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For Your Amusement…

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[guest post by Dana]

Professionals at work:


Shortly thereafter, NBCWashington attempted to uh, walk it back (which was almost as funny):


Who are these people??


41 Responses to “For Your Amusement…”

  1. I simply cannot imagine how someone tweeted this out… Not someone who is presumably paid to do the job, and is presumably fairly well informed. Incredible.

    Dana (4fb37f)

  2. hahaha

    I saw a picture of a guy using a basketball shoe tied around his head as a breathing mask. I’m surprised they don’t have designed face masks yet but I’m sure they are being manufactured as we speak. In China.

    Dustin (928d9a)

  3. No doubt, Dustin.

    By the way, I suspect the tweeter is some smart-ass mocking Northam. Why else?

    Dana (4fb37f)

  4. Jolly Green Giant, Incredible Hulk, She-Hulk and Gamora not amused.

    urbanleftbehind (d0d16a)

  5. Meanwhile 4 grocery workers die of Covid-19. Question: should markets furlough workers over 45? Is that age discrimination or is it concern for safety?

    Kevin M (ab1c11)

  6. I simply cannot imagine how someone tweeted this out

    I’m sure you mean “why?” — Blackface, of course. Probably not really important right now though.

    Kevin M (ab1c11)

  7. The surgeon general (the one who YELLED AT US to stop using face masks) put up a video of how to make a mask without sewing by cutting up a T-shirt and using two rubber bands:

    I think he’s on to something here, and with a little creativity, the same basic method could used to field-rig a gag for his boss, Doctor Demented.

    Dave (1bb933)

  8. I’m surprised they don’t have designe[r] face masks…

    Yes. Monroe lips, stuff like that.

    Kevin M (ab1c11)

  9. Kevin M,

    I can’t imagine how someone could tweet this out – as in: what in the world could they have been thinking to actually send that tweet in light of Northam’s black face kerfuffle!! I figured readers are savvy enough to know what I meant.

    From #3: By the way, I suspect the tweeter is some smart-ass mocking Northam. Why else?

    Because they’re dumb and clueless?

    Dana (4fb37f)

  10. Plenty of students were wearing non-medical, moderately stylish masks by the time the university shut down.

    Dave (1bb933)

  11. I have a friend who is sewing some out of some cool fabrics. She is contacting city and county officials to see where they are most needed. Homeless, shelters, etc. etc.

    Dana (4fb37f)

  12. Because their dumb and clueless?

    “Naive or stupid” is the approved messaging.

    Get with the program.

    Dave (1bb933)

  13. Amazon and google will have masks with bluetooth installations so you can still talk to Alexa and listen to music, with plastic around the ears instead of elastic so it’s more comfortable and so they can include a speaker to hear audio feedback. Think how much better those targeted ads will be if they hear everything you say! This is great!

    Dustin (928d9a)

  14. At least the tweeter didn’t delete and pretend the original tweet didn’t exist.

    Kishnevi (822e2f)

  15. This is great!

    If you do get infected, why take chances with triage at the local ICU?

    How about a built-in ventilator too?

    Dave (1bb933)

  16. @ Dustin,

    I saw a picture of a guy using a basketball shoe tied around his head as a breathing mask. I’m surprised they don’t have designed face masks yet but I’m sure they are being manufactured as we speak. In China.

    I bet designer face mask resembling basketball shoes are indeed being manufactured in China, and you know who will make a fortune off of them? That’s right: NBA players.

    Dana (4fb37f)

  17. You’re on fire, Dave!

    Dana (4fb37f)

  18. LOL DAVE

    Dustin (928d9a)

  19. That’s right: NBA players.

    Dana (4fb37f) — 4/6/2020 @ 6:49 pm

    Loose Change, the Sequel

    Dustin (928d9a)

  20. I was blackfacing, before blackfacing was cool — R. Northam

    Bored Lawyer (56c962)

  21. Not sure if this is real or not:

    harkin (b64479)

  22. You do know most of those masks are placebos, right?
    — Stay home.
    — Keep your distance.
    — Don’t touch your face.
    — Wash your hands.

    nk (1d9030)

