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Jonah Goldberg’s Remnant Podcast: Charles Murray, with Music from . . .

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Jonah Goldberg’s podcast “The Remnant” is always entertaining and well worth your time. But the latest episode is special for a couple of reasons. First, Jonah’s guest Charles Murray is a longtime Patterico favorite. Second, the intro and outro music may sound familiar to longtime readers.

Click here to listen.

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17 Responses to “Jonah Goldberg’s Remnant Podcast: Charles Murray, with Music from . . .”

  1. Ding.

    Patterico (115b1f)

  2. The treatment he’s received from the left is downright sadistic. The ignorant mischaracterization of his work, which is accepted in the mainstream of academia, is a microcosm of the lack of serious scholarship on college campuses.

    I haven’t listened to the podcast but wonder if he discusses his support for a Universal Basic Income.

    Lenny (5ea732)

  3. He doesn’t.

    Patterico (115b1f)

  4. I would have no problem with a Universal Basic Income IF recipients surrendered their vote any year they accepted it. There is a problem with people voting themselves more money. But if the recipients cannot vote there is a fine feedback control system.

    Kevin M (752a26)

  5. Off-topic, since not everyone is going to listen to a 96 minute podcast, Martha McSally announces her candidacy for Jeff Flake’s Senate seat (against two Trumpkins). Great video to start:

    Kevin M (752a26)

  6. “That’s why I told Washington Republicans to grow a pair of ovaries and get the job done!”

    You go, girl.

    Lenny (5ea732)

  7. Here’s a short 6 minute YouTube video of Murray explaining his recommendation for the implementation of the UBI:

    He positions it as a way to fix our deficit problem and to provide incentives for making good choices – e.g. not abandoning a child.

    Lenny (5ea732)

  8. Off-topic, since not everyone is going to listen to a 96 minute podcas

    You could listen to the first 30 seconds…

    Patterico (fcc13e)

  9. Which has the music hint hint

    Patterico (fcc13e)

  10. I listened. Great music.

    DRJ (15874d)

  11. That’s pretty awesome Mr Patterico. I have lots of time to listen to podcasts. I will listen to it and perhaps subscribe.

    Did you know you can listen to podcasts at double speed hint hint?

    Pinandpuller (2f29e1)

  12. I don’t like listening double speed.

    I sent the version with singing and (since it’s podcast music) without. They used without. It’s a little repetitive at the beginning without singing. Still cool, and they could not have picked a better episode to use it for. I love me some Charles Murray.

    Patterico (fcc13e)

  13. Mr Patterico

    You’re probably way too busy to host a podcast but have you ever been a guest on one?

    Pinandpuller (2f29e1)

  14. Yes, he has!

    felipe (023cc9)

  15. I was in with Ace and Jeff Goldstein many many years ago. What else do you remember, felipe? Oh yeah, I was on Larry O’Connor’s BlogTalkRadio show 3-4 times. Also Lee Stranahan’s. That’s all I remember for podcasts.

    Patterico (fcc13e)

  16. i miss Mr. Jeff even though he got all nevertrumpy and kinda angry-seeming

    he was a valuable voice

    happyfeet (28a91b)

  17. Yes, the Lee Stranahan podcast. I thought they should have put up a picture of George Clooney for you. Then you got yourself a “Simpson” avatar. Or was that before? memory fades.

    felipe (023cc9)

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