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Biden considering Stacey Abrams? Boring.

Any story with the names Trump or Conway? Nope.

I could write about deeper issues but it takes more time than I have this morning and nobody would read it anyway. Pick one of the topics above or something equally frivolous and go nuts.

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  1. Biden considering Stacey Abrams? Boring.

    It’s not boring. It’s very significant and telling.

    First, it shows that Joe Biden is almost definitely committed to entering the presidential race. We knew that, but still.

    Second, it shows he is aware of the problems his age causes. His age means it is more important than usual who is vice presidnt is going to be.

    Third, and most important:

    He doesn’t want anyone to think that it might be Kamala Harris.

    That’s what’s been talked about. That the most likely ticket is Joe Biden for president and Kamala Harris for Vice President.

    This is a rejection of Kamala Harris. ALTHOUGH IT ALSO SHOWS A KIND OF AFFINITY FOR IDENTITY POLITICS. But old fashioned, Tammany Hall, or the Chicago white ethnic kind. He’s picking is own African American.

    Sammy Finkelman (e70ce9)

  2. Since this is an open thread, I’ll just say that I’ve been putting extra hours in at work and it pisses me off to anticipate my withholding every payday.

    Gryph (08c844)

  3. How about Bezos giving Erdogan a blank check to attack the west, naw that gets in the way of the two minute hate on trump.

    Narciso (626414)

  4. Move to New York they’ll take all your money

    Narciso (626414)

  5. In one sense, this shows good judgment or, alternatively, attention to what people say, on the part of Joe Biden.

    In another sense, it’s bad. Stacey Abrams is a down-the-line “progressive” wih seemingly no dissenting views on anything. Plus, of course, totally new to many issues. Although it’s much better than Jerry Brown naming Jesse Jackson, who was also a choice that he could not have actually forced on the Democratic convention in 1992.

    This is similar to what Eliot Spitzer did when he named David Paterson as Lieutenant Governor. Of course, that happened much later in the process. There were some old line black politicians who wanted one of their own associiates to be named as Lt. Gov.

    Eliot Spitzer did that, sort of, but not someone they wanted, or trusted for anything bad, and at the same time, someone that they could not possibly object to.

    David Paterson was the son of former State Senator Basil Paterson and New York Secretary of Satte (an appointed position) who also had actually been the Lt Gov nominee on the ticket with Arthur Goldberg in 1970.


    Bt David Paterson was legally blind. His father had got him educated – he actually had to move to Long Island to do that, and later got him a pretty safe government job: State Senator. Now that job was relatively unimportant, because the Democrats were a permanent minority in the New York State Senate (while also being in a permanent overhwhelming majority in the New York State Assembly, even though both were apportioned according to population since the mid-1960s) thanks to the mracle of gerrymandering.

    David Paterson eventually became State Senate Minority Leader, a position wthout any real power or influence. And because of his vision problems etc, he had never been brought into any of the intrigues of the Harlem Gang of Four.

    Now, while Eliot Spitzer’s motives were shabby and without real insight or concern about the public good, David Paterson turned out to be a very good Governor after Eliot Spitzer resigned in March of 2008.

    So good, I think he was actually sort of forced out by a few bad stories leaked to the press, and did not run for a term of his own in 2010. The power brokers or whatever put forth Andrew Cuomo, whom they had successfully stopped before. (In 2002, Andrew Cuomo withdrew from consideration for Governor and let Carl McCall avoid a primary, on the demand of political boss Bill Clinton. I mean, what else was Clinton doing there?) In 2006 he ran and won the position of New York State Attorney General to succeed Eliot Spitzer)

    David Paterson made one really stupid decision (which I think he actually even realized not that mch later): He appointed Kirsten Gillibrand as United States Senator to succeed Hilary Clinton. This was on the recommendation of Senator Charles (Chuck) E. Schumer. And she’s been re-elected ever since, in 2010, in 2012, and in 2018, with no real Republican opposition, even though she should be relatively easy to knock off with a solid (and not so conservative) candidate. With any real quality person. Or half quality person. I blame campaign finance laws.

    Sammy Finkelman (e70ce9)

  6. I think the video shot by the killer in New Zealand robably did not stop at 17 minutes – right before the second attack, at the mosque on Linwood Avenue. There’s no reason to stop right there,
    It’s in Linwood, an inner suburb of Christchurch, (not to be confused with the city of Linwood, 20 km away, whose cops ran him off the roadm or are all the new media confused?)

    Anyway if he had stopped the streaming right after the first attack, it wouldn’t be 17 minutes without including the second attack, and it doesn’t sound like, from what I read, that here is video of the second attack.

    I think what we have is, of course, the video that was re-uploaded by his sympathizers, or maybe better, co-conspirators in other countries was chopped off at that point because they didn’t want to show him getting something of a comeuppance.

    Does anyone know?

    Sammy Finkelman (e70ce9)

  7. It’s Johann Sebastian Bach’s birthday! Let’s all be well tempered.

    nk (dbc370)

  8. Racial gerrymandering and the groupthink of bodies like the CBC discourage sensible and reward crazy. Look at the Guam guy (Hank Johnson) of Georgia, won as a moderate but got goofy shortly threafter.. Will Hurd, were he a D instead of a RINO would be an example of what’s needed.

    urbanleftbehind (cc3dfe)

  9. I miss happyfeet.

    mg (8cbc69)

  10. Here’s an article about an uber-snowflake that would be funny if it weren’t so sad.

    One of her many hilarious quotes:

    ‘Any male who attempts to review my book will be committing a form of sexual assault’

    I don’t think she understands the meaning of “assault”.

    Chuck Bartowski (bc1c71)

  11. Thank you for maintaining your blog. I don’t always agree with what you write, but I enjoy reading your posts. I appreciate the effort you put into this.

