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Corey Lewandowski on 10-Year-Old with Down Syndrome Being Separated from Her Parent: “Womp Womp”

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This is part of the reason why a legitimate policy to crack down on illegal entry is perceived as a deliberate attempt to split up families: because big-time Trumpers like this guy are totally callous about the humanity involved:

Words cannot properly express my contempt for Lewandowski and people like him.

It’s only part of the reason, though. Another part of the reason is the way the media lies about it and makes it seem like that is the point of the policy.

Trump Separation Policy

It’s not a “separation policy.” It’s a policy of prosecuting illegal entry plus an unwillingness to release illegal immigrants into the country while their court cases are pending.

To the extent that people are claiming “asylum” there is a huge problem with people using our asylum laws as a way to be released into the United States even though they lack a valid claim. ICE is simply trying to prevent people from gaming the system.

The Trump administration has a valid basis for this policy. But it would help if we could get a little less gum-flapping and a little more shutting up from callous assholes like Corey Lewandowski.

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