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The Insane Interview with Sam Nunberg

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Cue Twilight Zone music.

One wonders if he was drunk.

This was the guy, by the way, tasked with explaining the Constitution to Donald Trump.

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32 Responses to “The Insane Interview with Sam Nunberg”

  1. I imagine that trying to explain the Constitution to trump might try a person’s mind unto insanity.

    felipe (5b25e2)

  2. Introducing a new character into the daytime saga of “McCabe And Mr. Mueller”. Yay!

    Or is he just a Special Guest Star?

    nk (dbc370)

  3. Wait, Nunberg called Trump an “idiot”. Was that the part where he sounded drunk? Sounds like he reads this blog a lot.

    random viking (6a54c2)

  4. corrupt fbi gestapo Robert Mueller’s fishing expedition is getting more pathetic by the day

    why is acting attorney general rod roseytwat letting this corrupt turd run amok?

    happyfeet (28a91b)

  5. acting attorney general rod *rosytwat* i mean

    happyfeet (28a91b)

  6. Its a good question, ask Dr. Hatfill that?

    narciso (dd8a24)

  7. Yesterday was actually a carefully planned and executed operation by Nunberg to make himself useless as a witness for Mueller.

    Shipwreckedcrew (56b591)

  8. Until the “maybe I will testify” bit, I thought it was a highly entertaining method of falling on his sword. No matter how entitled or arrogant, none of his actual complaints made sense.

    Now I think dude has simply been punching above his weight and suddenly realized he’s in serious trouble.

    And the alcohol on top of antidepressants probably didn’t help.

    Coasta (faad11)

  9. I like Mr. Nunberg a lot he’s a spirited kid with a keen understanding of Mueller’s dirty and corrupt tactics

    happyfeet (28a91b)

  10. 2… two tracks in the snow and a bullet awaits?

    Colonel Haiku (bd4dc3)

  11. He’s the kind of New York slimeball that Trump would hang around with, is what I think. And what was that cheap shot at Hope Hicks right at the start all about?

    nk (dbc370)

  12. i think he’d be fun to go to take to happy hour and share some charcuterie with

    happyfeet (28a91b)

  13. I hope he will get some help: just spoke w @NunbergSam he told me he’s fully cooperating now w Mueller’s team and he’s intending to go get treatment following his grand jury appearance on Friday.

    Dana (023079)

  14. All big city jails have facilities and protocols for mental health and substance abuse treatment. In point of fact, they are overwhelmingly the biggest providers of those services in the United States.

    nk (dbc370)

  15. Erin Burnett said he smelled of alcohol, he said he was on anti-depressants. It speaks volumes that Big Media would feel fine about exploiting an obviously troubled individual who clearly needs help.

    Dana (023079)

  16. 3… ouch!

    Colonel Haiku (d6175a)

  17. Why are you surprised fans and they have gotten the story maliciously wrong time and ahead. Re assuange Kushner scaramucci Flynn, should I go on?

    narciso (d1f714)

  18. Mrs. Mueller you’ve got a troubling habit
    Of letting Crooked Hillary off Scot free
    But it’s sad, it doesn’t smell so good
    He’s made it clear enough, the fix was in back then
    He wants to make sure he gets teh Trumpy
    Tell him he can put it up his bum
    Things have changed, people have had enuf
    We’ve made it clear enough, the Law is now an ass

    Colonel Haiku (d6175a)

  19. That was dana, yes he’s a disturbed individual but what does it say about Mueller that he provoked this and CNN and msnbc and axios.

    narciso (d1f714)

  20. 13, I dont know about that, he sounds like a candidate for the R. Budd Dwyer self-treatment sometime in between now and Friday.

    urbanleftbehind (5eecdb)

  21. @15. Exploiting? But respected-by-our-host-Jake Tapper, who interviewed Nunberg a little earlier, let him roll and even offered legal advice on air. Consider who was ‘exploiting’ who. Most Americans had no idea who Roger Stone protégé Nunberg was 36 hours ago. Now the whole would does and in the end, he’ll comply. But if the guy wants to go Wilbur Mills on camera displaying the contents of his Federal subpoena, that’s his business- and the media’s job to cover it.

    DCSCA (797bc0)

  22. I didn’t even have a clue as to what was going on here (aside from the fact that he had nothing tht implicated Trump and as probably protecting somebody else) until I read that Nunberg was connected to Roger Stone.

