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Los Angeles Superior Court Judicial Race Recommendations

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No disrespect is intended to anyone I am not recommending, but I know some people better than others. I am not recommending a “vote for any Deputy D.A.” vote but rather a vote for these people:

Office No. 16: Hubert Yun. Hubert was my colleague in the gang division in Long Beach, and continues to be a colleague in that courthouse even though I am no longer in that division. He’s very smart and has helped me with issues where other people lacked an answer. I’ll be voting for him.

Office No. 20: Mary Ann Escalante. I’ve known Mary Ann off and on for many years. She has handled heavy cases in the office and always has a smile on her face. She’ll do a good job as a judge.

Office No. 60: Tony Cho. Tony is a very friendly person who works hard and is always volunteering to help other people. He will be reasonable and will refrain from being a tyrant on the bench.

Office No. 118: Troy Davis. Troy is another colleague in Long Beach. He has a good reputation and is perhaps one of the most even-tempered people I have ever met. If you tell someone you’re afraid to vote for Troy because you think he’ll fly off the handle and scream at people, they will laugh and know you’re joking because that is unimaginable. (I’ve made the joke a couple of times and everyone always laughs.)

My daughter will be voting for the first time today, which is exciting.

Good luck to all deserving candidates.

P.S. I do not share a single recommendation with the Los Angeles Times. So I’ve got that going for me. Which is nice.

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32 Responses to “Los Angeles Superior Court Judicial Race Recommendations”

  1. Sorry these are late. Another Drew used to ask for recommendations, but he left the blog, probably because (like so many others) he loves Trump and can’t abide to read someone who doesn’t.

    Patterico (115b1f)

  2. P.S. I do not share a single recommendation with the Los Angeles Times. So I’ve got that going for me. Which is nice.

    Patterico (115b1f)

  3. 1. Your honesty (“hatred” is such an unfair and ugly way of stating it) concerning Trump is the reason I started commenting here.

    Gryph (08c844)

  4. Thank you. I always appreciate reading your judicial recommendations.

    JoeH (f94276)

  5. My bad, P — I meant to badger you about your recommendations last week for us early voters.

    I think voting against the Dog Trainer editorial board’s endorsements is always a good strategy.

    JVW (1b9c4b)

  6. May the multicultural bird of personal association fly up your nose and linger to fertilize all your receptive eggs before crossing over the rainbow bridge.

    ropelight (e49d7b)

  7. OT but tangentially related as it has to do with the Courts.

    In a sign that Gorsuch is going to align himself with the liberal members of the Court on criminal justice matters in the same way that Scalia did, there’s a decision out of SCOTUS today on a sentencing issue where the majority in a 6-3 decision was Kennedy, Ginsburg, Breyer, Sotomayor, Kagan, and Gorsuch.

    shipwreckedcrew (56b591)

  8. So I’ve got that going for me. Which is nice.

    I could be wrong, but I don’t recall EVER seeing you adopt a famous quote from Caddyshack before.

    Had no idea you were a closet fan.

    On your deathbed, may you receive total consciousness.

    shipwreckedcrew (56b591)

  9. “Stupid is as stupid does” headline of the day:

    Genealogy site MyHeritage says 92 million user accounts compromised

    It’s simply stunning to me what people will place within reach of internet exposure.

    shipwreckedcrew (56b591)

  10. Quote of the Day:

    “I think you all know I’m an honest person…” – Sarah Huckabee Sanders, WH Press Briefing, June 5, 2018

    DCSCA (797bc0)

  11. I have a confession that make that has, I think, some relevance on the degree to which general discourse has been poisoned these days: When I first read this post’s headline I assumed that it was going to be about somebody who had recommended a judicial appointment based solely on the candidate’s race. Not until I actually read the article did I realize the meaning intended was “race” as in competition.

    It’s always disquieting to realize how your own reflex reactions have been shaped without your conscious awareness of it.

    Stephen J. (f77922)

  12. no in Valle Cole in 68!!!!
    Read to learn about the crazy

    Tz2 (b4548f)

  13. “It’s always disquieting to realize how your own reflex reactions have been shaped without your conscious awareness of it.”

    Well, it’s a perfectly reasonable reaction most of the time. Just the type that normals should probably take into account when analyzing whether whatever Trump did is the Worst Thing Ever.

    It’s probably even more edifying to contemplate things like how many billions of tax dollars and mandated government jobs the average urban AA hires hoover up while rural Scotch-Irish proles have to string five jobs together to feed 2 kids. You might even come to a reasonable conclusion about why Trump won.

