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THIS Is CNN: James O’Keefe Releases “CNNLeaks”

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Yesterday, Susan Wright flagged the fact that James O’Keefe is now going after the media. He has now released his material, and his target is . . . CNN:

Project Veritas released 119 hours of raw audio in a WikiLeaks style dump, with over 100 more hours still yet to be released. The audio was secretly recorded in 2009 by an anonymous source inside CNN’s Atlanta headquarters who we are identifying as Miss X. The tapes contain soundbites from current and previous CNN employees Joe Sterling, Arthur Brice, and Nicky Robertson, as well as numerous others. Project Veritas is also offering a $10,000 award for content that exposes media malfeasance.

The Wikileaks style release is an unusual method for O’Keefe. He says that with all the investigations he has going, he has not had the time to go through all the audio and compile the highlights. O’Keefe is calling it “CNNLeaks” and has put the audio here — though I’m warning you, you may have trouble getting through today.

Is CNN worried? It sure seems that they are.

CNN’s Brian Stelter did his level best yesterday afternoon to pre-inoculate CNN with a hit piece using the old Big Media “many say” trick to try to discredit O’Keefe in advance of this morning’s release. I’ll go ahead and bold several statements that reflect Stelter’s own opinion, which he dishonestly couches as “news” through the transparent device of attributing his own opinions to a faceless mob of “many” or “detractors”:

O’Keefe, who uses undercover stings to trap his targets, has a reputation for shady tactics and exaggerated statements.

Some of his so-called exposés have relied on misleading editing techniques. And an incident in 2010 landed him in legal trouble. After he was arrested at Senator Mary Landrieu’s office, O’Keefe pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor for entering federal property under false pretenses. He was sentenced to three years of probation, plus community service and a fine.

Given his track record, many consider O’Keefe discredited, and not a serious journalist.

In the phone interview on Wednesday, he said that characterization is “very false and very inappropriate.”

O’Keefe’s fans, who cheer him on via social media and donate to his nonprofit group, Project Veritas, say he is serious about rooting out liberal corruption, voter fraud and media bias.

His detractors say his salesman techniques are an attempt to mask unethical practices.

You know, Brian Stelter’s detractors say he is a nasty bald-headed tool of the Hillary Clinton campaign who slanders people behind a phony mask of objectivity. I mean, I don’t say that, you understand. But that’s what many are saying. His reputation is poor among many of his detractors, is my point.

Anyway, feel free to dig through the release, if you can get through.

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70 Responses to “THIS Is CNN: James O’Keefe Releases “CNNLeaks””

  1. CNN Jake Tapper fake news isn’t even at al Jazeera’s level anymore it’s a complete fraud

    happyfeet (a037ad)

  2. Fiat lux

    ropelight (2df382)

  3. Its fully Kent brockman

    narciso (d1f714)

  4. Well at least they can’t falsely claim again that it’s “deceptively edited,” even though IIRC every other time he kept the raw video on his website to back up the ready-for-YouTube supercut.

    Don’t agree with O’Keefe on everything but IMO his motives are genuine and he has a lot of courage. Many other journalists (yes, he is one, and a better one than Brian Stelter) wouldn’t dare to do the things he does to get the truth out about corruption wherever it’s found.

    no one of consequence (325a59)

  5. Remember how I though price was one of the leakers:

    narciso (d1f714)

  6. This is going to be a cesspool of faux news.

    Rev. Hoagie® (785e38)

  7. THIS is CNN…

    Colonel Haiku (311cb7)

  8. Hi diddly h0, narcisorino, that Ned Price is no Ned Flanders!

    Colonel Haiku (311cb7)

  9. Under his own name, he wrote about libya, where ‘no deed goes UN punishrd’

    narciso (d1f714)

  10. ‘…not a serious journalist…’ ‘nasty, bald-headed tool…’

    Yep, it’s a Thursday. Time for another hard-hitting installment of CNN’s ‘The History Of Comedy.

    “Hey, I just gave you the bird.”- Curly [Jerry Howard] ‘The Three Stooges’ “Crash Goes The Hash” 1944

    DCSCA (797bc0)

  11. O’Keefe’s too lazy busy to listen to them himself to see if there is anything worthwhile in them? So our homework is to listen to all his tapes, so he doesn’t have to? I’ll pass. Wake me up if anyone finds a “there” there.

