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I could write more about Sarah Jeong. But meh. On one hand, a guy found a ton more obsessive garbage from her about white people. His thread is here. If you think this controversy has been overblown and based on a handful of tweets, click that link and survey a large sample of her obsessive denigration of white people. On the other hand: in her favor, she appears to hate the New York Times and virtually everyone who has ever written for it.

She’s not going anywhere — she chose the correct race to be racist towards, after all — so let’s call it a draw. Look at it this way: every time the NYT writes an editorial on race in the future, we’ll have the example of this racist to point to. And won’t that be nice?

I could write about President Trump tweeting about LeBron James:

But meh. Yes, LeBron James has just launched a school for disadvantaged kids. This is a stupid culture war fight to pick. But Trump is just engaging in his childlike nonsense. Boring. Plus, he’s just trying to change the subject from Manafort, etc.

I like Mike!

OK, here’s a good one. The Gendered Natures of Polar Bear Tourism.

Beautiful. Get Trump to tweet about it and Sarah Jeong to reply with some nasty comment about white man, and we’ll be cookin’.

I’ll close with the never-ending menace of people throwing dead octopi at condos:

Thanks to the country’s historically strict firearm control laws, police officers in Japan rarely have to worry about dealing with gun-wielding criminals. However, over the past few months Japanese law enforcement officials have arrested suspects for crimes committed using knives, sickles, and even fireworks, and now investigators in Hokkaido are searching for a man who armed himself with an eight-legged instrument of mayhem.

On July 27, at around 2 a.m. in the morning most of the city of Sapporo, the largest city on the northern island of Hokkaido, was sleeping. One resident of the city’s Chuo Ward, however, couldn’t because he kept hearing a thumping on the exterior wall of his condominium building. While Japan appreciates peace and quiet in its residential areas, most people won’t immediately call the cops at the first bit of noisiness. After the thumping had gone on for nearly an hour, though, the resident contacted the police, who came out and searched the area.

While they didn’t find any suspicious people lurking around, they did discover some suspicious seafood, in the form of a dead octopus which they said had been thrown against the building’s wall repeatedly.

Thanks to Dave Barry, who notes: “This happens far too often.”

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  1. When it comes to politics, LeBron seems petty and small. A willing tool, he famously declared that he’d never been in a locker room where the players talked like Trump. But Trump managed to make LeBron and Lemon both look smart(er), while making himself look petty as well.

    The only good thing about this tweet will be all the ginned up outrage that Trump will publicly ignore and privately laugh at.
    He’s like the kid who can’t go by a hornets nest without throwing a rock into it

    steveg (a9dcab)

  2. Anyone look around for eichenwald.

    Narciso (f50977)

  3. do all asian-americans hate white people or is it just her

    I looked at the Southern Poverty Law Center site but couldn’t find any data

    this is a little concerning cause I don’t think we realized the depth of this kind of hatred out there and it could easily lead to violent acts on people (hurtful acts)

    happyfeet (28a91b)

  4. I think Sarah Jeong should be interned until North Korea has given up its nuclear weapons and long range ballistic missiles.

    nk (dbc370)

  5. but what about all the Sarah Jeongs we don’t even know about

    happyfeet (28a91b)

  6. mommy why does the asian lady hate us

    happyfeet (28a91b)

  7. Reaganomics; it’s the hottest trend in business models: hire a racist. Fox has made billions doing it; Limbaugh build a career on it and America elected one as CIC in November, 2016. Now the ‘failing New York Times’ is following suit.

    “Good times.” – ‘Delicious Dish’ sketch, SNL, NBC TV, 1996

    DCSCA (797bc0)

  8. Well we could speak of how judge Ellis was unimpressed by asonyes presentation, but what’s the fun in that?

    narciso (d1f714)

  9. @6

    Maybe she’s seen your posting.

    Davethulhu (270006)

  10. mommy why does the asian lady hate us

    Why does the NYT want to normalize hatred of white people?

    nk (dbc370)

  11. Their truly is something in the air. So many mendacious liars, individually and corporately, are declaring themselves. The thin veils of denial are being self-lifted at a tremendous rate. Americans are more quickly recognizing not just the bad actors, but also the implications of the deceits.

    DJT betrayed gross ignorance of LBJ. LBJ happens to be among the most aware and insightful NBA players when it comes to the games themselves and NBA history. He demonstrated something like a photographic memory and recall in the most recent Finals. There are any number of straight fools who happen to play basketball at an extremely high level and throw away their fortunes on “frivolities.” LBJ has invested significant sums, and an inordinate amount of his time and energy, in an attempt to elevate our youth.

    DJT spent (spends?) a bunch of money silencing harlots.

    Ed from SFV (6d42fa)

  12. Michael Jordan is still the greatest, but LeBron was smart enough to parlay his raw talent modest beginnings to a net worth of over $400 million. Trump already had a $100 million leg up, thanks to his daddy.
    As for Jeong, Jonah has another smart piece on the subject.

    Paul Montagu (84878a)

  13. It’s not Trump’s fault that he is not the greatest basketball player of all time. He could not play because he had bone spurs in his feet.

    nk (dbc370)

  14. The person who would’ve been a massively better president weighed in:

    Ohio Gov. Josh Kasich, a Republican who at times criticizes Trump, tweeted: “Rather than criticizing @KingJames, we should be celebrating him for his charity work and efforts to help kids.”

    Paul Montagu (84878a)

  15. if “basketball players” wanna run to some dainty cnn poofterboy and whine about President Trump that’s really not much different than when hollywood trash like nicole kidman does it

    but here’s the thing

    they’re already paying good money to jim acosta and april ryan and ana navarro for these services so it seems kinda redundant if you ask me

    happyfeet (28a91b)

  16. @Patterico

    I’d actually be interested in your take on the Manafort trial. Legals stuff is one of the reasons why I visited this forum to begin with.

    Davethulhu (270006)

  17. My main take is: I am not there to watch it, so who knows?

    Not terribly informative, I know. But accurate.

    Patterico (d8f8b7)

  18. Ah well, fair enough.

    Davethulhu (270006)

  19. Turley has an update on the Manafort trial, and it looks like the prosecution is building a pretty solid foundation that Manafort systematically and directly committed fraud. It’ll be gravy if they find evidence (which we probably won’t see until the 2nd trial, if at all) that Manafort conspired with one of Putin’s pet oligarchs or agents to help Trump win.

