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Lt. Gov. Fairfax’s Accuser Details Sexual Assault Allegation

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[guest post by Dana]

Today, Prof. Vanessa Tyson, who has alleged that Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax of Virginia sexually assaulted her in a hotel room back in 2004, released a statement describing the events that took place with Fairfax. She said that this will be her only comment on the matter. Fairfax has vigorously denied her accusation, and said that any encounter with Tyson was consensual.

In part (graphic description):

…Given our interactions up to that time, I had no reason to feel threatened and agreed to walk with him to his hotel. I stood in the entryway of the room and after he located the documents, he walked over and kissed me. Although surprised by his advance, it was not unwelcome and I kissed him back. He then took my hand and pulled me towards the bed. I was fully clothed in a pantsuit and had no intention of taking my clothes off or engaging in sexual activity. In the back of my mind, I also knew I needed to return to Convention headquarters.

What began as consensual kissing quickly turned into a sexual assault. Mr. Fairfax put his hand behind my neck and forcefully pushed my head towards his crotch. Only then did I realize that he had unbuckled his belt, unzipped his pants, and taken out his penis. He then forced his penis into my mouth. Utterly shocked and terrified, I tried to move my head away, but could not because his hand was holding down my neck and he was much stronger than me. As I cried and gagged, Mr. Fairfax forced me to perform oral sex on him. I cannot believe, given my obvious distress, that Mr. Fairfax thought this forced sexual act was consensual. To be very clear, I did not want to engage in oral sex with Mr. Fairfax and I never gave any form of consent. Quite the opposite. I consciously avoided Mr. Fairfax for the remainder of the Convention and I never spoke to him again.

Tyson goes on to say that she never spoke about what happened until she saw a photograph of Fairax in 2017 when he was running for Lt. Gov. of Virginia:

By December 2017, I not only told many friends that Mr. Fairfax had sexually assaulted me but I also reached out to a personal friend at The Washington Post and spoke to his colleagues about the assault.

After The Washington Post decided in March 2018 not to run my story, I felt powerless, frustrated, and completely drained. Again I tried to bury memories of this painful incident and focus on my work and my students.

It was when calls for Gov. Northam to resign went public and Lt. Gov. Fairfax’s name came up as his would-be successor that Tyson felt the need to speak out, and subsequently wrote a private Facebook post about the incident. After a screenshot of it was posted for public viewing, Tyson felt the need to make a statement. She also wanted to set the record straight regarding the attempted smear of her by Fairfax, which appeared in the Washington Post:

Mr. Fairfax’s suggestion The Washington Post found me not to be credible was deceitful, offensive and profoundly upsetting. He has continued a smear campaign by pointing reporters to a 2007 educational video in which I talked about being the victim of incest and molestation. In that video I did not talk about being assaulted by Mr. Fairfax. This, of course, is not proof that he did not assault me. His reliance on this video to say the opposite is despicable and an offense to sexual assault survivors everywhere.


I have no political motive. I am a proud Democrat. My only motive in speaking now is to refute Mr. Fairfax’s falsehoods and aspersions of my character, and to provide what I believe is important information for Virginians to have as they make critical decisions that involve Mr. Fairfax.


Mr. Fairfax has tried to brand me as a liar to a national audience, in service to his political ambitions, and has threatened litigation. Given his false assertions, I’m compelled to make clear what happened. I very much wish to resume my life as an academic and professor. I do not want to get further embroiled in this highly charged political environment.

What does Tyson have to gain from telling her story now? She is an admitted loyal Democrat, as is Fairfax. Unlike the Blasey Ford-Kavanaugh situation, there was no political cause that we know of that Tyson would have objected to had he been elected Lt. Gov. of Virginia. Granted, a Supreme Court Justice is an entirely different matter, and yet, Tyson would be second in line to the governorship. And then Tyson’s admittance that the kissing was consensual is interesting. I agree that if this was a made-up story designed to take Fairfax down for whatever reason, she would not be inclined to admit that anything that transpired in the hotel room was consensual:

“If you were out to smear someone by fabricating a sexual assault whole cloth, is that a detail you’d include? That you were receptive to an advance at first? Intuitively, it seems to me you’d make the assault nonconsensual in every particular, from the jump.” Maybe.

But after the Blasey-Ford circus, I’m reluctant to speculate too much.

