosted a pool party Saturday called “Zero Ducks Given” that featured DJs and live bands. A Facebook page described the event as a summer kickoff party and showed nearly 400 people had attended.

    A representative from Backwater Jack’s did not immediately respond to a request for comment Sunday. The event organizer said in a May 7 Facebook post the venue had “worked with and taken the advice of government officials and management teams and will be following social distancing guidelines,” adding, “extra precautions and safety measures will be taken.”

    I’m glad to see Missourians (and all those others packed together at the beach). This is what freedom looks like, the right to take a risk. I’m also sure we see stories about spikes in COVID-19 cases in Missouri, Texas, etc. PARTY ON!

    Rip Murdock (32617c)

  186. Double-time tomorrow, Rip?

    Colonel Haiku (2601c0)

  187. ““When they arrived, I was at home alone since my husband had left to run some errands right after I walked in the door. (It as only later that I realized the FBI agents had probably already been waiting outside our house, parked out of sight, and only phoned when they saw me drive in and my husband drive out.)

    I asked the agents if I needed to have a lawyer present, or have someone with me to take notes. They said while they couldn’t tell me not to have a lawyer present, the only thing they wanted from me was to get a sense of what happened during the transition and at Trump Tower. I naively took them at their word. Nevertheless, I called my husband and asked that he come home . . .

    As with the three previous FBI interviews, I found the challenge was in following their format. They would ask rapid fire questions, switching back and forth from one topic to another, and one time period to another, and then circle back to the same questions again, but worded slightly differently. I forced myself to remain on high alert for hours on end, knowing that one slip-up might prove fatal.

    After these general topics they zeroed in on what I had done hour by hour, sometimes minute by minute, during four specific days—the day before Obama imposed sanctions, the day the White House officially sanctioned Russia, the day Putin announced the Russian response, and the day afterward when Flynn called me after I returned home to Long Island to say the Russian Ambassador told him their call had made a difference in Russia’s response. Who did I talk to at Mar-a-Lago? On the Transition team? On the outside? What did we discuss? Why did I call them?

    They subpoenaed me to appear before their staffers in February 2019, the week my husband was scheduled for surgery for aggressive prostate cancer in New York. Only after my lawyers provided them with signed letters from doctors and surgeons did they agree to a three-week delay. When my husband’s post-surgical recovery developed complications, Giuffra [her attorney] asked if we could delay the interview again. They refused. Giuffra asked if we could conduct the interview in New York, which they had originally offered to do. They refused. We offered to have the interview conducted via video conference, or with written questions—all under oath—so I could remain in New York with my husband during this period. They again refused.”“

    McFarland had to fly to Washington with her attorneys to comply. Prior to that interview, the FBI confirmed that she was no longer just a fact witness and recommended she get legal counsel. Once they charged Gen. Flynn, they lost interest in her. She was never accused of anything“

    The Revolting Inquisition of K.T. McFarland

    harkin (8f4a6f)

  188. Federal judge guts Florida law requiring felons to pay fines before they can vote
    A federal judge has gutted a Florida state law requiring felons to pay all court fines and fees before they can register to vote, clearing the way for thousands of Floridians to register in time for the November presidential election.
    The law, critics said, had made it virtually impossible for most felons to register, either because of an inability to pay or because the state offered no way for them to know what they owed or whether they had already paid.

    U.S. District Judge Robert L. Hinkle agreed, likening the restrictive legislation to a tax and concluding that the state had not created a system that would allow felons to identify their financial obligations.

    “The Twenty-Fourth Amendment precludes Florida from conditioning voting in federal elections on payment of these fees and costs,” wrote Hinkle, who was appointed to the federal bench by President Bill Clinton, referring to the constitutional amendment that bans poll taxes.
    Hinkle’s order requires the state to tell felons whether they are eligible to vote and what they owe. It also requires the state to allow any felon to register if they are not given an answer within 21 days. No one will face perjury charges for registering and voting through this process, he ordered.
    Amendment 4 passed with 65 percent of the vote in November 2018, attracting support from across the political spectrum, including from the ACLU, the League of Women Voters, groups backed by the libertarian Koch network and the Christian Coalition.

    Rip Murdock (32617c)

  189. My bro reports from Scottsdale…

    Drove north to Cave Creek today and there were biker bars full of people on top of each other with no thought of social distancing 🤪
    Went to Maestro’s and Eddie V’s and they had everything dialed in with new guidelines-Both said they can only fill to 40% and you even hv to make a reservation to sit in the bar
    Felt weird but still enjoyed it… probably 300 motorcycles between the 3 bars… A lot of 🇺🇸 and Trumpers.”

