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Hillary Clinton Ignores Reporter’s Question About Gay-Hating, Taliban-Praising Supporter Being At Her Rally

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[guest post by Dana]

In a follow-up to this morning’s post about father of the Orlando shooter attending Hillary Clinton’s rally in Kissimmee, Florida yesterday, and his priority seating, the woman who is seeking the presidency was asked by a reporter about Seddique Mateen’s presence:

“Secretary Clinton, should your campaign have known that Omar Mateen’s father was at your campaign rally yesterday?”

Clinton pointedly ignored the reporter, and made her getaway exit.

Mateen is a huge Clinton supporter:


I can’t find any public comment from Trump about Mateen’s appearance at the rally. And while one might see this see this incident as another golden opportunity handed the GOP nominee to use against Clinton, given that it’s Trump we’re talking about, maybe it’s better he just remain silent.

Also, while Clinton’s campaign claims they didn’t invite Mateen and didn’t know he was there , the possibility remains that it was a set-up:

My take on this is somebody had better get to Trump and tell him not to talk about this. I think it’s another setup. I think it’s a trap. I think putting this guy’s dad there and having everybody… When the Drive-By Media starts talking about this, they are trying to once again sucker Trump into making some kind of comment that’s gonna occupy the news for a week. Why in the world would Hillary Clinton want this guy’s dad’s support?

The story is that she didn’t know and that some staffer screwed up. It had to be that some staffer who put the event together and really screwed up. Yeah, well, who told the media he was there? Everything I’ve gathered is it was a local Florida TV station that noticed it first and ran around and started asking people, but how in the world does that happen? “Are you saying, Rush, you don’t think that they should try to make political hay out?” Well, you can go ahead and try, but you better… Okay, so the guy’s father is sitting behind Hillary.

So the guy who blew up the Pulse nightclub is a big Democrat supporter, loves Hillary Clinton. Fine. Say that. But I just… Given what happened with the Khans and knowing full-well how the Democrat Party operates here, this thing reeks of a potential… I’m not saying that it is, but I’m saying it reeks of bait that once again the Democrats or somebody is hoping that Trump will use this or see this and make some flippant, offhand comment that can be portrayed as bashing or insulting to Muslims.

I can’t imagine Hillary Clinton wants this story out in Florida for the LGBTQ to see, absent a Trump comment about it that she could bash…

On a side note, I can’t find any demands by the MSM for Clinton to denounce Siddiqui Mateen. Shocking, I know.


57 Responses to “Hillary Clinton Ignores Reporter’s Question About Gay-Hating, Taliban-Praising Supporter Being At Her Rally”

  1. This is how a person reacts when they know they have the media on their side.

    Dana (995455)

  2. Short-circuit?

    Or is it just the scent of her new perfume, “O-Zone.”

    DCSCA (797bc0)

  3. Not enough people to fill the auditorium, 4,000 capacity, only 400 showed up.
    The DNC sent out an invitation to Mateen.

    papertiger (c2d6da)

  4. I would think the question that someone ought to ask is why the secret service didn’t fuss about this person being that close to a presidential candidate. Surely to goodness he face is well enough known that he would have been intercepted as a security risk.

    fred (936e3f)

  5. There’s the picture I saw:

    Seddique Mateen holding that sign that said, in part:

    – Ex-CIA chief Morell “Hillary told the truth about Benghazi”.

    Sammy Finkelman (03c82c)

  6. His face was recognized by the local TV News reporters at any rate. The Secret Service and the Clinton campaign would also have had his name, although his name wouldn’t come annotated: “father-of-the-Orlando-Pulse-killer.”

    But it’s not the Secret Service’s job to screen guests, except for weapons and for their being welcome.

    Sammy Finkelman (03c82c)

  7. Right now, the media is ignoring the story. However, if Trump can shut his freaking trap for a week, it might not be as easily swept under the rug.

    Dana (995455)

  8. hillary invites a terrorist sympathizer supporter with VIP tickets to a campaign event and the media ignores it. David duke supports Trump and Trump ignores him and the media spends a month talking talking about it. Hillary gets away with supporting an anti-American muslim at the Olympics and inviting a terrorist involved in murdering 49 gays to a campaign event as a VIP and that’s not newsworthy?

    jim (a9b7c7)

  9. Well, it doesn’t matter because that old Mr. Mateen is just one goofy, crazy guy!

    And it doesn’t matter either that Hillary, Champion of Children, laughed her ass off about getting a child rapist off years ago. But she didn’t laugh about the little girl’s 40 stitches in her vaginal area and coma from the beating the rapist gave her, so that’s okay, too.

