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BREAKING: Bernie Out

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Just coming over the wires Twitters. More details as I get them.


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  1. It’s about (past) time.

    Patterico (115b1f)

  2. Patterico (115b1f)

  3. Given the past few speeches by Joe Biden, I am surprised.

    Simon Jester (6067ca)

  4. @3 if we assume that the Joe-Biden parody that’s been pushed is correct (and the debate against Bernie doesn’t’ support that.) the fact that Bernie couldn’t beat him in a contest decided by the most liberal half of the US population is a pretty harsh indictment of Bernie’s popularity.

    Time123 (653992)

  5. I’m never quite sure if Bernie’s election “problem” is that his supporters are Very Loud, so it seems like there are more of them than there are, or if he does have a lot of supporters, but they don’t vote.

    Nic (896fdf)

  6. So, this election comes down to the incumbent, a narcissistic fool, and a man who is borderline senile and was repeatedly passed over in his prime. Excuse me if I puke.

    The GOP has many more credible candidates, but the Democrats — given a free choice — have chosen an aged non-entity over an aged Communist.

    Why am I reminded of Andropov and Chernenko? It’s like the Democrats have nothing left to offer and the GOP has serious constipation and cannot get rid of its sh1t.

    Kevin M (ab1c11)

  7. Amazing how the candidate that lead in most polls ended up winning.

    Time123 (653992)

  8. If there was ever a chance for a centrist independent, this would be the time. Even Ross Perot would clean the floor with these clowns, had this been 1992. Even Stockdale would be an improvement.

    I would even vote for (god help me) Kasich over these two.

    Kevin M (ab1c11)

  9. Burnee was never ever going to be nominated, but he will end up with more cash, real estate and free private air travel. Winning.

    mg (8cbc69)

  10. Run, Mitt, run.

    Kevin M (ab1c11)

  11. @6 I might be misremembering, but wasn’t it you who said one of your main objections to Warren was that she looked like she’d be really competent and get stuff you didn’t like into law? If that is the case and your assessment of Biden is correct, you kind of got your wish in Biden as the Dem candidate if he beats Trump.

    Nic (896fdf)

  12. gruber/mittens/2020

    mg (8cbc69)

  13. Bernie accomplished nothing. He didn’t win last time and he had no chance this time, because blacks and minorities had zero interest in him. He should have dropped out and given Warren a shot at being the Progressive Candidate. Given his ego, if Trump wins in November, he’ll start planning for a run in 2024.

    rcocean (1a839e)

  14. Crozier/Mittens 2020

    Better yet Crozier/McRaven

    Dustin (fa728c)

  15. If Biden can be nominated at 77, there’s hope for Hillary. If Trump wins in November, look for a Hillary Run in 2024 – because third time is the charm.

    rcocean (1a839e)

  16. Given they nominated weld as the VP, maybe the losertarians can nominate Mittens and Bernie and 2020.

    rcocean (1a839e)

  17. Four years ago, Mr. Sanders provided only lukewarm support to Ms. Clinton after his concession. Will he be more active in moving his supporters to Mr. Biden?

    John B Boddie (286277)

  18. I would even vote for (god help me) Kasich over these two.

    Campaign slogan

    Dull, Competent, Sane.

    Time123 (653992)

  19. @17 “Signs point to no.” He doesn’t actually like other people, he’s more into self-aggrandizement.

    Nic (896fdf)

  20. Hillary is tanned, rested, ready…

    Colonel Haiku (b7bcc1)

  21. I listened to Bernie’s announcement this morning. Basically he gave his standard stump speech. It was like he was still campagining. Most frequently used word: Entitled.

    Dana (0feb77)

  22. Mitt/Haley works for me. After three years of Trump, I am re-evaluating my criticisms of any number of candidates at whom I turned up my nose, and I find I have regrets.

    Dana (0feb77)

  23. The Rogan vote has more fortitude than the PUMAS of 2008.

    If that’s the case. Game Set Match and order the man a triple Sundae- tell him hes doing the dairy processors a solid by reducing inventory.

    urbanleftbehind (9007f5)

  24. So we’re stuck between a President who wants to forget it and an opposition party that will seek to use it to pass every sort of authoritarian Green New Deal attack on our freedoms that they can get away with…..

    I have a feeling four years of conservative judicial appointments will be a net plus if a Dem wins.

    Also lol:

    Elizabeth Warren
    Thank you @BernieSanders, for fighting so relentlessly for America’s working families during this campaign. Your fight for progressive ideas moved the conversation and charted a path for candidates and activists that will change the course of our country and party.

