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College Football 2019

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My job here is breaking news headlines hut I am deviating from that today to talk about college football. The first Division 1 games are still a week away and most teams don’t start for two weeks. But if you are like me, you are ready now.

The Preseason Top 25 rankings are:

1. Clemson.
2. Alabama.
3. Ohio State.
4. Georgia.
5. Oklahoma.
6. Michigan.
7. LSU.
8. Florida.
9. Texas.
10. Notre Dame.
11. Texas A&M.
12. Oregon.
13. Penn State.
14. Washington.
15. Utah.
16. Wisconsin.
17. Auburn.
18. Iowa.
19. UCF.
20. Nebraska.
21. Virginia Tech.
22. Michigan State.
23. Missouri.
24. Northwestern.
25. Boise State

The Sporting News has composite rankings. Here’s hoping our teams are on these lists at the end of the season.


Rep. Tlaib’s Grammy Claims She Doesn’t Know Why Her Granddaughter Can’t Visit Her

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[guest post by Dana]

Rep. Rashida Tlaib’s grammy, Muftia Tlaib wants us to believe that she doesn’t know why her granddaughter wasn’t allowed to visit her:

Rep. Rashida Tlaib’s grandmother says she does not understand what all the hubbub is about — why can’t her granddaughter, an important person in America, stop by for a visit?

“It’s been a long time since I’ve seen her — five to six years. But sometimes I see her on TV and talk with her on the phone,” said Muftia Tlaib as she sat in the family’s sun-washed garden in territory Israel has occupied since 1967. “Why didn’t they allow her to come here?”


“I can’t do anything. I’m really very sad,” her grandmother, who is in her 80s, told NBC News on Saturday. “I hope, inshallah, that she will come back. I’m waiting for her.”

What? Nobody told poor grammy that, at the end of the day, her granddaughter decided that politics are more important than her grammy?

It’s all pretty funny, given that Rep. Tlaib was so concerned that it might be the last opportunity to see her grammy that she even promised not to break Israel’s laws during her visit if she could just see her one more time:

I will respect any restrictions and will not promote boycotts against Israel during my visit.

Anyway, with the apparent exception of grammy, the entire world knows that Rep. Tlaib was indeed given permission to make the trip to the West Bank on humanitarian grounds, and that she decided not to go because she felt that she was being forced to conduct herself “under oppressive conditions” that would limit discussions with Israelis and Palestinians, and in turn, “kill a piece of her.” Again, the “oppressive conditions” being: don’t promote boycotts against Israel and follow the law.

Sorry, grammy. Priorities.

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UK Bans Ads That Allegedly Perpetuate Harmful Stereotypes

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Draconian measures are the new woke:

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) banned the ads for Philadelphia cream cheese and Volkswagen, following complaints from the public that they perpetuated harmful stereotypes.

The new rules, introduced at the beginning of the year, ban the depiction of men and women engaged in gender-stereotypical activities to help stop “limiting how people see themselves and how others see them and the life decisions they take”.

In the ad for Philadelphia, the Mondelez-owned cream cheese brand, two new dads were shown eating lunch at a restaurant where food circulated on a conveyor belt. While chatting they accidentally find their babies are whisked away on it. “Let’s not tell mum,” one of them says.

Complainants said the tongue-in-cheek ad perpetuated a harmful stereotype suggesting men were incapable of caring for children and would put them at risk as a result of their incompetence.

Mondelez told the ASA it was stuck in a no-win situation, having specifically chosen two dads to avoid depicting the stereotypical image of showing two new mums handling all the childcare responsibilities.

The ASA banned the ad, saying it reinforced the idea that men were ineffective childcarers.

The ad for Volkswagen’s electric eGolf vehicle showed a series of scenes including a man and a woman in a tent on a sheer cliff face, two male astronauts, a male para-athlete and a woman sitting on a bench next to a pram. Text stated: “When we learn to adapt we can achieve anything.”

Complainants said the ad showed men engaged in adventurous activities, that unlike her male counterpart, the female rock climber was “passive” because she was asleep, and that the woman with the pram was depicted in a stereotypical care-giving role.

