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Broward County Sheriff DIDN’T Respond to 39 Calls Regarding School Shooter — There Were MORE

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It was a talking point issued by the Broward County Sheriff for days: stop saying that we made contact 39 times with the Parkland school shooter. It’s JUST NOT TRUE, they said:

The clear implication is that they were called (and responded) only 23 times.

Well, it turns out that they responded to more than 23 calls. They also responded to more than 39. Records show that sheriff’s deputies responded to at least 45 calls about the shooter before the shooting. BuzzFeed (of all places) has the story:

Broward County sheriff’s officials said in a statement late Saturday that they responded only to 23 calls involving suspected Florida school shooter Nikolas Cruz or his family over the years, but records obtained by BuzzFeed News show at least 45 responses since 2008.

The number of calls made over the years involving Cruz or his family, according to the call records, are nearly twice the number publicly disclosed by the department.

Remember, as Jennifer Van Laar told us, that the sheriff had specifically disputed Dana Loesch at the CNN town hall when she said there had been 39 visits:

DANA LOESCH: And he had already taken bullets and knives to school. He had already assaulted people. He assaulted his parent. He assaulted other students. Thirty-nine visits. And this was known to the intelligence and law enforcement community. Now I’m not, look, I’m not saying that you can be everywhere at once. But this is what I’m talking about. We have to follow up on these red flags. Doesn’t that not meet the standard?

SHERIFF ISRAEL: You’re absolutely not the litmus test for how law enforcement should follow up. You’re wrong. There weren’t 39 visits. Some of them were GOA [Gone on Arrival], some of them called from other states…

I guess Sheriff Israel will try to parse language: “call” vs. “response” vs. “visit.” Is his “defense” going to be that they got 45 calls but made contact with him in just slightly over half of those calls? Is that going to be his position — that almost half the time they got calls, they just never followed up to make contact? Hopefully it is easy to see that such a “defense” is only a further indictment of the failures here — not to mention a game of numbers-playing that is anything but forthright and honest with the public.

The sheriff could do with a less haughty attitude and a little more openness.

He might also consider offering his resignation.

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77 Responses to “Broward County Sheriff DIDN’T Respond to 39 Calls Regarding School Shooter — There Were MORE”

  1. He comes in claiming to be a lion, make him go out like a lamb.

    Colonel Haiku (2601c0)

  2. And the lamb lies down on Broadway Duty

    Colonel Haiku (2601c0)

  3. I am dismayed that you go to clickbait when pressing matters of greater magnitude bound. You are Gang Prosecutor for Shabbats sake ! And to answer your first question, Yes! I am calling you out for half measures which auger bought but traffic..

    Ben burn (b3d5ab)

  4. Beggars cannot be choosy but an edit button would be nice.

    Ben burn (b3d5ab)

  5. The respected-by-our-host-Jake Tapper grilled Israel in an extended Q&A on CNN’s SOTU Sunday and the sheriff didn’t come off looking any better.

    Neither does Sheriff Israel’s peculiar association with GOP dirty trickster Roger Stone– who helped get the sheriff elected. Such is the stink of local Florida politics.

    DCSCA (797bc0)

  6. The school district and the police were involved in a program to severely limit the number of arrests (especially of minority miscreants) in Parkland, since an arrest record hinders prospects for future success. Obama was all in favor of the program and spoke highly of it.

    Rather than make arrests, the police were directed to refer youthful law breakers for community based interventions. No arrest – no record.

    That’s why so many notifications to the police about the dangers Cruz so clearly represented went unheeded: the police were instructed to ignore complaints against local high school students except in cases of significant physical injury.

    ropelight (2715b3)

  7. ASPCA has a “thing” for Roger Stone…

    Colonel Haiku (2601c0)

  8. Deutch wasn’t quite so mouthy today…

    Colonel Haiku (2601c0)

  9. @9.=Haiku!= Gesundheit!

    Rogering the sheriff merits a mulligan, eh Colonel; the Perkins Axiom.

    DCSCA (797bc0)

  10. Florida House Speaker Corcoran calls on Gov Scott to fire Israel:

    This entire fiasco is just the tip of the iceberg. There were failures by govt on so many levels. It is not reassuring moving forward.