    Paul Montagu (84878a)

  20. The Greatest speaks up.
    On Saturday, Jordan ignored Trump’s praise of him and said he has James’ back.

    “I support LeBron James. He’s doing an amazing job for his community,” Jordan said through a spokesman.

    Paul Montagu (84878a)

  21. if the hot and horny men and women of the corrupt and sleazy FBI had evidence of Manafort conspiring with Russians they would have leaked it already

    but they already said they don’t have any

    fbi gestapo robert mueller’s investigation is a hoax

    happyfeet (28a91b)

  22. <em“I support LeBron James. He’s doing an amazing job for his community,” Jordan said through a spokesman.

    you know who else is doing an amazing job for Mr. James’ community?

    our president, President Donald Trump!

    happyfeet (28a91b)

  23. ugh my taggy tags are defected

    happyfeet (28a91b)

  24. @4. I think Sarah Jeong should be interned until North Korea has given up its nuclear weapons and long range ballistic missiles.

    The young pups in program development at Fox could be listening. Picture this: a TeeVee situation comedy with prisoners held in a North Korean internment camp run by a vain and incompetent colonel. Jeong stars as senior internee Sarah Dogg, leading the pooch-pack as they poop out calling cards along the 38th parallel in a series titled, “Doggie Style.”

    Nah. Klink about it: who’d watch anything like that?

    DCSCA (797bc0)

  25. “U bum @StephenCurry30 already said he ain’t going! So therefore ain’t no invite. Going to White House was a great honor until you showed up!” James tweeted at the time.

    wow check out the potty mouth on stupid low-class LeBron James

    happyfeet (28a91b)

  26. You mean how Mueller immunized his (and podestas accountant) and hasn’t introduced gates as witness, because events relate back to when he worked for mccain.

    Narciso (d89b9d)

  27. “I could write more about Sarah Jeong. But meh.”

    I COULD push a winning issue that both has broad appeal among large swaths of the conservative voting audience and illustrates starkly just what our enemies are all about, on the eve of midterms no less….

    “This is a stupid culture war fight to pick. But Trump is just engaging in his childlike nonsense. Boring. Plus, he’s just trying to change the subject from Manafort, etc.”

    Or I COULD push the idea that Trump’s trying to distract from a trial that even the media has to force themselves to care about and that’s far more likely to pick up Democrat wrongdoing as it is anything on Trump’s end.

    I COULD NOT, of course, cover how Dianne Feinstein employing a Chinese spy in the heart of Congress for 20 years is far more concern-worthy than anything Russia did since 1989.

    That’s for dirty alt-righters to figure out:

    Follow Follow @bronzeagemantis
    Want to know how China took over rare earth metals?

    @SenFeinstein abused her Desert Protection Act to close down America’s most profitable Mountain Pass mine in the Mojave in 2002

    Her husband Blum was exclusive importer of rare earth metals from China”

    Meanwhile, the dirty alt-righters continue to out-rhetoric and out-policy the rest of them:

    “Captain Barf
    I don’t want the @nytimes to fire @sarahjeong. I want her to be forced to publicly apologize to Korean War vets in person, and read a statement acknowledging the heroic sacrifices they made to save her family and people from slavery.”

    “Lothrop Stoddard
    Sarah Jeong is a good argument against legal, skilled hi-IQ immigration from Asia. Immigrants may come here just to work and be productive, but their kids get into the hate-whitey university system and end up indulging their little resentments and insecurities as race warfare.”

    Steppe Nomad (a73938)

  28. Nyt is now telling everyone they are on the other side and if you don’t like it tuff as they are joining the resistance. The other side is going from the saying with reasonable people (thats moderate republicans) we will be reasonable to now with unreasonable people (thats conservatives) we will be unreasonable. The corporate establishment is in panic mode with establishment liberals being discredited. if democrats start acting like tea party conservatives the country will become ungovernable. If you disagree what happens if democrats say on jury duty they will refuse to find any black man guilty even if they kill a republican politician or cop? See how well your tough talks works then and that will only their first step at sabotaging the corporate state.

    wendell (87c924)

  29. So mifsud ringer no 2, has deep company and bureau ties, the translator had toes to the bureau and state.

    Narciso (d89b9d)

  30. No joss, you got it wrong, miss jeong is an illustration of how corrupting American progressive values are on working class immigrants

    Narciso (d89b9d)

  31. the kkk asian lady is an illustration of the double standards in America where conservatives are destroyed and fascist trash is protected

    There’s no difference between the treatment this kkk asian lady is getting from the NYT and the treatment Hillary got from the hot and horny men and women of the sleazy corrupt fbi.

    Conservatives live in a gestapo-patrolled police state and suffer increasingly harsh penalties and persecution and de-platforming.

    progressives? the laws and the rules do not apply to them

    I’m not particularly meh about this.

    You shouldn’t be either.

    happyfeet (28a91b)

  32. does anyone think herpes bill or his loser drunk-ass wife could endure the level of financial forensics the gestapo FBI has applied to Paul Manafort?

    of course not

    there’s not a single person on erf who thinks that

    happyfeet (28a91b)

  33. No they would, but that’s why rosenstein and then strzok had their back.

    Narciso (d89b9d)

  34. Melania stands with LeBron and against Dumbass:

    First lady Melania Trump voiced support for LeBron James on Saturday after President Trump went after the NBA star on Twitter, questioning his intelligence.
    A spokeswoman for Melania Trump said in a statement that James is “working to do good things” with his new school for at-risk children in his hometown of Akron, Ohio, adding that the first lady is “open to visiting” the school.
    “It looks like LeBron James is working to do good things on behalf of our next generation and just as she always has, the First Lady encourages everyone to have an open dialogue about issues facing children today,” first lady spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham said in a statement obtained by The Hill.

    Paul Montagu (84878a)

  35. Steppe Nomad,

    I don’t think you understand the tone of the blog post or my writing in general. Maybe you should find another blog so that misreading this one does not continue to upset you.

