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Trump Slams Fox News Weekend

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[Headline from DRJ]

Trump slams Fox News’ weekend coverage, says network ‘forgot the people who got them there’:

President Trump was so fired up about the state of weekend programming on Fox News that he devoted five tweets, posted over the course of several hours on Sunday evening, to the topic.


It’s probably not a coincidence that Trump’s diatribe came on the same day Fox News correspondent Greg Palkot, covering the World Cup, visited a sports bar in Lyon, France, where the crowd spontaneously erupted in a chant of “F—k Trump!” during the live broadcast.

His tweets are here.


20 Responses to “Trump Slams Fox News Weekend”

  1. I feel sorry for people that watch Fox News. 10 years ago every show was an embarrassment.

    mg (8cbc69)

  2. He was more upset about them bringing on Donna Brazile for their Saturday and Sunday roundtable shows. He was digging at them by mentioning that during Democratic primary Brazile gave the questions for an upcoming debate to Hillary’s team.

    In Brazile’s defense, she claimed in her book “Hacked” that she did not have access to the debate questions so there is no way she could be the one that gave them to Hillary.

    Xmas (eafb47)

  3. Saw that.

    Their accent tres bon. 😉

    DCSCA (797bc0)

  4. The Women’s Team and their ‘equal pay’ chants (picked up by Kamala) need to be introduced to the concepts of revenue and percentages.×900

    harkin (58d012)

  5. Even the bootlickers and nob-polishers who beclown themselves daily trying to please him aren’t good enough anymore.


    Dave (1bb933)

  6. Love that Trump says of British Ambassador “We will no longer deal with him” – no doubt this is what Sir Kim wanted. Doubt he wants to stay in DC if Boris is PM. Best to get him out now.

    rcocean (1a839e)

  7. Like Never-Trumpers hard to understand what Sir Kim’s end-game is. Trump and Trump supporters are not going away. Days of Bush “Slow surrender to the Left” “lets lose with grace” are gone. Maybe retire? That’s what most Never Trumpers did in California. Once they helped D’s win permanent majority, their job was done. No need to pretend to be R’s – and retired from politics. Or ran away – to help sabotage R’s in other states.

    rcocean (1a839e)

  8. well he leaked a memo 2 1/2 years ago, Murdoch boys are making the network conform to eu newspeak, in order to get access,

    narciso (d1f714)

  9. hard to understand what Sir Kim’s end-game is.

    It seems pretty easy to understand. He was advising his country on the reality of the matter. Nothing he said wasn’t apparent.

    Dustin (6d7686)

  10. Once they helped D’s win permanent majority, their job was done. No need to pretend to be R’s – and retired from politics.

    Hah, you wish!

    We’re coming for your precious bodily fluids next.

    Dave (1bb933)

  11. Those are pretty demented tweets. And I mean literally, clinically, medical definition demented. “Degenerates”? Veering into the NYT and Boston Globe and “unfunded liability” and Brian Williams? Shaking my head.

    nk (dbc370)

  12. Like Never-Trumpers hard to understand what Sir Kim’s end-game is.

    You presume that Darroch was the leaker. Do you have proof? It seems to me Darroch wouldn’t risk his career or reputation after giving those frank assessments. Here’s what another Foreign Service professional said:

    It’s that someone inside the British system deliberately amassed a stash of his assessments, then chose the moment of maximum impact to leak it. This was not a spontaneous decision to make public a single document: it required premeditation and therefore an agenda. Can it be a coincidence that the material appeared in the middle of the Conservative party’s leadership election?

    I’d say the leak was for British domestic consumption, designed to undermine the present power structure, and it’s why my best guess is that a Brexiteer did it.

    Paul Montagu (fc91e5)

  13. Not the first time, he has communications leaked,

    Narciso (23765c)

  14. And this:

    The journalist who reported the leak, Isabel Oakeshott, is a strong supporter of Brexit.

    Paul Montagu (fc91e5)

  15. I’ve got a couple of NeverTrumpers cleaning the stable as I write this. They’ve been looking for work after the demise of several of the publications they’d worked for short stretches at. They have an air of desperation and the odor of a few weeks of not bathing about them.

    Pitiful, but here’s to better times for the both of them!

    Colonel Haiku (0e0056)

  16. Dont they funk up the stables.

    Narciso (23765c)

  17. That’s the beauty of it, narciso. They’ll smell better after shoveling and sweeping than they did going in.

    Colonel Haiku (0e0056)

  18. On the way to figuring out why the name Oakeshott was familiar, I came across this

    Google thinks I was thinking of Michael Oakeshott, but the edge of my mind insists there is more…

    Kishnevi (dfca54)

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