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Lewandowski Out

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New York Times:

Donald J. Trump is parting ways with his campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, a move that comes as the presumptive Republican nominee faces challenges as he moves toward the general election.

“The Donald J. Trump Campaign for President, which has set a historic record in the Republican primary having received almost 14 million votes, has today announced that Corey Lewandowski will no longer be working with the campaign,” the campaign spokeswoman, Hope Hicks, said in a statement. “The campaign is grateful to Corey for his hard work and dedication and we wish him the best in the future.”

Mr. Trump had faced increasing concerns from allies and donors, as well as his children, about the next phase of the campaign as he pivots toward a general election.

Mr. Trump has recently seen his standing dropping in recent national polls, and is now facing a barrage of ads by Hillary Clinton and her allies.

Manhandling and bruising a reporter? No problem. Being the campaign manager when Mr. The Donald is tanking in the polls? Unforgivable.

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  1. Ding.

    Patterico (86c8ed)

  2. Obama would throw anyone under the bus and so will Trump.

    DRJ (15874d)

  3. “Manhandling and bruising a reporter? No problem.” create “black legends” much?

    what I don’t understand is, that reporter should not have been in that zone of protection when Lewandowski did what he is paid to do, provide protection for his boss, but also, there was hotel/police video and it was not how the reporter or you described it, ie “manhandling and bruising a reporter” and/or “she was pushed to the ground”.

    so, I get it, you hate Trump with a passion, and would rather see another Clinton as POTUS, because “Trump is so liberal” but why not stick to the “he’s no conservative” strategy, instead of lying about a past event which has been determined to not be true and the false charges dropped?

    all of the lies by even so called “conservative media”….

    I can see if you had video of the guy doing what you say, but no such evidence exists.

    here, in case you want to keep repeating the “bruising charge” at least post a link of the “violence” in question, which the Jupiter police released of hotel security video.

    we wouldn’t want a “black legend” to get created about Trump, would we? I mean freedom of press and all, even to lie, but I would suppose a conservative press would be concerned to print “truth”, even if a “liberal press” doesn’t.

    John (d41b3a)

  4. here, in case you want to keep repeating the “bruising charge” at least post a link of the “violence” in question, which the Jupiter police released of hotel security video:

    John (d41b3a)

  5. I like Corey

    Michelle is a pooper – I disrespect Michelle Fields, whereas Corey is a good egg in my book cause he worked very hard to help make it to where Mr. The Donald can save us from that creepy foul-smelling criminal biddy

    happyfeet (a037ad)

  6. Facts are hard for some people to grasp.

    DRJ (15874d)

  7. Trump fires only the best. His entire life bankruptcy strategy is predicated upon assigning blame to others while sprinting for the exit.

    Lewinski had to go this morning to mask the FEC reports. I hear the real cause was his inability to secure the ever smaller venues required for rallies on credit. The Trump campaign is now CIA only, like a Trump Casino just before a BK filing.

    Rick Ballard (534b65)

  8. Facts are hard for some people to grasp.

    My sentiments exactly, I couldn’t said it better myself. Fields was stalking Trump, she and her accomplice left the assigned press area in violation of the rules, she accosted Trump on his way out of the rally, Cory Lewandowsky took he by the elbow and firmly guided her away from Trump.

    She falsely claimed she was grabbed and almost pulled to the ground when in fact no such pulling down occurred as verified by video tape. Fields has a history of making complaints of mistreatment. She’s a liar and everyone knows it even if they pretend otherwise in order bash Trump (who never laid a hand on the lying skank).

    ropelight (596f46)

  9. Michelle’s a proven accoster of Mr. Trump and a perpetrator of complainings that are without merit

    she’s no good

    happyfeet (a037ad)

  10. In all the Roadrunner cartoons, there’s a moment when Wylie Coyote is hanging in mid-air, waiting for gravity to kick in after the mesa/rocket ship/whatever has dropped away from beneath his feet, before he being to fall.

    That’s #5 & #8 above — Trumpkin shills still struggling with yesterday’s party line about loyal, faithful Lewandowski. Today’s Trumpkin party line is “Ding-dong the witch is dead,” and Lewandowski is now the “nunc pro tunc son of a b*tch” on whom the Trump campaign will blame all its problems.

    Suckers. I enjoy watching this, even more than I enjoy Roadrunner cartoons. Meep-meep.

    Beldar (fa637a)

  11. *”before he begins to fall,” I meant to write.