    Patterico (d8f8b7)

  36. Oh, and I forgot to reference the Trump tweet on LeBron.

    Paul Montagu (84878a)

  37. why would you go to a school started by somebody who’s never read a book

    happyfeet (28a91b)

  38. why would you go to a school started by somebody who’s never read a book

    I don’t know why you’re bringing Trump University into this, happy.

    Paul Montagu (84878a)

  39. I love Trump University but it got persecuted to where you can’t go there anymore

    happyfeet (28a91b)

  40. I love Trump University but it got persecuted to where you can’t go there anymore

    Yeah, committing fraud and paying out legal settlements really sucked for Dumbass.

    Paul Montagu (84878a)

  41. A Republican running for office in Hawaii had to drop out because…..
    He was an illegal.
    Republicans have to be the dullest knife in the drawer.

    mg (9e54f8)

  42. i bet you learn more there than at the lebron home for the wayward and fatherless

    happyfeet (28a91b)

  43. Lmao, happyfeet

    mg (9e54f8)

  44. that’s not actually a trump tweet, montagu, LeBron is a talented player, but all this king james stuff gets to his head, he was easily fooled by the hoody narrative, six years ago, so when certain parties like the sleezy vitamin salesman in ohio, was calling melania, a certain name, where was LeBron,

    narciso (d1f714)

  45. 39.I love Trump University but it got persecuted to where you can’t go there anymore

    Thin edge of the wedge, eh, Mr. Feet.

    “I say, hard cheese, old boy.” – Raymond Delauney [Terry-Thomas] ‘School For Scoundrels’ 1960

    DCSCA (797bc0)

  46. Fatherless babies have a harder time….planned parenthood….

    mg (9e54f8)

  47. now the reasons miss jeong, might have for despising mssrs friedman, Kristof Krugman, might be different from ours, perhaps a rare attack of common sense, her view of blow might suggest that,

    narciso (d1f714)

  48. now lets go after major university, which leverage 100K in debt, and provide few job prospects, odd how that isn’t a larger target,

    narciso (d1f714)

  49. now friedman was a fraud since 1982, as that Israeli stringer for the times, widnavsky has shown, Kristof showed his colors in the hatfill affair, that mueller enabled,

    narciso (d1f714)

  50. Re: “… While they didn’t find any suspicious people lurking around, they did discover some suspicious seafood, in the form of a dead octopus which they said had been thrown against the building’s wall repeatedly.”

    Possibly a disgruntled ice hockey fan from Detroit? Not to argue with Dave Barry, but this is the sort of thing that perhaps should happen more often. It’s far more entertaining (and for that matter, at least as educational) than watching groups of MSNBC “contributers” repeat themselves hourly.

    John Boddie (b479ec)

  51. And tonights entertainment, Traitor Trump and Joy Boy Jordan wrestle with tales of the Tallahassee Trail demonstrating once again why Buckeyes are useless nuts.

    “Maxine Waters. She’s a real beauty. A seriously low IQ person.” – President Donald J. Trump, Lewis Center, Ohio, 8-4-2018

    Not centerfold material, eh, Captain, sir.

    DCSCA (797bc0)

  52. My head is spinning about gendered natures of polar bear tourism. What about other forms of wildlife tourism–will they study those and come up with some gender theory as well? Is it racist to only study polar bears and not black bears? Inquiring minds want to know.

    Rochf (877dba)

  53. Melania stands with LeBron and against Dumbass

    Melania’s “Policy Director” (*gigglesnort*) just resigned yesterday, expressing a thinly-veiled desire to do work with actual relevance, so she’s probably back to Googling “Michele Obama” to figure out what to say…

    Dave (445e97)

  54. I think the nongendered is when they don’t make it back,

    Narciso (783dca)

  55. She was a fmr pompeo staffer detailed from the nsc, a much smaller staff than with the Obama regime who spent three months in marbella and other plwbeian retreats.

    Narciso (783dca)

  56. Widlansky he alone pointed out Friedman didn’t know enough Arabic and hence blamed a militia leader for something he didn’t do, he seemed to realize it because inn the boom he left that part out.

    Narciso (783dca)

  57. @55 Narciso

    Between Melania’s stay in New York and Trump’s ceaseless golf holidays, who do you think has spent more money, Trump or Obama?

    Davethulhu (270006)

  58. Why did Buckley say Fidel got his job through the times, because Herbert Matthews could distinguish the same 12 guerillas that matched in front if him over and over.

    Narciso (783dca)

  59. Could be, that rogue police officer, discovered it wasn’t memorex.

    Narciso (783dca)


    You see the problem, where were the explosions?

    Narciso (783dca)

  61. Why don’t we know this because mailer and McGovern were part of this: the-kremlin-cooperated

    Narciso (783dca)

  62. Liberal defenders of the press were angrier about a dumb t-shirt being sold at Newseum than a racist being hired by the nation’s preeminent newspaper. – Pradheep J. Shanker

    beautiful and cogent distillation Mr. Shanker

    happyfeet (28a91b)

  63. The newseum is going the way of the beta mac, here’s the thing the left planted their flag with Pandagon (klein) kos, raw story, all protojournolisti outfits

    Narciso (783dca)

  64. So the verge is just the tech version of vox, and it spring up from emdgadget and they matter why?

    Narciso (783dca)

  65. yes yes that real estate’s too nice to be wasted on the vapid glorification of CNN Jake Tapper fake news trash (they lie)

    happyfeet (28a91b)

  66. didn’t the kkk asian lady use to work for vox

    happyfeet (28a91b)

  67. So the complaints about Krugman were regarding trading agreements that he sees as no Bueno, where does that put her?

    Narciso (783dca)

  68. So yeah, it’s a meh in the scale of things.

    But I would love to be a fly on the wall as Ms. Sarah negotiates working with Friedman and Krugman at the Gray Lady. And what will she write about if she can’t write about White hate in 250 words or less?

    Patricia (3363ec)

  69. And that would be why exactly, she can’t dussagregate stupidity and faculty from race, well considering she lives in Portland, I somewhat understand. There are stupid white people, see CNN, stupid people of every other stripe (channel one, fusion, st al)

    Narciso (e9c805)

  70. that’s not actually a trump tweet, montagu

    You’re right, narc, it’s his more-eloquent Middle Earth alter ego.
    BTW, I think we can now declare Peace In Our Time.

