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Nothing But Crickets When Male Democrat And Chief Of Staff Publicly Denigrates Female Republican Senator, Saying She Got What She Wanted When Silenced On Senate Floor

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[guest post by Dana]

I guess because females are always manipulative, even on the floor of the Senate. Oh. Wait. Maybe it had nothing to do with being female, maybe it had everything to do with being Asian! Either one works in this game, right?

In spite of efforts to persist, State Sen. Janet Nguyen was not only silenced on the floor of the Senate, but hands were laid on her as she was escorted away:

A Republican legislator and Vietnamese refugee was dragged from the state Senate floor Thursday morning when a Democratic leader ordered her removed after she tried to criticize the late Tom Hayden, a former state senator and vocal opponent of the war in Vietnam.

State Sen. Janet Nguyen, R-Garden Grove (Orange County), who was born in what was then Saigon, spoke briefly in Vietnamese, but her microphone was shut off less than 30 seconds after she began to repeat her remarks in English.

State Sen. Ricardo Lara, D-Bell Gardens (Los Angeles County), who was presiding over the short floor session, called on Nguyen to sit down a dozen times, telling her she was out of order. But when Nguyen continued to read her statement into her dead microphone, Lara took stronger action.

“Sergeants, please remove Senator Nguyen from the chamber,” he said. “Have her removed immediately.”

A pair of sergeants-at-arms who were on their way to Nguyen’s seat on the Senate floor grabbed her by the arms and pulled her off the floor. But Nguyen, still shouting out her statement, tried to turn back toward Lara, forcing the sergeants to redouble their efforts to hustle her away.

But hey, she got what she asked for:

Democrats insisted that the incident was caused by Nguyen’s choice to use what’s known as a “point of personal privilege” to close the session — a choice they said was inappropriate. Dan Reeves, chief of staff to Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de León (D-Los Angeles), told reporters that Nguyen had been offered the chance to speak at a different time.

“She got exactly what she wanted, which wasn’t to speak,” Reeves said. “She wanted to cause a scene for her district.”

Outcry from the left over this female elected official being silenced?? Crickets. Enraged editorials on the pages of The Los Angeles Times, The New York Times and The Washington Post decrying the sexism of an elected official being condescended to by the powerful patriarchy?? Crickets. Furious tweets from Hollywood celebrities over the bigotry?? Crickets. Powerful state officials Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein standing in solidarity with other California female state representatives on the steps of the capitol, demanding that NO female politician should be silenced, let alone have hands laid on them?? Crickets.

And what was the response of the state governor Jerry Brown? Crickets. And from California State Sen. Kamala Harris (on track for a possible future run for governor) and Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom (actively working to become governor): Nothing but crickets.

Note: If you cannot even live out your espoused principles and stand up for one single, solitary minority woman, and politician in the minority, who boldly represented her constituents before a powerful group of state officials, then you are undeserving of my vote for anything. Because if you cannot even muster the courage to do that, then you have demonstrated that you will lack the courage to do that which is unpopular, yet beneficial for the people of this state. And let me remind you, it is your party which recently announced that once again, dissent is patriotic.

Oh, California, we can always count on you to consistently play a lopsided game of selective moral outrage when determining whether expending your political capital is worth the risk of angering voters. It’s a simple weighted standard of measure: Does a (D) or (R) come after the person’s name?

Although Sen. Nguyen can, with unquestioned honesty, check off a number of liberal political identity markers, she also has a big check against her because she a Republican. What is particularly ironic about that is, by being a Republican lawmaker in California, Sen. Nguyen automatically becomes a member of yet one more minority group. Check off another box!

As a reminder, here is what the ultimate champion of oppressed women and minorities everywhere (except when an (R) follows their name), Hillary Clinton had to say about the silencing of Sen. Elizabeth Warren:

She was warned. She was given an explanation. Nevertheless, she persisted. So must we all.

And here is Sen. Chuck Schumer, who deemed the silencing of Sen. Elizabeth Warren as “totally unnecessary”:

A senator’s mouthpiece is larger than the senate floor, but it’s even larger when her constituents rally w/ @SenateDems to #LetLizSpeak.

California Senator and former State Attorney General Kamala Harris said:

By silencing Elizabeth Warren, the GOP gave women around the world a rallying cry. #ShePersisted #LetLizSpeak
9:19 AM – 8 Feb 2017

And let’s not forget the powerful voices of The Celebrities :

Sarah Silverman said, Rules made as they go to serve their agenda. It’s mob Ego. SAD!”