    Time123 (cd2ff4)

  12. it’s a joke like with that other troll,

    narciso (d1f714)

  13. It’s a beautiful sunny, clear day in NorCal! Greetings to all.

    That McCain turned out to be quite a character!

    Colonel Haiku (a28485)

  14. well he’s not married to anyone important,

    narciso (d1f714)

  15. “Here’s an article about an uber-snowflake that would be funny if it weren’t so sad.”

    – Chuck Bartowski

    Don’t be sad, Chuck – it’s a parody character, so you can just think it’s funny without getting sad so easily.

    Leviticus (efada1)

  16. I think buzzfeed thought it got in the way of the pet memes,

    narciso (d1f714)

  17. 1984 wasn’t supposed to be a how to manual:

    narciso (d1f714)

  18. Biden doesn’t need Abrams for the folks concerned about his age and whatnot. Bornstein the White can examine him and give him a sterling bill of health, and it’ll only takes five minutes!

    Paul Montagu (d49d0a)

  19. It’s as other hand as we’re likely to get,

    narciso (d1f714)

  20. Most books seem to be written for women these days. Even the ones by ostensibly male authors. Somebody whose opinion I don’t respect all that much suggested that it’s because around 85% of the editors at publishing houses are women. Whatever.

    nk (dbc370)

  21. Go ahead and be sad, Chuck. Things have degenerated to a point where real life is often a parody of a parody… a parody wrapped in a caricature, with a squishy marshmallow lampoon center, sprinkled with finely chopped sarcasm.

    Colonel Haiku (a28485)

  22. that’s why carol danvers has to be the first avengers, natch, they are this close to shipwrecking the franchise,

    narciso (d1f714)

  23. well we’re way past python, what was that other guy elfquist,

    narciso (d1f714)

  24. 24. nk (dbc370) — 3/21/2019 @ 9:58 am

    Most books seem to be written for women these days. Even the ones by ostensibly male authors.

    I don’t know. That’s probably not true, even if there;s a few more, or noticeably more in genres where you didn’t se such books at all, but a few years ago, a local library, which also seemed to have reduced the number of new ooks it had, for a relatively short time (it didn’t last) seemed almost to be prdering on;y books that could be considered of interest to women. Women who didn’t have any general interest in anything. Nonfiction seemed to be about diet.

    Sammy Finkelman (e70ce9)

  25. If you say so, Sammy. How about if I amend it? “Most books seem to be written for women people who watch Oprah these days.” 😉

    nk (dbc370)

  26. meawhile moveon demands all candidates boycott aipac, you note they never move on from their pet peeve,

    narciso (d1f714)

  27. Stan Lee was our only hope. Rick Berman turned out to be a worthy torch bearer after Roddenberry. Will the Russo bros rise to the challenge? Will the contagion that felled Star Wars infect Marvel?

    felipe (023cc9)

  28. The Conway soap opera interests me. It could be an elaborate plan for attention engineered by the Conways and Trump. It could be the opposite — spontaneous, unfiltered, and unplanned, with both Trump and husband George tweeting their thoughts as they have them. I certainly think Trump does that but my guess is this is a debate the Conways have been having for some time.

    What do you do when you disagree with your spouse about something you think is very, very important? Most couples find a way to agree or at least to reach detente, but what if you can’t?

    DRJ (15874d)

  29. yet to be seen, I can’t imagine they will let her take over the whole thing, sam raimi was the first time I followed spiderman since the brief Nicholas Hammond series in the 70s, and well then came the 3rd one, of james Vanderbilt’s efforts the less said the better,

    narciso (d1f714)

  30. Kelly Conway is the consumate bag-over-head, but portly George must have either skills or negative-infinity level self-esteem.

    urbanleftbehind (5eecdb)

  31. like I say, it’s not supposed to be a how to manual:

    narciso (d1f714)

  32. 22. Paul Montagu (d49d0a) — 3/21/2019 @ 9:57 am

    Biden doesn’t need Abrams for the folks concerned about his age and whatnot.

    I know you’re joking, but anyway I want to say that it’s not exactly concern about age, in the sense that people would not vote for him because he might not serve out his term etc. that’s driving this.

    If he’s walking around in the fall of 2020, I think you can safely say the odds are less 25% that he will be unable to fulfill his responsibilities, and that’s not enough for someoe to reject a cadidate.

    It’s true that for him the identity of the vice-president more important, as the odds that the vice president might take over, and not just for a very short time.

    But that’s for later.

    Why now?

    The problem is this: In the case of Joe Biden his whole campaign would be based on many of the other candidates being unsuitable, and one thing that could hurt him, especially early in the primary season, and during the Invisible (or Money) primary, when early polls wouldn’t have had a chance to be overturned, is the possibility that coming in second or third (to Bernie) would be Kamala Harris, and that the most likely ticket is Biden-Harris. That’s almost what people are saying.

    Sammy Finkelman (e70ce9)

  33. narciso @37. Trump said something about that s his long, record breaking, CPAC speech.

    Sammy Finkelman (e70ce9)

  34. Trump said George Conway couldn’t the job he wanted, but Conway said at the time he withdrew. Both could be telling the truth if he was running into problems with his background check.

    The generally accepted wisdom is that he turned down the job because he had second thoughts about taking he job, or a request from Trump he didn’t like, but that could be just cover.

    Sammy Finkelman (e70ce9)

  35. 30. It’s still not most books. I haven’t looked at best sellers.

    Sammy Finkelman (e70ce9)

  36. Half-a-century ago today, March 21, 1969:

    “A sum total of 10 voyages to the surface of the moon” was announced by NASA Administrator Thomas Paine, who told reporters if the Apollo 11 mission came off as planned in July, it would be followed by nine more lunar landings with Apollos 12, 13 and 14 set for leaving equipment to measure lunar disturbances, and the six later landings to be set up in ‘areas of the most significant interest’ with the possibility of ‘overland exploration’. “We’re talking here really about man’s conquest of the seventh continent,” Paine noted.