  23. I want a mask made of a bat just to be ironic. I’m sure there’s a taxidermist up for the challenge.

    Dustin (928d9a)

  24. I suppose, lol

    Angelo (2fd9a4)

  25. sorry, supposed to be a you tube link, jockstrap corona mask

    Angelo (2fd9a4)

  26. Anyone have issues accessing the site today? Couldn’t connect to it via my mobile.

    NJRob (4d595c)

  27. @26 Mobile never works for me. I think there’s a resource in the html that fails in a way that causes my browser to never timeout.

    frosty (f27e97)

  28. Pastor who called covid 19 virus a hoax landin spradlin dies of virus. He first said he didn’t have it while infecting others ;but later tested positive for virus.

    rota (69867f)

  29. OT: Next time Patterico thinks it’s okay to go out walking in the park…

    Gryph (08c844)

  30. 29, he might have enough earned goodwill from same local LE from prosecutions and/or is privy to a Van Buren Boys like hand sign…on the other hand, if he were a public defender,successful defense attorney, or new hire in a hypothetical Gascon (please God no!) SA office, hes going on a backseat ride

    urbanleftbehind (692217)

  31. Being a cop really sucks right now. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. More domestics than ever. Most criminals can’t be booked into jail. The homeless are victimizing eachother more, more desperate, more property crime. Cops are calling in sick more, some are getting sick, all assume they will get sick.

    It’s not that hard to disperse a crowd without writing a ticket. Patrol vehicles have PAs. A good stare works on most people. You make an example out of someone who needed to be made to leave. If you do enforce that, it comes across as ‘paper’s please’. If you don’t, it comes across as cowardice to a community that is afraid right now.

    Dustin (928d9a)

  32. On the local news last week there was a story about a senior citizen community diligently making homemade masks out of colorful handkerchiefs.

    We have a lot of these communities down here, entire subdivisions with thousands of residents living in trailer homes, RVs and mobile homes, many with a 55-or-older restriction. The Rio Grande Valley has long been a vacation destination for Winter Texans and a retirement haven for elderly Amerians, mostly from the Midwest but they come from all over. The temperate climate attracts them in droves, that and the cuisine, not the mention the plethora of golf courses.

    Anyway, when news broke that an entire nursing home in Harlingen had been stricken by the coronavirus, these senior citizens took action.

    It was kind of amusing really, all these little old ladies with their sewing machines, making masks, but God bless them, their hearts are in the right place. These are happy masks, playful and colorful, with cartoon characters, dancing animals, rainbows, and the like, not bandanas to avoid the gangster look.

    These ladies take a handkerchief, place surgical gauze for added protection, then fold the handkerchief, sew around the edges, than attach rubber bands to the corners to hold them in place around the ears. It makes for lovely masks, but how effective are they in preventing disease transmission? Not very, I suppose, but I don’t think that’s their purpose. They’re more for emotional comfort, putting on a brave, happy face mask, that sort of thing.

    These senior citizens intend to freely distribute their masks to nursing homes and homeless shelters, but they have set up a website so that anyone in the Valley can order their masks. I thought about ordering some for my mother, because they’ll surely arrive sooner than any masks we could order from Amazon or anywhere else, which wouldn’t arrive until June.

    I decided against it, because I know my mother would never wear one. Even though it would be for a good cause, you know helping out these senior citizens in their endeavor–they’re just trying to help people, make them feel better about a bad situation. Add some levity, give them hope. I admire these little old ladies.

    But there is no way my mother would wear one of their masks. County commissioners across the Ro Grande Valley have ordered facial coverings for all citizens, any time they leave their houses. Facial masks are recommended, but scarfs and bandanas are acceptable. That went into effect this Monday.

    So, my mother came downstairs with this long scarf draped over her head and around her face. “The Muslin cometh,” she said. Yeah, well, it’s a good look for you, mom.

    As for myself, I’ve got several scarfs. One a nice brown print, the others are white, red, and black, all wool. I’ll choose the black, just fold it in half and tie it around my face. I figure if the Country Commissioner is going to order me to dress like a criminal, I might as well look like one.