    Colonel Haiku (2601c0)

  190. GOP lawmaker calls on Trump to stop promoting Scarborough conspiracy theory: ‘It will destroy us’

    Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.) called on President Trump to stop promoting the “completely unfounded conspiracy” theory regarding the death of an intern for MSNBC “Morning Joe” anchor Joe Scarborough, a former Republican congressman from Florida.

    The president on Sunday morning urged his followers in a tweet to read an article from conservative website True Pundit, which claimed that evidence showed foul play in the death of Lori Klausutis, 28, in 2001.

    “Just stop,” Kinzinger responded said. “Stop spreading it, stop creating paranoia. It will destroy us.”

    Yeah, like that will happen.

    Rip Murdock (32617c)

  191. mr. president donald trump, whose Sexually Dangerous Person Act restraining order only prohibits him from going within 1,000 feet of a poultry farm, knows a lot about murder investigations

    his uncle watched an episode of Columbo

    nk (1d9030)

  192. The Bolivian orchestra stranded in a German castle

    “The breathing techniques required to play these instruments for a few hours put you in a kind of trance,” says Miguel Cordoba, who plays the siku flute.

    But as soon as the rehearsal finishes they are all too aware of how their life has changed. Because they are not rehearsing back home in La Paz, Bolivia, but in the shadow of a German castle where they have been stranded for 73 days.

    The musicians, most of whom have never left Bolivia before, were expecting to spend just over a fortnight this spring touring east Germany’s concert halls.

    Instead they are holed up in the buildings and grounds of the sprawling estate of Rheinsberg Palace, a moated castle which has been home to generations of German royalty and aristocracy, an hour and a half’s drive northwest of Berlin.
    Germany’s ban on mass gatherings was swiftly followed by a full lockdown, meaning the musicians are only allowed to roam as far as the forest that lines the perimeter of the estate.
    So their free time is spent rehearsing in the nearly 600-year-old palace grounds and exploring the surrounding woodland, home to 23 packs of wolves.

    Only on Monday did they get the chance to step inside the castle for the first time as tours for the public reopened.

    Rip Murdock (32617c)

  193. Wasn’t that a movie with Charlton Heston and Maximilian Schell?

    nk (1d9030)

  194. glass of H2O/media complex/2020

    mg (8cbc69)

  195. 194… by the Book, harkin.

    Colonel Haiku (2601c0)

  196. Apparently she wasn’t a marathon runner, like the rest of tweet, Trump just made it up.

    There was the other small thing that Scarborough was a thousand miles to the north at the time.

    Oh, wait, convenient…

    Colonel Klink (Ret) (305827)

  197. From a medical examiner caught playing (what were the name of those 19th century organ snatchers and sent to prison in 2012.

    Narciso (7404b5)

  198. Orange Man bad. BORING!

    Right. “Orange Man bad” is the most boring and vapid reply to criticism of Trump.
    It’s also a slander against orange, becasue Trump’s orange is fake.

    The real Orange man is definitely good.

    Radegunda (89f220)

  199. Breaking-

    Administration leaves testing responsibility to states in report to Congress
    In a report to Congress, the Trump administration is pledging to buy 100 million swabs by the year’s end and distribute them to states to help expand the nation’s capacity to test for the novel coronavirus.

    The report, delivered on the Sunday deadline lawmakers had set for federal health officials to submit a national testing strategy, doubles down on the administration’s stance that individual states, not the federal government, should bear primary responsibility for carrying out diagnostic tests to help curb the pandemic.
    The administration’s testing plan says every state should aim to test at least 2 percent of its population in May and June. The document, however, lists the testing targets each state reported to federal officials for May, totaling 12.9 million tests nationwide, rather than laying out goals the federal government is calling on each state to meet.
    And in keeping with the portrayal by Trump and others in his administration that the pandemic is under control, the document says that epidemiologists and public health organizations have said that if 10 percent of tests are positive for the virus over the course of a week, that is “enough to assure broad coverage of the population.” It says that 41 states already have achieved that goal.
    The new report, prepared by the Department of Health and Human Services, elaborates on a blueprint the White House released last month for increasing the nation’s capacity for coronavirus testing. That 11-page document, released April 27, also placed responsibility primarily on states, saying the federal government’s role would be to “provide strategic direction and technical assistance,” while regulating tests and testing equipment. The government would “act as supplier of last resort,” it said.

