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Headline: John Dean goes Back to the Future

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[Headline from DRJ]

Daily MailJohn Dean testifies on ‘remarkable parallels’ between Russia probe and WATERGATE as Trump calls former Nixon lawyer a ‘sleazebag’ who is a paid CNN contributor:

House Democrats began hearings on Muller investigation this week 
Richard Nixon’s former attorney John Dean testified at Monday’s hearing 
Step is seen by some as part of Rep. Jerrold Nadler’s impeachment push 


12 Responses to “Headline: John Dean goes Back to the Future”

  1. I guess Dean is appearing as an “expert” witness and a fact witness.

    DRJ (15874d)

  2. Dose Democrats, dey gots de bestest wi’nesses.

    nk (dbc370)

  3. Speaking of sleezebags, could our Captain tell us where got that letter from The Big Dick he has hanging in the Oval framed and was it at taxpayer expense?

    Dean certainly brought out the low caliber of GOP committee members. They still have malls in Columbus; Jim Jordan should swing by the JC Penneys and pick hizself up one of them there brown suits on sale. Genuine polyester!

    DCSCA (797bc0)

  4. very weak tea, disco, he put together the plumbers including McCord who was the inside man, and the enemies list, and he basically got a parking ticket fine,

    narciso (d1f714)

  5. Didn’t he turn state’s evidence and rat out his co-conspirators?

    Kevin M (21ca15)

  6. was it at taxpayer expense?

    Really? Next you’ll be asking if he pays for carpet cleaning in the Oval Office.

    Kevin M (21ca15)

  7. When do the rebuttal witnesses start?

    Kevin M (21ca15)

  8. then there’s the whole silent coup thesis, that suggests a whole other reason, for directing the Watergate break in, a much more personal one,

    narciso (d1f714)

  9. John Dean knows who actually pays his bills, much like Justin Amash does, and has resolutely remained available to draw parallels and grant his “I wuz there, man” credibility to tar every Republican President with the ‘Nixonian behavior’ label. After all, the ‘principles’ are the same even if the parallels…aren’t, really.

    Nice meal ticket if you can get it, but really, lawyers just love to constantly mine low-level conflicts for money and prestige rather than making any final, useful declaration on what is and isn’t impeachable, tolerable, or actionable by people who aren’t lawyers.

    Take their ‘precedents’ and ‘principles’ at your own peril and always follow the money.

    Captain Strong (9fcc3b)

  10. Four reasons not to trust John Dean:

    1) When he testified in June 1973, he testified in a monotone.

    It was obvious to me that was because he didn’t want lies to be detected by the “Voice Stress Analyzer”

    And that he thought he could avoid that by testifying in a monotone,

    He later gave some other reason for testifying in a monotone, but it is not believeable.

    BTW, it also occurred to me that what he was doing in his testimony was slightly alteringfacts. That’s part of the reason why it was so detailed, and why his memory seemed so good.

    2) John Dean was the all-but-named source (he is called “the Snitch” but it is obvious he means John Dean) for a column by (Friend of Bill*) Taylor Branch in the November 1976 issue of Esquire that said that (he presumbably thought) that Deep Throat was David Gergen.

    But later in 1982, John Dean wrote a book “Lost Honor” about his supposed investigation as to who was Deep Throat – IN WHICH HE TOLD A FLAT OUT LIE about what Taylor Branch’s conclusions were.

    David Gergen, as another Yale graduate and a known source to Woodward, had automatically gone on my list. However, Taylor Branch, who was as able an investigator who could be found, had concluded that Gergen was not likely. When Taylor had confronted him, Gergen had not proved he was not Deep Throat, but he had made a persuasive case. Taylor’s findings
    convinced me I could remove him from my list.

    – Lost Honor by John W. Dean III
    (Stratford Press, 1982 – distributed by Harper and Row) page 313.

    Now that column did not say that David Gergen was not Deep Throat, but quite the opposite. It seemingly endorsed the idea that Deep Throat was David Gergen.