    That got Big Dicked over…

    81 Americans were killed in Vietnam.

    So were they. :-(

    DCSCA (797bc0)

  37. Today is Purim this year. (the 14th of Adar 2)

    Sammy Finkelman (e70ce9)

  38. Today Jimmy Carter becomes the longest living president of the United States.

    Sammy Finkelman (e70ce9)

  39. Also, since this is an Open Thread, I think Trump is using attacks on John McCain to satisfy his need to denigrate everyone else, that is, to make himself look good by tearing others down. McCain is the perfect target because he can’t fight back now that he is dead, and it has the added benefit of signaling Trump’s base that Trump isn’t part of the GOP establishment. Thus, Trump can go along with everything the establishment wants and still claim he is not part of it.

    The beauty of using McCain is that it really bothers GOP Senators who have the DC clout to oppose Trump, but this makes it seem like they are responding based on pique instead of principle. Trump is very good at undermining principles but he has had a lifetime of practice.

    DRJ (15874d)

  40. Actually no, drj McCain has been behind this whole wild goose chase for nearly three years now, was he merely a fool or a knave I canr discern, which principle freedom of speech only when his base said it could be exercised

    Narciso (09a5f2)

  41. Sammy, Biden can also argue that he’s not that much older than Trump, and probably in better physical health. And yet, age will still be a factor because of the large field of competitors, but a bigger factor is that Biden’s blarney will outpace his brains, almost every day.

    Paul Montagu (d49d0a)

  42. Yeah, but he does have the brain surgery plus do you want to have the larger presumably less healthy one (not factoring for Willie B’s cooties) as your VP if you want to convince the voters of having a competent VP.

    urbanleftbehind (5eecdb)

  43. If he’s ballooning gimmicks already, expect ‘1%Joe’ a ‘no-go’ for a successful launch.

    DCSCA (797bc0)

  44. I was going to ask this question myself, but alas:

    You know who else also was a barrel chested mack with young children from NY…..

    ……Grover Cleveland

    urbanleftbehind (5eecdb)

  45. @47. A healthy Joe?

    Biden’s actually had brain surgery.

    DCSCA (797bc0)

  46. “The number of millennial men and women who prioritize political party alliance over good sex has skyrocketed since 2016, according to data from OkCupid. The matchmaking company surveyed more than 8 million users, and found that interest in dating someone with similar political beliefs has gone up 165 percent since 2004, while having good sex has decreased as a priority 30 percent.

    Specifically, between 2016 and 2018, the number of women who consider politics more important than sex shot up from 27 percent to 42 percent, while for men that needle moved from 23 percent to 30 percent.”

    There really is no hope for many of these nitwits. I’ll remember this the next time I see ‘lol boomers’ on a message board.

    harkin (09d352)

  47. I fear for the future of the species…

    Colonel Haiku (2601c0)

  48. Sammy, Biden can also argue that he’s not that much older than Trump, and probably in better physical health. And yet, age will still be a factor because of the large field of competitors, but a bigger factor is that Biden’s blarney will outpace his brains, almost every day.

    In the age of Trump, does that even matter anymore? I guess it might in a Democratic primary, maybe. It sure didn’t in the Republican primary.

    In the general, you’re going to have to get in a bit of a troll war with Trump, the Republican’s tried to go high, except Rubio for a minute and a half. Hillary…I don’t even know, she apparently thought showing up was enough, or winning debates, vs you know, lots of people hated her. Biden can probably do that better than most, so sure, Biden, I guess.

    Colonel Klink (Ret) (6e7a1c)

  49. That’s a ringing endorsement.

    Colonel Klink (Ret) (6e7a1c)

  50. And I want to punch Beto in the face when I see him, just like Ted Cruz. They just have faces that I think look like a fist would improve it. It’s my personality flaw, I know, and their voices…Texas, I’m sorry.

    Colonel Klink (Ret) (6e7a1c)

  51. And Gomer(t) wow Texas.

    Colonel Klink (Ret) (6e7a1c)

  52. they will be eloi, until the morlocks come, we see an example in new Zealand, where they are willing to throw all their liberties away, why couldn’t someone have blown that punks head clean away?

    narciso (d1f714)

  53. 46. 47. I think Trump was motivated by what it looks like he was motivated – the Steele dossier, which in fact contains many falsehoods. Maybe it’s all falsehoods.

    It was just one or two out of whole bunch of tweets. The news about first is that Mueller may soon issue his report, and Trump expects him to report that it is false – that anyone would assume I don’t have something to cite

    AND that a McCain aide, David Kramer, spread the Steele dossier around Washington.

    David Kramer, the then-Sen. John McCain aide who leaked the discredited Christopher Steele dossier on President Trump, testified in a libel case that he spread the unsubstantiated anti-Trump material all over Washington during the presidential transition.

    Although that’s old news too.

    An associate of the late Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain shared with Buzzfeed News a copy of the unverified, salacious opposition research dossier alleging that Russians had compromising material on President Trump, according to a bombshell federal court filing Wednesday.

    McCain had strenuously denied being the source for Buzzfeed after it published the dossier, which was funded by the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign. In recent days, the dossier’s credibility has increasingly come under question, as the Yahoo News investigative reporter who broke news of its existence said many of its claims were “likely false,” and an adviser to ex-Trump lawyer Michael Cohen said Cohen never went to Prague to pay off Russian hackers, as alleged in the dossier.

    Now that doesn’t mean that Kramer actually was Buzzfeed’s source, or that he did that with McCain’s knowledge or even that he didn’t think that doing that wouldn’t have McCain’s disapproval, but Trump is too cynical, and too much of a liar himself, to believe McCain’s denials.

