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Democrats (and CNN) Help Trump Re-Election

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The HillDems make U-turn on calling border a ‘manufactured crisis’:

Democrats have done a U-turn on their claim from earlier this year that President Trump’s concern about illegal immigration at the southern border was a “manufactured crisis.”

Democrats now acknowledge there is a genuine humanitarian crisis and are preparing to pass legislation that would provide as much as $4.5 billion in federal aid to address the surge of migrants from Central America.

A surging number of arrests, media reports of smugglers renting children to desperate migrants to help them gain entry into the United States and stories of children dying in U.S. custody have changed the narrative.

This change has come during the rollout of Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign in Florida — coverage from which CNN reportedly “cut away when the crowd starting chanting, ‘CNN sucks’ and the president invoked the ‘fake news’ slur.”

Maybe Trump should report the Democrats’ immigration change and CNN’s consistency as in-kind contributions to his re-election campaign.


31 Responses to “Democrats (and CNN) Help Trump Re-Election”

  1. It was a manufactured crisis by Trump, until the apprehensions started rising last February.

    Paul Montagu (841370)

  2. As someone who lives on the border, I think it has been a crisis for years but I have given up on politicians having the will to fix it. That is why I want a Wall.

    DRJ (15874d)

  3. Djr, how will a wall stop a surge in ppl seeking asylum? My understanding is that the bulk are coming to ports of entry to make the request? Is that not the case??

    Time123 (d8955f)

  4. It is a manufactured crisis. When you have Dems pushing sanctuary cities, health care, drivers licenses, college opportunities, healthcare and even voting rights for illegals, the product is increased invasion.

    Even the collapse of civil order in Venezuela, prompting a refugee tidal wave, was manufactured by the Left.

    harkin (e5c973)

  5. Donohue and his lackeys created this crisis.

    mg (8cbc69)

  6. It’s not as if the Dems and NeverTrump haven’t proposed a ton of solutions:

    1. Let everyone in.
    2. Let everyone in.
    3. Let everyone in.
    4. Let everyone in.
    5. Let everyone in.

    Munroe (8e4fdb)

  7. “how will a wall stop a surge in ppl seeking asylum? My understanding is that the bulk are coming to ports of entry to make the request? Is that not the case??”

    well for one the statistics need to be represented more accurately:

    1) only 1 in 10 “seeking asylum” are valid claims. The other 9 out of 10 false claims then do not wait for court hearings, they flee into the USA, and live as “illegal aliens”.
    2) seeking asylum is not the only reason a wall is necessary. illegal drug and human trafficking are other reasons. As well as the flow of human and sex trafficking, the bulk of which does not happen at “ports of entry”.

    Where Eagles Dare (30c9de)

  8. All the Democrats have for their campaign theme is “concentration camps” and “children in cages.”

    That’s not gonna work.

    Patricia (3363ec)

  9. I agree with Where Eagles Dare. In addition, the walls/fencing we’ve built has worked.

    DRJ (3a8a8a)

  10. As well as the flow of human and sex trafficking, the bulk of which does not happen at “ports of entry”.

    That’s false, both for human traffickers and drug traffickers.
    The “1 in 10 ‘seeking asylum’ are valid claims” line is also false. In the last five years, 57% to 74% appeared at their immigration hearings.

    Paul Montagu (841370)

  11. In some remote Texas sectors there are not many LEOs or Border Patrol agents per square mile. Those areas need many approaches but especially barriers like walls.

    DRJ (3a8a8a)

  12. They appear at their hearings because Obama changed the interpretation of asylum rules to make it easier to apply and stay.

    DRJ (3a8a8a)

  13. The wall has worked quite well in Israel. Less terror, less illegal immigration, oh my!!

    mg (8cbc69)

  14. They shift where they cross. They also catch most traffickers at the ports of entry but that doesn’t mean they aren’t crossing in more remote areas. We don’t know.

    DRJ (3a8a8a)

  15. i think this is happening in all the remote areas like Antelope Wells NM:

    The special operations agents still had their mission, to wait for the asylum seekers — and the smugglers’– next move… In a real-life chess game.