    Russia’s Foreign Ministry said on Saturday it had made U.S. actor Steven Seagal its special representative for Russian-U.S. humanitarian ties, a role it said was meant to deepen cultural, art and youth ties between the two countries.

    I can definitely see Trump and Seagal in the same room, but it probably shouldn’t be in a restaurant. Things could get out of hand really fast.

    Paul Montagu (84878a)

  71. Kurt S. Called her the David Duke of the liberal media.

    mg (9e54f8)

  72. I love Trump University but it got persecuted to where you can’t go there anymore

    This proves that happyfeet is content to be a nihilistic tool of chaos; of Traitor Trump. Putin would pat you on the head and say “good boy” happyfeet.

    Tillman (d34303)

  73. does not

    happyfeet (28a91b)

  74. Well, everybody thought we should wake up after Charlottesville 2017, but maybe we should have leaneed after Blacksburg 2007.

    urbanleftbehind (1b07fb)

  75. Forget the Freddie Gray unpleasantness and the incompetence of the Baltimore mayor. Ray Lewis has the answer!

    Ray Lewis claims there was a correlation between his playing days with the Ravens and lower crime rates in Baltimore.
    “When I played, crime went lower in Baltimore,” Lewis said Friday, according to’s Jamison Hensley. “It’s like, nobody needs to be mad now. It’s like everybody wants to be happy and celebrate.”

    God love him. And on LeBron, Ray Lewis has a word.

    Paul Montagu (84878a)

  76. Too bad no one threw a prop bloody dagger onstage tonight. On the other hand, I believe the Lewis effect since there seemed to have a relative Pax in Chicago during NBA season in the 90s.

    urbanleftbehind (1b07fb)

  77. Correlation is not causation,

    Narciso (e9c805)

  78. So some years, her borg associate was writing for Dow Jones digital division.

    Narciso (e9c805)

  79. So there is a method to her madness, but it is still madness.

    Narciso (e9c805)

  80. Thanks to the country’s historically strict firearm control laws, police officers in Japan rarely have to worry about dealing with gun-wielding criminals…

    This is complete BS. I lived in Japan for seven years, which isn’t an entire lifetime. Moreover I worked with Japanese cops as when I was recalled to active duty after 911 it was to provide intelligence support to force protection.

    There’s a little something called the Sea of Japan. There’s a big something called the Pacific. You can smuggle anything you want into Japan. Now, I have to note that shotguns and rifles are legal in Japan. If you are an Olympic level competitor you can have a pistol but you can’t possess it. Which is why Olympic level competitors are police or self defense force members. You aren’t going to legally get your hands on a handgun otherwise.

    Which brings us to the Yakuza and other criminal elements that have free and easy access to firearms. Back in the ’80s the Yakuza were paying Sailors $100 per round to smuggle in .45 ACP from the Philippines. But the price has dropped considerably as you can get a Tokarev from China no problem if you know the right SOJ fisherman. I considered myself knowledgeable about firearms but I didn’t even know what a Tokarev was until I got to Japan. It’s funny that that everyone is freaking out over the 3D plastic guns. Give me a chunk of metal and a file and I can build you a Tokarev. They are freakishly simple. It’s not going to be as fast as the 3D printing, but it won’t be made of plastic and it won’t fall apart after firing one round.

    So everybody in China is making Tokarevs. And Russia? You can get a T-72 for a case of beer. When I was stationed in Japan we actually had a Russian officer trying to sell his frigate. But then in Vladivostok you can get the most beautiful woman you’ve ever seen for an orange.

    I don’t want to overstate the situation. Officialy, there are 77 handguns owned by civilians in Japan. Unofficially and illegally it’s a lot more. But it’s still not a lot. And the Yakuza accounts for a good portion of the illegal handguns in Japan, and they vigorously discourage their members from using them as they don’t want the police attention. But my police contacts told me that the non-professionals were in their estimation more dangerous than American criminals. There’s no “gun culture” in Japan. So there’s no such thing as restraint. If a Japanese armed criminal robs a grocery store, as happened in my neighborhood they will shoot. The crooks executed three employees who, I found out later, were complying with all their demands. But the way the Japanese criminal mind works is if you have a gun, you have to pull the trigger.

    Again, this didn’t apply to the Yakuza. Not while I was there, which hasn’t been since 2003.

    Steve57 (0b1dac)

  81. A little more on Day 4 of the Manafort trial:

    Ayliff, one of Manafort’s accountants at KWC, repeatedly told prosecutors that he was unaware of any overseas bank accounts controlled by Manafort because his client never disclosed them. That wasn’t because Ayliff didn’t ask — his firm, we learned, made repeated attempts each year to discern whether Manafort had overseas accounts and if he needed to file a Reports of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts (FBAR) report. According to Friday’s testimony, Manafort, sometimes through his colleague Rick Gates, repeatedly insisted that he had no such overseas accounts to report. “They never told us about any income that was deposited in foreign accounts,” Ayliff testified.
    Ayliff’s replacement on the Manafort account at KWC, Cynthia Laporta, took the stand in the afternoon and echoed much of her predecessor’s story. Even after the IRS ramped up its scrutiny of overseas bank accounts controlled by Americans, and even after KWC ratcheted up its own efforts to make sure its client disclosed such accounts, Manafort said there were none.

    These are two witnesses who testified under oath that they affirmatively asked about Manafort’s foreign bank accounts and he lied to their faces. This changes the game from tax avoidance, which is both legal and as American as apple pie, to tax evasion, which is a felony. Oh, and Ms. Laporta may be immune from prosecution but should the state board from yanking her CPA license.

    Paul Montagu (84878a)

  82. Thats why they were immunized, because they weren’t aware, tell me another bed time tale, btw aycliff handled podestas accts.

    Narciso (db541b)

  83. Hate is her shtick. She’ll fit in well at the NYT. Although most of us have learned little from this hiring, we still ought to praise the Times for being so up front about who they are.

    There is more to learn from people like Ben Shapiro, who is on board with the Jeong hiring. This is the same man who very recently was roundly criticizing the “alt-right” for the same sort of hatred, though targeting different groups. When it comes to hate, the “who” is key.

    But that’s how it works, isn’t it? Stormfront is the model, though most others know well enough to dress up their hate. Until now, of course. Good show, NYT. While Stormfront remains a tiny, marginalized group, hate-driven derangement, has become the national pastime among the polished and well heeled.