    The blueprint said, for instance, that it was up to each state to devise a testing plan; determine where people could get tested; and monitor and seek to contain outbreaks. The private sector also had a role, developing new tests, getting them approved by federal regulators, and speeding up production of the tests and needed materials — all features of the strategy HHS submitted to Congress Sunday, as well.

    Trump avoiding responsibility again, while at same time carping from the sidelines.

    Rip Murdock (32617c)

  200. “Just stop,” Kinzinger responded said. “Stop spreading it, stop creating paranoia. It will destroy us.”

    This is the same obscure Cuckservative who refused to endorse Trump in 2016. He was A-Ok with Hillary, despite running as an R Congressman. According to the ACU he’s a 60-40 Conservative and he’s from Illinois. Yeah, Illinois the land of the RINO and the corrupt Pol. The best thing to do, even if disagree with Trump about this, is to simply shut up and say nothing publicly. That’s what the D’s do. But the R party ALWAYS has mavericks. Always has RINO’s. Always has Grandstanders that love that sweet, wonderful Media attention that comes from bashing another Republican.

    BTW, I love how the media is now getting very click-baity in their headlines. Instead of saying “Kascih/Romney/Kizinger/Collins” etc. attack Trump. Its “Republican(s) attack Trump” making you click on it to see who it is. And 95% of the time, its just the same old goofy Never-trumpers that have been attacking Trump off and on since August 2015.

    rcocean (846d30)

  201. @205-
    1. Who cares, not our fight.
    2. Long history between the two countries.
    3. A war between these two overpopulated countries could be a good thing.

    Rip Murdock (32617c)

  202. And I love Kizinger’s “logic”. Trump is “Tearing us apart”. So, the way to “Bring us together” is to viciously attack Trump in a tweet. LOL! Meanwhile, he’s said almost ZERO about “Mourning Joe and Miss Mika” atacking Trump 24/7/365 since Jan 2017. All these Never Trump scolds never get around to attacking the other side.

    rcocean (846d30)

  203. ….. viciously attack Trump in a tweet. …..


    Rip Murdock (32617c)

  204. #208 Yeah, yeah. yawn. If trump interferes with the Governor’s he’s a “Dictator” and if he’s hands-off Trump he’s “avoiding responsibility”.

    If something goes wrong Orange man is to blame. If things go right, Orange man is claiming credit he doesn’t deserve. Orange man always bad.

    rcocean (846d30)

  205. Seriously, in the “viciousness” competition Trump has no peer.

    You should be so proud.

    Rip Murdock (32617c)

  206. 100,000 Americans dead in less than three months, and the orange baboon is chattering to his pack about a suspicious death that exists only in his sick mind. And no guys in white jackets with a butterfly net to take him to a padded room. The system is broken.

    nk (1d9030)

  207. @215-
    There is no provision in the Constitution that prevents Trump from asserting federal authority in what is clearly a national (and international) problem. Instead he focuses on issues (like demanding churches are essential) that clearly has no authority. It is willful blindness on Trump’s part, to escape blame while at same time blaming others. It is his CDC that screwed up, from creating testing kits to tracking COVID-19 cases. This is a millstone around his neck.

    Rip Murdock (32617c)

  208. — Mommy, why is President Trump orange?

    — Well, you see, dear, President Trump owns a place called Lago-al-Mar.
    .. Lago-al-Mar is in Florida.
    .. Florida is famous for its oranges.
    .. Oranges are fruits.
    .. They put fruits in fruitcakes.
    .. President Trump is a fruitcake.
    .. So that’s why President Trump is orange.

    — Tee-hee! Mommy! What kind of logic is that?

    — Trumpkin logic, honey. Trumpkin logic.

    nk (1d9030)

  209. In a report to Congress, the Trump administration is pledging to buy 100 million swabs by the year’s end and distribute them to states to help expand the nation’s capacity to test for the novel coronavirus.

    By Dec 31st, awesome, and to date they’ve delivered…12. Million right? No, Billion, definitely Billion…uh, 12, a dozen, 2 hands and your big toes.

    10 out of 10, perfect.
    for this season. Our school couldn’t

    Colonel Klink (Ret) (305827)

  210. James Woods and other Trump fanatics debating the morality of Trump spreading bizarre conspiracy theories about some dude on TV are missing the point.

    Trump is up all night spazzing out about something irrelevant while his job is a dumpster fire. The pandemic, the economy, the nuclear weapons test, foreign policy, the military, the election. He is effing everything up.