    Kramer himself, we now know,testified that Buzzfeed tricked him into letting them photograph the dossier (the old iPhone trick)

    McCain did seek out and get the dossier and, after reading it, turn it over to the FBI, but this ignores the all-important fact that the FBI had it already (but didn’t tell McCain)

    McCain is not responsible for this investigation. And McCain first heard of Steele and his dossier, after the election. He first heard of a possible compromising video of Trump from Sr Andrew Wood, a former British Ambassador to Russia, on November 19, 2016 at a conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia. (Wood by the way had a connection to Fusion GPS)

    There are some discrepancies, according to the American Greatness article, between what is in MCCain’s last book and Kramer’s testimony, and later, when a House committee wanted to ask him about it, Kramer took the 5th amendment. He also testified separately, in a deposition in a libel case in Miami brought I think by Manafort’s connection, Oleg Deripaska, that was released March 14, 2019 that Steele told him the names of his Russian sources, although he doesn’t repeat them there.

    McCain had Kramer flying back across the Atlantic with a copy of the dossier; Kramer says Steele told him he would arrange for him to get it from Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS. It might be a point McCain, or his editor, never got straight.

    Trump seems to be relying on some things he gets from whoever and wherever, because it is completely wrong to say that the FBI only had the dossier because of McCain

    Sammy Finkelman (e70ce9)

  54. In the latest attempt at voter suppression florida governor orders felons trying to get their voting rights restored to pay court cost poll tax. republican party say they will pay court cost poll tax for those who register and vote republican. mighty white of them!

    lany (77cd24)

  55. Biden can get hurt by the thought that electing him might make Kamala Harris president, even if he actually has no intention of naming her as his vice president, because that she would be on the ticket, is the most common prediction – it actually likely wouldn’t stay that way, but Bien may not have the wisdom to see things that way.

    And Biden’s principle support in the Democratic primary comes from those whose main concern is defeating Trump, and it is kind of known, to people familiar with Kamala Harris, that that could bad for him. And he doesn’t need her help to carry California.

    Sammy Finkelman (e70ce9)

  56. Did New Zealand just ban semi-autos?

    NJRob (5631c5)

  57. that’s about the size of it, of course, they were one event away from doing so, like Hungerford in the uk

    narciso (d1f714)

  58. Did New Zealand just ban semi-autos?

    Just MSR’s at this point, because they’re black, mostly, except when they’re coyote, but that probably isn’t a thing in New Zealand.

    Colonel Klink (Ret) (6e7a1c)

  59. they’re still dragging this rag around:

    narciso (d1f714)

  60. Col. Klink, do you hate on the pirate too?

    urbanleftbehind (cc3dfe)

  61. pbs is rerunning that play where Charles becomes king, it doesn’t turn out well:

    narciso (d1f714)

  62. (Sings sotto voce)What do you do with a drunken sailor?

    Kishnevi (402fdb)

  63. 44. Actually, that’s tomorrow. He’ll be 94 years and 172 days old on Friday, March 22, 2019,
    surpassing the record set by George HW Bush. For living after being out of office, he already hold the record.

    Sammy Finkelman (102c75)

  64. It turns out it was alreday illegal to put the magazine in the gn that he used.

    Sammy Finkelman (102c75)

  65. I get The Week, Bloomberg Business Week and theEconomist. All are much better than TIME. You can’t go by the number ofpages beca=use THE week has less.

    TIME now recently had 52 pages. The March 30, 2015 issue (cover about fighting cancer) had 72/ It also has an article about college admissions.

    And Tech help. Is Yik Yak still around?

    Guess who this is about: (from page 38)

    After leading early polls in Iowa, he has become a front runner for the Republican Presidential nomination.

    Answer: Scott Walker. There is a very long article about him.

    Sammy Finkelman (102c75)

  66. It is raining mostly.

    Sammy Finkelman (102c75)

  67. This seems to be the opposite of Mexico paying for it

    Thieves in Tijuana have been stealing the concertina wire that U.S. soldiers installed along border fence. They sell it to homeowners trying to protect their properties in the midst of a crime wave.

    Davethulhu (fab944)

  68. Doesn’t anybody read the Dog Trainer anymore?

    Dave (70c492)

  69. Col.- remember when it was all about the backseat of a 57 Chevy?

    mg (8cbc69)

  70. not intentionally, I don’t think, then again matt pearce went over to cnn, last time I checked,

    narciso (d1f714)

  71. A client was in S.F. and L.A. for the past 2 weeks on business and said that was the last time. He said the human feces was everywhere and when the feces hit his wing-tips he knew it was the last. He told his clients they would have to come to the Cape for future meetings. He was very disappointed in the fall of once great cities.

    mg (8cbc69)

  72. Trump told colleges to stop the intimidation, pressure, and abuse or he will cut their funding. Congress should tell Trump the same thing, especially given his McCain rants. He looks unhinged. Score one for George Conway.

    DRJ (15874d)

  73. Trump needs to stop with the McCain crap. And just fire whats her name and move on.

    mg (8cbc69)

  74. They did steal food which I understand, but in America they steal Nike tenny shoes which I don’t understand.

    mg (8cbc69)

  75. Good Luck to everyone and their favorite hardball team.
    Spring is here. Enjoy the 2019 season.

    mg (8cbc69)

  76. Why, because of one maladjusted attorney who cant deal with reality.

    Narciso (ec1210)

  77. Katrina Pierson.

    mg (8cbc69)

  78. How long until Acosta is named chief executive correspondent for Fox?

    mg (8cbc69)

  79. Twenty some years ago, Conway was on Paula Jones defense team no one in the media cared when it mattered, much as they didnt care about Weinstein till 2017.

    Narciso (ec1210)

  80. Trump should lay-off, but if John McCain’s office urged the IRS to strike out against political advocacy groups (including tea party organizations) using audits as a weapon as reported and uncovered in FOIA and if he was involved in the Steele Memo/Fusion GPS garbage to the extent that is alleged, I say McCain was no friend to and not of the Right.