    Beldar (fa637a)

  12. yes yes

    how dare a reporter do her job!

    she needs battered and bruised!

    she can’t touch the Don

    all she did was tell the truth but we can’t believe her

    we saw the video but we must make excuses for the Don

    the Don is all that matters. who cares if some reporter got bruised. who cares if we’d be livid if it was our mother or sister or daughter

    the Don must be protected. we must lie. we must support bruising and battering women

    making bruising great again.

    sadfeet (ddead1)

  13. there’s no ding and there’s no dong

    Corey’s on his way to new exciting adventures and i hope he takes a lot of pics for the snappygrams

    Mr. The Donald is sad to see Corey go but you know what they say

    it’s sweet sorrow!

    happyfeet (a037ad)

  14. Mr happyfeet, you’re such a propagandist. Instead of calling you “Baghdad Bob,” how does, “Hanoi happyfeet” sound? (LOL)
    You use the passive voice to suggest that Cory is just leaving the campaign for some fuzzy unexplained reason, but let’s not get into it.
    In the real world, Trump fired his butt. That’s why he’s leaving.
    Trump’s not sad to see him go. Trump wants him to go.

    Cruz Supporter (102c9a)

  15. you’re overthinking it Mr. CS

    today’s a good day!

    Mr. Trump and Corey they had a good run

    all along the backwater and through the rushes tall

    ducks are a-dabbling

    up tails all!

    and now Mr. Trump is gonna put em in a row

    happyfeet (a037ad)

  16. I think that Lewandowski is a loyal American who no longer could endure the possibility that a demented baboon and his Slovenian coquette might make it to the White House. I can empathize totally.

    nk (dbc370)

  17. associated press propaganda slut josh boak swallows

    Many minority homeowners who bought or refinanced during the bubble eventually became trapped by predatory mortgages, some requiring no money down and monthly payments that eventually ballooned.

    happyfeet (a037ad)

  18. …..a demented baboon and his Slovenian coquette might make it to the White House.

    Do you sit up nights thinking of new racial slurs to call people who you don’t like politically and don’t even know? Man, you’re an unrelenting bigot. The woman isn’t even running for office she’s just married to a guy who is.

    Rev. Hoagie® (734193)

  19. nonono Mr. nk is not an unrelenting b-word Mr. Reverend that is hyperbole what you said

    and i love her more than golden brown crunchy munchy fishsticks but she is a slovenian coquette

    happyfeet (a037ad)

  20. Nah, I just like to point out the hypocrisy of the anti-immigrant crowd when the evidence is right in front of them that there really are some jobs that Americans will not do.

    nk (dbc370)

  21. Never mind, happyfeet. Projecting is what Hoagie does best. It’s a Trumpkin trait.

    nk (dbc370)

  22. Mrs. Trump is surely Slovenian by birth and origin. It’s no racial slur to say so. The fact that she’s not an American citizen by birth is indeed politically relevant when her husband’s main claim to fame is being anti-immigrant — not to show that she’s bad or unworthy, but to show that her husband is a hypocrite in his political posturing.

    “Coquette” is a synonym for “flirt,” which is also not a racial slur, nor really much of a slur even if untrue. Do you suggest it’s untrue, Hoagie? If so, can we agree that she’d be the exceptional eastern European fashion model to have landed an American billionaire husband without flirting?

    Methinks you protest too much about this one, Hoagie. And if you’re going to hold nk to those standards, perhaps you should do the same with hatefulfeet and every Trumpkin who supported Trump’s repeated, vicious, personal attacks on Ted Cruz’ family.

    Beldar (fa637a)

  23. ted cruz is a pooper and his sacky? She’s a very baleful and heinous sacky indeed!


    happyfeet (a037ad)

  24. Unlike Trump, Ted Cruz can go poop with near certainty that he will survive it.
    Advantage: Mankind

    nk (dbc370)

  25. ted cruz is a pooper and his sacky? She’s a very baleful and heinous sacky indeed!


    happyfeet (a037ad) — 6/20/2016 @ 2:01 pm

    yes yes!

    much better to have a male sacky

    getting that goldy sacks the money the Don is

    he loves selling out to goldy sacks

    and loves supporting battery!

    making goldy sacks great again

    sadfeet (ddead1)

  26. I’m not holding anybody to any standard, Beldar. nk is free to say whatever he likes. It’s not my blog. I was merely pointing out a somewhat nasty racist attack against a woman simply because she married Trump. And I used the term racist because I could think of no other reason to call her a Slovenian coquette other than to intimate some sort of hostility based on her racial heritage. Can you, Beldar? Was nk attempting to be pleasingly descriptive of her country of origin and her coy flirtiness? Or was he attempting a insult because she’s Trumps wife?