    And so it went with Mr. Nunberg, a protégé of the self-described dirty trickster Roger J. Stone Jr., who has been a focus of aspects of the various investigations into possible Russian collusion with the Trump campaign….

    …Mr. Stone, asked for comment, said he was not surprised that his information was being sought.

    “I was part of the Trump campaign, have been the president’s friend and adviser for decades, and would expect that Mueller’s team would ask for any documents or emails sent or written by me,” Mr. Stone said in a text message. “But let me reiterate, I have no knowledge or involvement in Russian collusion or any other inappropriate act.”

    What Roger Stone did, I am not sure.

    Was it?

    A) Get Trump into the race in order to help Bill and Hillary Clinton.

    B) Persuade Trump, at the start of his campaign, on some sort of specious grounds, perhaps acting through someone else, to act very friendly toward Russia, and Russian foreign policy, in particular about Syria, especially joining together to fight ISIS; distancing himself from NATO, and opposing the admission of Syrian refugees.

    C) Get some people whom Russia hoped would do their bidding, like Paul Manafort and Mike Flynn, into high ranking positions in Trump’s campaign, with a view toward getting them high ranking roles in a possible Trump Administration.

    D) Two or more of the above.

    E) Something else.

    I know Stone had something to do with the National Enquirer story about Ted Cruz’s father supposedly being in the same picture with Lee Harvey Oswald before he assassinated President Kennedy.

    Sammy Finkelman (e0d9f1)

  23. Here’s Roger Stone claiming some truth is hidden in spite of a data release

    Claims the photo really was of Rafael Cruz

    Sammy Finkelman (e0d9f1)

  24. National Enquirer-level stuff, Sammy.

    Colonel Haiku (d6175a)

  25. The play here is simple.

    Mueller thinks he has something on Roger Stone — most likely he thinks he has an indictable Sec. 1001 count, or maybe an obstruction count against Stone.

    The people he is subpoenaing emails from are most likely to have communications to/from Stone, or about Stone, which corroborate what Mueller thinks he’s got.

    Nunberg clearly said somthing during his interview with investigators last week which Mueller wants him to repeat under oath in a question&answer format before the grand jury. This is called “locking in” the testimony of the witness — it will prevent Nunberg from trying to change his testimony later or make some kind of “clarifying” characterization of what he’s already said.

    Stone was around from the earliest days of the campaign, he likes operating on the edge, and he had Trump’s ear. So if Mueller can hang a charge on Stone, he’ll try to use that as leverage to get him to cooperate in the investigation against Trump.

    shipwreckedcrew (56b591)

  26. Dana @15. The rantings of a drunk zonked out on Xanax would be entirely within CNN’s standards for newsworthiness. Most of the rest of the MSM too.

    nk (dbc370)

  27. Crunchy irony


    narciso (d1f714) — 3/6/2018 @ 11:44 am

    Her business card reads

    Ask Me How Inclusive I am

    Pinandpuller (16b0b5)

  28. The rantings of a drunk zonked out on Xanax…

    The Perkin Axiom applies: a Republican gets a mulligan.

    DCSCA (797bc0)

  29. And winning the future does this have to do with anything, it’s time to shut this thing down. Mueller is everything they said about star and worse.

    narciso (d1f714)

  30. 26. Colonel Haiku (d6175a) — 3/6/2018 @ 2:02 pm

    National Enquirer-level stuff, Sammy.

    The NAtional Enquirer has been doing this since about 1964.

    And that’s where Roger Stone attributes it too like he had nothing to do with it.

    Roger Stone, in 2017, after Trump had released almost every remaining secret JFK file was claiming that some thing nevertheless was still not revealed and tghen he said soemthing had come up in the campaign. This is video of some phony”show” by Roger Stone, in which he was pretending to be impartial and interviewed a woman by telephone who, I can pretty safely say, was pretending that she knew Lee Harvey Oswald back in 1963, and could say now although she couldn’t then that Oswald
    knew Ted Cruz’s father. She had written a book. he was still at it with teh Rafael Cruz angle.

    The YouTube video dated from October 2017.

    Now Roger Stone had something to do with getting Donald Trump started running for president, and now this guy who claimed he wouldn’t testify gacve as one of the reasons that he wanted to protect Roger Stone from being accused of perjury.

    Roger Stone was also responsible for getting that sheriff of Broward County elected in 2012
    after he had opposed him in the previous election, and he may have known that New York Governor Eliot Spitzer was in trouble before Eliot Spitzer did.

    Sammy Finkelman (02a146)

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