    The comments are gold.

    harkin (b64479)

  25. @23 I think Rogan’s political influence is overstated. I thought he would give Bernie a huge bounce but Bernie fell flat. Maybe Rogan Bros — like other Bernie fans — don’t vote in enough numbers to make a difference.

    JRH (52aed3)

  26. There’s a FB group which was ironically called “Surely this will stop Bernie Sanders,” Full of posts about things that wouldn’t stop Bernie. The name has been changed to “Surely this stopped Bernie Sanders.” ouch.

    JRH (52aed3)

  27. “ Mitt/Haley works for me.”

    If somehow this came to be, it will be entertaining watching the msm change Mitt back to Mormon Hitler after casting him as ‘sane conservative voice of principal’ during the impeachment circus.

    Haley as Eva Braun will be a hoot too. Wonder if they’ll also give her the Zimmerman treatment and label her a ‘white Punjabi’.

    harkin (b64479)

  28. Pretty crappy of Comrade Bernard to lay off all of those campaign workers right in the middle of the coronavirus scare.

    JVW (54fd0b)

  29. @29. Reaganomics.

    DCSCA (797bc0)

  30. Disappointing that Bernie dropped out. I was never a Bernie supporter and disagreed with most of the policies he advocated but always thought he was refreshingly honest about his views (at least in the relative way that we apply “honest” to any politician). I wish he had continued to fight for what he believes in. Can’t help but wonder what pressure point the Democratic Establishment may have found to get him to drop out. It can’t be merely something trivial like the campaign getting discouraging exit polls from Wisconsin.

    RL formerly in Glendale (40f5aa)

  31. Haley as VP for Mitt ensured a splitting of only one side. There are Rs that have far more vote-scraping-away-from-Dems potential then she (although Jindal was able to get 99%/high turnout from the small co-demigraphic in LA to get his first term as governor, maybe the same thing has to happen for Haley).

    urbanleftbehind (9007f5)

  32. She’s naturally tanned rested and ready for a Hail Mary ‘unity ticket’-

    Biden/Haley 2020. [If he lives]… She best grab a chance at the brass ring or be a Christie for life.

    Can’t hug, can’t talk but best gaffer outside of Hollywood.

    DCSCA (797bc0)

  33. she’d be really competent and get stuff you didn’t like into law?

    Yes, she’s competent, but a neo-Marxist Pikkaty disciple. There is worse than incompetent.

    Kevin M (ab1c11)

  34. Future is belong to us!

    Yeah, AOC makes no bones about her desire to MAKE everyone do what she wants. Not only is she a hard-left statist, but she’s the type to view her election as the last one we need.

    Kevin M (ab1c11)

  35. Biden/Haley 2020

    Then a quick dash to the 25th Amendment.

    Kevin M (ab1c11)

  36. Haley as VP for Mitt ensured a splitting of only one side.

    This assumes that Biden doesn’t have a senior moment or 3, like rail against Trump’s handling of Ebola.

    Kevin M (ab1c11)

  37. Biden/Haley 2020:

    Yeah, the Dems are going to OK a conservative woman who would be President the second Simulated Joe keels over. Might as well say Biden/Palin
    __ _

    “ Can’t help but wonder what pressure point the Democratic Establishment may have found to get him to drop out.”

    harkin (b64479)

  38. @34 That’s what I meant. That you had said your preference was for a not competent Dem if there was going to be a Dem. If Joe is suffering from dementia (so less able to get things done) and is the nominee, that’s a better outcome in your opinion, is that correct? This is a not bad result for you?

    Nic (896fdf)

  39. @38 No, Haley is much much better than Palin.

    Nic (896fdf)

  40. @38. Haley’s a bright copper penny; Palin was clad coinage. They’re desperate to dump Trump.

    Biden/Haley 2020: it’s his only chance; hers, too. She’ll be stale bread by 2024– and he’ll likely be dead.

    DCSCA (797bc0)

  41. Nic, That I don’t want a senile candidate nor a incompetent candidate does not imply that any non-senile or competent candidate is acceptable. After those low bars, I still have political convictions. Those aren’t insurmountable, as I detest Kasich as a person and a politician, but would vote for him over those other two. I’d much rather be voting for Nikki Haley.

    Kevin M (ab1c11)

  42. Biden/Haley 2020

    Sure, if you want the Greens to get double digits.

    Kevin M (ab1c11)

  43. Haley as VP for Mitt ensured a splitting of only one side.

    Uh, Mitt as VP for Haley. Rich, white man VP for first woman, and woman of color president. That’s how you do it.