    Trump is up all night spazzing out about some weird dream he had about his critic because his apple-sauce dementia brain is trying to escape reality.

    We see this all the time with kids.

    Dustin (d59cff)

  211. Obviously, even when Biden’s at his very teleprompter best, anyone can see he’s mentally deteriorated. I’ve never been a fan but even if I were I’d admit he’s not up to it anymore. And though I think the Trump fanatic zeal to prove Tara Reade right is a slap in the face to sexual assault victims, we see Biden behave creepy towards women. That problem is also real. And his racial snafu the other day hints at the worst traditions of old-school politics.

    All Biden has going for him is that he is probably willing to shut up and let professionals manage decisions. Things would be more stable. Your family will get jobs again. Maybe we start managing the pandemic better. The graft and corruption would still be there. Instead of Kushner we get Lerner. It’s not a distinction I actually care about. They aren’t different except in style.

    All Trump had to do to win was show he can get his ego out of the way when the pandemic starts. Sadly, by fixating on the short term DOW he actually badly damaged the economy. By fixating on hiding corruption he’s badly damaged many other things.

    If only they could both lose (and no I don’t mean via that libertarian nominee).

    The GOP needs to find a way to get Trump to drop out. Let’s get Trump to appoint himself to RBG’s seat. Think guys: just as funny and he’s only got a couple years left anyway.

    Dustin (d59cff)

  212. @181 That would require such a high level of willing suspension of disbelief to even read, much less say that it tips entirely over into being an untruthful statement.

    Nic (896fdf)

  213. The GOP needs to find a way to get Trump to drop out. Let’s get Trump to appoint himself to RBG’s seat. Think guys: just as funny and he’s only got a couple years left anyway.

    He would have a tantrum when told that as the junior justice he’s the one who makes the coffee, etc. And think of the Twitter storms when they wouldn’t let him pretend he wrote the majority opinion.

    Kishnevi (5d142d)

  214. And we have a Libertarian VP nominee
    Per Wikipedia

    Spike Cohen is an American politician and owner of Muddied Water Media, who is currently the Libertarian Party’s nominee for Vice President of the United States in the 2020 election.[1] Originally chosen as Vermin Supreme’s running mate, he was chosen as Jo Jorgensen’s running mate due to the libertarian rules not pegging the vice presidential ticket to the presidential ticket. He is running on a platform promoting Free Ponies, Mandatory Tooth Brushing, Zombie Power, Killing Baby Hitler, and anarchy. He promises that should these not be achieved within the first 100 days of his vice presidency, he will resign and be replaced with baby Yoda from the Star Wars trilogy.[2]

    But how can a real libertarian be for Mandatory Tooth Brushing?

    Kishnevi (5d142d)

  215. And to think that I ever said a bad thing about Ann Coulter …

    3 years ago, a complete moron of a president told NBC’s Lester Holt, “I was going to fire Comey. … [W]hen I decided to just do it I said to myself, I said, ‘You know, this Russia thing with Trump and Russia is a made-up story.'” BAM! SPECIAL PROSECUTOR!

    I will never apologize for supporting the issues that candidate Trump advocated, but I am deeply sorry for thinking that this shallow and broken man would show even some remote fealty to the promises that got him elected.

    Read the whole thing!

    nk (1d9030)

  216. I tried to link Ann Coulter’s view of Trump at 5/24/2020 @ 9:02 pm just above, but the “r” word for “intellectually challenged” is in the link and the filter does not like that word.

    nk (1d9030)

  217. He would have a tantrum when told that as the junior justice he’s the one who makes the coffee, etc. And think of the Twitter storms when they wouldn’t let him pretend he wrote the majority opinion.

    Kishnevi (5d142d) — 5/24/2020 @ 8:49 pm


    Most of y’all saw that umbrella thing right? Trump doesn’t know how to close an umbrella he’s so sheltered and coddled. I’m sure he can’t make coffee. It would be amazing to watch him try though. I can see Trump tweeting during boring oral arguments, calling lawyers fat, asking Putin to write his opinions and send him clerks. Honestly this was a terrible idea and I’m sorry.

    Dustin (d59cff)

  218. Alternate link, the Coulter article should be near the top.

    nk (1d9030)

  219. nk (1d9030) — 5/24/2020 @ 9:05 pm

    I tried to link Ann Coulter’s view of Trump at 5/24/2020 @ 9:02 pm just above, but the “r” word for “intellectually challenged” is in the link and the filter does not like that word.

