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Saturday Night Live Does the Debate

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I don’t watch Saturday Night Live, but this is actually funny.

9 Responses to “Saturday Night Live Does the Debate”

  1. They even got the little things like the shakes and sniffles. Well done. I am surprised.

    Patterico (bcf524)

  2. whaaa?

    national soros radio propaganda slut sam sanders is very clear that this is actually not funny

    happyfeet (28a91b)

  3. Just like the real one, Trump forgot to talk about pay-to-play, deleted emails from the private server and four dead in Benghazi.

    AZ Bob (d6a3a9)

  4. 1.They even got the little things like the shakes and sniffles. Well done. I am surprised.

    =yawn= Baldwin was pretty poor. His personal angst about Trump showed through too much.

    Hammond always made him seem ridiculously funny. In fact, it wasn’t a particularly good opening, either, given the material and time available to work up a good skit. Lorne Michaels has been phoning this show in for years. Darrell Hammond has the Trump role nailed.

    SNL shouldn’t have to go outside the cast for players for characterizations– which indicates a persistent weakness in this tired old show. It’s become little more than a string of weak impressionists. Better ones hang at the MoMA up the street from 30 Rock.

    “Live, from New York! It’s Saturday Night?” Not so much… and often every other weekend.

    [this show is taped from an earlier broadcast.]- NBC TV Entertainment SNL disclaimer

    DCSCA (797bc0)

  5. In spite of the facts that I don’t like SNL and I can’t stand Alec Baldwin as a human being, I laughed at his portrayal. I thought it was pretty spot-on. It is unfair that the SNL cast member who plays Clinton (Kate McKinnon) is an attractive 32-year-old, while Baldwin is a fat, hard-drinking 58-year-old who looks ten years older, but that bias is built into SNL. I’m not voting for Kate McKinnon or Alec Baldwin.

    RRFCL (ef2ffa)

  6. People actually watch this crap?
    What a pathetic nation.

    mg (31009b)

  7. Finally picked up some Dramamine so I could watch it. Heh!

    “…her hair is crazy”
    “her face is completely orange except around the eyes where it’s white”
    “and when she starts talking, her mouth looks like a tiny, little butthole”

    SNL and I are on the same page on Trump tactics. Or is it a mental disorder related to narcissism? All he sees is himself?

    nk (dbc370)

  8. And have you all seen this gold digger marketing “Deplorable” knick-knacks? That is American enterprise at work, folks. I wonder if they’re made in China.

    nk (dbc370)

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