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Hillary Clinton: “They All Look Alike”

Filed under: General — Dana @ 6:10 pm

[guest post by Dana]

I guess because her husband was the first black president, she’s allowed to say this. And be rewarded with laughter. (Surely, that has got to be shock masquerading as laughter…)

Well done? Seriously?? I clearly don’t know the rules anymore. But I read through comments and learned that Hillary was just making a cute funny. What a relief. At least she didn’t say that Booker was articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy, am I right???

On a serious note: if you condemn racist commentary, quips, digs, snark coming from the right, then feel free to condemn this with equal gusto. But if you are on the right, and have rationalized and excused racist commentary, quips, digs, and snark coming from your own tribe, then maybe sit this one out.


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