    ThOR (d25d69)

  84. Did they present the document in question, because they never got around to it in the Stevens case.

    Narciso (db541b)

  85. “UPDATE: “The New York Times stealth-edited their article about Roseanne Barr to remove a header caption after being called out for hypocrisy over Sarah Jeong. This is journalism in 2018.”

    The missing header said, “The network’s decision to cancel ‘Roseanne’ over a racist comment will cost it. But when people decide to let racism slide, it costs the rest of us.”

    As the Times is learning the hard way.

    Speaking of stealth-editing, Christina Hoff Sommers notes that there’s “No mention of Sarah Jeong’s demented tweets on her Wikipedia page. Why? A little group of activist editors won’t allow it. Amazing. See them in action here.”

    Colonel Haiku (2601c0)

  86. @87 Haiku

    Fake news. The original source for the pjmedia link is here:

    The above source is misunderstanding how search results and meta data work. An explanation in this post:

    Once again I’ll point out that these sort of articles from sites like pjmedia are garbage. Pjmedia is linking to an Ian Miles Cheong (lol) twitter post, that further links to a reddit post. This telephone game stuff invariably introduces editorial error and bias.

    Davethulhu (270006)

  87. Yes one recalls that obsessive wiki editor, ‘what me sailor’ or some such, who covered kimberlins tracks, they cover with a pillow.

    narciso (d1f714)

  88. Trump said I don’t care what you think liberal. Liberals say those liberal establishment good government clinton third way democrats have been discredited. their just fine with sarah’s tweets. The democrat base is now the left wings tea party as joe crowley found out when he lost to alexandra ocasio-cortez. No more mr. nice guy! See what appealing to republicans got hilary clinton. Nothing! They are ready to make what they call ameriKKKa ungovernable. They are asking liberals on jury duty to find all black men not guilty regardless of the crime for starters.

    wendell (c4e554)

  89. Paul Montagu (84878a) — 8/5/2018 @ 10:02 am

    These are two witnesses who testified under oath that they affirmatively asked about Manafort’s foreign bank accounts and he lied to their faces. This changes the game from tax avoidance, which is both legal and as American as apple pie, to tax evasion, which is a felony.

    Manafort’s defense is it was all Rick Gates’ doing, so this doesn’t destroy his defense. He can still say he didn’t understand what was going on with his own finances.

    Oh, and Ms. Laporta may be immune from prosecution but should the state board from yanking her CPA license.

    Ms. LaPorte doesn’t say she suggested tax avoidance schemes, but rather that she doubted or maybe didn’t believe the docuemnts she was presented eith or what she was being told,

    Sammy Finkelman (02a146)

  90. …While Japan appreciates peace and quiet in its residential areas, most people won’t immediately call the cops at the first bit of noisiness…

    I’ve never been to Hokkaido. The furthest north I’ve ever been was Aomori on Honshu for the Nebuta Matsuri.

    In case you’re interested matsuri is the Japanese word for festival. Nebuta are a kind of parade float, but they are illuminated internally and consequently the parade takes place after dark.

    But down in my Tokahamasuka neck of the woods in Kanagawa prefecture we couldn’t get any sleep on some nights because of the motorcycle gangs. There might be a chapter of the H3ll’s Angels or some other outlaw biker club in Japan, but these guys weren’t it. By day they were office workers. At night they got together in mobs and rode their obnoxious two stroke motorcycles after midnight through neighborhoods. Twisting the throttle, revving their engines into the stratosphere, and riding really slooooowly. Just to irritate people. So they got you two ways. If for some reason you were out driving you couldn’t get around this mob of fifty or so motorcycles. And more likely if you were at home trying to get some sleep you were shocked awake and the fact that they were riding at practically walking speed meant they were going to keep you awake for quite a while. And the cops weren’t going to do anything about it. And I’ll get to why in a minute.

    Japan is an interesting country. I would say weird except I am convinced that anyone who was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area has forfeited the right to call other people weird. There’s a lot of pressure to conform. “Don’t do unwanted things.” “The nail that sticks up gets hammered down.” So you either go a little bit crazy like these people. Or you commit suicide or drop dead from a heart attack or stroke in your mid to late fifties.

    The word for both work related suicide and heart attack or stroke is the same; karoshi. It means death by overwork. The word was coined back in the 1970s. So it’s a known phenomenon and it remains an ongoing problem.

    (Newser) – The Japanese company that employed a young worker who killed herself from “overwork” will face charges, reports the Jiji Press. Top advertising agency Dentsu faces charges of violating labor standards related to illegal overtime in the case of Matsuri Takahashi, 24, who threw herself from one of the company’s dorms on Christmas Day 2015…

    Note that she threw herself off a company dorm. I used to play rugby for a Japanese company rugby club. It was just a club team. I don’t want to give anyone the impression I was some sort of international rugby sensation. Some of my team mates lived in the company dorms and if you like Brezhnev era soviet architecture you would love these dorms. And I also observed my counterparts in the JMSDF at work. And they don’t actually get any more done than Americans. So it’s something of a misnomer to say they die from overwork. They just can never get away from the company like Takahashi killing herself at the corporate dorm. One of my counterparts, a lieutenant like me, had to get to work by six a.m. so he could shine the admiral’s shoes. They stay at work until after dark. Then they have what we in the Navy used to call “mandatory fun.” They go out drinking together until just before the last subway train departs. We in the Navy used to do this maybe once every couple of weeks. They do it five days a week. And working isn’t actually required. They spend a lot of time on cigarette breaks. What’s required is their presence at work. As one of my friends put it, they have to go to work on Saturday. They don’t have to do any work, and they don’t have to stay all day. They can sit around reading a newspaper or their manga for a few hours. If you don’t show up at work on Saturday you aren’t showing the expected “team spirit.” It means you aren’t really dedicated to the company.

    Oh, and the subway. Or as the Japanese call it, “commuter h3ll.” At rush hour the train lines employ extra people whose only job is to stuff people onto the trains. It’s miserable. They really do pack you in like sardines. It’s especially difficult on women. Because perverts have practiced the art of groping women when nobody else can even move their arms. I recall one girl who had reached up to grab the rings to steady herself. Which was completely unnecessary as everyone was packed in so tightly it was difficult to breath and impossible to fall. She was crying. Some guy was groping her, none to gently I might add, and she couldn’t even turn around to confront him. So all she could do was cry. It could have been any one of a half dozen men sandwiched around her. I couldn’t tell.