    Lenny (5ea732)

  11. Should say “suspend” instead of “fire”. Only suspend? This man couldn’t lead a conga line.

    Lenny (5ea732)


    Sukarno, Suharto tyrants left or right all the same. Welcome to the new boss, same as the old.

    Ben burn (b3d5ab)

  13. Florida leg is an undependable beast lenny

    narciso (d1f714)

  14. “I guess Sheriff Israel will try to parse language: “call” vs. “response” vs. “visit.” Is his “defense” going to be that they got 45 calls but made contact with him in just slightly over half of those calls? Is that going to be his position — that almost half the time they got calls, they just never followed up to make contact? Hopefully it is easy to see that such a “defense” is only a further indictment of the failures here — not to mention a game of numbers-playing that is anything but forthright and honest with the public.”

    Sherriff Israel is a terrible person who should commit seppuku on air if he had any dignity, but he’s fundamentally a reflection of his voters and their local government.

    Specifically, this is just what happens when so many New York stockbrokers retire to a state they never grew up in and elect a man who plays the same numbers games without regard to the social costs that they did every day. Odd stuff happening at school? THE NUMBERS ARE UP! Obvious doctoring of crime reporting to minimize statistics that make Democrats look bad? LOOK, I FOLLOWED ALL THE PROCEDURES, THEY WERE BEST PRACTICES IN THE REGION! Your little toady with a badge who was only there to push dirty paper and alter gets faced with an actual police situation that calles for actual personal courage? NOT MY RESPONSIBILITY, OBVIOUSLY IT’S THE NRA!

    Tellurian (b1aac3)

  15. Not to mix tragedy and utter negligence with comedy and bad comedy at that, but Sheriff Israel is the peter principle outcome of Captain Mauser and Captain Harris.

    urbanleftbehind (847a06)

  16. Again: Israel will resign by month’s end.

    Kevin M (752a26)

  17. Ooops. I mean “retire.”

    Kevin M (752a26)

  18. I don’t know about Seppuku – rather than have some genuine samurai flown in, they’d probably ask his mosque buddies to do it…

    urbanleftbehind (847a06)

  19. Sherriff Israel is a terrible person who should commit seppuku on air if he had any dignity, but he’s fundamentally a reflection of his voters and their local government.

    Like most of you, I’m sure, I’ve given a lot more thought to this than I normally would because it raises the specter of gun confiscation which is one of the several things that would actually incite me to revolution. I agree with what you said there, Tellurian except I disagree that Israel is a “reflection of his voters and their local government”. I believe he and the local government consciously hid the phony rules and such from the voters and ran on the resultant “lowered crime rate” they faked. IOW, he’s also guilty of voter fraud in that he ran on a big F’in lie that he and his leftist money grubbing cohort created.

    Rev.Hoagie (6bbda7)

  20. The daily caller link, shows his interest is to prepare and do nothing, recAll the airport shooter was one man, as was this incident.

    narciso (d1f714)

  21. He was re-elected last year for a four year term. I seem to remember voting for his opponent–whose name I didn’t remember until Google told me–but simply on the principle of voting against incumbents, not for any particular malfeasance.

    Israel’s association with Stone makes more sense if you know he ran as a Republican the first time he was elected.

    And me being a Broward County taxpayer I wonder on whose dime he flew up to that CNN event, and how he found the time, seeing he ought to be supervising the investigation/cover-up of a fairly major event.

    Kishnevi (51ad16)

  22. Hoagie, in this case Tellurian is correct. Just remember Debbie Wasserman represents a sizeable chunk of Broward County, and you will understand.

    Kishnevi (51ad16)

  23. Oh yes for a time clay Shaw represented a portion, but that hack pat Murphy does. Rooney who is retiring held the northern corner.

    narciso (d1f714)

  24. @26 Kishnevi, I read you. I tried to give the benefit to the voters that they were deliberately fooled. Once you threw Wasserman into the conversation they became coconspirators. Thanks for enlightening me.