    Try tinyurl or snurl or bitly com.

    Sammy Finkelman (7b1b59)

  220. Reading her tweets was fun.
    complete blithering idiot

    Kishnevi (5b662e)

  221. The business with an affair that Trump tweeted about in cnnection wth Joe Scarorough was probably based on Nelson Rockefeller. He died of a heart attack at the age of 70, and he was having an affair, and they tried to disguise that.

    But this woman was young.

    Trump doesn’t invent things himself, but he’ll use things other people say.

    Sammy Finkelman (7b1b59)

  222. Like he used the National Enquirer story about Ted Cruz’s father. which by the way was not ony false, but made no sense)

    Sammy Finkelman (7b1b59)

  223. Trump doesn’t invent things himself, but he’ll use things other people say.

    I don’t recall George W Bush up late at night spazzing about who Cindy Sheehan and Michael Moore might have murdered.

    Dustin (d59cff)

  224. We need to get every sewage treatment plant and landfill in America named after Donald J. Trump, just like every federal building and highway bridge in West Virginia was named for Robert Byrd.

    Dave (1bb933)

  225. It’s been unmoderated. Thank you, Patterico, or Dana, or JVW, or DRJ.

    nk (1d9030)

  226. Rip Murdock (32617c) — 5/24/2020 @ 7:49 pm

    Says the guy who posts link after link pushing anti-Trump or pro-leftist articles over and over again.

    Someone up thread dismissed the claim because there was only one citation. So I added more. As for your dismissal, what’s the concern about one nuclear power invading another? Let’s think about that for a minute.

    NJRob (4d595c)

  227. Trump doesn’t invent things himself, but he’ll use things other people say.

    A distinction without a difference.

    Rip Murdock (32617c)

  228. 237-
    Apparently you can’t see sarcasm in #3. But 1 & 2 are true.

    As far as “anti-Trump” articles, Trump quotations or actions are fair game. Or is he above criticism. You are free to post pro-Trump articles, no one is stopping you. Please do so, I would love to see your defense of his statements, tweets, and policies.

    They have to be somewhere.

    Rip Murdock (32617c)

  229. 234. Dustin (d59cff) — 5/24/2020 @ 9:33 pm

    I don’t recall George W Bush up late at night spazzing about who Cindy Sheehan and Michael Moore might have murdered.

    I think Trump was throwing out the idea that, like Nelson Rockefeller, she died having sex.

    Sammy Finkelman (7b1b59)

  230. this country needs a mountain of a man mittens, mittens, mittens, oh never mind he is busy changing Nancy’s diaper

    mg (8cbc69)

  231. Document reveals Secret Service has 11 current virus cases, as concerns about Trump’s staff grow you
    Multiple members of the U.S. Secret Service have tested positive for COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, according to Department of Homeland Security documents reviewed by Yahoo News.
    According to the DHS document, along with the 11 active cases there are 23 members of the Secret Service who have recovered from COVID-19 and an additional 60 employees who are self-quarantining. No details have been provided about which members of the Secret Service are infected or if any have recently been on detail with the president or vice president.
    …… Many Secret Service employees on the White House grounds are among those who are not wearing masks. The agency did not respond to questions about why its employees are not wearing masks or whether personal protective equipment is being provided to members of the Secret Service who request it. Pence and Trump have also regularly opted not to wear masks.

    Rip Murdock (32617c)

  232. The fish rots from the head down. Just what exactly has the most worthless President ever done competently?

    There are worse things than an incompetent president. You could have a competent wrecker, like James Buchanan. Among other things, when he found out that the Supreme Court was going to rule FOR Dredd Scott, Buchanan moved heaven and earth to convince them otherwise, thinking that a ruling that slaves could never be free would settle the slavery issue once and for all. Instead, he energized the abolitionists, elected Lincoln and then said he thought that secession was perfectly OK.

    Kevin M (ab1c11)

  233. As for your dismissal, what’s the concern about one nuclear power invading another?
    Pakistan and India have had conflicts since 1947, with at least 7 since Pakistan acquired nuclear weapons. In addition, India had nuclear superiority over Pakistan for 25 years before they both had the bomb, and didn’t use it. I doubt India and China will the bomb, unless national survival is at stake. China just wants territorial concessions and give India a bloody nose.

    Rip Murdock (32617c)

  234. So China is no on;y aciting aggressive on Hong Kong bt India too.

    What China thinks may happen is a cold war. Now the cause of this is the cornoavirus, or rather cronavirus secrets. It probably is a biological Chernobyl.