Volkswagen said its ad was not sexist and that caring for a newborn was a life-changing experience about adaptation, regardless of the gender of the parent depicted.

The ASA, however, “concluded that the ad presented gender stereotypes in a way that was likely to cause harm”.

Here are the harmful ads:

First impressions:

With the first banned ad, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) have confirmed that they have no discernible sense of humor. Does any rational adult really believe that the commercial insults men? Maybe I’m crazy, but I’m inclined to give *adults* the benefit of the doubt in being able to discern reality from fiction, and deciding for themselves whether the two charming dads being distracted by food as their babies ride on the conveyor belt are really representative of every dad. And if dad’s are a bit more unfocused, is it not o.k. to tease them about it?

With the second ad, the ASA has demonstrated that they really have not adapated to anything other than being narrow-minded prigs. The watchdog group offensively devalue motherhood with their decision to ban the second ad as they assume that the new mom sitting on the park bench with her baby *isn’t* already involved in an even more serious activity, where, for the next 18 years the demand for adaptation will be life-changing and relentless.

The ASA takes on an impossible task because with every “success” will come “failure.” Most people won’t be happy with the outcome because across the spectrum, someone, somewhere will feel that the ban of X excludes their tribe as it elevates another tribe. By narrowing the standard of what is allowed, there comes an automatic increase in the number of those excluded from approval. You can’t please all of the people all of the time, so why not let individuals make the decision for themselves? Why?
Because that’s not in the best interest of the State, and that is what this is really all about: pushing an agenda that a few are charged with deeming what is best for the many. This is why they have stopped letting reasonable ads play, and letting people decide whether they want to purchase the product as a result of what they’ve seen. This is why they can no longer trust adults to make their own decisions. Moreover, perception is everything: Rather than seeing a woman relegated to sleeping while her mate gets up early to go out adventuring, perhaps she’s just damn tired from all the climbing and hiking she did the day before and the extra rest is a well-deserved, longed-for treat. I’ve been her. I know it to be true. Instead of the man getting up to go have fun without her because he’s that selfish, perhaps in his thoughtfulness toward her, he doesn’t bother to wake her, knowing she wants to sleep in, thus he moves carefully and quietly so that his woman can sleep a little longer with only the quiet stillness of early morning as her company.

Advertising expert Geraint Lloyd-Taylor put it bluntly:

It is concerning to see the ASA take on the role of the morality police. It has let its zeal to enforce the new rules override its common sense in this first batch of rulings.

And it’s ironic that the ASA doesn’t even see that it is they who are now limiting people’s choices because of their narrow-minded scope of acceptability:

The ASA’s Ella Smillie, who helped to devise the new rules, said: “We don’t see ourselves as social engineers, we’re reflecting the changing standards in society. Changing ad regulation isn’t going to end gender inequality but we know advertising can reinforce harmful gender stereotypes, which can limit people’s choices or potential in life.”

Funny, if anything, this is the very definition of social engineering. It reminds me of Harrison Bergeron and what happened when the State sought to create an across-the-board equal utopia and ended up dooming people to a nightmarish dystopia of suppression and oppression:

THE YEAR WAS 2081, and everybody was finally equal. They weren’t only equal before God and the law. They were equal every which way. Nobody was smarter than anybody else. Nobody was better looking than anybody else. Nobody was stronger or quicker than anybody else. All this equality was due to the 211th, 212th, and 213th Amendments to the Constitution, and to the unceasing vigilance of agents of the United States Handicapper General.

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Portland Protests

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It’s Right-wing groups vs Antifa today in Portland:

More than two dozen local, state and federal law enforcement agencies, including the FBI and the Federal Protective Service, were in Portland, Oregon, on Saturday to help police there monitor a right-wing rally that’s expected to draw demonstrators from around the U.S.

Self-described anti-fascists have vowed to confront the rally while leaders from the far right urged their followers to turn out in large numbers to protest the arrests of six members of right-wing groups in the run-up to the event.

The Oregonian:

What, exactly, is going to happen?

It’s hard to say. Portland’s largest protests tend to be roving, unpredictable affairs.