    Dysphoria Sam (312848)

  14. A new World Oyster Eating Champion has been crowned, Darron Breeden of Orange, Virginia ate 40 dozen Louisiana oysters in 8 minutes to win the champion’s belt at NOLA’s Oyster Festival.

    His nearest competitor was only able to eat 27 dozen in the alloted 8 minutes.

    ropelight (e49d7b)

  15. The Miss America Pageant will end the swimsuit segment of its scholarship program, according to pageant director, former Miss America, former Fox News blonde and current communist, Gretchen Carlson:

    DCSCA (797bc0)

  16. beauty pageants are gayer than lando

    happyfeet (28a91b)

  17. @17. Mr. Feet?!!: “Hey, hey! It is not a beauty pageant, it is a scholarship program!”- Gracie Hart [Sandra Bullock] ‘Miss Congeniality’ 2000

    DCSCA (797bc0)

  18. Since they are going to remove looks as a criteria, the trannies ought to have a real shot at finally winning this thing.

    Anon Y. Mous (6cc438)

  19. So, I went to vote today. My judicial votes also did not align with the Times, but 4 of them you know. But that’s not the point.

    L.A. County has done away with local polling places. Instead of the 3 minute walk I’ve enjoyed for 20 years, I had a mile-and-a-half drive. When I got there, there was no nearby parking. There were about 6 spaces 100 yards away, and likely occupied by the poll workers. Otherwise one had to park on the street, no closer than 200 yards.

    As I walked from my car, I saw an older lady having some problems making the walk, and when she turned a corner and saw she had ANOTHER 100 years to go, the frustration on her face was obvious.

    And I wondered: what is the point here? Save money? Instead of the old polling place, with 2 precincts, there were 3. Not a big savings. Then I remember how simply asking for an ID is a horrific barrier to the voting right, and I asked myself why they would want to disenfranchise older voters? Because that is what they are doing.

    Kevin M (752a26)

  20. There were several other venues nearby with other precincts, so the consolidation/cost savings thing makes some sense. It is far easier for the bureaucrats to hve everything together. But much harder on the voters. The Iron Law in real life.

    Kevin M (752a26)

  21. The idea is that since so many people are vote by mail anyhow, the cost per voter of maintaining local polling places has gone way up, so they think this is better.

    I think they’re wrong, but *shrug*. San Mateo County did away with polling places all together.

    aphrael (3f0569)

  22. Over 115,000 people were apparently left off the voter rolls in LA County due to a “random printing error”.

    Dave (445e97)

  23. I would ban early voting. Everyone should vote on the same day with the same information. Candidates should have some idea when the campaign starts and ends. Every year you hear about some candidate being exposed as _______ and nothing can be done because 32% have already voted. Bah!

    The act of voting is a personal one, and should be done in person, at a polling place, unless there is a demonstrable reason otherwise. In any event I find the burdens placed on me to vote at a voting booth on election day are MUCH higher than would be required to get some picture ID.

    Kevin M (752a26)

  24. It *is* much less trouble for the bureaucrats, though. Iron Law.

    Kevin M (752a26)

  25. I think verifying the “demonstrable reason” for vast numbers of people requires enormous resources that are not available, and presents other problems if there is the possibility of uneven application of the rules (i.e. making it easy for some voters to obtain absentee ballots and hard for others, based on who those voters are).

    Back when absentee ballots were very rare, the justification for requests could perhaps be vetted. Today, when 25-50% of the voters may request them, it’s impossible.

    Dave (445e97)

  26. OTOH if you are a working stiff who is faced with only-on-election-day voting you had to choose between hoping there was no line if you went to vote on your way to work or stand in an enormous line on the way home from work.

    kishnevi (5faaf8)

  27. @20/21. A stamp would have been cheaper than the gas you used and the time lost. Next time do it by mail; you can vote in your underwear and eat peanuts at the same time.

    DCSCA (797bc0)

  28. Cho and Davis appear to have been victorious.

    Escalante finished a respectable second, and Yun a fairly distant third.

    Dave (445e97)

  29. Considering how little information the public has on these candidates, a game of Jeopardy would be a better method of choosing them. Also more entertaining. Come to think of it, a vote AFTER such a contest might be far more informed.

    Kevin M (752a26)

  30. The europeon union wants to head the new world order, with a navy smaller than our Coast Guard. LMMFAO.

    mg (9e54f8)

  31. We should grove the Europeon union Puerto Rico.

    mg (9e54f8)

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