    See, you too can be a journalist.

    Patricia (5fc097)

  10. “However, if Trump can shut his freaking trap for a week, it might not be as easily swept under the rug.”

    Let’s face it. If Cruz was running instead, they’d be running story after story about how dangerous he was, and if he bought it up it’d be framed as “Cruz accuses”.

    scrubone (c3104f)

  11. Hillary Clinton campaign tonight:

    Spokesman @NickMerrill says HIllary Clinton disagrees with Seddique Mateen’s “views and disavows his support”

    Dana (995455)

  12. which means virtually nothing but we knew that already, his presence says otherwise,

    narciso (732bc0)

  13. 8. jim
    As Glenn Reynolds says; MSM, Democrats with bylines…

    champ (56cd04)

  14. Apparently the pulse survivors were not amused, although some are indenial as to whether it’s enemy action

    narciso (732bc0)

  15. Greetings:

    I think that he was there as part of President Obama’s NASA out reach to muslims program.

    11B40 (6abb5c)

  16. Jim @8 – How high was your fever when you came up with the assertion that Clinton invited Mateen to the rally?

    Jonny Scrum-half (e611da)

  17. I wouldn’t dignify the question either.

    It is hard to believe the campaign didn’t know this guy was right behind her. Everyone at those spots is there because they want to be on TV, and they are sought for. If Mateen got there without the campaign knowing that is amazing to me.

    Clearly he’s lapping this up and enjoying his time of fame, which is disgusting given the blood shed that caused his notoriety.

    But Hillary doesn’t have to dignify references to this piece of garbage if she already repudiated his views, which she has. For better or worse, Hillary is the next president of the United States. OK, the only way this is better is that she’s better than Trump.

    Dustin (ba94b2)

  18. Then you’re comfortable supporting the same person the parents who raised a murdering moslem supports? What could the two of you see in Hillary! that would draw you to her? Obviously you share some sort of philosophy about politics, would you care to share it? Because whatever these parents instilled in their child to make him murder in the name of allah must have some common thread in what you too see in Clinton.

    Rev. Hoagie® (0f4ef6)

  19. Dustin rides with teh Half-Scrote!!!!!

    Colonel Haiku (09a7e6)

  20. Clinton is Obama’s presumptive heir to the Pro-Choice Church and Party. They favor selective exclusion (“=”) of politically unprofitable orientations.

    n.n (e6c796)

  21. Rev. Hoagie @18 – that’s some very weak reasoning. For your sake, I hope you don’t think that it really makes sense.

    Jonny Scrum-half (f266c1)

  22. I saw a picture printed on page 5 of the New York Post today. He was actually standing (holding a sign that said STRONGER TOGETEHR that maybe 10% of the crowd was holding) about in the fourth or fifth row behind her and about 10 people to her right. There were about four more rows of people standing behind him before you hit the wall.

    Sammy Finkelman (643dcd)

  23. There’s the picture I saw:

    Seddique Mateen holding that sign that said, in part:

    Ex-CIA chief Morell “Hillary told the truth about Benghazi”.

    Sammy Finkelman (03c82c) — 8/9/2016 @ 6:02 pm

    Alternate headline; “Liars who lie about terrorism unite to lie about Hillary! and Trump.”

    Morell clearly perjured himself in sworn House Intelligence Committee testimony about cooking the intel and talking points to back the administration’s Benghazi’s fabrications and I can prove it. And have.

    Steve57 (2d3b12)

  24. The Democratic party is the natural home of Islamic terrorism. They both wish death to America.

    And the are working to bring that about. Here’s an image of what the DHS’s “Office of Civil Rights and Civil Liberties” (what a load of crap that is) calls “Training do’s and don’ts.”

    Note “Don’t” #3 pertaining to training goal “F.”

    Don’t use training that relies on fear or conspiracies to motivate law enforcement. Don’t use training premised on theories with little or no evidence to support them. Examples (from the report “Manufacturing the Muslim Menace”)of unsubstantiated theories include:

    a. Many Muslim organizations have terrorist ties.

    b. Mainstream Muslim organizations are fronts for Islamic political whose true desire is to establish Sharia law in America. Muslim Americans are using democratic processes, like litigation and free speech, to subvert Democracy and install Sharia law.

