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Teenage Trend in Texas?

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[Headline from DRJ]

I recently posted on a story about a teenager opening, licking and returning a Blue Bell ice cream container to a Lufkin, Texas, grocery store shelf. If two is a trend, this is a depressing and disappointing Texas teenager trend:

15-year-old Texas boy arrested for spitting in Arizona tea bottle, returning product to supermarket shelf

Police have arrested and charged a Texas teen after he was caught spitting into an Arizona Tea bottle and placing it back on a store shelf for someone else to drink.
Before police arrived, the teen reportedly told the asset protection manager he had spit in the drink.

The boy told police he put the tea back after taking a drink because it was “gross.”

Not cool. Stop it.


6 Responses to “Teenage Trend in Texas?”

  1. Good morning, DRJ. I just got back from walking to my local Whataburger where I enjoyed a sausage BOB (breakfast on a bun).

    felipe (023cc9)

  2. That is good, as is my favorite the honey chicken biscuit.

    Good Texas morning to you, felipe! Stay cool inside when you can.

    DRJ (15874d)

  3. Our corporate offices are in TX and I’ve enjoyed Bluebell a few times (most recently at Minutemaid).

    I guess BB has never sealed their containers below the lid, these cretins will end that practice.

    One of the more alarming aspects of this is that it is done as some sort of performance art on social media, so copycats react fast. But at least that also provides awesome examples of Exhibit A.

    harkin (f611c5)

  4. A couple of years ago several people got sick from E. Coli in Blue Bell ice cream. It was limited to one area of Texas served by one dairy plant, which somehow had been contaminated. Or it could have been at a packaging/distribution center. Unsure, Blue Bell shut down production at all plants and recalled all the ice cream in every store throughout the state. There was no Blue Bell ice cream of any flavor available anywhere for more than a month, while the company thoroughly inspected every facility.

    That bummed me out, because I love Blue Bell ice cream. It is the best. Rocky Road and natural Bean Vanilla are my favorites. I was worried the company wouldn’t recover, and I would never have Blue Bell again. E. Coli is serious.

    Then one day I was driving to Weslaco to secure and inspect a repossessed home, and I saw a Blue Bell delivery truck on the highway. It’s back?! Thank God.

    The thing about Blue Bell is this. You got to know their deliveries, because the dairy plants cycle their flavors. One week it’s these flavors, the next week it’s those flavors. So if you want a particular flavor, such as Rocky Road or Natural Bean Vanilla, you have to know which week they come out, because Blue Bell sells quick.

    So, I’m thinking, after I finish with this house, I’m going straight to HEB on the way home and get me some ice cream. Well, this house took a little longer than expected, like all afternoon, and when I finally was able to stop by the store, all the Blue Bell was gone!

    I know it was delivered, because I spoke to the manager. The entire shipment sold out in a matter of hours. Hey, people love Blue Bell ice cream. Once it was back on the shelves, it was off the shelves. I had to wait another week for the next delivery.

    Anyway, Blue Bell survived and thrived. But the thought of some stupid teenager licking ice cream and putting it back on the shelf is so gross. Same with some stupid teenager spitting into bottled tea and putting it back on the shelf.

    What are these kids thinking? Maybe they think it’s funny, or probably they’re not thinking at all. This is how diseases spread, through contaminated products.

    You’re right, DRJ, this is not cool. It is not funny, and it must stop.

    Gawain's Ghost (b25cd1)

  5. I live in a smaller Texas town, GG, and we went almost three months without Blue Bell during that shutdown. It was excruciating and Blue Bell is so popular that it was actually a lcoal news focus for weeks. When it finally came back to our stores, people here were as excited as when the Beatles came to America.

    DRJ (15874d)

  6. The solution to this is straight forward; sentence each teen to time in a room full of nothing but containers with those frigging ‘safety’ caps on them and tell them they’ll be released once they get all of them opened.

    When they finish, they’ll be 21.

    DCSCA (797bc0)

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