    When large groups do come, drug smugglers take advantage.

    “They’re pushing drug mules both east and west of those areas to try to keep the agents occupied with those large groups while they’re pushing drugs on the outskirts of those areas,” Romero said.

    DRJ (3a8a8a)

  16. Officials call it baffling but it isn’t really:

    Antelope Wells is the site of one of about three dozen Border Patrol “forward operating bases” in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas — bare-bones facilities designed to increase enforcement in remote areas. About four agents are assigned to Antelope Wells and they sleep at the base on eight-day shifts to avoid having to drive home every day.

    Migrants have told agents that they took commercial buses from Guatemala to New Mexico in four or five days straight, a sharp contrast to the traditional route that can take 25 to 30 days to reach the U.S. border and includes rest stops at “stash houses” along the way, McAleenan said.

    It’s unclear why Guatemalans are choosing such a remote spot, but McAleenan said it may be less expensive for smugglers to pay other criminal organizations fees to pass through. The U.S. is working with Mexico to determine the reasons behind it, hoping to redirect traffic to the nearest cities, El Paso and Nogales, Arizona.

    Families began arriving in large groups about once or twice a week since mid-October and the trend has accelerated in recent weeks, McAleenan said.

    The families are generally seeking out U.S. agents to turn themselves in, raising questions about why they would go to such lengths when they could do so in large cities. All along the border, migrants are increasingly turning themselves in to U.S. authorities to seek asylum or other form of humanitarian protection.

    This is where the little 7-year-old migrant girl who died came across. The Border Patrol did not have the medical resources to care for her there and she died after they got her to El Paso. She was cover for the cartels that smuggle/traffick, and that consider the migrants expendable.

    DRJ (3a8a8a)

  17. More, with photos.

    DHS propaganda, patched together in a rush, right after Trump’s public debacle with Pelosi-Schumer.

    Paul Montagu (ed450b)

  18. Propaganda is a problem with Trump as President.

    DRJ (3a8a8a)

  19. But using remote areas for smuggling is not new.

    DRJ (3a8a8a)

  20. There isn’t going to be a wall along the southern border. There never was, and there never will be. The whole idea is ludicrous in the extreme.

    Gawain's Ghost (b25cd1)

  21. 12. yet it is being built. reality sucks.

    Where Eagles Dare (30c9de)

  22. Is this like the bogus Iranian propaganda you fell for last week, and nathan Phillip’s bogus Covington tape

    Narciso (f8a289)

  23. There may never be a Wall across the entire border but why, specifically, do you label it ludicrous, GG?

    DRJ (3a8a8a)

  24. You target the most vulnerable spot, for security personnel.

    Narciso (f8a289)

  25. Seeing as kaibiles (guatemalan special forces ) are auxiliaries for the Zetas. It’s not surprising they would take this tack.

    Narciso (f8a289)

  26. “Maybe Trump should report the Democrats’ immigration change and CNN’s consistency as in-kind contributions to his re-election campaign.”

    Or how about what I’ve been saying ever since “campaign finance reform” became a thing, Democrats should report the efforts of CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, Washington Post, New York Times, Chicago Tribune, LA Times, etc. etc. etc., nearly every local TV news station, most colleges and universities…I think I may have missed a few but that’s a start…as in-kind contributions to their election campaigns? Ever think of that? Eh?

    PTw (8a02dd)

  27. “The whole idea is ludicrous in the extreme.”

    It was ludicrous and extreme when the Chinesers built one that was (still is) much, much longer several hundreds of years ago.

    PTw (8a02dd)

  28. Both CNN and MSNBC returned to regularly scheduled evening programming; Fox carried the full rally as did CSPAN- though CSPAN experienced some audio problems and cut away to the Amway Center lobby for a minute or two until technical issues were cleared up. Attendance hit 20,000 w/overflow at the start. Doubt any of the 24 weenies would draw those numbers.

    DCSCA (797bc0)

  29. People go to Trump rallies to enjoy themselves and have fun.

    Those who show up to see JoeyBee are there for the free samples of Polgrip on their way to an EarlyBird special.

    DCSCA (797bc0)

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