    This is what the federal government subsequently demonstrated it considers “unsubstantiated.”

    IV. CAIR, ISNA and NAIT’s Motions to Strike

    Finally, CAIR, NAIT and ISNA ask the Court to strike their names from any public document filed or issued by the government. (Mot. At 6.) While it is clear from the Briggs line of cases that the Government should have originally filed the unindicted co-conspirators’ names under seal, the Court declines to strike CAIR, ISNA and NAIT’s names form those documents. The Government has produced ample evidence to establish the associations of CAIR, ISNA and NAIT with HLF, the Islamic Association for Palestine (“IAP”), and with Hamas. While the Court recognizes that the evidence produced by the Government largely predates the HLF designation date, the evidence is nonetheless sufficient to show the association of these entities with HLF, IAP, and Hamas. See U.S. v. Ladd, 218 F.3d at 704-05 (“the Government must prove by a preponderance of the evidence that a conspiracy existed”). Thus, maintaining the names of the entities on the List is appropriate in light of the evidence proffered by the Government.

    Government Exhibit 3-85 is titled “An Explanatory Memorandum on the General Strategic Goal for the Group in North America,” authored by Mohamed Akram of the Shura Council of the Muslim Brotherhood and datey May 22, 1991. (Gov’t Ex. 3-85 (Elbarasse 3) at 21.) The “Explanatory Memorandum” includes a seciton titled “Understanding the role of the Muslim Brotherhood in North America,” which states that the work of Ikhwan in the United Staes is “a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and sabotaging its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so it is eliminated and God’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.” (Id.) Also contained in that document is a list of the Muslim Brotherhood’s “organizations and the organizations of our friends,” which includes ISNA, NAIT, the Occupied Land Foundation (“OLF”) (HLF’s former name), and the United Association for Studies and Research (“UASR”). (Id. at 32.) Government Exhibit 3-64, titled “Preliminary vision for preparing future leadership” and dated December 18, 1988, further ties ISNA to the Muslim Brotherhood by listing it as an “apparatus” of the Brotherhood, (Gov’t Ex. 3-64 (Elbarrasse 4) at 5.)…

    The government under Obama is now in the business of suppressing the truth that the Bush administration was able to establish in a court of law. The evidence that held up under scrutiny they now claim doesn’t exist. Because shortly after DHS issued this edict federal agencies purged any references linking Islam to terrorism. The Muslim Brotherhood can say it has embarked on a “grand Jihad to in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and sabotaging its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so it is eliminated and God’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.” But it is a career ending offense now to quote this very same evidence. The MB doesn’t need to trick the Democrats into using their own hands to sabotage what both progressive and Muslim view as our “miserable house.” They are willing participants.

    Remember this every time Barack Obama refuses to call Islamic terrorism what it is, and claims we can’t discern a motive even after a killer like Seddique Mateen’s son does exactly what dad raised him to do and calls 911 to tell the dispatcher exactly why he’s doing it.

    What Barack Obama, who only became president of his enemies to help his friends, is doing is keeping one of the few promises that means anything to him. That is the promise he made to the
    Organization of Islamic Cooperation to deny in the face of overwhelming evidence that Islam can have anything to do with evidence, thus making us more vulnerable to terrorism by design, and if possible criminalize speaking the truth.

    Steve57 (2d3b12)

  25. Sorry. Forgot the link to Judge Jorge Solis’ order r.e. the motions to strike.

    Steve57 (2d3b12)

  26. * to deny in the face of overwhelming evidence that Islam can have anything to do with
    evidence terrorism

    Steve57 (2d3b12)

  27. Steve57 – Your comments show that you’re intelligent. Do you honestly think that the Democratic Party wishes “death to America”? Don’t you see how silly that makes you look?

    Jonny Scrum-half (e611da)

  28. Don’t you see how silly that makes you look?

    You must be new here.

    JP (bd5dd9)

  29. America’s political elite, R’s and D’s, want the death of America. See, open borders=no nation. No nation=no America. Or any other nation.

    This is a time of choosing. Be a patriot or be a globalist.