    It no doubt originated in bats, possibly first infecting another animal that lived near them. How did it get to people in Wuhan? The bats lived 500 miles away from Wuhan and there’s not been a whisper of an infection in a rural area.

    The wet market theory doesn’t work. It didn’t sell bats. (the bats would have to have infected other animals) What’s left is the laboratory theory.

    But not the Wuhan Institute of Virology, which had some contact with the outside world, and is located about 8 miles from the wet market in question. Rather, the Wuhan Center for Disease Control and Prevention, located about 300 yards from the wet market that was blamed. (now one surce sas that WCDCP is an affiliate pf the WIV and that the wet market sold seafood, but both these facrs wold be new to me.)

    Here’s something about collecting viruses:

    She is distressed because stories from the Internet and major media have repeated a tenuous suggestion that SARS-CoV-2 accidentally leaked from her lab—despite the fact that its genetic sequence does not match any her lab had previously studied.


    The lab release theory should have been the default hypothesis for the origins of the Wuhan coronavirus right from the beginning, but instead the scientific community has closed ranks behind the Chinese government. They may be protecting China to protect themselves. Virology labs have a long history of accidentally exposing the public to killer pathogens. The Ebola-like Marburg disease even got its name from an accidental release of a virus from a research laboratory in Marburg, Germany in 1967. The Wuhan coronavirus’s closest cousin, the virus that causes SARS, was accidentally released from a Beijing laboratory in 2004, infecting two researchers there.

    The final victim of smallpox, the only disease ever to be completely eradicated from the Earth, was infected by an accidental laboratory release in Birmingham, England in 1978.

    We simply don’t know whether or not the COVID-19 pandemic originated in a Chinese virology lab. The Chinese government certainly is not going to tell us, and the China-infiltrated World Health Organization will do nothing to hold China to account. The only way we will find out for sure is if a courageous whistle-blower comes forward, but there is a good chance that any potential whistle-blowers are already under arrest—or dead from the disease. [you don’t need that. It could be kept secret like the anthrax release in the soviet Union in 1979]

    The fundamental problem here is trust: no one can trust the Chinese government to tell the truth, to open itself to external scrutiny, or to properly and publicly investigate itself….

    Sammy Finkelman (7b1b59)

  235. Washington, D.C. is a hot spot for the coronavirus.

    n fact, Maryland, D.C. and Virginia had the three-highest positivity rates in the country, Birx reported.

    On Saturday, Virginia’s seven-day average stood at 13 percent and Maryland’s was 18 percent, according to data tracked by journalist Alejandro Alvarez. But those numbers rest on the continued strength of the virus in the D.C. area.

    Positive test rate is, of course,a semi-meaningless statistic, that could nly be of value so long as nothing changes about the probability of being tested. And the CDC was addg apples and oranges – virus tests and antibody yests.

    Sammy Finkelman (7b1b59)

  236. Article includes a map of possible Ground Zero for the coraavirus.

    Sammy Finkelman (7b1b59)

  237. I’m going to be working for you,I’m not going to have time to go golfing, believe me. Believe me. Believe me,folks.

    Believe him.

    I’ll produce my tax returns, absolutely. And I would love to do that.


    Dustin (d59cff)

  238. I am deeply sorry for thinking that this shallow and broken man would show even some remote fealty to the promises that got him elected.

    I’m deeply astonished that a supposedly smart person couldn’t see long ago that Donald Trump is too shallow and broken to show fealty to anything outside himself.

    Radegunda (89f220)

  239. There are worse things than an incompetent president. You could have a competent wrecker, like James Buchanan.

    Trump is actively sabotaging the nation’s response to the pandemic.

    Among other things, when he found out that the Supreme Court was going to rule FOR Dredd Scott, Buchanan moved heaven and earth to convince them otherwise, thinking that a ruling that slaves could never be free would settle the slavery issue once and for all.

    This is incorrect, according to Wikipedia. There was never any doubt that the court – which had a southern majority – would rule against Scott. Buchanan twisted the arm of one northern associate justice to join the southern majority and avoid the appearance of a sectional decision. The result was a 7-2 majority.

    Instead, he energized the abolitionists, elected Lincoln and then said he thought that secession was perfectly OK.

    The abolitionists were already “energized” by the Kansas-Nebraska Act, and the 1856 presidential election showed clearly that the Republicans – in their first attempt – were not far from being able to carry the White House with only northern votes.