    Colonel Haiku (a28485)

  81. Fork Chance the Rapper, may he join Taylor Swift in the annals of endorsement infamy.

    urbanleftbehind (cc3dfe)

  82. That part had been debunked coronello, but the ties re the Steele dossier and its game of thrones length of players is clear.

    Narciso (ec1210)

  83. He picked kodos or kang?

    Narciso (ec1210)

  84. “The men some women marry.” Gene Hackman and Candice Bergen, Bite The Bullet (1984)

    Right, Mr. President? Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!

    nk (dbc370)

  85. Ah kang, summon ras al ghul.

    Narciso (ec1210)

  86. He picked the employer of States Atty Kim Foxx a wretched excuse of a prosecutor, Lightfoots gonna have to win like Gary Franks or Ken Blackwell now. Free advice for soda tax lady: go find a picture a Barbara Jordan and watch my gente get scared.

    urbanleftbehind (cc3dfe)

  87. narciso @83. The Wall Street Journal reported that the crime situation has improved in Caracas because nobody has any money, so the gangsters can’t make any money robbing or kidnapping people, and, besides all that, they can’t afford and don’t have many bullets.

    Now, when people steal, they’re stealing food.

    Sammy Finkelman (e70ce9)

  88. The difference between Lightfoot and Preckwinkle is the difference between cyanide and Zyklon B. I don’t plan to vote for either. Let’s see if the quiche and Perriers outnumber the Popeyes and Sprites or vice versa. Either way, Chicago is in trouble. After eight years of the AIDS virus which was Emanuel, it has no reserves left to fight off either infection.

    nk (dbc370)

  89. 99, that’s the secret to surviving as a macadamia nut in a brownie or the Gran Torino residential arrangement (similar to my childhood home)…if you could afford nice things you would have moved first

    urbanleftbehind (cc3dfe)

  90. I went with the tentacled space creature analogy. It took Cuba 30 years to approach the mad max like hellscape that Venezuela is now.

    Narciso (ec1210)

  91. 92. 94, 99. The article Colonel Haiku cites says that, ten days before Lois Lerner made her carefully staged managed confession that the IRS had a improper policy of deliberately delaying applications for tax-exempt status from conservative non-profit groups, Henry Kerner,urged them to do audits. This was probably taking her assertions at face value, and what it wold seem hewas saying is: Don’t slow walk applications, but instead audit organizations so they are afraid to violate the rules.

    And this had nothing to do with targeting certan kinds of groups for more scrutiny..

    Lois Lerner and others made excuses as to why they couldn’t do that alternative. They have budget constraints. Her job is not to focus only on campaign activity by 501(c)(4) organizations.

    Sammy Finkelman (e70ce9)

  92. Sprite is that side’s nectar and had one of the best TV commercials: the 3 thug actors who were a lot like Jesse L. Martin off camera

    urbanleftbehind (cc3dfe)

  93. Yeah, it’s like a fact of life with many black TV sitcom dads (Cosby was all man though) and TV detectives.

    urbanleftbehind (cc3dfe)

  94. Lightfoot and Preckwinkle ARE REAL NAMES!

    Lightfoot seems to have a very solid lead. The are both black women. Lightfoot announced before Rahm Emanuel withdrew – Preckwinkle afterwards. Early voting begins tomorrow. They’re previously helf positions and career probably tell people in Chicago something. Bill Daley almost made the runoff – he probably should have sought out somebody else.

    Sammy Finkelman (e70ce9)

  95. Preckwinkle is Zeus’s ex-wife. Zeus Preckwinkle, that is.

    Kishnevi (df1f10)

  96. I’ve always been predisposed against Preck cause my mom in her job as a bank vault attendant near her ward office saw the gobs of cash withdrawn from boxes the Satirday before election days by her and her heelers.

    urbanleftbehind (cc3dfe)

  97. 106. The United states likes the status quo in Syria (now that ISIS is gone) more than most other things, but the status quo is dependent on both Turkey and the Syrian government not attacking the Kurdish forces while not forally aligning with them. And Syria shold not atack anythng under Tirkish control.

    The United States probably can stop Turkey from trying to destroy the Kurds, because Turkey will not do anything that risks harming American troops, and there may be enough there, or enough risk of involvement, to prevent that; but it is a different story trying to get Assad and Iran (and Russia) to stay with the current lines without any kind of agreement to do so either.

    If it is strong enough in saying it, it may stop the Syrian government from moving against Turkish aligned areas, since Turkey is still a NATO ally, but if the United States is not willing and able to defend the Kurds, as it was not long ago, it won’t work.

    Meanwhile Iran may be planing an attack aimed, at least ostensibly, at the Golan, and Trump may have taken a step aimed at convincing Iran it won’t get any tolerance at all from the United States.

    The United States is trying to freeze the Syrian government lines, without, however, risking any kind of shadow of a possibilty of any kind of conflict with Syria.

    Sammy Finkelman (e70ce9)

  98. “You. Are. Nuts.” – Conway Twitty!?!?!

    DCSCA (797bc0)

  99. 109
    Someone has to pay all those dead people, they don’t vote for free.

    Kishnevi (df1f10)

  100. 91-Col – McCain marched for himself.
    98 – Fitton Rocks

    mg (8cbc69)

  101. Speaking of the al ghuls the story was revived on Gotham with a deep state touch

    Narciso (ec1210)

  102. Joe Biden and Stacey Abrams met a week ago (last Thursday) at Biden’s request. But they also may have discussed her option of running for the Senate (she has said she’ll make an announcement in April.) An inteesting question is if Georgia is one of those states, like Delaware, Connecticut and Texas, where a person can run for the Senate and vice president in the same election.