    Rev.Hoagie (6bbda7)

  25. I am dismayed that you go to clickbait when pressing matters of greater magnitude bound. You are Gang Prosecutor for Shabbats sake ! And to answer your first question, Yes! I am calling you out for half measures which auger bought but traffic..

    Ben burn (b3d5ab) — 2/25/2018 @ 2:55 pm

    Why did you take the bait, Ill Grillo?

    Pinandpuller (16b0b5)

  26. The NRA was probably intercepting the calls.

    Kevin M (752a26)

  27. Dolore

    Uh oh


    Whoa oh oh oh oh

    Pinandpuller (16b0b5)

  28. He took the bait and checked in to the rip lip lodge!

    mg (29dc60)

  29. Kevin M:

    Oops, you mean retire early with full pension just before the courts and discipline bodies act.

    Fred Z (05d938)

  30. Steven Metz
    I’m a Second Amendment fundamentalist: I believe everyone who is part of a well regulated militia has a constitutional right to own and bear a flintlock rifle, musket, or pistol.

    Randy Barnett
    Now do the Freedom of the Press.

    Steven Kutz
    Now do the 4th Amd – your papers are private, but your digital records are subject to govt seizure and review at any time, for any reason. Fun game to play.

    Dennis Peek
    Replying to @steven_metz
    Why did you not write this on parchment with a quill pen and dispatch it by a post rider?

    harkin (8256c3)

  31. So cannon, rockets and punt guns as well, eh Steven? And I can wear a saber when I go see my congressman?

    Pinandpuller (5eef23)

  32. i can’t believe we’re still talking about this how bout everybody drink em up a frosty mug of ob-la-di

    happyfeet (28a91b)

  33. Please look at the 2016 review of a self-defense product sold on Amazon and consider the advantages, and problems, of having these available to adults in our classrooms.

    pouncer (915d55)

  34. Why did you take the bait, Ill Grillo?

    That barbed hook in your cheek made me empathetic.

    Ben burn (a5ae42)

  35. 39, that might help on a lone assailant but you best hope their is a critical mass of brave and big in the classroom and within shouting distance that are not too chicken-spit to subdue and bind.

    urbanleftbehind (5eecdb)

  36. In 2013, Scot Petersen and anotehr person were named PArkland employees of the year.

    That was on grounds of handling issues with tact and judgment.

    He later on got a statewide award and Broward County got something from the Obama Administration in 2016.

    Scot Petersen now claims he thought the shooter was outside the school.

    Sammy Finkelman (02a146)

  37. American Spelunker goes to lengths to avoid a discussion about why the citizenry needs ar15 for defense.
    …North Hollywood shoot out showed le as woefully outgunned. Now, most of us are caught in that middle ground of helpless delendency…relying on cops more concerned with doughnuts.

    Ben burn (39368b)

  38. Dependency….ffs.

    Ben burn (39368b)

  39. Re: Comment at #8.

    It was called the PROMISE Program. Too many arrests and suspensions of minority students (largely male) compared to Whites and Asians didn’t fit the preferred narrative (a disproportionate inclination to crime and violence by either Blacks, Muslims, or latinos, specially illegal alien latinos, must unquestionably be defined as clear unequivocal evidence of racial bias, otherwise a simple open-eyed examination of one blazingly obvious competing conclusion might reveal the inconvenient truth that may not speak its name.)

    Too many arrests and suspensions just isn’t politically correct, something had to be done. Enter the PROMISE Program: dont arrest or suspend minorities, look the other way. Problem solved.

    So, with the political and financial backing of the Obama Administration, school officials, and the County Sheriff’s office initated a program to make sure young crooks, especially repeat offenders, would get away with their crimes: in many ways it was a license to steal.

    The arrest and suspension numbers would quickly show dramatic improvement. School officials and the Sheriff could honor each other with glowing newspaper accounts of their apparent achievements, and high school crooks and thugs would quickly realize that so long as they stayed in school the cops wouldn’t be a deterrent to their misbehaviour. It was a big win, win, win – if you don’t count the victims.

    ropelight (61cfe4)

  40. Odd how the coral springs officers were not so inhibited:

    narciso (d1f714)

  41. If we didn’t know before that Sheriff Israel was a serial liar we know now. And we know the FBI really couldn’t find Mr Cruz last September. Because they didn’t look for him.