    I believe he intended an insult.

    But you’ve explained it to me so when someone says so-in-so is nothing but a Mexican wetback remember, it’s not racist if he’s from Mexico. And when they use wetback because millions of Mexicans sneak in crossing the Rio Grande and get their backs wet they would be correct also based on the “coquette” scale of insults.

    So now we’re square. Slovenian coquette=Mexican wetback.

    Rev. Hoagie® (734193)

  27. I’ll grant you that she probably “does not smell like curry or worse” like those Chicago cab-drivers being driven out of business by Uber.

    nk (dbc370)

  28. Probably paprika. Paprika is a very popular seasoning in that part of the world.

    nk (dbc370)

  29. Melania posed nude. Calling her a coquette is generous.

    DRJ (15874d)

  30. get it out of your system, but realize this, with red queen the casualties will go up 200, 1,000, I can’t even imagine what bluntman and chronic on the libertarian side would do,

    narciso (732bc0)

  31. Hmmm – RNC May Receipts

    2004 $19,995,800
    2008 $24,377,700
    2012 $34,729,722
    2016 $13,043,983

    Cash on hand

    2004 $72,046,900
    2008 $53,508,000
    2012 $60,827,864
    2016 $19,913,103

    It’s good to be able to put a dollar amount on the impact of the Master Persuader on the GOP.

    -$6,000,000 in May, -$40,000,000 overall to date. It looks a lot like the cash flow at a Trump Casino just before the BK filing.

    Rick Ballard (534b65)

  32. ropelight,

    The prosecutor said the police were right to charge Lewandowski, , who had a possible defense because of Trump’s Secret Service protection/bubble — not because he didn’t do what he was charged with.

    DRJ (15874d)

  33. Trump is sticking with his business model, Rick. Bad news for the Republican Trump Party. Trump supporters need to start writing some big checks instead of complaining about us.

    DRJ (15874d)

  34. Hoagie, if you think “wetback” and “coquette” are equally venomous, you’re mistaken.

    Beldar (fa637a)

  35. Let me put it this way: You could call my daughters one of those things, accurately, and draw no objection. Say the other about anybody’s daughter and you’re going to get punched in the nose. Happy Father’s Day, Hoagie.

    Beldar (fa637a)

  36. This is looking like Trump’s “Night of the Long Knives,” alrightee. He who tweeted the “Ding Dong” remark has now been forced out.

    Beldar (fa637a)

  37. wow, I can’t tell you how much I don’t give a farthing,

    narciso (732bc0)

  38. “Hoagie, if you think “wetback” and “coquette” are equally venomous, you’re mistaken.”

    – Beldar

    My guess is that Hoagie has been looking for some excuse to start calling Mexicans “wetbacks” on this site for a while now.

    Leviticus (efada1)

  39. I think this happened because, like his former boss, Lewandowski is a jerk who is good at alienating people and someone has to get fired now that Trump’s campaign is failing.

    Of course, another report said Lewandowski was fired because his children think he was a little Napoleon a**hole. If anyone knows what that looks like, it’s Trump’s children.

    DRJ (15874d)

  40. one might say, he was following brad thor’s last minute notion,

    narciso (732bc0)

  41. I’m thinking more in terms of Night of the Short Pockets. Trump’s kids must be so thrilled to watch dad destroy their inheritance one tweet at a time.

    Rick Ballard (534b65)

  42. Lots of people have lost their senses of integrity and honor as the Lying Leftist Donald Trump has exploded onto the scene. Some of them are:
    possibly Papertiger (because I don’t know if he ever had any honor or integrity)

    Donald Trump didn’t make that happen. They did it to themselves. Like steel going through a stress test, the stress test didn’t make the steel weak and brittle; it just showed the weak and brittle nature already within the steel.

    John Hitchcock (22d4c6)

  43. I’m thinking more in terms of Night of the Short Pockets. Trump’s kids must be so thrilled to watch dad destroy their inheritance one tweet at a time.

    Rick Ballard (534b65) — 6/20/2016 @ 3:50 pm

    I am not familiar with this piece of literature. Let me guess. It’s about a short-fingered yet wealthy vulgarian who has all his pants tailored so his pockets are short enough that his stubby vienna sausage fingers can reach all the way to the bottom.