    Fortunately I rarely had to ride the train at rush hour. I had a car and a short commute from my apartment. It wasn’t uncommon for my Japanese friends to spend four hours a day commuting. One guy I knew had an eight hour commute. Four hours each way. They didn’t have any choice. If you’re young and single you live in the company dorm, and the company doesn’t have to put its dorm anywhere near the office. If you’re in the JMSDF you live in government housing, and the Japanese government doesn’t buy expensive buildings. So if you work in Tokyo you will not be living in Tokyo. And housing is expensive. Unless you make so little you qualify for subsidized housing. I dated a girl whose ex husband was paying her rent since they had a daughter together. When I would drop by my ancient Toyota was the cheapest car in the lot. It was full of Benzs, Infinitis, Acuras, etc. After I dated her for a while I learned she lived in public housing.

    She lived in Tokyo’s version of the projects! And while she didn’t own a car her rent-subsidized neighbors were driving German luxury cars.

    What do you have to do to get arrested in Japan? If you’re Japanese you aren’t going to get arrested for making noise. When I was assigned to Commander, Naval Forces Japan, For some strange reason the JAG would consult me on legal matters. Maybe because I spoke Japanese and even read a little. Still, I was often asking myself questions like, “You’re the lawyer. Why are you asking me if the company operating the drydock in Sasebo is in breach of contract because they’re aren’t giving priority to the Belleau Wood?”

    Japanese cops are under the same pressures as everyone else. Generally they don’t want to give a Japanese citizen a record unless they absolutely have to. So they weren’t going to respond to the motorcycle gangs. On the other hand they have no problem giving us gaijin a record as we shouldn’t even be there in the first place. I mean that quite literally, as most of the legal issues the JAG consulted me on were serious traffic accidents. The Japanese cops, and really the entire legal system, had the attitude that if we stupid Americans weren’t in the country there would have been nothing for the Japanese guy to crash into. So no matter what happened it’s our fault.

    It’s amusing when I hear the SJWs talk about how racist white supremacist America is. They should go to Japan. Most books published in Japan share the same subject. How the Japanese are their own race and that they’re better than other people. Which isn’t to say that all Japanese are racists. Some are. But I found the prevailing attitude to be that they could never be friends with a gaijin and it never occurred to them that they would want to.

    Systemically, though, it is racist. So I saw the uglier aspects of the Japanese legal system. A young petty officer was leaving work, and she turned left on what must be the longest, straightest road in Japan. Kaigun doro, or Navy Road, which was in front to an old Imperial torpedo factory and it needed to be that straight to transport the weapons. She had driven at least a quarter mile down that road when a Japanese guy flying down that road on his rice rocket rear ended her, ejected, crashed through her rear window and ended up a bloody, mangled mess on her back seat.

    The police blamed her. We arranged a hasty transfer out of the country which effectively ended the matter.

    Three Marine Gunnery Sergeants on Okinawa were driving together to work in the early hours of New Year’s Day. The were turning right at a light (you drive on the opposite side in Japan) and when they got the green light the started to cross the opposite lane. A drunk driver fresh off his New Year’s Even celebrations blew through the red light and T-boned them, killing all three.

    The Japanese police didn’t even arrest the drunk Japanese driver. After all, it was the New Year. He was young with his whole life ahead of him. Why ruin his life over three dead Americans.

    A Navy Chief was driving to work and turning left into the main gate of the Sasebo naval station. A Japanese teenager was riding his moped as fast as he could on the sidewalk and slammed into the side of the Chief’s van. The kid was killed. Unfortunately he had to stay in Japan and face the music. If you are arrested in Japan you have no presumption of innocence and you will be subject to sleep-deprived interrogation for twelve hours a day with no bathroom breaks until you confess. The Chief go off relatively lightly. Even though he had the right of way and the kid was breaking several laws, the Chief apologized to the boy’s father and paid an indemnity. Then we transferred him out of the country.

    The racism comes almost always from the men, and one reason why is that we take their women. More than a few Japanese women want nothing more than to marry a foreign guy and get out of the country. Several confided in me that the Japanese guys they had dated were pathetic. Again, there are no hard and fast rules. There are also women who would never leave Japan, and men who aren’t pathetic (I would know as I played Rugby with and against tHem). But apparently as one of the girls explained to me the Japanese dating scene involves a lot of begging. The guy begs a girl to go out with him, and when she feels guilty enough she does. She might even be made to feel guilty enough to marry him, but once she has her one designer child she’s likely to tell her husband that if he ever wants to have sex with a woman again he better get a girlfriend because she’s done.

    A lot of Japanese men hate seeing Japanese women with western guys. And these women might even be the kind of girl that holds no attraction for them. I know a few coffee shops near Waseda University that are filled with some really stunningly beautiful ladies.

    Steve57 (0b1dac)

  91. Some other subjects to write about:

    (Scientists are starting to be afraid of speaking and writing honestly about vaccine hazards.

    Here’s a case that typifies this problem and illustrates how beneficial it can be when critical findings get published. In 2005, Lone Simonsen, who was then with the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, and her colleagues published a study in JAMA Internal Medicine showing that the flu vaccine prevented fewer deaths than expected in people over 65…

    In 2009, Danuta Skowronski, the lead epidemiologist in the division of Influenza and Emerging Respiratory Pathogens at the British Columbia Center for Disease Control, and her colleagues stumbled across unexpected data that suggested a link between seasonal flu shots and an increased risk for pandemic flu. The findings could not prove a causal link — perhaps people who get seasonal flu shots differ from those who don’t in ways that make them more susceptible to pandemic strains. But one possible interpretation is that seasonal flu shots inhibit immunity to those strains. Dr. Skowronski’s team replicated the findings in five different studies and then shared the data with trusted colleagues. “There was tremendous pushback,” Dr. Skowronski recalls, and some questioned whether “the findings were appropriate for publication.”