    Tillman (a95660)

  12. Stelter doesn’t need to discredit O’Keefe in advance, he’s already discredited.

    Davethulhu (fab944)

  13. Resident lefties in a panic screaming fake over and over again.

    NJRob (92612e)

  14. #13 Tillwoman, you’ve been discrediting legit tapes like this ever since you got caught on a Dateline NBC sting trollin’ for some lovin’! (LOL)

    Cruz Supporter (102c9a)

  15. Trump Supporter, will you ever come up with any thought worth considering? Any thought? Just a little one?

    Tillman (a95660)

  16. Oh! Teh ironity!

    Colonel Haiku (115769)

  17. RIP Alan Colmes – was never a fan but I always heard he was a very decent guy when he wasn’t spouting DNC talking points.

    harkin (afc7a6)

  18. I wish O’keefe would set up Ryan.

    mg (31009b)

  19. what does paul ryan actually do with his effing day anyways

    happyfeet (a037ad)

  20. rides horses on the mexican border

    mg (31009b)

  21. Donde ethsta loth caballoth?

    Colonel Haiku (115769)

  22. Cathstillian espanith

    Colonel Haiku (115769)

  23. What random people at CNN were saying eight years ago seems super relevant.

    You know, back when Donald Trump was saying “I know Hillary and I think she’d make a great president”

    Dave (711345)

  24. You are so clever, Dave. My, my.

    Rev. Hoagie® (785e38)

  25. Back when you were just a gleam in your drunken step-daddy’s eye, Dave.

    Colonel Haiku (115769)

  26. Think on it…

    Colonel Haiku (115769)

  27. Colonel Haiku (115769) — 2/23/2017 @ 1:58 pm

    I’m sorry your cult leader’s words hurt you so badly.

    Dave (711345)

  28. Dave is a member of Blank Bloc.

    Colonel Haiku (115769)

  29. Donde estan Los caballos, (just clarifying) o’keefe is just baiting the hook, more fish to bite.

    narciso (d1f714)

  30. Autocorrect, is very ethnocentric.

    narciso (d1f714)

  31. Donde estan Los caballos, (just clarifying) o’keefe is just baiting the hook, more fish to bite.
    narciso (d1f714) — 2/23/2017 @ 2:35 pm

    Yes, forgot about that, if you’re talking about what I think you are. The MO so far with Andrew Breitbart and O’Keefe (and it always worked well) was to let the target hang himself with some lie based on the first release, and then come out with a second release which showed they’d anticipated the lie and are now exposing the liars. Sometimes this would go on for several rounds. So, truth exposed, plus bonus entertainment value. And the targets never seemed to see it coming.

    no one of consequence (325a59)

  32. Greetings:

    Me, I’m thinking it’s too bad he didn’t do PBS which might have a somewhat larger viewership.

    11B40 (6abb5c)

  33. Glad O’Keefe is freaking the lefties out.

    Any of our resident lawyers care to tackle the joke of a decision made by the.4th Circuit yesterday?

    Would love to see Leviticus handle that one.

    NJRob (55b41f)

  34. Let’s pass a law that only trannys can eat asparagus in public.

    Pinandpuller (26a91f)

  35. @29 Dsve

    I will call Trump a cult leader the day Sen McCain has a bad day at a Guyanan airport.

    Pinandpuller (16b0b5)

  36. Pbs like nor or the BBC serve the prog imperative. First.

    narciso (d1f714)

  37. Seems like a lot of noise about absolutely nothing.

    mg (31009b)

  38. asparagus makes your pee smell like tranny pee

    happyfeet (28a91b)

  39. Capt Caul: Old man Colmes is dead.

    Gus: Someone finally shoot him?

    Capt Caul: No. He just died.

    Gus: I didn’t know you cared so much about that old bandit.

    Capt Caul: I don’t care. Just I didn’t expect him to die.

    papertiger (c8116c)

  40. That’s cold pin, just have him get the treatment of senator Liam in the phillipinrs

    narciso (d1f714)

  41. Any of our resident lawyers care to tackle the joke of a decision made by the.4th Circuit yesterday?

    It seems like a good decision to me, NJRob. Once an asylum seeker has been granted permanent residence, he should be treated like a permanent resident and not an asylum seeker, even when it is not to his best advantage. Why should he have more rights than any other green card holder?

    nk (dbc370)

  42. You know, back when Donald Trump was saying “I know Hillary and I think she’d make a great president”

    They ~ always talk about how Trump was Hilary’s favorite candidate to run against. Ted Cruz being her second choice.