    Why did John Dean have confidence he could get away with that lie?

    The thing was that column was not indexed in the Reader’s Guide to Perodical Literature (only the fact of monthly columns by Taylor Branch was) so he clearly was counting on nobody being able to check.

    * Taylor Branch, Bill Clinton and Hillary Rodham were in charge of the McGovern campiagn in Texas in 1972 and roomed together when they were all there. Taylor Branch had also ghostwritten John Dean’s book “Blind Ambition” which is full of provable lies, like quotes from conversations that don’t correspond to what is on the tapes. Tapes that had already been made public.

    3) John Dean told John Caulfield that Nixon had promised a pardon to E Howard Hunt and he should tell Hunt that, but the tape proved that did not happen in any conversatio Richard Nixon had with John Dean.

    4) In general John Dean manipulated people – he would tell one person one thing and another person another thing; and the Nixon White House worked in such a way, with such anarro chain of information that it was possible to do so for someone who was in the right position, as was John Dean.

    What I heard today and didn’t know, and don’t know if it is true is that John Dean recrted Gordon Liddy for the campaign, but he is apparently on record as claiming that he did and he picked him because of his burglary record.

    Sammy Finkelman (9974e8)

  11. narciso @8 I don’t believe the silent C oup reason.

    Yes, John Dean was responsible for directing Liddy to plant a bug at the DNC but that was in order to prevent them planting a bug at the McGovern campaign headquarters. He wanted teh burglars to get caught.

    For this we have to get into the matter of the Senator from Watergate. (Robert F. Bennett (R-Utah) served 1992-2010)

    It is not too well known, but Liddy had a plan to put a bug in
    McGovern’s campaign headquarters. He and Hunt also had a spy in there –
    Tom Gregory. Gregory had been recruited by Robert F. Bennett, later the
    junior Senator from Utah and then the son of Senator Wallace Bennett [R-UT, 1950-1974)

    I am giving years of election, not actually when their terms began,

    Somehow all this never interfered with Bennett’s political career.

    In any case, several plans were made to have Tom Gregory help place that big there. They
    all failed. From reading the history, I think a very fair conclusion is
    that Gregory was turned, if he wasn’t from the beginning. One pretty
    telling indication is that Burns Guards were hired at just the right
    time to frsutrate one particular plans (or of Gregory lied about them
    being hired that would be another indication)

    Finally Liddy and Hunt decided to go ahead just as if Gregory wasn’t
    there. It was at that point that John Dean and Magruder came up with the
    orders to go into the Watergate a second time. And there is good
    reason to believe that McCord tried to make sure they got caught. Had they not gotten caught the very next thing they would have done – even the same night – was plant a bug in the McGovern campaign headquarters.

    Now why would John Dean want to prevent that? It must be because he was in secret contact with some person or persons on the McGovern campaign. Their shared goal: To make Spiro Agnew presdent.

    This leads to some interestbg speculation:

    One of the things I don’t know is just what job Bill Clinton had in the
    McGovern campaign before August 1972 (when he became co-cordinator in
    texas. Taylor Barnch was his deputy and the both of them lived in the
    same apartment with Hillary who acted as a voter registration specialist
    flying into different cities in Texas.)

    If Gregory was turned and the conspirators were desperate to prevent a
    bugging of the McGovern headquarters (here they might really learn
    something surprising!) the plan to go in a second time into the watergate and have
    them get caught them may have been forced.

    If all of this is true, Bill Clinton is a good candidate for being
    one of the inside men in the McGovern campaign who knew about the double agent, especially because of his mob connections. I mean McCord probably had some mob connections because of his professional
    activities. And so did John Dean because of his connection with Senator Stuart Symington D-Missouri 1952–1976)

    All of which leaves us with the intriguing possibility that while President Nixon had no advance knowledge of the Watergate break-in, President Clinton did!

    Sammy Finkelman (9974e8)

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