So far, in this #MeToo moment, just one Democrat has spoken out in support of Tyson, which is a night and day contrast to the immediate outpouring of support for Blasey-Ford by Democrats. And the support for Tyson comes from a freshman congresswoman:

“I believe Dr. Vanessa Tyson,” [Jennnifer] Wexton, who was endorsed by Fairfax in her 2018 race against Republican former Rep. Barbara Comstock, tweeted Wednesday. Wexton and Fairfax, a Democrat who was elected lieutenant governor in 2017, also briefly served together when she was a Virginia state senator.

The National Republican Congressional Committee had earlier condemned Wexton for not denouncing Fairfax, given that Wexton criticized Comstock in the fall for failing to speak out against now-Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh after he faced several allegations of sexual misconduct.

“Jennifer Wexton has an opportunity to be a leader on this issue,” NRCC spokeswoman Camille Gallo said in a statement Tuesday, mimicking Wexton’s statement against Comstock. “There’s an opportunity to be not only a leader for women but to stand up to her party. What is she doing when it’s her friend who is the subject of allegations?”

Further, the National Organization for Women has also condemned Fairfax and called for his resignation:

The National Organization for Women also urged Fairfax to step down from his post Wednesday and called Tyson’s story “horrifying.”

“We believe and support survivors,” the organization said in a statement. “We always believe and support survivors.”

For a topper, and because things can always get weirder than they are, Vanessa Tyson has hired Katz, Marshall & Banks to represent her. This is the same legal team that represented Prof. Christine Blasey, who accused Justice Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault. And now Lt. Gov. Fairfax has hired Wilkinson Walsh + Eskovitz, the same legal team that represented Brett Kavanaugh.

P.S. Google “Justin Fairfax” and this is what pops up:


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53 Responses to “Lt. Gov. Fairfax’s Accuser Details Sexual Assault Allegation”

  1. The state of Virginia must feel like it has lived out a full century in one week’s time.

    Dana (023079)

  2. Apparently, a congressman knew a year ago about a sexual assault allegation against Fairfax:

    Virginia Democratic Congressman Bobby Scott was made aware of allegations of sexual assault against now-Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax over a year ago by the alleged victim herself, ABC News has learned.

    Scott learned of the allegations directly from Dr. Vanessa Tyson, who on Wednesday released a statement detailing the alleged 2004 assault, which took place at the Democratic National Convention in Boston.


    Aides to Scott confirm to ABC News that Tyson first reached out him in an e-mail on October 20, 2017, expressing that she was “not a fan” of then-candidate for Virginia Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax.

    In a Nov. 29 email, Tyson expressed her dislike for Fairfax and wrote that she would like to “talk about it,” with Congressman Scott.

    Aides to Scott maintain that he was not made aware at that point about an alleged sexual assault in 2004 involving Fairfax.

    In a text message exchange between Scott and Tyson in December 2017, she informed him that the now-Lieutenant Governor-Elect had a “MeToo allegation,” but at the time the congressman did not know that she was the accuser, according to aides.

    In late December 2017 and early January 2018, aides to Scott said he learned that it was Tyson herself who was involved in a “MeToo allegation,” concerning Fairfax. She also informed him that she had already told the Washington Post about an alleged incident involving Fairfax and that she had given the Post Congressman Scott’s name as a character witness.

    Dana (023079)

  3. So now Fairfax is the victim now, I guess this is just the continuation of the sid vicious gambit.

    Narciso (ff1e57)

  4. This is going to end up like the last act in hamlet:

    Narciso (ff1e57)

  5. Lol CNN and photo choice.

    harkin (1cc715)

  6. I’m just waiting until Senator Warren admits wearing Injunface.

    Kevin M (21ca15)

  7. 3rd in line of succession is Kirk Cox(R).

    Kevin M (21ca15)

  8. Richmond is the new thunderdome.

    Narciso (ff1e57)

  9. Virginia needs the FBI involved to make it a 3 Ring Circus

    mg (8cbc69)

  10. A political cartoon that appeared about the time of Robespierre’s fall from power shows a crowd of guillotines and is captioned with the question “who will be left to execute the executioners?”

    I suspect a similar question will eventually apply to the Democratic party.

    Kishnevi (31ec7b)

  11. The little corsican corporal was the last man standing.

    Narciso (ff1e57)

  12. Note to Col. H.
    I saw your quote from Kohelet* in the SOTU thread and posted an answering comment there, so as to avoid cluttering this thread.

    *The Hebrew name of Ecclesiastes…used purely because the resulting alliteration was too neat not to be used.