    She actually wants to run for Governor of Georgia again in four years but people are pushing her to run for Senator in two years (2020) or even for president. Letting herself be Joe Biden’s choice for vice president would take a lot of the pressure off of her to run for the United States Senate in Georgia in 2020, while keeping her campaign staff together for a race in 2022 for Governor if she doesn’t get elected Vice President, either because somebody else besides Joe Biden gets the Democratic nomination for president in 2020, or he loses to Donald Trump or someone else.

    And, from Joe Biden’s point of view, she doesn’t have some of the flaws that Kamala Harris has, while having the same sex and race – and maybe could help Joe Biden in southern primaries, where the black vote is heavy, not to mention there miht be also a benefit from being from the same region.

    Sammy Finkelman (e70ce9)

  103. Omar is the new leader of the Muslocrat party. Muslocrat presidential candidates no longer to speak at aipac.
    what a platform their running on.

    mg (8cbc69)

  104. Dhimmi crat much the Same thing as with the British labour party.

    Narciso (d15f47)

  105. “Someone has to pay all those dead people, they don’t vote for free.”

    Reminder that the only significant case of election fraud in the last election was perpetrated by Republicans.

    Davethulhu (9847a2)

  106. Yes they legalized vote harvesting in california, and it wasnt yet so in north carolina

    Narciso (d15f47)

  107. “Yes they legalized vote harvesting in california, and it wasnt yet so in north carolina”

    They didn’t legalize filling out other people’s ballots, which is what happened in NC.

    Davethulhu (9847a2)

  108. They didn’t legalize discarding opposing ballots, which is also what happened in NC.

    Davethulhu (9847a2)

  109. The candidate’s son snitching out his father is what bothers me. And there wasn’t even a spreading chestnut tree.

    nk (dbc370)

  110. Yes he was very blanc mange, maybe hes a Duke grad.

    Narciso (d15f47)

  111. Midterm Elections: As people go to vote on Tuesday, they will be counting on the system working properly. Which means only those eligible to vote will do so. Unfortunately, as recent cases show, that’s not always the case.

    In August, the Justice Department announced the prosecution of 19 foreign nationals for illegally voting in North Carolina. Some of them voted in multiple elections

    97 Cases In Texas This Year

    Texas State Attorney General Ken Paxton decided to crack down on voter fraud before the midterm elections. So far, he’s prosecuted 33 people for 97 counts of voter fraud this year alone. Among the discoveries was a voter fraud ring that had received financial support from the former head of the Texas Democratic Party.

    Pennsylvania let thousands of noncitizens register to vote, many of whom have since voted, according to reporter John Fund, who has been following this issue for years.

    The Heritage Foundation has a database that now includes 1,165 cases of election fraud across 47 states. More than 1,000 of them resulted in criminal convictions.

    Yet there are those — mostly Democrats and mainstream journalists — who continue to insist that voter fraud is a myth. The New York Times’ Glenn Thrush once declared, for example, that “there is essentially no voter fraud in this country.”

    When shown concrete examples, the response is usually “well, it’s not widespread.”

    But that reflects a fundamental misunderstanding of elections. You don’t need “widespread” voter fraud to change election outcomes, just small-scale efforts targeted on tight or consequential elections.

    Solutions Are Simple

    The fact is that committing voter fraud isn’t all that difficult, but minimizing it is easy. Cleaning up registration rolls, enacting voter ID requirements, using paper ballots, and implementing better controls on early and absentee voting would make non-citizen voting and other forms of fraud virtually impossible.”

    Colonel Haiku (a28485)

  112. Ah kang, summon ras al ghul.

    Narciso (ec1210) — 3/21/2019 @ 5:57 pm

    I prefer Stay Puff as the destroyer myself. At least I can make smores.

    NJRob (4d595c)

  113. Will Rosenstein be the one writing [righting] the Russia report clearing President Trump?

    mg (8cbc69)

  114. The next Special Counsel, appointed by the new Attorney General, should be to investigate Democrat collusion, in all walks and at all levels, to undermine Trump’s Presidency. Including but not limited to judges, Congressmen, and state attorneys general.

    nk (dbc370)

  115. Since you wont be watching Gotham nyssa al ghul joined the deep state, kind of a twist.

    Meanwhile Gov pritzker is springing the cattleprod

    Narciso (3050e9)

  116. Trump is the new Esther, according to Asskisser of State, Mike Pompeo.

    No wonder we ain’t gittin’ nowhere fast with North Korea. Pompeo is nothing more than Trump’s wingman for Trump’s crush on Kim Jong Un.

    nk (dbc370)

  117. It was raining in New York, I think continuously but not extremely heavily, for more than 24 hours.

    Sammy Finkelman (e70ce9)

  118. 118-122 Davethulhu (9847a2) — 3/21/2019 @ 8:45 pm

    They didn’t legalize discarding opposing ballots, which is also what happened in NC.

    It’s like gun control. Robbing a bank or committing acts of terrorism with a gun is already illegal. But they want to restrct ownership, on the grounds that that’s a fence around what you really want to stop, and it’s easier to stop.

    So too, when votes can be harvested, ballots can easily be discarded or filled out by campaign workers. And what is the supposed purpose of campaign contribution limitations? Or cash deposits at banks reporting requirements? A fence around what you really want to stop. Whetehr you want to put that fence there depends on whether the purpose of doing these secondary prohibited acts outweighs the loss from the possible crimes.

    Now hate crime laws are different, because that’s not an additional act that’s being crimimalized, but there are additional penalties (maybe) tacked on.

    It could serve the purpose of motivating the police to solve those crimes, and prosecutors to prosecute them. That’s why legislators always want to pass new laws criminalizing what is already illegal. It motivates them for a few years.

    Sammy Finkelman (e70ce9)

  119. Cilonel Haiku at 126:

    There’s a little bit of bait and switch in the argument there.

    Firtsm “essentially no vote fraud” is contrasted with “not widespread” as if the second was a fallback position or contradiction of the first. (“essentially none” means an insignificant number compared to the total number of votes castge)

    And what are undoubtedly scattered instances of ineligible people voting somehow morphs into “small-scale efforts targeted on tight or consequential elections”


    Where is that in what you quoted?