    Thud Muffle (5a4596)

  42. It’s fault of many people but I hate his haughty attitude.

    net worth (a70b4b)

  43. Underreporting right-wringers with bombs and sh’t.

    Ironically, while Islamist and extreme rightwing ideologies may appear to be at opposing ends of the argument it is evident that they both have a great deal in common,” he said.

    Rowley said both groups have a common goal of “increasing tensions and divisions in communities”. He said both reach into communities through sophisticated propaganda, as well as create intolerance and isolation by exploiting grievances. He added both also reinforce a sense of isolation by generating distrust of the state and offer “warped parallel alternatives” that undermine values of tolerance and diversity

    Ben burn (39368b)

  44. Through Sunday in the 15 Texas counties with the most registered voters, 135,070 people had voted in the Republican primary and 151,236 in the Democratic. Compared to the first six days of early voting in 2014, Democratic turnout increased 69 percent, while Republicans saw a 20 percent increase.
    The Democrats even surpassed their early voting totals from the 2016 primary — a presidential election year.

    Ben burn (39368b)

  45. A sinister pattern has come into focus. Nearly every time some apparently inexplicable tragedy occurs, and/or is rendered exponentially worse by the actions (or inactions) of official agencies and authorities, we eventually come to uncover the Obama Administration’s fingerprints concealed under a tangled web of official obfuscation, outright media deceit and misdirection, and the enivetable well-coordinated Democrat Party campaign to prevent, delay, obstruct, and denounce Congressional oversight investigations – complete with vicious organized smear campaigns, against leading investigators and any potentiality damaging witness, taken verbatim straight out of Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals.

    ropelight (af28c5)

  46. Dems tend to shoot their wad in early voting due to paranoia. The key exception was how the younger black voters came to Obama’s rescue in actual Nov. 2012 election day turnout (older, mobility-challenged black voters were very dilligent to go to early voting, which led many observers to fear that the black vote had been maximized at too early a date, and that Romney would ride a wave of election day turnout). One also wonders if there’s a movement afoot by otherwise R primary voters to stick the D’s with the weirdo Valdez at the top of the ticket.

    urbanleftbehind (5eecdb)

  47. Ropelight;

    Whattabout Chappiquiddick?

    Ben burn (39368b)

  48. You really don’t need to type every tediously mundane thought that crosses what passes for a mind, beenburned. Your desperate cries for attention gain no traction around here, boy.

    Colonel Haiku (bd4dc3)

  49. Praise from Kernel Klink!

    I know nuffing

    Ben burn (39368b)

  50. Isn’t amusing how sarah rumpf, dismisses what others have spent five years researching on, and now like Athena rising from Zeus’s head, says aha,

    narciso (d1f714)

  51. Exhibit 2,987,013…

    Colonel Haiku (bd4dc3)

  52. He can’t be less haughty. He’s a narcissist.

    SarahW (3164f0)

  53. 49. ropelight (61cfe4) — 2/26/2018 @ 2:57 pm

    Too many arrests and suspensions just isn’t politically correct, something had to be done. Enter the PROMISE Program: dont arrest or suspend minorities, look the other way. Problem solved.

    But they didn’t or couldn;t discriminate racially. What they actually did was limit arrests (or a police record) for anyone.

    Sammy Finkelman (02a146)

  54. From the South Florida Sun Sentinal / August 16, 2014, 6:14 PM

    Broward sheriff, ‘dirty trickster’ forge unlikely tie

    campaign operative who built his career on smearing political enemies, publicly calls women the C-word and consulted for attorney-turned-Ponzi-schemer Scott Rothstein has become one of Sheriff Scott Israel’s trusted political guides.

    The sheriff’s relationship with Roger Stone is a bond of contradictions, tying Broward’s highest-ranking Democrat with a longtime Republican-turned-Libertarian…The political hit-man-for-hire usually has his hand in national contests — he’s a veteran of presidential political campaigns from Richard Nixon to Ronald Reagan to John McCain to Donald Trump.

    Lately, though, he’s been plying his political trade from a new perch. Stone, 61, and his wife, Nydia, 66, moved from Miami Beach and live in Fort Lauderdale now, in the Coral Ridge area.