    LBascom (0b9b35)

  30. LBascom fashions him/herself a capitalist, no doubt…

    Leviticus (efada1)

  31. Clearly it makes me look like I’m getting just too close to the truth for your comfort, Johnny Scrum-half.

    I am totes appreciative of your concern for how recognizing the fact that the Democrats wish death to America makes me look bad. As opposed to understanding precisely what Barack Obama meant by a “fundamental transformation.” If you are going to transform something down to its very foundation that means razing the edifice down to the ground and replacing it.

    Now what would you call that? Don’t bother to answer.

    In any case, shouldn’t you be more concerned about how it looks when Barack Obama sends $400M in foreign cash on an unmarked plane to the foremost state sponsor of terrorism, and the regime guards of that terror state tell the hostages if the plane doesn’t arrive they will never leave the country? Why, it looks so much like a bribe the Iranians have already taken more hostages in anticipation of another pay day. Instead you’re clutching your pearls and hyperventilating over some guy on the internet.

    Shouldn’t you be more concerned that our supposed national security agencies can not refer to evidence that established in federal court the fact of a conspiracy (that is a legal term, you know) between what this administration insists are “mainstream” Muslim organizations and foreign political and terror groups? Which translates into clueless inspectors allowing Tashfin Malik to pass five background checks just so she can enter the country and shoot up San Bernadino. And the FBI not getting it when Russia’s FSB tells them Tamerlan Tsarnaev is a jihadi because the only thing their Muslim Brotherhood hand-picked trainers allow federal agents to know about jihad is that it’s just an internal spiritual struggle. So the FBI thinks “spiritual guy, thumbs up” when the FSB is telling them “dangerous guy, watch him.” How did that work out, Johnny Scrum-half?

    But I totes appreciate your concern I’m making myself look bad for recognizing the pattern.

    Like for instance, this administration’s backing of every “Arab Spring” revolt as long as it was anti-American and pro-Muslim Supremacist. And it’s refusal to back any pro-American/anti-Muslim supremacist revolt such as the Green Revolution in Iran and the anti-MB backlash revolution in Egypt.

    This is just a partial list. The full catalogue would require at least a book.

    Why, how dare I take the Occam’s Razor approach instead of pretending we have some inscrutable mystery on our hands. It makes me look bad. This is, as far as Johnny Srum-half is concerned, America’s most pressing problem.

    Steve57 thinks the Dems are doing this on purpose. Because I do think that. They’ve convinced me. It takes an ideology to resist so much reality so obstinately.

    Steve57 (2d3b12)


    I made a campaign sign from scratch for prop 23, so I know that banner Mateen is holding was a pricey professional job.

    Including the phrase Ex-CIA Chief Morell said, “yadda yadda yadda” puts a time stamp on it.

    It’s a timely “Cadillac” of a professional campaign sign.

    The pater familias of terrorism couldn’t have produce4d it without help from the campaign.

    I guess he could have stole it from the event.

    papertiger (c2d6da)

  33. @32, I guess the commies have wised up to the fact that including the the “” hyperlink on all the signs they produce wasn’t helping the cause.

    Steve57 (2d3b12)

  34. Dustin rides with teh Half-Scrote!!!!!

    Colonel Haiku

    Trumpkins seem more angry and nasty than usual.

    Did they see the polls?

    Dustin (ba94b2)

  35. I believe there is a good chance we are witnessing a stealth coup. Seems the DOJ refuses to investigate Clinton one more time over the “Foundation”. It looks like the powers that be and the media are aligning to completely infiltrate the government and information sources and install Clinton via “election” one way or the other.

    Rev. Hoagie® (0f4ef6)

  36. Well said, Steve57. Your words are not wasted – not any more than bleach is wasted on a mass of mold – some may remain, but give it time.

    felipe (023cc9)

  37. Rev. Hoagie® (0f4ef6) — 8/10/2016 @ 2:24 pm

    I am certainly persuaded that, little, is as it seems.

    felipe (023cc9)

  38. Leviticus, it”him”, and I believe capitalism just “is”. It’s the natural order, the alternative being any of the “ism’s”; socialism, communism, whatever, which are top down attempts to artificially manage capitol. Of which I’m not a fan.

    What I am is a patriot, and I believe I can manage my own capitol, thank you very much.

    Hope that helps.