    Also, in his final message to congress after Lincoln’s election, Buchanan said secession was illegal, but blamed the crisis on what he called the northern states’ intemperance with regard to slavery.

    To his credit, in the last days of his administration he took belated action to try to defend federal installations, and after leaving office he urged support for the Union in the war the slave-holders started.

    As I’ve said before, it’s a bit disingenuous to compare him with Trump. When Buchanan took office, the country was already on the brink of civil war. He attempted to avert it by appeasing the side that was in the wrong, and he is properly condemned for that. But I don’t see how a Civil War could have been avoided by 1857.

    Trump, on the other hand, inherited the most powerful and richest country in the world, in the midst of the longest economic expansion in its history, and he has still managed to @#$% everything up completely.

    Dave (1bb933)

  240. Canada needs you people

    mg (8cbc69)

  241. I was born north of Canada.

    So there’s that.

    Dave (1bb933)

  242. and putin smiled

    mg (8cbc69)

  243. With berkland he probably wanted her young kidney.

    Narciso (7404b5)

  244. whose left to kill in the emmanuel houses, something the times ignored while musing over the confederacy,

    narciso (7404b5)

  245. @254: “The American Report, Exposing What is in Plain Site.”(sic) Seems legit.

    JRH (52aed3)

  246. doesn’t seem like they’ll be freedom any time soon,

    narciso (7404b5)

  247. With Trump, a coup is all you can score. His scalp is already gone.

    nk (1d9030)

  248. berkland was like the pit crew doctor in cannonball run,

    narciso (7404b5)


    Oh, could you, please, Mr. President? To New York City, with full attendance, and no coronavirus restritctions. Please? Pretty please?

    nk (1d9030)

  250. If there is a more degraded creature to be found outside of a male brothel these days, it has to be the Southern Republican politician. It was bad enough that they already had to pander to sub-IQ inbred road-kill gastronomes, they now have to bow and scrape to an orange pile of New York sewer sludge. Pitiful.

    nk (1d9030)

  251. Color me unimpressed unless M. Rose pulls a Jeff Van Drew.

    And CV-19 got nothing on the ease of community transmisson for IL Rinositus, look at Schock before him. Or the poobahs have already knifed fatboy and found their palatable R.

    urbanleftbehind (9b6dcd)

  252. the first rule of emmanuel houses is you don’t speak of emmanuel houses,

    narciso (7404b5)

  253. And so we have the moderate, centrist Biden advocating the highest capital gains taxes of our lifetimes and a top state/federal income tax rate of 65%. And he’ll have both houses of Congress if he wins.

    Kevin M (ab1c11)

  254. “ If there is a more degraded creature to be found outside of a male brothel these days, it has to be the Southern Republican politician”

    Hillary Clinton

    I’m missing our Chappaqua Memorial Day parade today while also feeling grateful to leaders like @NYGovCuomo for making responsible decisions to keep people safe.

    harkin (8f4a6f)

  255. Great piece here by Julie Neidlinger, and particularly appropriate given my close proximity to North Dakota.

    Gryph (08c844)

  256. Something about those northern states:

    urbanleftbehind (9b6dcd)

  257. Jonah on our hawkishness towards China, which is a given whichever candidate wins. The question is the kind of hawkishness (lengthier cut-and-paste because it’s probably behind a paywall).

    Polls across Europe show growing hostility toward China, but they show a dismaying distrust of the U.S. as well. Thirty-six percent of Germans say the pandemic has caused them to think less of China. But the same poll found that 76 percent of Germans felt that way about the U.S.
    Of course, countries aren’t just markets for our wares. They’re also current or potential allies or enemies, and a policy that creates more allies for China and fewer for America would be foolish.
    Consider Trump’s intensifying attacks on the World Health Organization and his threat to withdraw all U.S. funding from it (which he can’t actually do without approval from Congress). Trump is right about many of his complaints, even if he gets some of the particulars wrong. The WHO was too deferential to China in the early days of the pandemic. But what would be the net result of American withdrawal? China would be left standing as an even bigger influence on the organization.
    It’s analogous to Trump’s misguided decision to pull out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. That was an effort to counter China’s trade advantages in the region. Trump’s unilateral withdrawal was “hawkish,” but it was the kind of hawkishness China welcomes.
    Perhaps the goal with the WHO is simply to remind it of its responsibilities, in which case a little bluster is fine. But if we’re entering into a great-power rivalry with China, the goal has to be to line up the most desirable players on the board with us, not them.
    That shouldn’t be hard, but I see no reason why we should make it harder just to sound tough.

