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The Cake Server

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Ingenious and hilarious.

[Cross-posted at The Jury Talks Back.]

15 Responses to “The Cake Server”

  1. Ding.

    Patterico (115b1f)

  2. That was funny. I’ll bet the outtakes were painful.

    Simon Jester (ad6a15)

  3. Reminds me of a deposition. I was once in Costco and saw an item I believed infringed our client’s trademark. So I had my wife buy a sample. She also bought a cake plate that was on sale, and it appeared on the receipt.

    Ended up in litigation. They decided they need to depose my wife about her purchase. Pointless, but the Magistrate Judge allowed it. The lawyer notices the cake plate item on the receipt:

    Q: And what was this item/


    Bored Lawyer (998177)

  4. Whoops, pressed submit too fast.

    Q: And what was this item?

    A: A cake plate.

    Q: And what did you do with that?

    A: Served cake on it.

    Bored Lawyer (998177)

  5. meanwhile cocaine Mitch classy as ever say oink to your wife for me Mitchie

    happyfeet (28a91b)

  6. ack this is in the spirit of the post above

    happyfeet (28a91b)

  7. Magnificent!

    Tillman (a95660)

  8. Ahhh. Wonderful! But does it work in bed with chocolate cream pie?

    Or cheeseburgers??

    Asking for ‘a friend.’

    DCSCA (797bc0)

  9. meanwhile cocaine Mitch classy as ever say oink to your wife for me Mitchie

    What, Mitch isn’t supposed to punch back twice as hard? Did Trump trademark that kind of behavior?

    JVW (dadb0c)

  10. there’s no reason to do antagonize on people and plus guess what

    *none* of the candidates were willing to say they would support cocaine mitch because he’s a symbol of rot and swampy inertia

    happyfeet (28a91b)

  11. I think a guy that sends Appalachian miners to their gruesome death ought to have the ball spiked on him in the end zone, but that’s just me.

    JVW (dadb0c)

  12. that was for them voters to say, and they did

    this is why we need more safe wholesome strip mining btw

    happyfeet (28a91b)

  13. How many laptops did they have to destroy to get this take?

    Beldar (fa637a)

  14. Wonderful. The baby was a master stroke. I hope he grows up to marry Marion.

    Patricia (3363ec)

  15. Watching this video brings back childhood memories of playing Mousetrap.

    NCMounrainGirl (73226d)

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