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Quick Takes (Three Different Ones)

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We’ll Stop It.

FBI agent Peter Strzok tells his mistress in a text message, in response to her concern that Trump might win:

No. No he won’t. We’ll stop it.

If I wanted to engage in Trump superfan-level sophistry, I’d obfuscate about what the meaning of the word “we,” is. (Comma included as a salute to Bill Clinton.) But this seems pretty clear to me, even though it’s to a mistress: it’s bias at a minimum and an admission of an intent to misuse law enforcement at worst. I’d like to see the larger context, but it’s hard to imagine it being exculpatory to the guy. Regardless, having a guy like this involved with any investigations related to Trump or Clinton was a big mistake.

New York A.G. Lawsuit Against Trump

New York Times:

The New York State attorney general’s office filed a scathingly worded lawsuit on Thursday taking aim at the Donald J. Trump Foundation, accusing the charity and the Trump family of sweeping violations of campaign finance laws, self-dealing and illegal coordination with the presidential campaign.

I have not had a chance to read the lawsuit, but anyone who denies that Trump has done at least shady things regarding charity either hasn’t paid attention to the news in two years or is a partisan hack who can’t be trusted. The matter has also been referred to the IRS. Oh, dear: another audit … just when we were about to get those tax returns, too.

Comey Private Emails

The I.G. report revealed that James Comey sometimes used personal email for FBI business. Now Hillary wants to pretend that her behavior and James Comey’s was the same:

Oh, please, you dishonest witch.

Allahpundit destroys this so thoroughly, all a time-pressed blogger needs to do is quote him:

The IG found that Comey’s habit of forwarding emails to his personal account was “inconsistent” with DOJ policy that official business should be conducted via personal email only when “exigent circumstances” require, a perfectly fair wrist slap. But what Comey did and what Clinton did are night and day. Comey used a personal account at Gmail, with all of the security that Google provides. Hillary used a personal homebrew server, which didn’t have the same robust security. Comey’s usage seems to have been for personal convenience with respect to certain messages containing attachments. Hillary’s usage was comprehensive — all messages routed to her personal server, which reeks of an effort to evade automatic archiving by government servers. And of course Comey’s use was confined to unclassified business. Hillary’s wasn’t, which is a big deal. And which, again, is why he would have been perfectly entitled to recommend indicting her. There’s staggering hypocrisy in Comey’s email practices, in other words, only if you overlook literally all of the distinguishing features that made her practices so risky and potentially criminal.

Which is just what she hopes to achieve by her tweet. She means to suggest that she and Comey are guilty of the same sin. If he did nothing wrong, neither did she. That’s her message, never mind the classified material that was mishandled, or the other shipping-container-sized scandal baggage she brought to the campaign, or her “deplorables” shots at working-class voters, or her arrogant neglect of Rust Belt campaigning, or a degree of personal unlikability so enormous that it somehow made Donald Trump viable for the presidency. She’s guilty of what Comey’s guilty of — nothing at all. The system was rigged.

He really should have arrested her when he had the chance.

Yes, he should have.

P.S. I hear Beldar actually read the I.G. report. I look forward to his thoughts about it.

P.P.S. If you get the musical reference in the headline, gold star for you. It’s a good reference. Almost worth a quick grin.

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