    Paul Montagu (f7a161)

  258. In other words, expressing moral outrage can get a guy laid.

    Paul Montagu (f7a161)

  259. White Knighting 101

    urbanleftbehind (9b6dcd)

  260. #269 I always find Jonah Goldberg boring because he’s not a deep thinker and he’s not particularly funny or clever. One thing he constantly does is set up straw man. So, if we push back against China and defend our interests, he doesn’t see that as normal or admirable, but as “Hawkishness”. I’m not sure what that means EXACTLY, but it sure SOUNDS bad doesn’t it?

    And his analysis gets even worse. He says: Any policy that creates “allies” for China and “enemies” for us, is bad. Except the EU is looking after its own interests and isn’t an economic “ally” of anyone. Most countries in the EU are in NATO and they are our allies in National Security and last time I looked our NATO allies weren’t looking to have a military alliance with China. LOL!

    Our alliance with Israel creates us enemies in the Middle East, and allies for Russia. Does Goldberg therefore think we should be less “Hawkish” on Syria or Iran? Or loosen our ties with Israel? Nope. That’s the last thing he wants. You see, THAT’s DIFFERENT. So, his whole shtick about wanting the USA to have allies and not enemies is BS.

    rcocean (846d30)

  261. CNN

    The novel coronavirus seems to be more deadly for men. But in many other ways, women are bearing the brunt of this pandemic.

    For instance, the majority of health workers are women, yet they get paid 28% less on average than men, according to the WHO.
    __ _

    So, aside from the whole not dying thing…
    __ _

    “more men dead, women most affected”
    __ _

    Agenda is all. Clicks is all. Outrage is all. Facts? Balance? Nah.

    Alaska Guy
    The pay gap myth has returned to media. The Earth is healing.


    harkin (79562f)

  262. rcocean (846d30) — 5/25/2020 @ 11:01 am
    That’s a gross, negligent misreading, ocean. Goldberg defined “hawkish” as being more confrontational with the Chinese Communist Party.
    As for the EU, which EU nation is not an ally of the United States? There’s almost full overlap with NATO and they’re collectively our largest trading partner, larger than China. China was never an ally, they’re a trading partner.
    As for Israel, we have strong alliances in the ME, but we were never going to have a relationship with Iran and a handful of others. Russia has been consistently hostile to our interests with or without Israel.

    Paul Montagu (b3f51b)

  263. Biden advocating the highest capital gains taxes of our lifetimes and a top state/federal income tax rate of 65%

    Kevin M, what income level?

    Dana (0feb77)

  264. Kevin, where did you see that? This is the most recent summary of Biden’s proposals

    Kishnevi (a1aef7)

  265. Undersea explorers find wreck of USS Nevada, the ship that almost escaped Pearl Harbor
    The USS Nevada raced to escape the unfolding catastrophe of Dec. 7, 1941. “Out of this pall came a sight so incredible that its viewers could not have been more dumbfounded had it been the legendary Flying Dutchman,” historian Gordon W. Prange wrote.

    Earlier this month, undersea explorers announced they had found the wreck of the famous Nevada: It had failed to make good its escape at Pearl Harbor, but it had survived, was repaired and returned to sea to serve out World War II.
    It had been found in 15,000 feet of water, purposely sunk by the Navy in 1948 after a career that spanned three decades of service, from World War I to the atomic bomb.

    The Nevada had fought on D-Day in 1944 off Normandy and, reequipped with guns from the shattered Arizona and USS Oklahoma, fought again at the battles of Iwo Jima and Okinawa in the Pacific. After the war it had been painted orange and used as a test ship at the Bikini Atoll atomic bomb detonations in 1946.

    The Nevada survived again, but in 1948 the vessel, possibly still radioactive, was sunk by naval guns, explosives and torpedoes 65 miles southwest of Pearl Harbor, said maritime archaeologist James P. Delgado, of SEARCH Inc., one of two firms that found the wreck in April.

    Rip Murdock (32617c)

  266. how far from the blast radius as it, where they had anchored it,

    narciso (7404b5)

  267. It survived the atomic testing, and was later sunk as a target. Read the article.

    Rip Murdock (32617c)

  268. 267. What he’s saying is that the anti-mask people shouldn’t criticize the masked people. From what he said, he thinks the majority of people in North Dakota re anti-mask.

    Would Governor Burgum still say this was a senseless divide if the majority was pro-mask?

    Sammy Finkelman (45c255)

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