    Stone helped get Broward Sheriff Israel elected. And now, Stone has the sheriff’s ear.

    When Israel took the sheriff’s helm in early 2013, in the first five months he added to BSO’s payroll Stone’s book-writing partner, Stone’s book publicist and Stone’s long-time executive assistant. He had Stone’s stepson transferred to detective, though it was early in his career, with just two years at the Sheriff’s Office.

    Stone’s connections to BSO reach higher. His longtime friend Ron Gunzburger, who connected him with Sheriff Israel in the first place, is the agency’s general counsel.

    Stone is known for dredging up titillating tidbits from a candidate’s past and presenting it in the worst possible light. He’s been known to infiltrate an opponent’s campaign, and to distort the truth in misleading robocalls to voters, with fake caller ID labels.

    But Israel said he has no criticisms of Stone’s negative campaign tactics, even those used against him.

    Israel said it’s clear Stone is effective. When Stone was against him, he lost. When Stone was on his side, he won.

    “For him to be on my side,” Israel said, “I’m very fortunate.”

    Sammy Finkelman (02a146)

  55. Israel was on the wrong side of Stone in 2008 and knows firsthand how Stone works.

    In that election, Stone was working as a consultant for attorney Rothstein, before Rothstein was outed as a Ponzi schemer and sent to federal prison. Rothstein was backing then-Sheriff Al Lamberti, a Republican.

    The race was so negative, Israel publicly criticized Lamberti for using Stone, issuing a “voter alert” that “Lamberti is using the same political tricksters as Nixon and Bush and now McCain against Obama.”

    While against him, Stone slung tales about Israel shoplifting from The Galleria mall and shooting at two innocent black people — stories Israel says are lies.

    Israel said he was involved in only one shooting as a Fort Lauderdale cop, in the 1980s, when he confronted two black men who knocked a woman down and stole her purse. While chasing them through a park, Israel said he was shot at by one of the suspects. He returned fire, but missed.

    “I’m lucky to be alive,” Israel said. “God was with me on my tour of duty.”

    Stone told the Sun Sentinel in 2011 that “Scott Israel is an unqualified punk, a racist and a thief.”

    Democratic voters in that race also received a Stone-created robocall from a George W. Bush sound-a-like, endorsing Israel as a like-minded Republican. Israel was a Democrat, but had been a Republican in the past.

    Theer’s more.

    This is all interesting.

    Sammy Finkelman (02a146)

  56. From

    When Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel Was Accused of Corruption, He Responded: ‘Lions Don’t Care About the Opinions of Sheep’

    Two years ago, the Sun Sentinel reported that Israel was rewarding top political supporters by giving them and their family members cushy jobs doing public relations and community outreach for the Broward County Sheriff’s Office. One such position, outreach manager, paid out a salary of $78,489. The person who got that job was the husband of Israel’s campaign manager.

    Israel had been a Republican but ran for office as a Democrat. He was first elected sheriff in 2012, then re-elected in 2016

    It quotes the Sun Sentinel:

    Israel’s opponents say he’s built a publicly funded political machine, paying back supporters with jobs and using them to keep him in office. They say the money could be better spent, particularly after the sheriff complained about not having enough funding to secure the county courthouse, where a murder suspect recently escaped.

    The sheriff responded to the allegations (that he’d built apolicitical machine?) by saying:

    “What have I done differently than Don Shula or Abraham Lincoln or Martin Luther King, Gandhi?”

    Sammy Finkelman (02a146)

  57. What about all those very expensive Shovel Ready Jobs that actually funneled billions in taxpayer’s cash to payback Obama’s financial contributors under the guise of environmental friendly technology, like Solendra which quickly went belly up right after the checks cleared.

    Or, Fast ‘nd Furious, which revealed that Obama and then Attorney General, Eric Holder, SecState Hillary Clinton, The DoJ and FBI were allowing hundreds of ‘assault weapons’ to be sold in the US , against existing US law, to known career crooks and arms traffickers in the full expectation those arms would ‘walk’ across our Southern border and be used by Drug Cartel thugs to commit heinous crimes in Mexico and America and that later those very guns would be tracked back to US origns.