    Or, it’s the other way around. The one night the short-fingered vulgarian screws up and wears a pair of old pants and his tiny grasping fingers are two short to reach the revolver. He dies while everyone laughs at his futile struggles.

    Steve57 (ecac13)

  44. Rick Ballard (534b65) — 6/20/2016 @ 3:50 pm

    Trump’s kids must be so thrilled to watch dad destroy their inheritance one tweet at a time.

    It was Trump’s kids, according to various sources, who persuaded him to fire Curt Lewandowski. He was having running battles, apparently, with other people in the campaign. After he was ousted, one person in the campaign tweeted “the wicked Witch is Dead” and included a link to the music. He resigned by the end of the day.

    Trump’s children are said to meet with him every week. It’s probably not their monetary inheitance they are worried about, since they probably have enough and know how to take care of themselves.
    Even if a few more businesses go broke, there’s probably enough left besides he’s going to spend something maybe on the campaign. But there’s the possible disgrace. They probably don’t want him to disgrace himself (any more than he has, maybe.)

    Sammy Finkelman (7a22e4)

  45. Exactly how did I loose my sense of integrity and honor, John Hitchcock? Allow me to get this straight. A couple months ago you called me “a knowingly lying piece of caca tuckfard” because I defended ropelights right to support whomever he chose in the primary. Is that the way you demonstrate your integrity and honor?

    I am not a Trump supporter, Mr. Hitchcock. I was not in the primary where I started out for Walker, moved briefly to Fiorina and ended up voting for Cruz. But Cruz lost and unless the Republican Party finds another way to make a different person their candidate I will vote for Trump because as a man of honor and integrity I refuse to vote for someone I believe to be a communist. Period. I would vote for a name from the phone book before I would vote for Hillary!. I would be a hypocrite for expending all that blood, sweat and quality American lead putting down communists to turn around and vote for one. No can do.

    Rev. Hoagie® (734193)

  46. I guess it’s a creative form of venting, so apple finds selling geegaws in chop chop square is fine, but supporting a republican, who is progay is a bridge too far, i’m shorthanding,

    I’m sure it will work as well as Boeing’s sales to the kingdom,

    narciso (732bc0)

  47. I’m sure the Remainders are like “too bad he wasn’t still here to do Farage like that”

    urbanleftbehind (847a06)

  48. @ Hoagie: To be very clear, I don’t fault you for your choice to vote for Trump over Hillary.

    I fault you for suggesting that “coquette=wetback.”

    Beldar (fa637a)

  49. Because you’re smarter than that, Hoagie. 😀 That’s me with a sincere compliment.

    Beldar (fa637a)

  50. Rev. Hoagie, for the record, if anyone is keeping a record, I do not lump you in with the others who have become or have always been enthusiasts of Donald Trump. Sometimes I despair for you, because it seems you are slipping away to the dark side. But I would also ask you sir, to keep in mind your own evolution on Trump. Because I’m not there yet. I am just not there.

    If you can recognize it took you time, you should be able to recognize it’s going to take me time. I can’t just flip a switch. And if I could just flip a switch, I’d be exactly the GOPe establishment guy every Trumpkin thinks all traditional Republicans are.

    I really do not like Donald Trump. And it’s not November yet.

    Steve57 (ecac13)

  51. Beldar @50, forwarded with my heartfelt endorsement.

    Steve57 (ecac13)

  52. It really doesn’t matter. Most Americans are not ideologues. They vote for president on two issues: who can keep them safe and who can keep them employed. Stability and an even temperament are key. Hillary is a TERRIBLE person, but compared to Crazy Donnie, she’s Gandhi.

    Kevin M (25bbee)

  53. I didn’t want mccain, but he was the candidate that brooks, buckley et al, insisted was electable, so I accepted it, when I first read of beldar’s review of the huntress’s record, I was encouraged when she was picked I was enthused, then maverick proved beyond a shadow of a doubt, why I had reservations about him.

    narciso (732bc0)

  54. narciso, please don’t mistake me. You are a reliable conduit of information. But here’s where I call BS. People and countries like Soros who are threatening Britain if the Brits dare withdraw from the collective are pretending that the consequences they threaten are natural result of said withdrawal.

    They are not. They are calculate reprisals. And disgusting.

    Steve57 (ecac13)

  55. of course that’s what he did in 1992, how he followed up in ’97, and made south asia, a sanctuary for al queda,

    narciso (732bc0)

  56. Kevin @54, to channel Benjamin Franklin, you do know exactly what people who would trade freedom for such security deserve?

