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Active Shooter in Gilroy CA; Multiple Victims reported (Updated)

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[Headline from DRJ]

Multiple Injuries Reported in Shooting at Gilroy Garlic Festival:

Police and emergency personnel late Sunday responded to reports of a shooting involving multiple victims at the Gilroy Garlic Festival in Gilroy, California.

Ambulance crews were told 11 people were down in an active shooter incident at Gilroy’s Christmas Hill Park. As of 7:30 p.m. the situation was still active, according to Gilroy police.

This is a breaking news story so reports may be unreliable. Our thoughts are with the victims and their families.

MORE: CNN has live updates, including that the San Francisco FBI is responding. As of now, there is one confirmed fatality.

UPDATE 7/29/2019: The shooter was reportedly an angry 19-year-old male. Law enforcement shot and killed him within minutes. As bad as this was, this could have been much worse .


20 Responses to “Active Shooter in Gilroy CA; Multiple Victims reported (Updated)”

  1. Early report: Three killed, one suspect in custody.

    DRJ (15874d)

  2. SF Chronicle: Gunman and 3 others killed, 15 wounded. Possible 2nd suspect sought.

    DRJ (15874d)

  3. A 6-year-old boy was killed. Tragic.

    DRJ (15874d)

  4. On the East coast: “NYC police seek 2 shooters in Brooklyn playground shooting” (1 dead, 11 wounded).

    DRJ (15874d)

  5. The gun he used is illegal to purchase in CA, and illegal to possess unless registered.

    Kevin M (21ca15)

  6. DRJ, a lot of what is reported as mass shooting in the “urban areas” is a downstream result of recent legal actions restricting police ability to enforce curfew and break-up late night gatherings near parks and street corners, but these incidents get labeled “mass” to push that other agenda. Crowds are no longer told to go home/disperse and in due time, a shooter rolls up and too bad for the friends of the prime target.

    urbanleftbehind (c02435)

  7. I updated the post.

    DRJ (15874d)

  8. I can see that happening, ulb, but I don’t think that is what happened here if this Heavy.Com report is right:

    [Santino William] Legan has an Instagram page with just three posts. The one most disturbing appears to have been posted shortly before the shooting.

    “Ayyy garlic festival time. Come get wasted on overpriced shit.”

    Legan also shared his views that include fringe white supremacist book written in 1890. Called “…one of the most incendiary works ever to be published anywhere,” by a noted anarchist, Legan quoted from the book in a post accompanied by a Smokey the Bear sign about fire danger. He wrote: “Read Might Is Right by Ragnar Redbeard. Why overcrowd towns and pave more open space to make room for hordes of mestizos and Silicon Valley white twats?”

    DRJ (15874d)

  9. Trump condemned the shooter as a “wicked murderer.”

    DRJ (15874d)

  10. Some people were born to be hanged. Unfortunately, they do a lot of harm to a lot of innocents before they are. At least, with this one, the cops did the right thing, and there won’t be sophomoric agonizing over his impending execution twenty years from now.

    nk (dbc370)

  11. The six year-old Mr. Legan “sent back”.

    Dave (1bb933)

  12. So is that a rhumba or a foxtrot you’re doing on the kid’s dead body, Dave?

    nk (dbc370)

  13. > Crowds are no longer told to go home/disperse and in due time, a shooter rolls up and too bad for the friends of the prime target.

    i’m not following the logic here. a crowd of people who are doing nothing wrong should be told to go home and disperse (on penalty of arrest)? why?

    or are you simply assuming that the people hanging out in the park at 11pm on a night when it’s 80 degrees and humid at midnight are up to no good?

    aphrael (e0cdc9)

  14. Isn’t Gilroy close to Morgan Hill?

    urbanleftbehind (f8ad62)

  15. Yes, it is.

    Colonel Haiku (2601c0)

  16. Back in the pre-Martin /pre-Brown era of local policing and before Barbeque Becky, departments had the wherewithal to act on resident calls and gut instincts, so to answer your question, yes.

    urbanleftbehind (f8ad62)

  17. And I resisted the urge to make bets on the shooter’s race and motives because one of Gilroy’s most favorite sons is none other than the gingermex QB Jeff Garcia.

    urbanleftbehind (f8ad62)

  18. Dave (1bb933) — 7/29/2019 @ 11:08 am

    Get professional help.

    Munroe (0b2761)

  19. @11. Heller on Earth, eh, Dave. Ditto #18; get help.

    DCSCA (797bc0)

  20. Yeah, Gilroy and Morgan Hill are both in Santa Clara County (as is Palo Alto, at the other end of the county). They’re two primarily agricultural communities that somewhat represent the “old” santa clara valley, and are maintained as agricultural communities instead of suburban sprawl because of county regulations strictly controlling development south of a certain point.

    aphrael (e0cdc9)

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