Keith Olbermann wrote, “I think it’s important to recognize that McConnell’s censorship of Warren tonight is part of a Republican process to curtail democracy.”

And George Takei offered, “The GOP suppressing free speech, silencing Warren tonight for reading Coretta Scott King’s criticism of Sessions. We need to shut down D.C.”

In regard to the Republican senators who silenced Warren, Amy Brenneman tweeted, “#f*ckthesemen.”

And Billy Eichner asked, “We all cool with this?”


Paul Feig offered, “Women of the world, keep persisting. Strong men will hear you. Weak men will fear you. All will listen. Persist. Thank you, @SenWarren.” Michael Keaton exclaimed, “Go Elizabeth Warren go!” Connie Britton tweeted, “She persisted. #CorettaScottKing #LetLizSpeak.”

“‘Nevertheless, she persisted.’ So must we all. You go, girl,” wrote Stephen King. Busy Philipps commented, “I’m gonna need ‘nevertheless, she persisted.’ on multiple items of clothing, please. THANKS.” Samantha Ronson wrote, “‘Nevertheless, she persisted.’ #StillWithHer #IStandWithPP #letlizspeak #WomensMarch #CorettaScottKing #WeThePeople.”

Zachary Quinto gave one of the lengthiest responses, writing, “THEIR ATTEMPT TO SILENCE HER ONLY AMPLIFIES HER VOICE. once again i am inspired today by the truth and integrity and resolve of @elizabethwarrenma in the face of such blatant racism xenophobia homophobia sexism and fear mongering.”

He continued, “Her censure in the senate chamber further highlights the utter desperation of the old white men who are ruthlessly clinging to their stagnant and dangerous ideals. we are evolving beyond your hatred. we are rising above your smallness. she is a powerful embodiment of the unstoppable movement toward inclusion and equality. it is only a matter of time before truth and goodness prevail.”

Sadly, as we already know, all women and immigrants are not seen equally in the eyes of Democrats. Because just as abortion is the litmus test for feminists, whether a (D) or (R) follows your name is the ultimate litmus test for the left. If you’re a female Democrat silenced on a senate floor, you will become a cause célèbre. If you’re a female Republican silenced on a senate floor, yawn.

And it all becomes even more amusing when one considers that Sen. Warren is a faux-Native American who co-opted traditional physical features associated with America’s aboriginal people to claim minority status and a hoped-for professional advantage, while Sen. Nguyen is an actual living, breathing minority woman whose family was forced to flee their homeland in order to survive. I guess #OnlyWhiteWomenSilencedMatter.

Sen. Nguyen released this statement regarding the kerfuffle:

“Today, in a clear violation of my first amendment rights, I was silenced and forcibly removed from the Senate Floor during an adjournment in memory of Vietnamese and Vietnamese refugees which also offered another historic perspective on Former Senator Tom Hayden’s active support of North Vietnam’s Communist Regime during the Vietnam War.

I was especially perplexed by the actions taken against me because I notified the Senate Pro Tem’s office of my desire to speak on this subject matter and followed protocol. Out of respect for former Senator Hayden’s family, I also chose to wait to make my comments today rather than on the day they were present earlier this week. Nevertheless, the Senate leadership chose to censor me.

My family came to this country in search of the very freedom that was taken away from me this morning. I am deeply disappointed with Senate leadership’s actions because more than an act against me, Senate leadership silenced the voice of the residents of the 34th District, the more than 960,000 residents that I represent, whose freedoms of speech should never be silenced.”

Anywho, the 89th Academy Awards ceremony will be held in Los Angeles tomorrow night. Given that Sen. Nguyen represents the 34th Senate District in California, and given the outrage by Hollywood when another female Senator was silenced on a Senate floor, I am calling on all Oscar presenters, award winners and industry luminaries to make a public stand on behalf of one real minority female and elected official who was also silenced at the behest of the patriarchy. Perhaps the much-celebrated and ardent defender of “outsiders,” Meryl Streep can lead the way when she is on stage as a presenter. Now that would truly be Oscar gold.

(Cross-posted at The Jury Talks Back.)


48 Responses to “Nothing But Crickets When Male Democrat And Chief Of Staff Publicly Denigrates Female Republican Senator, Saying She Got What She Wanted When Silenced On Senate Floor”

  1. These people are embarrassingly obvious.

    Dana (023079)

  2. i’m looking forward to tacky cheap-ass over-rated meryl streep starring in The Janet Nguyen Story on lifetime

    happyfeet (28a91b)

  3. i smell emmy

    happyfeet (28a91b)

  4. oh wait i think i stepped in a tranny slime trail

    happyfeet (28a91b)

  5. Note that the two cases are dissimilar:

    Warren was stopped from attacking another Senator by name. Nguyen was stopped from defending her constituents, after the CA Senate lauded an evil man who sided with the regime that killed members of their family.