But here’s what we know:

Two Florida men with large followings in the right-wing movement are holding an “End Domestic Terrorism” rally Saturday at 11 a.m. in Tom McCall Waterfront Park. An organizer said he expects up to 1,000 people show up for the event, which seeks to draw like-minded people from around the country as a show of force against self-described anti-fascists, or antifa.

Rose City Antifa, Portland’s homegrown, amorphous band of anti-fascist activists, is calling on supporters to turn out in opposition to the rally.

UPDATE: Bear spray, shields, metal poles seized at Portland protests



El Paso unites to mourn Margie Reckard

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The funeral for Margie Reckard, a victim of the El Paso Walmart shooting, was held today. Margie was survived by her husband Antonio Basco and three children from a prior marriage who live out-of-state. Antonio worried that there would not be many people to mourn Margie so he invited everyone to attend, and hundreds did:

Antonio Basco was far from alone on Friday.

The husband of Margie Reckard, a 63-year-old who was killed when a gunman opened fire at a Walmart, held a pubilc service for his late wife at La Paz Faith Memorial and Spiritual Center in El Paso, Texas. Hundreds of people lined up in nearly 100-degree heat to attend the service. Organizers said the venue holds 400 people, but more than 700 were said to be waiting outside.

Basco has been visiting a memorial behind Walmart every day since the shooting. He and others leave flowers at the site.

So many people from around the world sent flowers that El Paso funeral homes have arranged for 22 hearses to carry hundreds of floral arrangements from Margie Reckard funeral to Walmart memorial:

EL PASO, Texas – In a “symbolic” gesture aimed at showing that the community will “never forget” the El Paso mass shooting that claimed 22 lives, hundreds of floral arrangements sent from around the globe for the funeral of 63-year-old victim Margie Reckard will be transported in a 22-hearse procession from the church to the makeshift memorial at Walmart.

Funeral home owner Salvador Perches, who is handling Reckard’s funeral services, made the announcement Friday in a live appearance on ABC-7.

Reckard’s widower, 61-year-old Antonio Basco, felt so alone after her death that he invited the world to join him in remembering his companion of 22 years.

RIP Margie Reckard.


Navy/Marine “Gunboat”

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US Marines sailed through the Strait of Hormuz with an armored vehicle on the flattop’s flight deck, ready to fight off Iranian gunboats:

Photos from a recent Strait of Hormuz transit by the US Navy amphibious assault ship USS Boxer showed an 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit light armored vehicle parked on the flight deck, a sign that this warship was expecting trouble in the hostile waterway.

The Boxer was harassed by Iranian drones in the Strait of Hormuz last month, and the US says the warship downed one, if not two, of them. Another potential threat in this region is Iranian gunboats, which have targeted commercial shipping in recent months.

Last fall, Marines with the 31st MEU embarked aboard the USS Wasp for an exercise with an LAV on the flight deck for the first time in the South China Sea, experimenting with options to boost the combat capability of the large amphibious ships against threats such as fast gunboats.

The photos are worth a look.


9th Circuit lifts Asylum Injunction in Texas and New Mexico

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9th Circuit lifts nationwide injunction against Trump plan to limit asylum.

Court: US can reject asylum along parts of Mexico border:

A federal appeals court on Friday cleared the way for the U.S. government to forbid Central American immigrants from seeking asylum at the two busiest stretches of the southern border in a partial legal victory for the Trump administration.

The ruling from the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals allows President Donald Trump to enforce the policy in New Mexico and Texas, rejecting asylum seekers who cross from Mexico into either state. Under Friday’s ruling, U.S. District Judge Jon Tigar’s July 24 order stopping the policy would apply only in California and Arizona, which are covered by the 9th Circuit.

The two busiest areas for unauthorized border crossings are in South Texas’ Rio Grande Valley and the region around El Paso, Texas, which includes New Mexico. Nearly 50,000 people in July crossed the U.S. border without permission in those two regions, according to the U.S. Border Patrol.

In theory and maybe in reality, this will cause asylum-seekers to travel to Arizona and California.