    Steve57 (ecac13)

  57. I refuse to vote for Hillary. I refuse to vote for Trump. My fervent hope is that enough Republicans will reject Trump that the Libertarians will come 2nd and that whatever the “Trump wing” of the GOP is, it will the as thoroughly discredited as humanly possible.

    Kevin M (25bbee)

  58. Serial publicity seeker Michelle Fields is commenting on Cory Lewandowsky’s departure from the Trump campaign. It’s another opportunity for poor little Michelle to grab the spotlight and dance on Lewandowski’s grave. She’s an unrepentant no-class presstitute.

    PS: She’s got a new book out tomorrow. How convenient.

    ropelight (596f46)

  59. the last time, the party stabbed it’s nominee in the back, we got the vietnam war and the great society, this time war with russia, (over syria) and single payer.

    narciso (732bc0)

  60. Steve, yes. I do know that. But this is how the voters have always voted FOR PRESIDENT. For other positions they vote for other things. Including radical change. But for President they vote for the person who is most likely to keep the nation secure and the economy afloat.

    This election they have to choose between a blatant crook who promises not to break anything while she robs us blind, and a wild man who promises, well, it’s kind of hard to tell, except that he promises he’ll be a wild man.

    It’s really a crappy choice. The people who Hillary promises can share in her robbery are for her, of course, as are the ones who benefit from her stealing other people’s rights. And then there is Trump who, well, continues to bull around in the china shop.

    If the GOP picked a random governor instead, it would be better served.

    Kevin M (25bbee)

  61. this is what you have, red queen which has the power of an immense army in the bureaucracy,
    the media and the educational infrastructure, and trump who has the support of some conservatives, then you have bluntman and chronic,

    narciso (732bc0)

  62. the last time, the party stabbed it’s nominee in the back, we got the vietnam war and the great society

    Goldwater told the party to eff off. And they did. Not that it mattered, Barry was just running to make a point. Nelson Rockefeller would have lost too, without making the point.

    And we already HAD the Vietnam war, and the Great Society was just LBJs name for the Democrat plan. It was Nixon that implemented it anyway.

    Kevin M (25bbee)

  63. no we didn’t have the war till the marine landings the following year, and the dems only fealt confortable on this fundamental transformation first step, after the goldwater defeat,

    narciso (732bc0)

  64. It’s another opportunity for poor little Michelle to grab the spotlight

    They are all part of the same hypocrisy, to coin a phase.

    Kevin M (25bbee)

  65. no we didn’t have the war till the marine landings the following year,

    Argument of the beard.

    Kevin M (25bbee)

  66. The only way Hillary can win in 2016 is if Trump is the GOP nominee. Otherwise it’s about her being corrupt and Obama’s third term. But with Trump, it will be all about him (and he’s stupid enough to want it that way).

    Kevin M (25bbee)

  67. I think it’s no,

    but living in a people’s republic doesn’t seem to have made an impression, except for the nazgul voldemort, who’s predations would be encouraged,

    narciso (732bc0)

  68. One version of why Curt Lewandowski was fired:

    …According to two sources briefed on the events, the meeting was a setup. Shortly after it began, the children peppered Lewandowski with questions, asking him to explain the campaign’s lack of infrastructure. “They went through the punch list. ‘Where are we with staffing? Where are we with getting the infrastructure built?'” one source explained. Their father grew visibly upset as he heard the list of failures. Finally, he turned to Lewandowski and said, “What’s your plan here?”

    Lewandowski responded that he wanted to leak Trump’s vice-president pick.

    And with that, Lewandowski was out. Trump has long viewed announcing his running mate at the GOP convention next month as a valuable card to play. He was shocked that Lewandowski didn’t have any other ideas. Shortly after the meeting, Lewandowski was escorted out of the building by Trump security.

    But it was Trump who asked the question that triggered it all. How could it be a set-up? Did somebody earlier suggest to him that Trump would like that idea? That peppering of questions would do is maybe encourage Lewandowski to propose his “briliant” idea. But hin that case, his children might have been as much a target of manipulation as their father – in that maybe somebody enouraged his children to bring up the lack of plans for what to do further.

    If it’s like that, this is royal court politics.

    Sammy Finkelman (7a22e4)

  69. @ narciso (#69): Interesting that you should mention Voldemort in this political season.