    Kishnevi (31ec7b)

  13. Oh, look, someone else thinks chimney soot is a racist thing

    Kishnevi (31ec7b)

  14. Sean Spicier
    I don’t think any of these people should have to resign but we haven’t been playing by my rules in quite some time
    __ _

    It’s Miss Deplorable
    Maybe we should have a dance off and the winner keeps his job
    __ _

    We Stand And Watch 🔥
    They set their own climate, I’m just here for the storm.
    __ _

    There are rules?
    __ _

    Ohthat Ron
    Welcome to the New Rules – Brett Kavanaugh will show you to your assigned seat…

    __ _

    harkin (1cc715)

  15. I think highlander swords at 10 paces.

    Narciso (ff1e57)

  16. Even if I believe every word Professor Tyson says, Justin Fairfax is still not at fault. She enticed him and led him on.

    nk (dbc370)

  17. Yes documents ahem, she’s a yale alum (aren’t they proud) so Antioch rules probably dont apoly.

    Narciso (ff1e57)

  18. If accurate, returning a kiss is enticing forced oral?

    harkin (1cc715)

  19. Sounds like the Salmond affair in the uk.

    Narciso (ff1e57)

  20. Maybe its standard protocol in Chicago, I’ve seen the good wife,

    Narciso (ff1e57)

  21. Her story sounds credible but these women need to learn to go to the police and make a report.

    JRH (fe281f)

  22. The whole res gestae. All that led up to him kissing her and all the rest that followed.


    I think I’ve wasted enough thought over a couple of over-educated lowlifes who can’t agree about what went on between them at a political convention fifteen years ago, and I’ll just let the one be Virginia’s problem and the other the California higher education system’s problem.

    nk (dbc370)

  23. The Lanier guinier wannabe along with christine Ford, quite some bookends. How about the other lady swetnick, are they facing any perjury charges rhetorical

    Of course if you run the way back to 1988, you get rob lowe.

    Narciso (ff1e57)

  24. Fairfax could claim it was some guy in blackface.

    Munroe (8afbf8)

  25. you can’t rape people and then turn around and be governor except in arkansas

    happyfeet (28a91b)

  26. Billy Boy did real rape rape.

    A beej has been an acceptable let-down-easy/consolation prize/even break-up gesture since at least the early 90s. Just ask that short Indian Muslim actor dude from Parks and Recreation.

    urbanleftbehind (bc1932)

  27. The lower orders will get up to anything. They become a problem when we let them infiltrate and defile our governmental and educational institutions.

    nk (dbc370)

  28. Define “lower orders”

    urbanleftbehind (bc1932)

  29. People who go to hotel rooms with people they barely know is one subset.
    Parks and Recreation actors and people who go to their apartments on the first date is another.

    nk (dbc370)

  30. which one was the parks n rec one?

    happyfeet (28a91b)

  31. Star lord Chris pratt.

    Narciso (24997a)

  32. Aziz Ansari…he caught a lot of intersectional static because he took some chick home and eventually wore her down to do oral.

    urbanleftbehind (bc1932)

  33. oh right right

    happyfeet (28a91b)

  34. so justin fairfax rapes all the women and liam neeson hides in the snow and waits for jussie to swish by with his sammich and does veangence clorox on him to get back at justin so jussie goes home and eats his tasty sammich while bill maher tucks into a tasty bucket o popeyes

    happyfeet (28a91b)

  35. Give Fairfax some credit. At least he’s never been photographed in dark makeup.

    AZ Bob (885937)

  36. Off-topic:

    Apple, who refused to open terrorist shooters’ iphones for authorities, gives Meuler access to Roger Stone’s iCloud account. I mean, process crimes are SO MUCH MORE IMPORTANT than mass murder.

    Kevin M (21ca15)

  37. maybe jeff bezos did dark makeup for those dick pics he sent to his hooker while his kids were in the next room

    it boggles the mind journalists are getting laid off when we have so many investigate to do

    happyfeet (28a91b)

  38. Richmond is the new thunderdome.

    One gun, two bullets, three contenders. Repeat as necessary.

    Kevin M (21ca15)

  39. apple’s a very sleazy and fascist company but this isn’t some kind of brand new for 2019 thing

    happyfeet (28a91b)

  40. Further evidence that the Christian ideal of reserving sex for marriage is the best.

    JRH (fe281f)

  41. not that most politicians cleave to that, or even try to.