    …Last September, researchers with the Vaccine Safety Datalink, a collaborative project between the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and various health care organizations, published a study in the journal Vaccine that found an association — not a causal link, the authors were careful to note — between a flu vaccine and miscarriage

    the reason for this should be obvious. revving up the immune system using nutrients. When someone fights one infection they are less able to fight another. This is actually well known as sick peole are not given flu shots.

    Sammy Finkelman (02a146)

  92. They have no hope in h3ll of marrying a Japanese guy because they’re working on graduate degrees. That intimidates far too many Japanese guys.

    So, what are a woman’s options in Japan? They can work 10 hours a day, spend four hours a day on the train getting groped by strange men, or she can get married. At which point she is typically expected to stop working and she fears she’ll be trapped in a loveless marriage to some guy she’s only with because she took pity on him. Or, into her life walks a handsome Naval officer.

    A lot of them choose option three. More would do so, but there simply aren’t enough of us to go around. So they’re stuck with the first two choices that they don’t find very appealing. You can practically hear them screaming inside. Or, throwing cephalopods at buildings.

    Steve57 (0b1dac)

  93. Assuming Ms. LaPorta is a CPA, it is unethical for her to knowingly misrepresent facts. I was a CPA for over a dozens years, so I have some knowledge on the subject.
    Regarding Gates, one of the witnesses testified last week that Manafort was directly involved in quite of a bit of financial minutiae of his operation, but I do understand that the defense will say Gates went rogue or something.

    Paul Montagu (84878a)

  94. “AND AGAIN: “Last night, Twitter suspended Candace Owens, who has 663,000 Twitter followers, for 12 hours on account of an unspecified violation of the platform’s terms and conditions. Maybe it was because Candace tweeted this criticism of Sarah Jeong:”

    Owens posted a series of tweets simply reversing the colors in Jeong’s multiyear jeremiad against whites. “There was no way Twitter could sustain the suspension, in view of the hateful trash that is constantly tweeted by leftists like Jeong. But some low-level employee evidently vented his or her hostility toward conservatism by arbitrarily suspending Owens.”

    That does seem to be the ongoing pattern — unexpectedly.”

    Colonel Haiku (2601c0)

  95. Hence LaPorta was granted immunity in exchange for testimony. You roll the little fish to get the big fish, and she’s plankton, Manafort’s the minnow. He’s still got another trial too. He’s praying for a pardon, and no polonium or novichock cocktails.

    Colonel Klink (6e7a1c)


    It amazes me how blatant their double standard can be;

    “It is illegal for campaigns to accept help from a foreign government or from foreign nationals.”

    ok, further down in the same article;

    “Trump and his supporters have claimed the Russia investigation was improperly launched based on a speculative opposition research document paid for by Democrats, the so-called “Trump dossier” compiled by former British spy Christopher Steele”

    So it is legal if they are British? Not to mention Hillary staff hired an illegal immigrant and and illegals canvasing for her, stories on both written up in major papers.

    Nate Ogden (223c65)

  97. 83 Has their been evidence any of those foreign accounts are in his name? All the foreign accounts I have read about where in the name of companies. It’s legal to have foreign profits not repatriated, ala Apple’s 240+ Billion.

    Nate Ogden (223c65)

  98. “Prosecutors have implied that Manafort and Gates used a separate set of accountants in Cyprus and filed tax returns in the country,”

    Where else would a company based in Cyprus file taxes?

    He would have undisclosed income if these foreign companies where compensating him or giving him gifts but the hyperventilating about foreign accounts is ignorance, every multi national company has them as does a number of frequent foreign travelers.

    Nate Ogden (223c65)

  99. For the NY Times, the Affirmative Action appointment of an ornamental Asian female (to decorate the Old Gray Lady’s Editoral Board, and by her mere presence refute allegations of whites only bias.) makes sense, in an expedient and shallow way.

    The problem is that cute little Sarah Jeong comes with more than enough ugly racial hatred to disqualify her from having Letters to the Editor published, much less having a voice in editorial decisions.

    Yet, dispite a mountain of unequivocal evidence, the NY Times actually beclowned itself by going on-the-record defending Jeong’s racist hatred as ‘just joking’ and ‘responding in kind’.)

    If the Times insists on continuing down this racist road the stink could eventually rank Sarah Jeong along side Walter Duranty as the patron saints of the NY Times’ unique brand of gutter journalism.

    ropelight (a9cc11)

  100. #103, sorry, wrong thread.

    ropelight (a9cc11)

  101. 102. Where else would a company based in Cyprus file taxes?

    So for American’s, either individuals or companies, you have to pay taxes in the US on any income generated overseas, especially for professional services, especially if you repatriate the funds. There are variables depending on if its a company or individual, but it would always be illegal to take the foreign income and directly transfer them to a construction company or Mercedes dealer buying personal property without declaring it, and paying taxes on it.

    If you’d been certifying on both corporate and personal tax statements that you had no foreign assets, that’s adding more crimes beyond just tax fraud. Manafort is hosed, he can blame it all on Gates, but it wasn’t a new pool at Gates house or Gates Mercedes. Gates was undoubtedly doing it too, but when you have two conspirators, the one who flips first gets the deal.

    Colonel Klink (c7f6b8)

  102. Pity Jeong. She hates so much that she will never be happy. Never ever. I cannot think of a crueler punishment.

    Kevin M (5d3e49)

  103. As with manafort and weber who actually did the lobbying, they got a separate hearing in the southern district, they didn’t get an fbi welcome at their front door,

    narciso (d1f714)

  104. they didn’t seem to complain who paid them, as long as they got paid,

    narciso (d1f714)

  105. btw twitter seems to come up with another form of banning content:

    narciso (d1f714)

  106. Jeong’s bigotry isn’t just a product of her Millennial/SJW status, but also one of her ethnicity.

    Do you have any Vietnamese or Korean friends? Ask one of them if they think Chinese are bigots.