    I still have a tee shirt — I think it’s the only political tee shirt I own, in fact — which I bought in 2007-2008, when it became relatively clear to me that the entire GOP field sucked bigtime and that McCain, as “the last second-place finisher” (with not a damned thing else to commend him as far as I was concerned) was likely to be the tepid nominee.

    It’s navy blue, with a small and understated logo over the left breast reading: “Republicans for Voldemort.”

    I didn’t really think McCain was Voldemort. I thought, and think, that McCain is a patriot and hero who’s turned into a frequently unreliable, reliably random, GOP politician with extremely limited potential outside his home state who would almost certainly lose to the Dems’ 2008 nominee even if that had been Elmer Fudd. At least as I interpreted the shirt, it was, instead, mocking the GOP for its tendency to pick spectacularly bad and unrepresentative presidential nominees far more often than it picks adequate-or-above nominees, since roughly about Lincoln.

    But this one takes the cake. You thought Bob Dole, John McCain, and Mitt Romney were lousy candidates? Meet Donald Trump, who’s about to hand the most vulnerable Democrat to run for POTUS in the last 150 years an electoral victory that will dwarf LBJ’s over Goldwater.

    Beldar (fa637a)

  70. Kevin @62, I don’t know if we are at loggerheads or we agree that that people who sell their soul don’t know what they’re getting involved in until it’s too late.

    It reminds me of a couple of tales about chambers of h3ll politicians get to view before choosing their place of eternal damnation.

    In one story, the politician gets to look at the various forms of torture sinners suffer. The Devil opens one door, a NYC penthouse and the politician sees a rich guy with a beautiful blonde chick sitting on his lap, with a bottle of champagne next to them. So after seeing a few other chambers where he damned are being tortured by flame an brimstone the pol says, “I’ll take that version of hell back a couple of doors down, the penthouse.”

    The devils give him his wish. And laugh, knowing the champagne bottle has a hole in it, and the blonde doesn’t.

    Or, the next time a Chicago alderman dies. He goes to h3ll, and is told to choose. He’s shown chamber after chamber of torture and pain. But behind one door, he sees a group of people standing to their waists in a river of sh*t, sipping coffee. He thinks, “It stinks, but I think I can do this.”

    He tells Lucifer that’s the chamber of h3ll for him. Lucifer shoves him inside and wishes him luck.

    Two minutes later the devil in charge says, “OK. Break time is over. Back on your heads.”

    Steve57 (ecac13)

  71. no, voldemort is the fellow who one doesn’t mention because he throws acid all over, known well on this board,

    narciso (732bc0)

  72. I voted for Dole, W, Guiliani, Gingrich and Cruz, fwiw,

    narciso (732bc0)

  73. Racists!

    papertiger (c2d6da)

  74. I voted for this chamber of h3ll, narciso, FWIW.

    At least it has buffalo wings. That’s what tricked me.

    Steve57 (ecac13)

  75. And, just think, Beldar, you’ll be around to claim victory!

    ropelight (596f46)

  76. You know that strategy of calling Ted Cruz a liar over and over again, without pointing to an actual lie, worked pretty well for Trump in the primary.

    Imitation is the highest form of flattery, right John?

    Whose your daddy?

    papertiger (c2d6da)

  77. Keep an eye on him, Tiger, he’s getting wound-up tighter and tighter in an inverted gyre. He may not last the election.

    ropelight (596f46)

  78. 59 I refuse to vote for Hillary. I refuse to vote for Trump. My fervent hope is that enough Republicans will reject Trump that the Libertarians will come 2nd and that whatever the “Trump wing” of the GOP is, it will the as thoroughly discredited as humanly possible.

    It doesn’t matter how the election comes out, the Trump wing will still be 40% of the Republican party.

    James B. Shearer (0015e9)

  79. Is this another possible reason why Lewandowski was fired?

    That Donald. He hires all the best people and he knows how to run things. /sarc

    DRJ (15874d)

  80. Gold diggers.

    nk (dbc370)

  81. Papertiger, I have pointed out many of your lies. Beldar has pointed out many of your lies. Patterico has pointed out many of your lies. Others have pointed out many of your lies. You are lying when you say your lies haven’t been pointed out. Same goes for the equally disgusting Ropelight.

    John Hitchcock (79592a)

  82. DRJ @81. What’s the second circumstantial clue?

    There has also bene a report that Lewandowski supposedly was going tp leak damaging information about Ivanka’s husband. Which may be untrue – that he was going to leak it.

    Sammy Finkelman (643dcd)

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