    And, the plan for all this phony (and grossly illegal) manufactured evidence was for the purpose of convincing the American public (and giving Obama cause to act) that US gun laws were demonstrably so lax that strong and immediate presidential action was imperative to protect the innocent in both nations.

    Thus would Obama conveniently have ’cause’ to alter the US Constitution to limit the 2nd amendment rights of Americans without all the fuss and bother of an officially stipulated, but dangerously years long and drawn out, process involving 3/4ths of state legislatures and the contrary convictions of the great majority of recalcitrant citizens busy bitterly clinging to their guns and bibles.

    Or, Benghazi. Or, the Dirty Dossier. Or Hillary selling 20% of US Uranium to the Ruaaians. All this and so much more. The shoe fits.

    ropelight (af28c5)


    There is a lot going on here that does not seem to add up. In recent days, Israel has asserted that the protocol ever since the mass shooting at the high school in Columbine is to move decisively to confront active shooters. It’s a point that Israel has driven home in multiple press conferences and at a nationally televised CNN Town Hall Meeting where he enjoyed rapturous applause from the crowd.

    Instead, Israel finally admitted that his deputy remained outside for upwards of four of the six minutes that the gunman used to roam the halls of the freshman building hunting and heartlessly slaughtering defenseless children.

    Sheriff Israel said that he was “devastated, sick to my stomach, there are no words.” But why did it take more than one week for Israel to share this information?

    He probably didn’t want toi fire him, but in the end, it could not be covered up, and he had to launch an investigatin and suspend him.

    The sheriff claimed Scot Peterson had “resigned” but actually he retired.

    Sammy Finkelman (02a146)


    Fondo has criticized the sheriff’s expanded Community Outreach Department as a whole, alleging it is a bastion of politically motivated hires and a waste of millions of tax dollars. Running community outreach with a $73,000 salary is Israel hire Wally Eccleston, the husband of Israel’s campaign manager, Amy Rose.

    Also serving as manager of a related department, Community Affairs, has been former newspaper reporter Elgin Jones, who heavily criticized Israel’s 2012 opponent, Lamberti, at his community newspaper job prior to his hire by Israel after the election.

    A number of other apparently politically motivated hires stock the ranks as well, including Lynn, a longtime political activist who has run for office in the past herself.

    Such heavy politicization of BSO was exactly what Israel promised not to do while running for office in 2012. Israel, in fact, promised to “depoliticize” BSO and heavily criticized Lamberti for allegedly using community document shredding events called shred-a-thons that involved a photo of Lamberti’s face on the side of privately owned trucks “selfless self-promotion.”

    But when Israel took office, he simply had his own face put on shredding trucks and continued the practice. He also denounced Lamberti’s “coffee with the sheriff,” labeling that as shameless self-promotion as well and promising to end the practice.

    Sammy Finkelman (02a146)

  60. Broward county is presently crowing about catchin’ a kid making dire threats in a gaming forum (called in by a tipster, pinpointing his location, busting and and discovering a pipe bomb and “other weapons.”

    Since they seem to want very much to be patted on the back for this, well, with all eyes on you at the moment, hey guys, good going doing your actual jobs.

    Except now I am so cynical, and skeptical, (as BC seems to be some kind of presently very desperate and worried center of the universe for DNC machinations) I wouldn’t even be surprised if they made it all up. If the kid remains anonymous, hidden behind juvenile court protections for all time, I will feel bad for falling into the pit, but I won’t believe its real.

    SarahW (3164f0)

  61. @66/67. No kidding, Sammy.

    DCSCA (797bc0)

  62. 66. 67. 74.

    All of thsi still does not get into what, if anything, was wrong with the policing, and with the whole approach of Broward County, which is probbly also very interesting.

    Sammy Finkelman (02a146)

  63. Sammy, look into the NYC Broken Windows program. Compare the underlying conceptional framework with the concepts behind Broward’s PROMISE Program.

    ropelight (072508)

  64. The point is to be proactive Sammy like open windows that guiliani implementented in new york, like the demographic division re terrorism

    narciso (d1f714)

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