    Is any of this going to prevent the spread of the virus? Unfortunately, no. This pandemic is spreading exponentially, and it’s only going to get worse. Local and state authorities are trying as best they can to contain the outbreak, but without any semblance of a plan by the federal government, there’s no end in sight.

    And you’re damn right, it’s all on President Trump. None of this could have been avoided, because it was inevitable, but with competent, coherent leadership, the severity of it could have haenn lessened. Now we’re looking at serious death tolls and an economic disaster.

    Gawain's Ghost (b25cd1)

  33. I don’t believe for a moment that the first headline was unintentional.

    Time123 (d1bf33)

  34. *could have been lessened*

    Gawain's Ghost (b25cd1)

  35. Poor Haiku, still beating that dead horse…and off topic, too.

    Ragspierre (d9bec9)

  36. An end-around the fingers in the ears…

    I note to you, your business is of insufficient worth to ponder, pierre.

    Colonel Haiku (2601c0)

  37. And you’re damn right, it’s all on President Trump. None of this could have been avoided, because it was inevitable, but with competent, coherent leadership, the severity of it could have haenn lessened. Now we’re looking at serious death tolls and an economic disaster.

    Gawain’s Ghost (b25cd1) — 4/7/2020 @ 6:10 am

    The mission of Trump supporters will be to say he handled this amazingly, but they will also have to argue two opposite points. First, that it’s the democrats fault for not being loyal to Trump. That this virus is some kind of justice for the impeachment. Second, that anyone else would have fared even worse.

    Fair weather fans these guys aren’t.

    One other point: it’s interesting that the impeachment vote came after Trump managed to delay our nation’s awareness of how serious this was, after many in power dumped their stocks. If he had played straight about how bad this was, and we were facing the potential economic collapse for a couple of weeks, and the notion of being led by an idiot through very hard times, that could have changed Trump’s fate quite a bit. Trump’s only play is to stay in power no matter what, because once investigations can happen without presidential obstruction, things will get out of hand quickly. When we ask ourselves how Trump even benefited by delaying his response for so long… well it’s actually pretty clear how he did.

    Dustin (fa728c)

  38. Well, on the darker side of things, the entire office is being fogged tomorrow. Yep, the two realtors, the one with the sick grandbaby and the one who tested positive but is asymptomatic, showed up for work, despite being told to stay at home.

    The office is not in a commercial building. Back in the 1980s, my mother was leasing two offices in commercial buildings, one in downtown Edinburgh and another in downtown McAllen. Then she thought, I’m paying twice the office expense, but I’m not selling twice as much real estate. So she bought a ranch home in the middle of nowhere and renovated it. Hey, centrally located, easy access to the four major markets, it’s nice, has a real down home country feel.

    The ReMax in downtown McAllen is in a multi-story commercial building, with ten brokers and eighty realtors. Yet they don’t sell as much real estate as we do, and they’re a nationwide franchise chain on national television. There is a reason why we’ve been audited by the IRS multiple times. We’re a small company, with two brokers and ten realtors, but we list and sell millions of dollars worth of real estate every year. That’s a red flag if there ever was one. Still, we’ve passed every audit, because my mother keeps meticulous records and has, as my father used to say, a short pencil.

    Yeah, well, tomorrow the office will be closed. It’s being fumigated and scrubbed clean with chlorine bleach. My mother and her partner are not taking any chances. All because two realtors, who have certainly been exposed and one definitely tested positive, think that because they’re asymptomatic, they can return to work, no problem. This is not amusing.

    I’m wondering how many other stupid people there are out there spreading coronavirus arounds. Asymptomatic, they simply do not comprehend they’re infectious. That’s why this virus is going to spread exponentially.

    Not every office can afford to shut down for a day, fumigate and scrub with bleach. We have to, because of two idiot realtors. Other companies are not able to do that, so the contagion continues unthwarted.

    As a side note, the economic impact of this pandemic will be hard felt. I don’t expect the real estate market to return to anything close to normalcy for at least a year. Happy masks and social distancing are not going to change that.

    Millions are losing their jobs. Millions are headed toward foreclosure. More millions are losing equity in their homes. The best barometer for the health of the economy is the real estate market, and this market is not healthy. It’s just going to get worse.

    Gawain's Ghost (b25cd1)

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