    Kevin M (25bbee)

  6. Clearly she’s going to run next time against Alan Lowenthal in the 47th CD. Godspeed.

    Kevin M (25bbee)

  7. I lived in OC during the era of the Vietnamese fleeing their country to America after our departure in ’75 and the city of Garden Grove just about became Little Saigon. This lady said in no uncertain terms what many people believe: Tom Hayden is no hero and helped contribute to the deaths of at least a million South Vietnamese people, along with US troops.

    The aftermath of that war was horrendous. I had a buddy who was a Ranger over there and his stories were bone chilling. I remember being at his house one weekday around the time the movie “The Deerhunter” had hit the theaters. He had moved from our neighborhood in Old Orange east to one that was near one of the last intersections on Chapman Ave. before you start heading up the Chapman grade toward Irvine Park, Silverado Canyon, etc. (this is for Thor’s reference, lol), and his new house was not far from an elementary school and probably over 100 young school kids of Vietnamese descent walked by his living room window every day on their way to school.

    I asked him what he thought of when he saw these kids walking by and he told me it made him so happy to see those kids laughing and smiling on their way to school and it made him feel even prouder to be an American. I have to say, that still brings a tear to my eye just recounting it here.

    Tom Hayden was no hero. He was a traitor.

    Colonel Haiku (2601c0)

  8. His body should be exhumed and shot, then buried under the crossroads.

    Kevin M (25bbee)

  9. Right on, Kevin M.

    mg (31009b)

  10. Tom Hayden was a coward & a traitor, Colonel. I had 79 confirmed kills in Vietnam and I guarantee every one was a better man ad greater patriot to his cause than Tom Hayden will ever be regardless how the leftist democrats rewrite history. And I too lost several Vietnamese friends some in the war and some when we couldn’t get them released to come back to America with us. That’s part of my resentment for these illegals who the left think “deserve” a path to citizenship. They “deserve” nothing but the boot.

    Rev. Hoagie® (785e38)

  11. buried under the crossroads.

    Are there no sewage-treatment plants? Are there no public urinals?

    gwjd (032bef)

  12. We’re lucky to have countrymen like you here in America, Hoagie. Best wishes and regards.

    Colonel Haiku (2601c0)

  13. Hayden represents the worst mistakes and failures of his generation. Thanks to the Streisand effect, Nguyen’s message will be heard by far more people.

    Dustin (5c5945)

  14. I just realized I forgot to include the video. Added to the post now.

    The English portion of her statement begins at about the 1:08 mark.

    And clearly, Sen. Nguyen flat-out owns “She persisted”.

    Dana (023079)

  15. Great job, Senator Nguyen!

    Colonel Haiku (2601c0)

  16. “It denigrates the respect shown to colleagues and particularly to fallen colleagues of this house.”

    “Fallen” is an unusual descriptor. It’s most often used for soldiers killed in action.

    Did Hayden have a military career I’m missing?

    JP (887e1f)

  17. Thanks and welcome home Rev.

    mg (31009b)

  18. I agree with her statement 100%.

    Nevertheless, it is puzzling that people cheered when Senator Warren was silenced for violating US Senate rules of procedure, and now people are outraged that Senator Nguyen was silenced for violating CA Senate rules of procedure.

    It seems that many peoples’ attitude on enforcing the rules depends on whether they agree with the person violating them or not.

    That has always been the Democrat position, of course. Now it is apparently ours, as well.

    Dave (711345)

  19. twatahauntus deserved it.

    mg (31009b)

  20. While we’re in tribal mode, here’s a story about a writer from the Huffington Post who got busted for cheating in a half-Marathon.

    The blog of the guy who did the actual sleuth work (which was impressive) is here.

    Dave (711345)

  21. I imagine tomorrow night’s Oscars will be a cluster***k of pompous, elitist, millionaire celebrities gazing at us Deplorables down their considerably aloof noses to tell us how “evil” we are for supporting the President of the United States and how noble they are for interrupting their million dollar party with million dollar swag to do so.

