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Rush Limbaugh Reveals Diagnosis of Advanced Lung Cancer

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That is very rough news. My best to the man.

Rush occasionally read stuff on the air from this blog, pre-Trump, back when this blog had some popularity and Rush supported an agenda not totally devoted to Trump. I still have warm feelings for that guy, and even though I disagree with all the time now, I wouldn’t wish lung cancer on anyone. Good luck to him. If you can’t say something nice in the comments, save your breath.

23 Responses to “Rush Limbaugh Reveals Diagnosis of Advanced Lung Cancer”

  1. Rough break. I wouldn’t wish lung cancer on anyone either, though given Rush’s history of tobacco use, can’t say I’m terribly surprised.

    Gryph (08c844)

  2. Patrick’s sentiments mirror my own. I haven’t listened to the radio in many years, but I used to enjoy Rush’s wit.

    He’s got a strong will and I hope he pulls through.

    Dave (1bb933)

  3. Good luck. Hope he beats it even though it’s really tough at an advanced stage.

    NJRob (4d595c)

  4. I likewise sympathize and wish him well. I hope he beats this thing.

    nk (1d9030)

  5. Cancer is intimidating, and the treatments range from almost easy to unbearably difficult. I wish him the best.

    DRJ (15874d)

  6. I had a dear friend succumb to this last year. It’s a terrible, no good illness and I wish it on no one.

    Kevin M (8ae2cb)

  7. Listened to him a lot in the late 80s (KFBK, before he went national) and 90s but got bored and only listened to him occasionally for reaction to big events 9/11, Trump’s win etc.). I still remember having a chuckle when he welcomed the looters from the LA riots listening to him on stolen radios. And the time a caller told him they had never tasted champagne so he sent them some Dom.

    He absolutely transformed talk radio and gave the country truths and views many shared but were not welcome on the network or cable news. Most people forget or don’t know how hard many tried to get him banned from some stations merely for presenting an unapologetic conservative view. Just as Trump is now, Rush was declared a nazi from his very earliest radio days (well, after he transformed from Jeff Christie, DJ).

    IIRC he came from a family of lawyers and his grandfather was a judge who would talk to Rush on his birthday into his late 90s. These talks were always very good.

    Agreed with him a lot and disagreed sometimes or just shook my head when he would spout uninformed views (I once heard him say old growth forests only existed because someone planted them long ago).

    Taken in his totality he was a great man who did a huge overall service to freedom of speech. When you hear the term ‘mega dittos’, which many of his callers would say to begin a conversation, understand that it did not mean they agreed with everything he said. It was just a device he created to convey the many versions of ‘I’m a frequent listener and I love your show’ which saved time.

    God bless Rush, use the love and the hate to make you strong, there’s a lot of both right now out there directed at you.

    harkin (d6cfee)

  8. Regardless of whichever point of the compass you sail from, a masterful entertainer. But it is indeed sad. Just sad:

    DCSCA (797bc0)

  9. Rush Limbaugh sad yesterday he had zero symptoms right now.

    Sammy Finkelman (083d4c)

  10. He resurrected the AM radio band and he gave the right side of the body politic in the US a huge voice. I hope he beats this.

    Ragspierre (d9bec9)

  11. The Daily Mail (no link) has a (surprisingly) half-way decent article. It quotes him as having quit cigarettes in the ’80s, but I was under the impression that it was the mid-’90s when he started saying “I hold in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers …”, after he married the gym teacher. Either way, we’re talking more than 20 years.

    nk (1d9030)

  12. I feel sorry for Rush, not for the cancer, which he seems to be handling well, but how he has been forced to end his career with Trump in office. Rush is very quick, intelligent and humorous. He was able to explain to the public a conservative, almost libertarian view of economics and policy. Now he has had to go all Trump all the time. I’ve seen this in some local radio hosts as well. The audience is now filled with people more subscribed to conspiracies than I;be seen in the Middle East. Well meaning but far away from what Rush used to talk to and about.

    DirtyJobsGuy (099a22)

  13. DirtyJobsGuy, you nailed what I was thinking.

    AJ_Liberty (165d19)

  14. Rush just got outflanked personality-wise. He used to be the most outrageous and entertaining figure in conservative-dom, then a character emerged who was more so. Best wishes for a quick and complete recovery.

    JRH (52aed3)

  15. Rush is commended for starting a whole radio sub-industry from scratch, and he was an important conservative voice when there were so few others out there. Before FoxNews, it was basically just him on broadcast media.
    Rush is condemned for the intellectual-desert state of conservative talk radio today. He helped bring us Trump and lot of other nonsense that betrayed the conservative movement.
    That said, I hope his treatments go well. I have an ex-neighbor and friend who just died from lung cancer just last week. She never smoked. She was treated and went into remission, but the worries of it returning were justified.

    Paul Montagu (e1b5a7)

  16. Rush is condemned for the intellectual-desert state of conservative talk radio today. He helped bring us Trump and lot of other nonsense that betrayed the conservative movement.“

    There’s always been a blind spot, an inability to recognize the much larger desert of The NY Times, WaPo, CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, Huffington Post, The Atlantic, Slate, etc. etc.

    Now they’ve even gotten Drudge to cater to the left. Add Rush possibly sidelined and they’re playing with an even more stacked deck than the one Trump overcame in 2016.

    And yet still, comparable Democratic and Never Trump dishonesty, incompetence and delusion has many Americans still considering him the lesser of two evils.

    harkin (d6cfee)

  17. @12. See #8, nk. In the mid-90s he got into stogies big time– they’re lethal, and can burn your ash.

    DCSCA (797bc0)

  18. F cancer.

    Godspeed Rush.

    I have family members with lung cancers and lung transplant. It’s a rough go and seriously wouldn’t wish it on even my worse enemy.

    whembly (fd57f6)

  19. Trump says he will award Rush Limbaugh with Medal of Freedom

    Washington (CNN) President Donald Trump told network anchors during a private lunch Tuesday that he will award Rush Limbaugh with the Medal of Freedom, one day after the prominent political radio host announced he has advanced lung cancer.

    Oh, and then there’s this:

    Like presidents before him, Trump invites anchors from all the major networks to dine with him at the White House in advance of his State of the Union address. The conversation is considered off the record, but CNN was excluded this year, and therefore did not agree to the mandate. Other anchors did attend the lunch.

    (emphasis added)

    Dave (060f26)

  20. I, too, smoke cigars. My current favorite being a Hoyo de Monterrey Excalibur double corona maduro. But I indulge very rarely, maybe three a year, when my brothers and I get together. Good luck, Rush.

    felipe (023cc9)

  21. 12. Cigars aren’t as deadly as cigarettes if — and it’s a pretty big if — you don’t inhale. It’s quite possible that as a longtime cigarette smoker, Rush was taking more cigar smoke into his lungs than he would have had he never smoked cigarettes in the first place.

    And that’s to say nothing of the fact that the vast majority of lung cancer cases are smokers, but not every smoker succumbs to lung cancer.

    Gryph (08c844)

  22. What Gryph said.

    I do remember Rush on the cover of Cigar Aficionado, DCSCA.

    nk (1d9030)

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