    LBascom (0b9b35)

  39. Steve57 – I don’t own pearls, and I’m not hyperventilating over you. I just think it’s ridiculous on its face when people who are intelligent enough to communicate as well as you do make statements like Democrats, or the Obama Administration, hate America and are trying to destroy it.
    You set forth your talking points, which I won’t respond to because each issue is complicated and you are determined to see things in the most negative light possible. If you want to believe that Obama and the Democrats are treasonous, there’s really nothing I can do to stop you.
    But it really is an incredibly inane thing to say.

    Jonny Scrum-half (f266c1)

  40. Pathetically weak, Johnny Scrum-Half. The ability to discern patterns in an opponents/enemy’s behavior is not “inane.” It is the key to victory, as Sun Tzu said, as long as you know yourself as well.

    I was good at it. I’m not going to give anything away, I’m not going to say anything to compromise anything. But it was my job to contribute to the defense of the carrier, to be able to say which wolf close to the sled had ill intent (while not ignoring capability). And to say which wolf was of no concern as he wasn’t coming at the sled.

    I was right every time. Not because I’m gifted. I learned from the best.

    I calls ’em like I sees ’em, Johnny Scrum-half.

    Steve57 (2d3b12)

  41. each issue is complicated


    Actually, no. No each issue is not complicated. Speaking for myself, and not for the intel community, my impression was that the rules for handling classified material were made starkly clear because we didn’t want to send people to jail. And the people I’m referring to had high school diplomas and no college.

    If you meant well, you wouldn’t go to prison. If you didn’t mean well (including gross negligence) you ran that risk.

    Then along comes Comey to excuse the behavior of a Wellesly/Yale grad and former first lady of Arkansas, the US, a NY senator, and Secretary of State. Hillary! just isn’t as accountable as an Air Force Tech Sergeant. And I’m supposed to take this b***s**t seriously?

    …you are determined to see things in the most negative light possible.

    I owe you a freakin’ ice cream cone. You finally got something right. Yes, I see things in the most negative light possible. Because that’s the only responsible POV to take when a s***heel like Clinton releases classified into the wild. The only responsible course of action is to assume that everything pertaining to the unauthorized disclosure has been compromised and everything needs to be shut down and assets extracted. Everything is ruined. So, yes, I am determined to see things in the most negative light possible because national security demands that I do.

    And you have a problem with this, why, Johnny Scrum-Half?

    Steve57 (2d3b12)

  42. Jonny Scrum, given that Hillary’s surrogates made the same accusations, no one cares about your pathetic “rebuttal”.

    SPQR (a3a747)

  43. It’s all he has, SPQR.

    Also, I don’t see it as my duty to pretend that somebody did anything remotely like what Hillary! did in order to maintain some “bipartisan” cred.

    Nobody in the history of email or the history of the State Department did anything remotely resembling what Hillary! did. If they had, I would mention it.

    Steve57 (2d3b12)

  44. I believe there is a good chance we are witnessing a stealth coup. Seems the DOJ refuses to investigate Clinton one more time over the “Foundation”. It looks like the powers that be and the media are aligning to completely infiltrate the government and information sources and install Clinton via “election” one way or the other.

    Rev. Hoagie

    Well, she’s terrible, but more people intend to vote for her than intend to vote for her opponent in the election. That’s not a coup. It’s not a stealth coup. It’s how democracies operate. We usually see two poor candidates, but this time we see a terrible candidate and one even worse than that.

    Dustin (ba94b2)

  45. Steve57 — thank you for your words. Appreciate your integrity, your knowledge; you are one of the regulars I consider “must read.”

    Karen Ceder Ferris (a3bac2)

  46. Thank you, Karen @45, for the kind words. I am humbly impressed you can tolerate my comments. It is an artifact of my past life that I believe unless I can heavily back it up I can’t say it. Or, or. I have to identify it as pure interpolation on my part.

    Either way, it tends toward ponderous comments. What I can prove, what I can’t prove. Thank you for putting on the hip waders and slogging through them.

    Steve57 (2d3b12)

  47. I think johnny just comes for abuse, (re the argument clinic sketch) analytics are way beyond him steve, even sesame street ‘one of these things are not like the other’

    narciso (732bc0)

  48. They ID’ed the suction cup guy climbing Trump tower.
    [twitter pic]

    papertiger (c2d6da)

  49. Crony Criminals: Department of Justice Blocked Any FBI Inquiry Into Clinton Foundation

    “This is why I just don’t get NeverTrump.