    What’s evil is those disgusting celebrities would be executed post haste in most of the countries on Trumps/Obamas list just for the way they dress let alone the crap they say. We will enjoy the virtue signaling of a bunch of Hollywood whores who call us “evil” while in a political party that believes in murdering humans at their most vulnerable stage of life and then think it’s okay to force at gun point taxpayers who are morally opposed to their genocide to pay for it for other people. Whose party believes it’s some kind of right to bring in thugs from a barbarian culture who preach destroying our government and killing our people if we refuse to submit. Whose party willingly permits illegals to enter this country and take the jobs from our people and take tax money from middle class working Americans to take care of foreigners. A party that exploits people with psycho-sexual mental illness saying they can be any “gender” they want plus expect the rest of us to pay for and facilitate this lie. A party that in almost every metropolitan area it governs keeps blacks in ghettos and Hispanics in barrios exploited for votes with the soft bigotry of low expectations.

    Compared to these giant TOOLS Mr. Trump ranks on the “evil scale” about even with stealing a Gideon Bible from the night stand of a Motel Six.

    Rev. Hoagie® (785e38)

  22. scooby doo marathon boy needs to get a life

    happyfeet (28a91b)

  23. zoinks

    Cruz Supporter (102c9a)

  24. I musta said something out of line at #21 cause it’s been sent to purgatory.

    Rev. Hoagie® (785e38)

  25. #10 our friend dave likes equal outcomes
    he’s still angry that we bombed Japan — but not Canada
    even though he agrees that we japan deserved to get bombed

    Cruz Supporter (102c9a)

  26. #24 strike the “we” from my third line

    Cruz Supporter (102c9a)

  27. It’s her fault, and she asked for it, because she dressed inappropriately.

    She should have worn p**k sneakers and hung tampons from her ears.

    nk (dbc370)

  28. Since the Dems are going to play this asshole game in Sacramento, I’d like to see every Republican in the House in Washington DC, get a copy of Nguyen’s comments and read them on the floor there, over and over again, entering them into the Federal record. They can tell the story of the CA Dems’ Stalinist behavior there too, and call them on it in terms that Sacto “leadership” would never allow.

    Let’s watch the fun when on a bigger stage, the Rs get to tell the Ds to shut the f#&! and take it instead.

    qdpsteve (8c83ea)

  29. that’s good thinking Mr. steve

    happyfeet (28a91b)

  30. Thanks happyfeet.

    qdpsteve (8c83ea)

  31. @18 Dave

    As Doc Brown said, “Where we’re going there are no [rules].”

    Pinandpuller (0b6646)

  32. If they bring a harshly worded letter to the senate floor, you bring a diatribe.

    Pinandpuller (0b6646)

  33. Now a mere hamas sympathizer isn’t enough:

    narciso (d1f714)

  34. Are there no sewage-treatment plants? Are there no public urinals?

    The crossroads were a traditional place for ignominious burial.

    I would ahve said “half-hanged, drawn and quartered” but with a corpse that’s nowhere near as fun.

    Kevin M (25bbee)

  35. Every time I hear the Hollywood crowd denigrate their protectors, I am reminded of the Emmys at the end of September 2001, and the many awards that were accepted by others because so many “stars” were afraid to fly.

    Kevin M (25bbee)

  36. Start at 0:23, Ellen DeGeneres joking about the non-attendees at 2001 Emmys

    Kevin M (25bbee)

  37. Pancho Villa’s men were always welcome to water their horses on Hayden property.

    papertiger (c8116c)

  38. If only allowed one word to describe Tom Hayden before they cut your mic and frog march you out, that word would be skwatznpidle [pronounced squat-zen-pie-dill].

    papertiger (c8116c)

  39. Milo Yainnoupolous versus three Young Tom Haydens in a celebrity sis off?

    papertiger (c8116c)

  40. “The crossroads were a traditional place for ignominious burial.”

    Also for begging a ride…

    Colonel Haiku (2601c0)

  41. Has female, Hispanic or africanamerican republicans ex kept if they are ana navarro ate unpeople, if they have strong chrstuan faith, huntress, bachman, o’donnell, they are even more derided.

    narciso (d1f714)

  42. In retrospect, O’Donnell, lacking the screech vocals and COPS fodder family of one, and the Gohmert in Drag antipathies of the other, might have broken through, at least to the point of DE being the Veep state.

    urbanleftbehind (924249)

  43. The Oscars are TONITE!!! Is everyone excited?!

    Kevin M (25bbee)

  44. No. These over rated buffoons talking about climate change while the limo idles and the exit plane is good to go cross continent will essentially make President Trump the winner.

    mg (31009b)

  45. “…Meryl Streep can lead the way when she is on stage as a presenter. Now that would truly be Oscar gold.”

    Well, it would be Fool’s Gold!

    askeptic (340f22)

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