    Now where you might really have it is in precincts where 80% oor more of the votes go one way, and not really in tight elections. If it happens, it happens in every election. Now pollwatchersd may show up in elections where that is part of a larger electorate. And then they want to keep poll watchers away, carging racial targeting.

    To repeat what I said smewhere else before, where you primarily have vote fraud is with absentee ballots or with people who control the voting machinery adding or subtracting votes.

    Only where both of these factors are missing and where there is no significant organized political opposition </i can you have organized in-perso voer fraud.

    And where you do have it, picture ID is not necessarily an obstacle. Just borrow IDs and match ringers to them.

    somehow contrasted w

    Sammy Finkelman (e70ce9)

  120. “The Heritage Foundation has a database that now includes 1,165 cases of election fraud across 47 states. More than 1,000 of them resulted in criminal convictions.”

    What’s funny about this database is that it doesn’t include this massive NC case.

    “But that reflects a fundamental misunderstanding of elections. You don’t need “widespread” voter fraud to change election outcomes, just small-scale efforts targeted on tight or consequential elections.”

    This also applies to voter disenfranchisement.

    “The fact is that committing voter fraud isn’t all that difficult, but minimizing it is easy. Cleaning up registration rolls, enacting voter ID requirements, using paper ballots, and implementing better controls on early and absentee voting would make non-citizen voting and other forms of fraud virtually impossible.””

    How many voters are you willing to disenfranchise to prevent 1000 cases of fraud over 20 years? For Republicans, the answer seems to be “the more, the better, as long as they’re Democrats.”

    Davethulhu (fab944)

  121. Davethulhu (fab944) — 3/22/2019 @ 8:18 am

    That database probably doesn’t deal with absentee ballots but only in-person voting. The way they talk or write they seem to think that nobody knows it’s not 1969 any more.

    Are people not supposed to notice how people vote on many states?

    It’s actually promoting vote fraud by promoting absentee voting.

    What kind of better controls on absentee voting do they propose? I suppose eliminating mass delivery of absentee ballots, and seding out fewer of them. On early voting? Fewer days?

    But what do these things have to do with non-citizen voting?

    Their proposed preventative for ineligible voters is state IDs. But a person doesn’t need to be a citizen to get a state ID. Only a permanent resident. And they can be excluded felons and stll have IDs.

    Limiting registration biases the electorate toward long term residents.

    The voter ID thing does not and CANNOT APPLY TO ABSENTEE VOTING. It also may bias things toward drivers who drove to the polls..

    This is like banks demanding picture ID for deposits. Those that implemented it pretty soon switched to allowing ATM cards to be used as well because, after all, that could be done at their machines.

    Maybe I shouldn’t say this, but there’s one bank employee who recognizes me by sight and asks for nothing.

    Sammy Finkelman (e70ce9)

  122. 132. nk (dbc370) — 3/22/2019 @ 7:08 am

    Trump is the new Esther, according to Asskisser of State, Mike Pompeo.

    Shouldn’t Benjamin Netanyahu be Esther? (at least it has to be that way for this to be said to help him in the election.)

    Donald Trump can be King Cyrus.

    In actuality, you can say God is responsible for Donald Trump being president – but anything good could have happened wiith another individual – this is to punish us for having such a terrible way of picking presidents, while at the same time saving us from disaster.

    Nobody wants to do anything about the way things work and what kind of choices there are? OK, I’ll answer your prayers, there will be a way out, but you’ll see and have to admit that something’s wrong.

    Sammy Finkelman (e70ce9)

  123. it was on purim, which commemorates her deed against haman, the amelekite,

    I guess we’ll chalk this up to ‘cycle of violence’

    narciso (d1f714)

  124. @sammy

    There are definitely issues with absentee voting. I think improved chain-of-custody procedures would be a good start

    Davethulhu (fab944)

  125. From the same link…

    Critics of such efforts say that they will only serve to suppress the vote of minorities and the poor — that is, voters who tend to vote Democratic. They want to make it easier and easier to register and vote.

    But there’s no evidence that voter ID laws suppress turnout. In fact, of 11 states that adopted strict voter ID laws, nine either saw increased turnout in 2016, or had turnout rates higher than the national average, the Heritage Foundation notes.

    Nor does cleaning up registration rolls, aggressively pursuing voter fraud cases, using paper ballots, or other measures to ensure the integrity of the ballot suppress legitimate voters.

    Those who say voter fraud is no big deal should realize something. Every single vote cast fraudulently cancels out one legitimate vote. They need to ask themselves how they’d feel if it was their vote being canceled.

    Colonel Haiku (a28485)

  126. people who say this about absentee ballots have little understanding how it works, now if personal blatantly ignore procedures, like with the missing box of excon votes that elected stuart smalley that’s something else,

    narciso (d1f714)

  127. “But there’s no evidence that voter ID laws suppress turnout. In fact, of 11 states that adopted strict voter ID laws, nine either saw increased turnout in 2016, or had turnout rates higher than the national average, the Heritage Foundation notes.”

    “The analysis shows that strict identification laws have a differentially negative impact on the turnout of racial and ethnic minorities in primaries and general elections. We also find that voter ID laws skew democracy toward those on the political right.”

    “Every single vote cast fraudulently cancels out one legitimate vote.”

    Every voter disenfranchised also cancels out one legitimate vote.

    Davethulhu (fab944)

  128. Newly adopted voter ID laws don’t reduce turnout because Democrats use them to motivate people to vote, and help people get them.

    Sammy Finkelman (e70ce9)

  129. about as balanced an analyst as Obama,

    when your first readings are frantz fanon, the anti white Martinique leftist, you can’t go wrong,

    narciso (d1f714)

  130. 141. Chain of custody is not the only problem. How do you guarantee that only the voter is filling out the ballot?

