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White Woman Presumes To Speak For Native Americans

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[guest post by Dana]

Last week, editor-in-chief of Mother Jones Clara Jeffery decided if Pence wouldn’t eat dinner alone with women other than his wife, it meant he wouldn’t hire women for top jobs in the administration. A few days ago, Jeffery made another ridiculous assumption. This time regarding Native Americans:


Gee, Clara, it’s mighty white of you to tell Indians what we think and feel, and that our place is at the table of perpetual victim. Because where else would it be, right??

Here, put this in your pipe and smoke it:

The tomahawk was created by Algonquian Indians and widely used by Native Americans and European colonialists alike. The iconic “pipe tomahawk” design of the colonial era was made using metal heads provided to tribes as gifts and goods from the British Navy.

Naming weapons and vehicles after Native American tribes and icons are a common practice in the U.S. military, including the Apache, Black Hawk, Iroquois, and Chinook helicopters and the Seminole and Mohawk airplanes.

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