    Dana (0feb77)

  44. Uh, Mitt as VP for Haley. Rich, white man VP for first woman, and woman of color president. That’s how you do it.

    That works, too.

    Kevin M (ab1c11)

  45. Although Nikki would not be a woman or a person of color 30 seconds into the MSM campaign.

    Kevin M (ab1c11)

  46. @28. Is not to despair, comrades.

    Future is belong to us!


    DCSCA (797bc0)

  47. @42 I think a lot of us would rather be voting for Haley.

    Nic (896fdf)

  48. Choose.

    Only one of those choices is likely.

    Kevin M (ab1c11)

  49. @49. Blondes have more fun. 😉

    DCSCA (797bc0)

  50. Uh, Mitt as VP for Haley. Rich, white man VP for first woman, and woman of color president. That’s how you do it.

    Agreed. God bless Mitt, but nobody since Nixon has won after losing as the nominee the first time, and Nixon is the only one who accomplished this feat since Grover Cleveland. He can play the role of the dutiful VP this time around.

    JVW (54fd0b)

  51. mittens/anyone/2020
    A laughable moment in time

    mg (8cbc69)

  52. RIP, Linda Tripp. Pancreatic cancer, 70.

    Kevin M (ab1c11)

  53. A laughable moment in time

    The laughable moment has been the last 3+ years. What a boob.

    Kevin M (ab1c11)

  54. Green party takes over from bernie to stop joe the raper.

    rota (db68e4)

  55. 8 Kevin M (ab1c11) — 4/8/2020 @ 9:11 am

    . Even Stockdale would be an improvement.

    I kind of thought so in 1992, and it didn’t bother me that he was sort of senile – because the governmwnt would be run through his appointees – and he was right about the value of negative campaigning. He didn’t go along with the Bill Clinton inspired criticism.

    Mentioned Lincoln Douglas debate I think.

    Sammy Finkelman (7cd5f4)

  56. Romney/Warren national unity ticket. mg will disagree.

    Kevin M (ab1c11)

  57. 56…that’s either Candace Owens, happyfeet, or Denzel/Rock/Jason Whitlock…conservative till they get hassled by cops for wearing a homemade mask.

    urbanleftbehind (9007f5)

  58. After he announced he was suspending his presidential campaign, Bernie Sanders’ press secretary expressed relief that she could finally drop the word “democratic” from the term “democratic socialism.”

    The mask comes off.

    Sanders announced he was bowing out of the race earlier today telling his supporters during a live stream that the decision was “very difficult and painful” while acknowledging there was no feasible path to the nomination.

    Briahna Joy Gray, Bernie’s press secretary had a very revealing response, tweeting, “On the plus side, I can drop the “Democratic” from my tweets about why Socialism is good.”

    Horatio (6947ff)

  59. What this proves is how bad a candidate Hillary Clinton was. The 2016 nomination campaign was rigged from the beginning, and Mrs Clinton was getting some debate questions in advance, and she still couldn’t put Bernie Sanders away until the very end. This time, Mr Sanders lost big in some states he carried in 2016, to a man locked in his basement and showing obvious signs of dementia.

    The Dana in Kentucky (fd0d45)

  60. . This time, Mr Sanders lost big in some states he carried in 2016, to a man locked in his basement and showing obvious signs of dementia

    He was a known quantity this time, and a lot of Bernie’s 2016 vote was a protest. No one thought he’d win, remember all those Hillary locked-in Superdelgates? Even Bernie didn’t think he could win in 2016, since he refused to bring up the Email scandal or hit Clinton hard on any of her scandals.

    rcocean (1a839e)

  61. As for Hillary. If Biden loses in November, watch out for another Hillary run in 2024. She’ll only be 76, which is the a spring chicken for the Democrats.

    rcocean (1a839e)

  62. If biden loses in november AOC walks into nomination and presidency in 2024. AOC is now leader of democratic left and if biden loses entire democrat party.

    rota (204eee)

  63. AOC won’t even be elected to statewide office, let alone national office, Perry. She’s a jumped-up Greenwich Village barmaid who sends a tingle up the legs of old men (NTTAWWT, and that’s about it.

    nk (1d9030)

  64. Maybe Comrade nk spend last four year in antifreeze-induced coma.

    Now is only qualification: tell how many lies how possible.

    Dave (1bb933)

  65. @53-
    Longest political assassination in history.

    RipMurdock (1d97e4)

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