    New York State has very little (at least until this year – they passed a package of election law changes in January after Democrats won control of the New York State Senate by a large majority) absentee voting.

    But one thing it had was if someone was more or less homebound. Once that was done one year, it continued indefinitely.

    In 1998, during the recount in the state Attoeney General race, people involved in the recount of the ballots noticed that a lot of dead people were voting.

    If other family members continued to reside at the old address, they got the ballot in the mail and a lot of people filled them out and sent it in.

    Sammy Finkelman (e70ce9)

  131. 140. Esther almost waited too long. She was scared of doing it wrong. Mordechai almost got executed between the first meal and the second.

    Sammy Finkelman (e70ce9)

  132. “Newly adopted voter ID laws don’t reduce turnout because Democrats use them to motivate people to vote, and help people get them.”

    They’ve even been known to pay for the votes!

    Colonel Haiku (a28485)

  133. Well they can pay for the transportation.

    I’m not sure what they do to pay for votes. It would have to be on the honor system, wouldn’t it? So long as there is a secret ballot.

    Maduro in Venezuela was paying for votes. With necessities.

    Sammy Finkelman (e70ce9)

  134. so far less then 100 convictions for voter fraud in last year. mostly republicans voting twice like ann coulter (she wasn’t prosecuted) or convicted republican felons voting. the real aim preventing millions of american citizens from voting. republican florida gov. says voter approved alowing felons to vote only if they pay court costs to register to get their civil rights restored hoping only wealthy republican felons can afford to. republicans say they will pay cost of felons registering if they register and vote republican.

    lany (515a25)

  135. nk (dbc370) — 3/22/2019 @ 7:08 am

    No wonder we ain’t gittin’ nowhere fast with North Korea. Pompeo is nothing more than Trump’s wingman for Trump’s crush on Kim Jong Un.

    Breaking news, Mar 22, 2019 | 4:11 PM EDT:

    This apparently is not from the Onion or the Borowiitz Report but the New York Daily News.

    President Trump abruptly cancels U.S. sanctions on North Korea because he ‘likes’ Kim Jong Un

    On closer examination, what he did is cancel announced NEW sanctions. There’s twist at the end of the segment I quote.

    President Trump abruptly announced Friday he had rolled back U.S. sanctions levied against North Korea, confusing his own Treasury Department and prompting his press secretary to issue a statement praising Kim Jong Un.

    Although it was not immediately clear what he was talking about, Trump tweeted, “It was announced today by the U.S. Treasury that additional large scale Sanctions would be added to those already existing Sanctions on North Korea.”

    “I have today ordered the withdrawal of those sanctions!” Trump capped off the post.

    Despite the President’s claim, no U.S. sanctions against North Korea were announced Friday. A spokesman for the Treasury Department did not immediately return a request for comment and neither did the White House.

    What apparently this concerns is the fact that North Korea uses new entities to break sanctions. To maintain the same level of sanctions, the U.S. has to name new corporations and so on. It’s whack-a-mole.

    No new names have been added to the sanctions list since the Singapore summit in May. They were – maybe – now going to enforce sanctions.

    Trump has decided he’s not ready to go on offense here, and he’s still holding out hope for the carrot. (and maybe the problem was with China,)

    Sammy Finkelman (102c75)

  136. Voter fraud map and report…

    Colonel Haiku (a28485)

  137. Breaking- Mueller Report delivered to AG Barr at DOJ; Trump jets off to Mar-A-Lago…

    “Next stop, Switzerland!” – Hanley [James Garner] ‘The Great Escape’ 1963

    DCSCA (797bc0)

  138. @155. ^amended; ‘letter of intent states full submission ‘this weekend.’

    DCSCA (797bc0)

  139. Breaking news; Mueller issues his (extremely limited) report. (they’ve suddenly realized that tlo release anything about any person not indicted is against Department of Justice policy.)

    On WOR AM 710 this morning Mark Simone thought he would do it today (the”ve been surmising it’s getting close because most of his prosecutors have left, and there didn’t seem to be any new indictments coming ) because Mueller is close to Comey and Comey (and others) would do these news dumps on Fridays.

    This was in order that it should be covered on;y by the Saturday newspapers, 2which are read the least.

    This consideration no longer applies in the era of the Internet, but old habits die hard.

    Sammy Finkelman (102c75)

  140. Friday evening news dump. Who woulda think it?!?!

    Colonel Haiku (2601c0)

  141. Post has been put up for Mueller report news.

    JVW (54fd0b)

  142. I think Trump tweeted a little – nnot really that much – about McCain is because he thought he would be vindicated, and he wass looking for someone to bame, incorrectly. Kimberley A. Strassel, ▲
    a columnist in the Wall Street Journal, wrote today that the FBI was getting numerous copies of the Steele dossier, (and she evidently thinks it was part of an effort by Glenn Simpson to pressure the FBI into starting an investigation of Trump.)

    … The unreleased House transcript of the testimony of James Baker, former general counsel of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, is Exhibit A for why it is so crucial for Americans to get full documentation, and soon.

    Bits of the Baker transcript have leaked….But it’s his Oct. 3 and Oct. 18 interviews as a whole, which I have obtained, that make for revealing reading…Mr. Baker makes clear the FBI knew that Glenn Simpson, head of the opposition-research firm Fusion GPS, was papering Washington with his scandalous material—which the Democratic National Committee and the Clinton campaign paid him to have Mr. Steele gather.

    “My understanding at the time was that Simpson was going around Washington giving this out to a lot of different people and trying to elevate its profile,” Mr. Baker testified. More important, the FBI understood it was the target of this pressure campaign. Mr. Baker acknowledges there were “various copies of the dossier floating around Washington,” and that they were all being funneled to the FBI.

    Sammy Finkelman (102c75)

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