    ThOR (d25d69)

  107. they probably do, they were the middle kingdom who waged war against the former, and had uneasy relations with the latter, to be charitable,

    narciso (d1f714)

  108. You have a million dollars in Cyprus and you want to sneak it into America:
    1. You go and buy a condo with an under 80% “no doc” FannieMae loan.
    2. You have your Cyprus corporation pay the debt service.
    3. You include as much prepayment on principal, from your Cyprus corporation, as your CPA tells you won’t raise red flags.
    4. When you have enough equity, you take out home equity line of credit which is a checking account that you can write checks on as you please from time to time for any purpose.
    5. You have your Cyprus corporation also pay the debt service on your home equity.
    6. Sell your condo. If you declare your condo as your first or second home, there’s no tax on your profit.
    7. Rinse.
    8. Repeat.
    9. Get caught. Go to jail.

    nk (dbc370)

  109. If Manafort would have never sniffed around Trump, he would probably have gotten away with it, albeit still be broke. He has some very expensive lawyers now, so I’m wondering where the payment for that is coming from.

    Colonel Klink (c7f6b8)

  110. He has at least $10 million in assets in the U.S. which he used as his bail. Even if the bondsman takes 10%, there will be nine million left. Emphasis on “at least”.

    nk (dbc370)

  111. which is why I see this as a revenge play in part on deripasha’s part, he lost his cufflinks in montenegran aluminum, and manafort wouldn’t help him out, hence he tendered feelers to steele, who is more gullible than wormold,

    narciso (d1f714)

  112. Triple whammy. He 1) got into the radar of 2) a special prosecutor with an ax to grind and 3) has no political protection because Sessions recused himself, and that last is the most significant.

    nk (dbc370)

  113. BTW, does Beldar know that Anon Y. Mous has been put into moderation?

    Beldar? Beldar?

    nk (dbc370)

  114. Well we haven’t seen shipwrecked either, but he’s probably enjoying the Hawaiian sunsets

    Narciso (bb3a1d)

  115. So apparently they ‘don’t need no stinkin badges’ to do what they do

    Narciso (bb3a1d)

  116. 97. Paul Montagu (84878a) — 8/5/2018 @ 1:50 pm

    Assuming Ms. LaPorta is a CPA, it is unethical for her to knowingly misrepresent facts.

    She seems to.

    I was a CPA for over a dozens years, so I have some knowledge on the subject.

    She prepared (or assisted in or certified or something) two reports of assets and income: One for income tax purposes, and one for borrowing money from banks. I don’t know if you need to be aCOPa to dot that.

    By the way @93 I should have said tax evasion schemes.

    Now she may say that Rick Gates and/or Paul Manafort changed how something was characterized. The news articles aren’t entirely clear, but maybe what she said was she didn’t absolutely know that what she was being told was false or that the documents she was being given were forged.

    She said she didn’t drop him as a client because she had him for so long.

    Manafort is being tried first on the income tax evasion and bank fraud charges. I would guess because the prosecutors think they are easier to prove. He also faces trial on money laundering and failing to register as a foreign agent but I suspect the prosecutors will drop them if he is convicted, maybe even if he doesn’t negotiate a guilty plea. If he doesn’t negtiate maybe on;y if he gets a large sentence.

    Regarding Gates, one of the witnesses testified last week that Manafort was directly involved in quite of a bit of financial minutiae of his operation, but I do understand that the defense will say Gates went rogue or something.

    That may be Paul Manafort’s only defense. Gates did have his own job at stake, too, if Manafort declared bankruoptcy or something. But still.

    Sammy Finkelman (02a146)

  117. “It is illegal for campaigns to accept help from a foreign government or from foreign nationals.”

    they mention that, biut don’t mention taht ti is equally illegal:

    for campaigns to accept help from:

    1. Corporations

    2. Unions.

    3. Individuals in an amount greater than $2,700 or so, and any amount over $200 must be reported.

    So if being willing to get information from Russians – they didn’t actually get anything of value – was a problem, so would be a great number of otehr things. Including bundling.

    The leaks we are seeing are malicious, including the claim , all over the headlines today (Augist 5/6) that Trump reversed himself in atweet about the meeting Don Jr. had. These was comcewded long long ago. Even if Trump didn’t say so on Twitter. It’s not news.

    “Trump and his supporters have claimed the Russia investigation was improperly launched based on a speculative opposition research document paid for by Democrats, the so-called “Trump dossier” compiled by former British spy Christopher Steele”

    So it is legal if they are British?

    They <b PAID Christopher Steele.

    Steeel did get info for free from Russians. But I think the way they have it, if you ASK it’s not acontribution, if they JUST GIVE it’s a cam,paign contribution.

    But in truth the law isn’t that way and no one would want it that way Except the Clintons maybe. Only professional politicians, and professional politicians who evaded the law at that, could realistically run for office that way.

    Sammy Finkelman (02a146)

  118. There seems to be concerted campaign to make out that Trump just now reversed himself about tee June 2016 Trump Tower meeting but he reversed himself a few days after that misleading statement he
    approved that said the meeting was about Russian adoptions.

    Trump praised Donald Trump Jr for releasing the email chain (which revealed the truth).

    My son Donald did a good job last night. He was open, transparent and innocent. This is the greatest Witch Hunt in political history. Sad!

    3:19 AM – 12 Jul 2017

    Sammy Finkelman (02a146)

  119. So, to qualify for the New York Times, the Grey lady, the paper of record, editorial board, your qualifications are as follows:

    1) Speak and say nasty racist things about white people and the NYT.
    2) Be 30 years old with purple died hair.
    3) Editor of the Harvard Journal of Law & Gender (is that even a…thing?)
    4) Berkeley. because, of course.
    5) Senior writer for The Verge
    6) Previously served as a contributing editor for Vice’s Motherboard section

    I mean, I’d expect the editorial broad of the NYT to be someone 50+ years in age, who has a long history of experience reporting on all sorts of different political beats. Arguably someone with a lot of age and perspective in the last 5 years of a long and respected career in journalism.

    I find her age and relative inexperience to be more shocking than her racist views. Which is saying something.

    George Orwell's Ghost (ba96d1)

  120. Because now something came up that it is to the advantage of their argument to point out, the New York Times editorializes that it didn’t really start with Trump 9anbd that oin favt, this candidate is worse than Trump)

    This is almost apure character charge.

    Kansas Republicans appear to have thumbed their noses at the party establishment on Tuesday in the primary for governor, failing to persuasively back the sitting governor, Jeff Colyer, and instead leaving room to elect Kris Kobach, the state’s secretary of state — and quite possibly the most pernicious public official in America.

    Sammy Finkelman (02a146)

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