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El Paso unites to mourn Margie Reckard

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The funeral for Margie Reckard, a victim of the El Paso Walmart shooting, was held today. Margie was survived by her husband Antonio Basco and three children from a prior marriage who live out-of-state. Antonio worried that there would not be many people to mourn Margie so he invited everyone to attend, and hundreds did:

Antonio Basco was far from alone on Friday.

The husband of Margie Reckard, a 63-year-old who was killed when a gunman opened fire at a Walmart, held a pubilc service for his late wife at La Paz Faith Memorial and Spiritual Center in El Paso, Texas. Hundreds of people lined up in nearly 100-degree heat to attend the service. Organizers said the venue holds 400 people, but more than 700 were said to be waiting outside.

Basco has been visiting a memorial behind Walmart every day since the shooting. He and others leave flowers at the site.

So many people from around the world sent flowers that El Paso funeral homes have arranged for 22 hearses to carry hundreds of floral arrangements from Margie Reckard funeral to Walmart memorial:

EL PASO, Texas – In a “symbolic” gesture aimed at showing that the community will “never forget” the El Paso mass shooting that claimed 22 lives, hundreds of floral arrangements sent from around the globe for the funeral of 63-year-old victim Margie Reckard will be transported in a 22-hearse procession from the church to the makeshift memorial at Walmart.

Funeral home owner Salvador Perches, who is handling Reckard’s funeral services, made the announcement Friday in a live appearance on ABC-7.

Reckard’s widower, 61-year-old Antonio Basco, felt so alone after her death that he invited the world to join him in remembering his companion of 22 years.

RIP Margie Reckard.


8 Responses to “El Paso unites to mourn Margie Reckard”

  1. I hope it was a comfort to her family, although it can never be more than palliative.

    It’s odd, I don’t think I’ve heard a word about the shooter since the day of the massacre.

    Dave (1bb933)

  2. Not much, just a few stories that may or may not be reliable.

    But there has been some unusual fallout. For instance, high school football is big big big in Texas, including scheduling out-of-district matchups. Plano and El Paso Eastwood played last year in Plano and were scheduled to play in El Paso in early September, but Plano canceled after the shooting. At first I thought it was because of concern over the shooting in general, but apparently it was more specific — the shooter attended Plano Senior and Plano parents/administrators may be worried about retaliation since Eastwood is in the neighborhood where this happened.

    But the game is back on and rescheduled to DFW, specifically Frisco and the Dallas Cowboys practice stadium, because it is enclosed and has more security. Plano is satisfied. I suspect this won’t sit well in El Paso since the Eastwood folks will have to make a long trip (again) and in general Eastwood folks are not as rich as Plano. Also, it wasn’t an El Paso person who traveled 10 hours to shoot folks in Plano.

    DRJ (15874d)

  3. Wow, so they have high school football games during the regular season between El Paso schools and Dallas schools? That’s nuts.

    Even the Point Barrow (Alaska) Whalers high school football team don’t have road-trips that long (although they fly to their away games since there aren’t any roads in or out of town open during football season…)

    Dave (1bb933)

  4. School districts schedule games before district competition starts. It makes it fun for the players and fans to go to new places, and it lets competitive teams test themselves against other good teams.

    DRJ (15874d)

  5. Teams like that don’t play during the regular district season. Plano schools stay much closer to home during the regular season, but El Paso does have to travel to play other West Texas teams in their regular season. Not 10 hours but 5 or 6 hours is common.

    DRJ (15874d)

  6. Flowers have a way of settling things down a bit. El Paso deserves a huge bouquet.
    And maybe a little West Texas Swing.

    mg (8cbc69)

  7. Dave, it’s likely because the more we’d learn about the shooter the more it would detract from The Narrative, whatever that narrative happens to be. So any curious side issues won’t be reported on.

    Ingot9455 (0433d6)

  8. This is far more representative of the people of El Paso, of Texas, and of Americans generally than the daily media focus on the ugliness in our midst.

    John B Boddie (11ac33)

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