    Ever consider that Hilary might have been Trump’s favorite most easily defeated Democrat to run against?

    papertiger (c8116c)

  43. Wiser to consider that nobody should ever believe anything Trump says until they’ve seen it come to pass with their own eyes.

    nk (dbc370)

  44. 46, Bernie’s popularity came from being a 75 year old dead man walking. The human do-over button.

    urbanleftbehind (fd7777)

  45. The 2nd decision NJ, although my opinion of jurists in that state can’t be any lower

    narciso (d1f714)

  46. Matt Reeves confirmed as director of ‘The Batman’

    but Mitch McConnell couldn’t confirm any cabinet people today

    (sure got his greasy pig wife through lickety-split though dint he)

    happyfeet (28a91b)

  47. Well his career is characterized by the pall bearer and cloverfielf, still better than affleck snyder or ayer

    narciso (d1f714)

  48. Riaz is the second decision of the Fourth Circuit from yesterday. The other published one is on arcane standards of review that you read only when you have trouble falling asleep.

    nk (dbc370)

  49. 2nd amendment, that’s probably true.

    narciso (d1f714)

  50. Ever consider that Hilary might have been Trump’s favorite most easily defeated Democrat to run against?

    What difference does that make?

    He said Hillary would make a great president. If that damning failure of judgment isn’t sufficient to disqualify someone from holding any office of power and responsibility, then what is?

    Dave (711345)

  51. mitch is a tool for coc pig donohue
    it will be extra special when President Trump exposes mitch and paul for the roxanne’s they are

    mg (31009b)

  52. I will always appreciate a Lonesome Dove reference when I see one.

    Leviticus (e18fbb)

  53. .What random people at CNN were saying eight years ago seems super relevant.
    Laugh at Dave as you will, but if something important is in those tapes, why did O’Keeffe and/or his source sit on those tapes for seven plus years?

    As for the Fourth Circuit decision, bear in mind that when he wrote the Heller decision, St. Antonin left a loophole for regulation that would allow a tank corps full of bureaucracts to drive through with no real inconvenience.

    kishnevi (6fbba2)

  54. Oh, that one? What kishnevi said. SayUncle, my other favorite blog, has several threads on it.

    nk (dbc370)

  55. Kennedy was the one who seemed to relate the Second Amendment to self-defense. From his statements at oral argument, Scalia, left to his own devices, would have ruled that there was a Second Amendment right to own several rifles and shotguns for use at a private hunting club.

    nk (dbc370)

  56. Thanks I think, when the only sane judge is trailer you have a problrm

    narciso (d1f714)

  57. The Districts and Circuits represent their Senators more than they do the Presidents who made the appointments.

    nk (dbc370)

  58. Just watched Carlson eviscerate a Democrat strategist who is an activist in the area of LGBLT, specifically trans-gender bathrooms. Very amusing!

    Colonel Haiku (2601c0)

  59. Here’s the problem, that case echoes us v. Miller in rationale.

    Even though I give o’keefe points for crowdsourcing, its hard to that with sound only

    narciso (d1f714)

  60. Do they do any outside research or do they just print press releases

    narciso (d1f714)

  61. #41

    “Woodrow, you just don’t ever get the point – ‘It’s not dyin’ I’m talkin’ about, it’s livin’.”

    Cruz Supporter (102c9a)

  62. Gus: Well. He was a rough old cob. I’ll say that for him.

    Capt Caul: Fun’s all over down here for sure now. Ain’t it.

    papertiger (c8116c)

  63. “Yesterday’s gone, we can’t get it back.”

    Cruz Supporter (102c9a)

  64. Alan Colmes was married to Dr. Jocelyn Elise Crowley, sister in law to Monica Crowley.

    Monica leaves some kind words about Alan at her facebook page.

    papertiger (c8116c)

  65. Check out the location of this abandoned overgrown Chinese island on the map [at the link].
    Then read the reason for the abandonment.

    Houtouwan is an abandoned fishing village on the northern side of Shengshan Island, one of the Shengsi Islands, a chain of 400 islands located just 40 miles east of Shanghai, China. The village was once home to more than 2,000 fishermen among other residents, but was abandoned in the early 1990s. Today the village is only home to a handful of people, yet is a popular tourist attraction. Reasons for the near total abandonment of the village include problems with education and food delivery. Since its abandonment, greenery has overtaken what was once a bustling village.

    Food delivery for an island about 50 miles from downtown Shanghai is a problem.

    The Chinese are building themselves a whole chain of new artificial food delivery problems in the South China Sea, a whole lot further away than 50 mi.

    We should be encouraging them in these endeavors. File formal complaints that they are obstructing traffic and the like, otherwise they might give up early.

    papertiger (c8116c)

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