    JRH (fe281f)

  42. R.I.P Frank Robinson

    JoeH (f94276)

  43. democrats we brought that up on kavenaugh because the democratic lib/dyke establishment demanded we stop him by any means necessary or they will primary us and we won’t get to run for president!

    lany (05978b)

  44. Coincidently, a few days before Vanessa Tyson came out with her statenment, the Jewish English language Forward – maybe that’s the only language it is in now – published a story from a woman a few days before that started out the same way, but it didn’t continue the same way.

    After kissing her, the man did not proceed immediately to some kind of forced sex, but instead kissed her goodbye later, and a relationship developed…until he dumped her.

    Vanessa Tyson wrote:

    I stood in the entryway of the room and after he located the documents, he walked over and kissed me. Although surprised by his advance, it was not unwelcome and I kissed him back. He then took my hand and pulled me towards the bed. I was fully clothed in a pantsuit and had no intention of taking my clothes off or engaging in sexual activity….

    Here is the Forward story:

    The Doctor and I met at a social event. He had the icy blue eyes and lean body of an anthropomorphic cartoon fox. I was surprised that he approached me, even before I knew I was interested: He was attractive enough to sell sports drinks….

    So, I was surprised that he took me.

    Up until the moment that we were kissing, I was sure that we would not kiss.

    See, it started out the same way.

    But it didn’t continue the same way:

    The words “When can I see you again?” were coming out of his mouth even as I was telling myself, “You will never see him again.”

    But we had clicked. He knew the names all the bones in the foot. I had a foot, and I wanted to know the names of its bones. I was getting what I had always been told to go after but had never been confident that I deserved.

    “You’ve really impressed me with your intellect,” The Doctor murmured, kissing me goodbye that first night. Since I am often impressed by my own intellect, I didn’t reflect on this feedback.

    Sammy Finkelman (102c75)

  45. Tom Ford Delivers Anti-Trump Border Wall Message at New York Fashion Week

    happyfeet (28a91b)

  46. Justin Fairfax seems to have lied:

    He claimed that the Washington Post found red flags and inconsistencies in her story – which would probably mean he claimed they were never together, or that they were friendly afterwards. he did not say there was aconsensual encounter in his initial statement at 2:55 a.m. on February 4, 2019.

    He only admitted (to the wider public this week) that something happened after the Washington Post came out with its story in response to his initial statement, saying they had NOT found red flags and inconsistencies and he had claimed it was consensual.

    He also claimed that she had contacted him afterwards and asked him to meet her mother. She says she never spoke to him again, and avoided him during the remainder of that convention. He admits that they never met in person after that one encounter.

    Sammy Finkelman (102c75)

  47. Justin Fairfax also claimed, I think, that what she said couldn’t be true because in 2007, she went public as a survivor of incest from her father…(!)

    In a 2007 interview with filmmaker Anglea Shelton, Tyson shares that she is an “incest survivor.” She said to the host, who she met during a fundraiser for the Boston rape crisis center where Tyson was a “survivor speaker,” her father was convicted of child molestation when she was eight-years-old.

    That could be true, and could explain why she was a volunteer at a rape crisis center. And it could also be that she wanted to be a victim. Or she convinced herself she was. That could EXPLAIN HER TALK ABOUT SUPPRESSED MEMORY, although you wonder if it really happened. Anyway it should be possible to check if her father really was convicted of that. That does need to be checked.

    Justin Fairfax said in his statement and probably also had told the Washington Post that the accusation against him couldn’t be true, because when she spoke anout her father, she never added anything about him, too!

    There could be reasons for that, besides the fact that the accusation against him is less serious than that against her father.

    She could have been ashamed of the whole thing, especially because she was a regular volunteer worker at a local rape crisis center – and after all the expertise she had acquired and the counseling that how could she let this happen to her… again? She wasn’t 3 or or 5 or 7 years old or whatever; she was 27, in fact three years older than Justin Fairfax.

    Well, she was being held prisoner, and she wanted to get away as quickly as possible, and she didn’t want anyone to know, which meant she needed to get back to where she was supposed to be – , or for him to do who knows what to her, and maybe also she didn’t want to ruin her pantsuit, and the way to do that was to go along with him, and at least it wasn’t vaginal intercourse.

    Sammy Finkelman (102c75)

  48. My baseball glove was a Frank Robinson model made by Mackgregor. It had the triple crown stats imbedded in the leather. One of the greatest of all time. What a player.

    mg (feb67e)

  49. And Jackie Robinson’s 100th birthday was January 31.

    His widow is still alive.

    Sammy Finkelman (102c75)

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