    Do you want a country that is still recognizably America in four years, or do you want… something darker?

    Yes, Trump is an obnoxious, ignorant, possibly crooked asshole.

    And what is Hillary? Hillary is all that plus the official and very illegal protection of the US federal bureaucracy.

    The Clinton Foundation was not part of the recent investigation into her private server; it was separate. The FBI went to Justice Department earlier this year asking for it to open a case into the foundation, but the public integrity unit declined. The Justice Department had looked into whether it should open a case on the foundation a year prior and found it didn’t have sufficient evidence to do so.
    America is being divided, before your very eyes, into those castes with Juice and those without Juice. It’s devolving into a fu*king organized crime family.

    We are not equal under the law — far from it. And every day this corrupt gang makes this more and more normal and more and more acceptable to the public.

    I know one thing about Trump. I can’t vouch for his good intentions — he doesn’t have them — but I know the federal government and the so-called Fourth Estate will not play Mob Lawyers for him.

    Anyone who says they’re for Equal Treatment Under the Law and then who supports someone who has been, is, and will continue to be Above the Law is simply a liar or hopelessly confused.

    If Trump breaks the law, he’ll be hounded, pressured into appointing and Independent Prosecutor —

    Remember those? We had them under Republican presidents. It’s where the President has to appoint someone from outside his coterie of cronies to investigate himself or his cronies. We don’t have those under Democrat presidents, who prefer having their own cronies “investigate” them.*

    — and then impeached and kicked out of office.

    It will, indeed, be a black eye for the GOP.

    But it will be a victory for the Rule of Law and a vindication of the American Republican System of Government.

    And what happens when Hillary similarly breaks the law, then has her crony Loretta Lynch say “no controlling legal authority,” and completely gets away with it?

    Which outcome sounds worse to you? Which will be more corrosive to America itself — the rule of law triumphant, or the rule of law humiliated, stripped of its clothes, and raped on the floor?

    We are literally witnessing the end of the Republic itself, and yet people prefer to dwell on smaller things (maybe because smaller things are comforting; if you dwell on small things, you can convince yourself nothing major is amiss) and just shrug at the end of the Republic.

    By the way: CNN buried the lede at the end of their story. Drudge had to elevate it to the actual headline news it is.

    So, hey. Let’s all coronate queen Hillary and her united media, federal bureaucracy, Supreme Court, and permanent Clinton-Industrial Complex.

    There’s nothing at all wrong with power with no checks whatsoever — that’s Article 1, Section 1 of the Constitution, isn’t it?

    Treason never prospers, for if it prospers, then none dare call it treason.

    Let’s just sit back and watch some treason prospering.

    * Some fool of a leftwing blogger — are there any other kind? if they had anything on the ball, they’d be working for their buddies in a real media organization — says I’m forgetting the Clinton Administration. Well, no; I just got sloppy with my terminology.

    There are Special Prosecutors — who have always existed; these are appointed by the President or AG — and Independent Prosecutors — who existed from like 1978 to 1999, when the law was allowed to lapse.

    Independent Prosecutors are appointed and directed by a three-judge panel drawn from the DC Circuit of Appeals. I think a matter had to be referred to them by the AG, but the AG had little discretion about whether or not to refer; much was dictated by law. You were supposed to refer to the 3-judge panel for any allegation of wrongdoing by any covered person (high ranking officials) where any conflict-of-interest in the administration of justice might be present.

    Janet Reno caused great controversy when she refused to refer Al gore to the 3-judge panel, claiming “no controlling legal authority,” despite the fact the law in question actually did control and did mandate she refer the case. She just basically claimed that since Al Gore had (in her deciding) not committed any wrongful act, there was nothing to refer — and that’s precisely the sort of cronies-deciding-the-legal-fate-of-other-cronies the law was supposed to forbid.

    So, the point is: democrats don’t appoint outside prosecutors they can’t control unless it’s forced by the law, and that law doesn’t even exist any longer.

    So they no longer do.

    See here.

    Democrat Presidents don’t appoint Special Prosecutors anymore, and didn’t under Clinton, either. That was an Independent Prosecutor appointed by the court. Clinton didn’t voluntarily have that going on.