Jeffrey Epstein’s Death Ruled A Suicide

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[guest post by Dana]

From the Daily Beast:

Jeffery Epstein’s died from a suicide by hanging, the New York City medical examiner ruled Friday, a much-awaited final determination that authorities hope will put to rest conspiracy theories that have swirled since the sex offender awaiting trial hanged himself in a Manhattan jail cell last week.


The medical examiner’s office had been waiting for additional information such as toxicology results and reports from law-enforcement agencies including the FBI and the Bureau of Prisons who are investigating how Epstein was able to kill himself while under heavy security at a jail cell, officials said.


It’s not clear if Epstein’s body has been buried, but the medical examiner’s office confirmed that it had been released to an associate. A person with direct knowledge said that Epstein’s body was claimed by his brother Mark.

Epstein’s attorneys had hired celebrity pathologist Michael Baden to observe the autopsy on the family’s behalf. A spokeswoman for the medical examiner’s office said that Baden—who often works on celebrity and high-profile deaths—was in the room within eyesight of the examination.

Well, that’s one Epstein mystery solved. A whole lot more to go…

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Have I Got A Joke For You…

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it’s National Tell A Joke Day! I’m terrible at telling jokes in person because I always start laughing when delivering the punchline, so no one ever hears it. I get laughed at, but not my joke. Sad. Anyway, this post is meant for all you funny guys out there that keep us laughing (or smirking) at your clever jokes and witticisms.

Here’s a cute one I saw online:

“Doctor, doctor every time I stand up quickly, I see Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy”

“How long have you been getting these disney spells?”

Your turn.


Politics Today: The Subject Is Fat-Shaming (UPDATE: Interview With “Protester”)

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Because things just keep getting dumber…

As we already know, fat-shaming others is nothing new for President Trump. It happened again last night when he fat-shamed a “protester” at his campaign rally:

President Trump ridiculed the physical appearance of a man in the crowd of his Keep America Great rally in Manchester, New Hampshire, on Thursday night, telling the guy and everyone watching at home that he had a “serious weight problem” and should get some exercise.

Midway through a rally that had already featured him claiming that the stock market would crash if he weren’t re-elected, Trump’s typically off-the-rails speech was interrupted by demonstrators, and an apparent Trump supporter got up and grabbed a banner from their hands.

Trump, appearing only to spot the general commotion, saw the apparent supporter in the melee and the president took some potshots at the man after it seems he wrongly identified him as a protester.

“That guy has got a serious weight problem,” Trump yelled. “Go home, get some exercise!”

After demanding security escort the man out of the arena, the president appeared briefly self-conscious before returning to his taunts: “Got a bigger problem than I do. Got a bigger problem than all of us. Now he goes home and his mom says ‘What the hell have you just done?’”

Oops! It turns out that the “protester,” Frank Dawson, is actually a Trump-supporter:

Frank Dawson…reported that he had no ill will toward Trump. “Everything’s good!” Dawson told Fox News. “I love the guy! He’s the best thing that ever happened to this country.” Trump has reportedly called and spoken with Dawson.

This comes right after Democratic contender, Andrew Yang ridiculed Trump’s physical appearance while candidate was making the rounds at the Iowa State Fair last weekend:

On Saturday, Yang, an entrepreneur and first-time presidential candidate, went on an extended riff on Trump’s health after a forum on gun-violence prevention.

“I can’t be eating crap on the trail too often, because I need to stay in presidential form,” Yang said, adding that no one wants “a president who doesn’t seem like they can run a mile.”

“I don’t think Donald Trump could run a mile,” he said. “Would you guys enjoy trying to watch Donald Trump run a mile? That’d be hysterical. What does that guy weigh, like, 280 or something?”

“I say he, like, passes out at, like, the quarter-mile mark,” Yang said.

In a profile of the president, it was said that he believes that “Other than golf, he considers exercise misguided, arguing that a person, like a battery, is born with a finite amount of energy.” At his annual physical exam in February, Trump weighed in at 243 pounds. That means that technically, he’s obese.

UPDATE: Fox News interviewed the fat-shamed-not-a-protester Frank Dawson today, and he is indeed, an ardent supporter of Trump:

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