    (Note: because the questions of constitutionality with the independent prosecutor law, a special prosecutor — actually appointed by the AG — was to “shadow” the independent prosecutor basically as a fall-back option if a court struck down the independent prosecutor law as unconstitutional due to separation-of-powers concerns. So technically there was a special prosecutor “shadowing” Ken Starr, but you don’t know his name, because he wasn’t important, and was just there to preserve any convictions should the framework of the independent prosecutor law be invalidated.)

    Anyway, this blogger-who-blogs-about-other-bloggers didn’t know this, so I thought I’d help him out.

    Democrat presidents don’t appoint special prosecutors. Republicans bow to pressure and do so — see Nixon and Bush — but the media never pressures Democrats to do this, which is why the idea of a special prosecutor for Hillary has never been so much as broached by the mainstream media.

    It was just allowed to sit in Obama’s cronies’ hands.”

    Colonel Haiku (2601c0)

  50. What the Colonel said, 100%. If Clinton wins the federal government will become a leftist crime syndicate and WE will be in the crosshairs.

    Rev. Hoagie® (0f4ef6)

  51. You’d think screening backgrounders by experienced staff for optics would be kid’s stuff.

    Apparently a Trump backgrounder on camera was disgraced former congressman, Mark Foley.


    DCSCA (797bc0)

  52. Very well articulated Colonel.People saying Hillary and Trump are equal evils to decide between are full of it. It’s like comparing a small time shoplifter (at worst) to the head of an organized crime family. One you might find the inventory doesn’t match receipts, the other you get your legs broken if you don’t hand over whatever the enforcers demand, and you don’t dare involve the police because they are bought off.

    Unfortunately, after watching the country elect Obama twice, I don’t think there’s the collective wisdom left to pour pee out of a boot.

    In my more optimistic moments I still think Trump can win, but seeing the ignorance and narcissism of the nevertrumpers remaining so persistent, I have to conclude we are no longer a citizenry that has the character and virtue to be a free people. Americans are now guilded herd animals fit for nothing but the strong hand of their betters leading them by their nose to the fleecing.

    LBascom (0b9b35)

  53. Messin’ With The Kid Ridin’ With The Scrote

    What’s this a-here goin all around town
    The people they say they’re gonna put Dustin down
    Oh no
    Oh no, he din’t fu*k no goat
    You can call it what you want to
    I call it ridin’ with teh Scrote

    You know Dustin’s no child and some day he will pay
    He knows what you mean despite what you say
    Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
    Oh for Clinton he’ll vote
    You can call it what you want to
    I call it ridin’ with teh Scrote

    Colonel Haiku (2601c0)

  54. No, that weren’t me that was Ace. I’m better with weak song parodies…

    Colonel Haiku (2601c0)

  55. you do have a talent for verse, coronello, I’ll not take the moral equivalence, he has shelled out quite a bit, for some rule bending, when have the razorbacks ever been taxed for their schemes,

    narciso (732bc0)

  56. Heh, well that was good too. Reminded me of a little known piece of trivia.

    Back in 1278 Muslims invented the first condom, using the intestine of a goat. Nearly 300 years later, the British perfected the condom, by removing the intestine from the goat before using it.

    badda bing!

    LBascom (0b9b35)


    •The point here is with 1,500 or 3,000 people entering the hall, the Secret Service cannot do a background check on everyone. The best they can do is get everyone to pass through a magnetometer to make sure they’re not carrying any prohibited items.

    •WHO comes in and where they sit is usually a political issue, not a security issue, so it is up to the campaign staff to make those decisions.

    •I guarantee you that when someone called and said “Former Congressman Mark Foley would like to attend Mr. Trump’s rally” the young campaign advance person had no clue what the back story was.

    •In the case of Mr. Mateen, I’m willing to bet he got that seat behind Mrs. Clinton because he filled a profile slot as part of what is called “The Tapestry;” a cross-section of supporters including Whites, Blacks, Middle Easterners, Far Easterners, and anyone else who helps create the preferred backdrop.

    •But, don’t be beguiled by the size of the crowd. Many of them – most of them – are there for the same reason people line up next to the red carpet at an award show.

    •To see the stars.

    I think thee Hillary Clinton campaign is more careful. They are certainly not explaining exactly how – although they are usually that secretive acnyway.

    Sammy Finkelman (643dcd)

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